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31 Dec. '13 Stalin-Statue in Telavi entfernt - Stalin Statue Removed in Telavi
Eine Stalin-Staue wurde am 31.12.2013 in der Stadt Telavi in der Region Kacheti entfernt, vier Monate nach der Aufstellung. Die Statue, die bei einem Denkmal zum 2.Weltkrieg auf einem Berg stand, war am 1.9.2013 enthüllt worden. Dies ging zurück auf eine Initiative der örtlichen Stalin-Gesellschaft, die im April eine Genehmigung zur Aufstellung von dem Leiter der örtlichen Behörde erhalten hatte. Kurz nach der Aufstellung stellten die örtlichen Behörden fest, dass dies nicht legal gewesen sei. Nachdem die Stalin-Gesellschaft die Aufforderung der örtlichen Behörden, die Statue zu entfernen, missachteten, schrieben die Behörden die Arbeiten zur Entfernung aus. Die Stiftung für "Bürgerbildung", Mitbegründer des in Tbilisi angesielden Tabula-Medienformats, welche die einzige Bieterin war, führte die Arbeiten nun durch.
Am 25.12.13 bestätigte das Parlament in dritter Lesung eine Gesetzesänderung der "Liberty Charter", darauf abgezielt, das öffentliche Darstellen von Symbolen des totalitären kommunistischen Regimes zu verhindern. ...
A statue of Stalin was removed in the town of Telavi in the Kakheti region on December 31, four months after it was erected. The statue, which stood at the World War II memorial on a hill overlooking Telavi, was unveiled on September 1 upon an initiative of a local Stalin society, which received a permit to erect the statue in April 2013 from then head of the local administration.Shortly after it was erected the local authorities said that the move was not legal and after the local Stalin society ignored local authorities’ order to remove the statue, the local administration announced public tender to select an entity to implement removal works.The Foundation for Civic Education, co-founder of the Tbilisi-based Tabula media outlet, which was the only bidder in the tender, implemented removal works.    Photos: Stalin in His Hometown and Beyond On December 25 Parliament approved with its third and final reading amendment to the Liberty Charter aimed at actual enforcement of measure to prevent public display of symbols of totalitarian communist regime.The bill, according to one of its co-sponsors MP Levan Berdzenishvili from the Georgian Dream parliamentary majority group, was prompted by several cases of restoration of Stalin monuments in the provinces.
31 Dec. '13 2013 in Pictures
31 Dec. '13 November GDP Growth 7.8% - Preliminary Data
30 Dec. '13 Usupashvili: Signing AA with EU is Top Priority
30 Dec. '13 Chief Prosecutor Resigns
30 Dec. '13 Tbilisi Sakrebulo Votes Down 2014 Budget
29 Dec. '13 Georgian PM Condemns Volgograd Rail Station Bombing
28 Dec. '13 Parliament Sets Up Constitutional Reform Commission
28 Dec. '13 UNM Holds Protest Rally, Says 'Democracy is in Danger'
27 Dec. '13 Parliament Fails to Compose Public TV Board
27 Dec. '13 New Chief of Intelligence Service Appointed
27 Dec. '13 Usupashvili Comments on Allegations Against Chief Prosecutor
26 Dec. '13 New Rule of Witness Questioning Postponed Again
26 Dec. '13 Court of Appeals Upholds Suspending Tbilisi Mayor from Office
25 Dec. '13 Amendment in 'Liberty Charter' Confirmed
25 Dec. '13 New Deputy Justice Minister Appointed
24 Dec. '13 Chief Prosecutor Confirms Appearing Before Court in Germany
24 Dec. '13 Ministers, GD MPs Comment on 'Criminal Record' Allegations Against Chief Prosecutor
24 Dec. '13 Prosecutor's Office: Campaign to Discredit Chief Prosecutor Underway
23 Dec. '13 Chief Prosecutor Embroiled in 'Criminal Record' Allegations
23 Dec. '13 Prison Ministry Launches Probe into Merabishvili's Allegations
23 Dec. '13 U.S. Ambassador Comments on Tbilisi Mayor's Suspension from Office
22 Dec. '13 Ugulava Says will Step Down Even if Reinstated
22 Dec. '13 Rights Groups Call for Probe into Alleged Pressure on Court in Ugulava's Case
22 Dec. '13 Court Suspends Tbilisi Mayor Ugulava from Office
22 Dec. '13 UNM Condemns Suspending Ugulava from Mayoral Office
22 Dec. '13 Court Suspends Tbilisi Mayor from Office
21 Dec. '13 Court Rejects Motion for Ugulava's Pretrial Detention
21 Dec. '13 Prosecutors Seek Pretrial Detention of Tbilisi Mayor
21 Dec. '13 Russian FM Comments on Visa Rules with Georgia
21 Dec. '13 PM Says Georgia will Be Ready for AA by August
21 Dec. '13 Saakashvili to Lecture at Tufts' Fletcher School
20 Dec. '13 Politicians' Ratings in NDI-Commissioned Poll
20 Dec. '13 EU Welcomes Planned Renaming of State Ministry for Reintegration
20 Dec. '13 EU Willing to Further Speed Up Signing AA with Georgia, Moldova
20 Dec. '13 Prosecutors Summon Two UNM MPs for Questioning
19 Dec. '13 Twenty Sixth Round of Geneva Talks
19 Dec. '13 Georgian PM Hails Putin's 'Readiness to Improve' Ties
19 Dec. '13 Putin Speaks of Relations with Georgia
19 Dec. '13 Two Former Tbilisi Municipality Officials Released on Bail
19 Dec. '13 Public Defender Calls for Immediate Probe into Merabishvili's Allegations
18 Dec. '13 Prison Minister Denies Merabishvili's Allegations as 'Utterly False'
18 Dec. '13 Additional Charges Filed Against Tbilisi Mayor
18 Dec. '13 NDI-Commissioned Public Opinion Survey
18 Dec. '13 Prosecutors Summon Tbilisi Mayor for Questioning
18 Dec. '13 Prosecutors Summon Tbilisi Mayor for Questioning
17 Dec. '13 Georgia and Shah Deniz II Gas Project
17 Dec. '13 PM Comments on Merabishvili’s Allegations
17 Dec. '13 Prosecutor's Office Denies Pressuring Merabishvili
17 Dec. '13 Merabishvili Accuses Chief Prosecutor of Threatening Him
16 Dec. '13 Court Orders MP to Pay GEL 50,000 in Slander Lawsuit
16 Dec. '13 Georgia's PM Visits Azerbaijan
16 Dec. '13 Provision Allowing Sakrebulo to Vote Out Mayor, Gamgebeli Criticized
15 Dec. '13 Armenian, Georgian MPs Meet
14 Dec. '13 Bill on Tighter Migration Controls Passed
13 Dec. '13 Self-Governance Reform Passed with First Reading
13 Dec. '13 New Provincial Governors Appointed
13 Dec. '13 EU Grants €27m to Georgia under 'More for More' Principle
12 Dec. '13 EU-Georgia Cooperation Council
12 Dec. '13 GD Criticized for Watering Down Self-Governance Bill
12 Dec. '13 2014 State Budget Approved
11 Dec. '13 Parliament Adopts Statement on Ukraine
11 Dec. '13 Georgia and Its Diaspora: Building Ties that Bind
11 Dec. '13 Brawl Erupts in Parliament After GD MP Insults UNM MP
11 Dec. '13 EU-Georgia Cooperation Council to Be Held in Brussels
11 Dec. '13 Seven New Ambassadors Appointed
10 Dec. '13 Progress, Shortcomings Reviewed on Human Rights Day
9 Dec. '13 Local Self-Governance Bill to Be Revised
9 Dec. '13 Heavy Snow Causes Power Outages
9 Dec. '13 Jan-Sept FDI Up 2.8% to $697.3 mln - Preliminary Data
9 Dec. '13 Georgian, Israeli Defense Ministers Meet in Tel Aviv
8 Dec. '13 Former Deputy Chief Prosecutor Sent to Pre-Trial Detention
7 Dec. '13 Saakashvili Addresses Protesters in Kiev
6 Dec. '13 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Sums Up Georgia Visit
6 Dec. '13 Georgian FM Address OSCE Ministerial Council
6 Dec. '13 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Visits Georgia
5 Dec. '13 Govt Called 'Not to Yield to Attempts of Discrediting' Local Governance Reform
5 Dec. '13 Court of Appeals Upholds Acquittal of Akhalaia
4 Dec. '13 NATO Praises Georgia's Reforms
4 Dec. '13 Orthodox Church Weighs in Local Self-Governance Reform Debate
4 Dec. '13 Lavrov on Ties with Georgia, 'Borderisation' and NATO Expansion
4 Dec. '13 Margvelashvili on Russia and Georgia's EU Integration
3 Dec. '13 Georgian FM Meets U.S. Secretary of State in Brussels
3 Dec. '13 Merabishvili's Case on Police Break Up of 2011 Protest Set for Trial on Merit
3 Dec. '13 Georgia in TI's 2013 Corruption Perception Index
3 Dec. '13 Annual Inflation 0.6% in November
3 Dec. '13 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State to visit Georgia
2 Dec. '13 Putin: Russia Plans to 'Strengthen Positions' in South Caucasus
2 Dec. '13 PM: No Georgian Govt Delegation at Sochi Olympics
2 Dec. '13 Parliament Speaker, FM Comment on Ukraine
1 Dec. '13 Revised 2014 Draft Budget
30 Nov. '13 U.S. Hails Initialing EU Deals with Georgia, Moldova
29 Nov. '13 Op-Ed: After Vilnius: Scheduled Works Ahead
29 Nov. '13 October GDP Growth 3.9% - Preliminary Data
29 Nov. '13 Georgia 'Aims at Being Leader in EU Integration'
29 Nov. '13 State Ministry for Reintegration to Be Renamed
29 Nov. '13 Georgian, French Presidents Meet in Vilnius
29 Nov. '13 EUMM Reports on Resumption of 'Borderisation'
29 Nov. '13 Georgia Signs Treaty on Participation in EU's Crisis Management Operations
29 Nov. '13 'Commission on Miscarriages of Justice' Put on Hold
29 Nov. '13 A Prosperous and Stable Eastern Partnership is in the Interests of All
29 Nov. '13 Polish FM to Georgian Govt: No More 'Vendetta, Continue Reforms'
28 Nov. '13 Competition Announced to Compose New Board of Public TV
28 Nov. '13 Georgia, EU Initial Association Agreement
28 Nov. '13 Amendment to 'Liberty Charter' Passed with First Reading
28 Nov. '13 Georgian State Minister Meets NATO Secretary General
28 Nov. '13 Minaret Re-Erected in Chela
28 Nov. '13 Statements on Ukraine, Eastern Partnership Debated in Parliament
27 Nov. '13 Georgian FM: Vilnius Summit Declaration Not Yet Finalized
27 Nov. '13 PM: Georgia Less Dependent on Russia than Ukraine
26 Nov. '13 Parliament Discusses New Bill on IDPs
26 Nov. '13 Bulgarian FM: EU Should Give 'Clearer Perspective' to Eastern Partners
25 Nov. '13 Govt Plans Inter-Agency Group on Religious Minorities
25 Nov. '13 French External Trade Minister Visits Georgia
25 Nov. '13 Seven New Ambassadorial Nominations Made
24 Nov. '13 test
24 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili: 'I Quit Politics, But Remain Active Citizen'
23 Nov. '13 Local Self-Governance Reform Bill
23 Nov. '13 Infrastructure Minister to Run for Tbilisi Mayor as GD Candidate
23 Nov. '13 New Deputy Defense Minister Appointed
22 Nov. '13 Op-Ed: Georgia-EU – Keep Calm and Stay the Course
22 Nov. '13 Georgian, Turkish Presidents Hold Phone Conversation
22 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili: Georgia Sticks with its 'Ambitious Plan' to Sign AA with EU Next Year
22 Nov. '13 New Army Chief of Staff Appointed
21 Nov. '13 Georgian, Russian Diplomats Meet in Prague
21 Nov. '13 New Chief Prosecutor Appointed
21 Nov. '13 New Secretary of NSC Appointed
21 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Appoints Foreign Policy Adviser
21 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili's Open Letter
21 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili: 'My Activities will Be Absolutely Transparent'
20 Nov. '13 State Minister Hopes One More Country will Retract Abkhazia, S.Ossetia Recognition
20 Nov. '13 New PM Wins Confidence Vote
20 Nov. '13 Garibashvili Says Probe Underway into Cases of Forced Disappearance
20 Nov. '13 PM-Designate, UNM MPs Spar in Heated Hearing
19 Nov. '13 Parliament Launches Speedy Hearings on Cabinet
18 Nov. '13 MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority Group
18 Nov. '13 PM-Designate Names Cabinet, No Changes
18 Nov. '13 Georgia, Israel Sign Visa-Free Agreement
18 Nov. '13 Parliamentary Hearings over PM-Designate Planned This Week
17 Nov. '13 New President Takes Office with Diminished Powers
17 Nov. '13 On Edge – Life Along the Dividing Line
17 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Signs His First Presidential Decree
17 Nov. '13 President Margvelashvili's Inauguration Speech
17 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Sworn-in as New President
17 Nov. '13 Obama Congratulates Georgia's Incoming President
16 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili's GDDG to Replace Chairman of its Parliamentary Faction
16 Nov. '13 Foreign Dignitaries Arriving for Presidential Inauguration
16 Nov. '13 MPs Briefed on Govt's Efforts to Address Needs of Locals on S.Ossetia Administrative Border
16 Nov. '13 EU: 'Good Progress' in Georgia's Implementation of Visa Free Action Plan
15 Nov. '13 Saakashvili, UNM Snub Presidential Inauguration
15 Nov. '13 Senior U.S. State Department Official Speaks of Georgia
14 Nov. '13 Georgian FM Visits Brussels
14 Nov. '13 Ex-Energy Minister, Rustavi 2 TV Head Acquitted
14 Nov. '13 Russian Deputy FM Hails Georgian President-Elect's Remarks
13 Nov. '13 During Debates Finance Minister, UNM MPs Blame Each Other for Economic Slowdown
13 Nov. '13 Bill, Speeding Up New Board for Public TV, Endorsed
12 Nov. '13 Georgian Coast Guard Detains Cargo Ship for Abkhaz Entry
12 Nov. '13 Presidential Election's Final Vote Tally Approved
12 Nov. '13 Abkhaz MP Stripped of Immunity
11 Nov. '13 Public Defender's Office Hit by Controversy
11 Nov. '13 Garibashvili Visits France
11 Nov. '13 U.S. 6th Fleet Flagship Visits Batumi
11 Nov. '13 President-Elect Speaks of Ties with Russia
10 Nov. '13 Tax Revenues Miss Target
9 Nov. '13 Govt Tells President: 'Respect National Symbols'
9 Nov. '13 New Interior Minister Named
8 Nov. '13 French, Georgian Defense Ministers Meet in Paris
8 Nov. '13 New Chief Prosecutor Named
7 Nov. '13 Parliament Speaker Meets Lithuanian President, FM
7 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Meets EU's Van Rompuy in Brussels
7 Nov. '13 Chief Prosecutor to Step Down
6 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Presidential Inauguration
6 Nov. '13 Usupashvili Rules Out Politically Motivated Prosecutions
6 Nov. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Visits France
5 Nov. '13 Govt Plans 'Modest' Presidential Inauguration
5 Nov. '13 Bill Offers Speeding Up New Board for Public TV
5 Nov. '13 Parliament Speaker Visits Latvia, Lithuania
4 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Offers to Give Glass-Domed Presidential Palace to Planned University
4 Nov. '13 Annual Inflation 0.2% in October
4 Nov. '13 Republican Party Elects New Chairperson
3 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Pardons Akhalaia
2 Nov. '13 In Quotes: Politicians Comment on Garibashvili's Nomination as PM
2 Nov. '13 Garibashvili Named as Next PM
2 Nov. '13 Senior MP: Garibashvili Among Possible Prime Ministerial Candidates
1 Nov. '13 GD 'Not to Hurry' with Vote on Constitutional Changes
1 Nov. '13 Usupashvili Wants to Put Bill Cutting Tbilisi Mayor's Powers on Hold
1 Nov. '13 InvestBank Placed Under Central Bank's Temporary Administration
1 Nov. '13 GD Leadership to Meet on Saturday to Discuss PM Candidate
1 Nov. '13 Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto
1 Nov. '13 U.S. Ambassador Meets UNM's Bakradze
1 Nov. '13 MP Imerlishvili to Become New Chief of NSC
31 Oct. '13 Israel 'Agrees in Principle' to Lift Visa Rules with Georgia
31 Oct. '13 Bill Offers Cutting Tbilisi Mayor's Powers
31 Oct. '13 Akhalaia Acquitted in Seven Special Task Force Troops Case
31 Oct. '13 Israeli PM, Georgian President-Elect Discuss Bilateral Ties
30 Oct. '13 GDP Growth 1.7% in Jan.-Sept. – Preliminary Data
30 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Bill Setting 3-Year Trial Period for Judges
30 Oct. '13 Russian Patriarch Congratulates Margvelashvili on Election
30 Oct. '13 Saakashvili, Barroso Meet in Brussels
29 Oct. '13 Outgoing PM Plans to Name Successor This Week
29 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Names Chief of his Administration
29 Oct. '13 U.S. Department of State on Georgia's Presidential Vote
28 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Delivers Farewell Presidential Address
28 Oct. '13 NATO Secretary General Praises Georgia's Presidential Election
28 Oct. '13 EU Officials Congratulate Margvelashvili
28 Oct. '13 Int'l Observers Assess Georgia's Presidential Vote
28 Oct. '13 Lithuanian President Congratulates Margvelashvili on Election Victory
28 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Set for Outright Victory
28 Oct. '13 Akhalaia Found Guilty in Trial Over Prison Riot Case
28 Oct. '13 Photos: Presidential Election
28 Oct. '13 Vote Results Among Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
28 Oct. '13 Vote Count Underway
27 Oct. '13 Saakashvili's Post-Election Speech
27 Oct. '13 GD Leaders Address Jubilant Supporters
27 Oct. '13 UNM's Bakradze Congratulates GD's Margvelashvili
27 Oct. '13 Exit Polls Give Margvelashvili Outright Victory
27 Oct. '13 CEC: Voter Turnout 39% at 5pm
27 Oct. '13 CEC: Voter Turnout 32% at 3pm
27 Oct. '13 Saakashvili: 'It's Ordinary Day for Me, I am not Running in this Election'
27 Oct. '13 CEC: Voter Turnout 17.15% at Noon
27 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Expects High Voter Turnout
27 Oct. '13 CEC: 10am Voter Turnout 6.8%
27 Oct. '13 CEC: 'All Polling Stations are Open'
27 Oct. '13 Additional Pretrial Detention for Akhalaia
27 Oct. '13 Polls Open in Presidential Vote
26 Oct. '13 Rumors Swirl Over Ivanishvili's Potential Pick for Next PM
26 Oct. '13 Two TV Stations Plan Separate Exit Polls
26 Oct. '13 EU Ready to Initial AA with Georgia at EaP Summit with Aim to Sign it in Fall 2014
26 Oct. '13 Ex-Security Official Arrested over 'Fake IDs for Ballot Fraud'
26 Oct. '13 PM Appeals for High Voter Turnout
25 Oct. '13 Saakashvili, Chakhalyan Face Off in Akhalkalaki
25 Oct. '13 2008 Polling Day Khurcha Blast Suspects Sent to Pretrial Detention
25 Oct. '13 New Charges Brought Against Akhalaia
25 Oct. '13 Verdict into Akhalaia's One of the Trials Expected on Monday
25 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Says After his Resignation Situation will Remain 'Absolutely Stable'
25 Oct. '13 PM Says will Name Successor Next Week
25 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of Post-Election 'Ideological Struggle'
24 Oct. '13 MoD 'Concerned and Surprised' by Saakashvili's Remarks on Defensive Fortifications
24 Oct. '13 Georgia's Foreign Trade in Jan.-Sept.2013
24 Oct. '13 Georgia in European Parliament's Resolution on EU Neighbourhood Policy
23 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Says Govt Undermines Tbilisi's Defensive Fortifications
23 Oct. '13 Polish, Swedish FMs Hail Georgia's Progress, Warn Against Selective Justice
23 Oct. '13 Presidential Election Guide
22 Oct. '13 Public Defender Sets Up Group to Look into Lopota Gorge Clash
22 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili: 'Rejecting Second Round Means Going on the Offensive'
22 Oct. '13 Two Arrested into 2008 Polling Day Blast in Khurcha
22 Oct. '13 PM: Saakashvili May Face Prosecution, Including into Case Related to Zhvania's Death
21 Oct. '13 Political Party Donations
21 Oct. '13 Early Voting for Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
20 Oct. '13 Photos: Tbilisi Ahead of Presidential Vote
20 Oct. '13 CEC: Number of Voters 3.53 Million
19 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Reiterates He will Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
19 Oct. '13 Polish and Swedish FMs to Visit Georgia
18 Oct. '13 Foreign Diplomats' Statement on Media in Pre-election Environment
18 Oct. '13 Usupashvili Expects Relocation of Parliament Back to Tbilisi by Spring
18 Oct. '13 Usupashvili Says Margvelashvili's Runoff Remarks Should not be Taken Literally
18 Oct. '13 Public TV Hosts Debates of Some Presidential Candidates
17 Oct. '13 Giorgi Margvelashvili
17 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Says will Withdraw from Race in Case of Runoff
17 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Advises Margvelashvili to Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
16 Oct. '13 Govt Lays Out Steps to Address Needs of Families at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
16 Oct. '13 Venice Commission Reiterates its Recommendation on Rule of Revising Constitution
15 Oct. '13 Tbilisi Seeks Extradition of Ex-Defense Minister Detained in France
15 Oct. '13 Mysterious Donor Pledges Half a Billion Lari for IDPs
15 Oct. '13 Giorgi Chikhladze
15 Oct. '13 Teimuraz Mzhavia
15 Oct. '13 Kartlos Garibashvili
15 Oct. '13 Zurab Kharatishvili
15 Oct. '13 Nino Chanishvili
15 Oct. '13 Nino Burjanadze
15 Oct. '13 Akaki Asatiani
15 Oct. '13 Koba Davitashvili
15 Oct. '13 Davit Bakradze
15 Oct. '13 Tamaz Bibiluri
15 Oct. '13 Teimuraz Bobokhidze
15 Oct. '13 Nugzar Avaliani
15 Oct. '13 Mamuka Melikishvili
15 Oct. '13 Avtandil Margiani
15 Oct. '13 Levan Chachua
15 Oct. '13 Giorgi Liluashvili
15 Oct. '13 Sergo Javakhidze
15 Oct. '13 Giorgi Targamadze
15 Oct. '13 Mamuka Chokhonelidze
15 Oct. '13 Shalva Natelashvili
15 Oct. '13 Nestan Kirtadze
15 Oct. '13 Mikheil-Gela Saluashvili
15 Oct. '13 OSCE Election Observers' Interim Report
14 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili: Incoming PM will be Named Week After Presidential Election
14 Oct. '13 PM Comments on Calls for Boycotting Sochi Olympics
14 Oct. '13 Public TV Unveils Set-Up for Presidential Candidates Debates
13 Oct. '13 Presidential Candidates in Pictures
13 Oct. '13 One Dies in Mining Accident in Tkibuli
12 Oct. '13 UNM Suspends Participation in Inter-Agency Group on Elections
11 Oct. '13 Russia Removes Ban on Import of Fruits from Georgian
11 Oct. '13 Finance Minister Disagrees with IMF Unemployment Rate Projections
11 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Congratulates Aliyev on 'Convincing Victory'
10 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Congratulates Aliyev on 'Deserved Historic' Victory
10 Oct. '13 Georgian FM Addresses OSCE Permanent Council
10 Oct. '13 Rasmussen: NATO Accepted Georgia's Offer to Join Response Force
10 Oct. '13 Public TV Plans Presidential Candidates Debates
10 Oct. '13 Georgia Rotates Troops in Helmand
9 Oct. '13 Govt Called to Boycott Sochi Olympics
9 Oct. '13 PM, Parliament Speaker Snub NSC as Saakashvili's PR Stunt
9 Oct. '13 President Wants Prison Minister Out Over Juvenile Inmate Death
9 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Offers NSC Session Over 'Borderisation'
8 Oct. '13 Burjanadze Says She will Win Presidency if Vote is Fair
8 Oct. '13 Georgian, German FMs Meet in Berlin
8 Oct. '13 Russia's Chief Sanitary Doctor Warns Georgia Over Wine Quality
7 Oct. '13 Judge in Akhalaia's Case Says Prosecutors Dragging Out Trial
7 Oct. '13 Tbilisi Warns Against 'Excessive Politicization' of Sochi Olympics
6 Oct. '13 Photos: ‘Borderisation’ in Dvani
6 Oct. '13 PM Meets Muslim Community Leaders
5 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Re-Elected as UNM Chairman
5 Oct. '13 Georgian, Moldovan FMs Pledge Cooperation in European Integration
5 Oct. '13 Parliament Passes Bill Setting 3-Year Trial Period for Newly Recruited Judges
4 Oct. '13 Two Members Quit, Leaving Public TV Board Defunct
4 Oct. '13 Prison System Ministry Accused of Illegal Eavesdropping on Detained Akhalaia
4 Oct. '13 State Commission for Constitutional Reform Planned
4 Oct. '13 Geostat Reports 1.3% Annual Deflation in September
4 Oct. '13 Parliament Confirms Constitutional Amendment
3 Oct. '13 Initial Draft of 2014 State Budget
3 Oct. '13 U.S. Concerned over 'Borderisation'
3 Oct. '13 Interior Ministry Says 'Jihad Threat' Video Case Solved
2 Oct. '13 PM Scolds Journalists in Lengthy Televised Meeting
2 Oct. '13 PM Speaks of U.S. Diplomat, Comments on Unlikely U.S. Visit
2 Oct. '13 NATO Concerned Over 'Borderisation'
2 Oct. '13 EU Calls on Russia to Remove Fences from Administrative Borders
2 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili: 'We should Win Convincing Election Victory'
1 Oct. '13 MPs Debate on Economy
1 Oct. '13 PM Meets Judicial Council Chair
1 Oct. '13 EU Political and Security Committee on Georgia Visit
30 Sep. '13 PM Slams Saakashvili for His Russian Policies
30 Sep. '13 USD 6 bln Private Equity Fund Launched
30 Sep. '13 August GDP Growth 1.1% - Preliminary Data
30 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Says Positive Feedbacks on UN Speech Show 'Something Matured' in Post-Soviet Space
29 Sep. '13 Groups Rally in Dvani to Protest 'Creeping Occupation'
29 Sep. '13 EU's Political and Security Committee Visits Georgia
28 Sep. '13 Usupashvili Says PM's Pre-Term Resignation will Help Democratic Institutions
27 Sep. '13 PM's Envoy for Russia Briefs MPs on Talks with Moscow
27 Sep. '13 PM Speaks of Need for Reconciliation with 'Abkhaz Brothers'
26 Sep. '13 Merabishvili Remanded in Pre-Trial Detention
26 Sep. '13 PACE Delegation's Pre-Election Assessments
26 Sep. '13 Poll: GD's Margvelashvili Leads, Followed by UNM's Bakradze
26 Sep. '13 Saakashvili's UN Speech
26 Sep. '13 Saakashvili's Speech at the UN General Assembly – 2013
25 Sep. '13 PM Sees Link Between 'Borderisation' and Sochi Olympics
25 Sep. '13 Ivanishvili Says 'Actually' Made Up his Mind on Successor
24 Sep. '13 Tbilisi Hopes Gali IPRM Meetings will be Resumed
24 Sep. '13 Abkhaz Decision on Passports Leaves Many Georgians in Gali Worried
24 Sep. '13 Georgian, Iranian FMs Meet at UN
24 Sep. '13 Moscow Says Tbilisi Fanning 'Hysteria' over 'Borderisation'
24 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Comments on 'Borderisation'
23 Sep. '13 CEC Registers 23 Candidates for Presidential Election
23 Sep. '13 Interior Minister Visits Baltic States, Belarus
23 Sep. '13 Poll: Majority Disapproves PM's Intention to Quit
23 Sep. '13 PACE Delegation to Visit Georgia for Pre-Election Assessment
21 Sep. '13 Former Interior Ministry Official Extradited From Ukraine
21 Sep. '13 Georgian, Afghan Defense Ministries Plan Cooperation Agreement
21 Sep. '13 Putin Appoints Surkov as Aide on Ties with Sokhumi, Tskhinvali
20 Sep. '13 Law, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, Challenged in Constitutional Court
20 Sep. '13 Parliament Endorses Constitutional Amendment
20 Sep. '13 U.S. 'Deeply Concerned' with 'Borderisation'
20 Sep. '13 UNM Presidential Candidate Bakradze in Washington
19 Sep. '13 Georgian, Russian Diplomats Meet in Prague
19 Sep. '13 Bill Offers Six-Fold Reduction of Maximum Term of Administrative Detention
19 Sep. '13 OSCE Opens Election Observation Mission in Georgia
19 Sep. '13 Man Arrested in Batumi Shooting Incident Suspected of Killing Russian Diplomat in Sokhumi
19 Sep. '13 Punishment for False Bomb Threat to Be Tightened
18 Sep. '13 More Controversy in Public TV as Two Talk-Shows Axed
18 Sep. '13 Parliament Discusses Constitutional Amendments
18 Sep. '13 PACE Monitors' Recommendation on Constitution Revision Procedures
18 Sep. '13 Georgia, Russian Diplomats to Meet in Prague
17 Sep. '13 Gali District in Pictures
17 Sep. '13 Russian Troops Resume Installing Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
17 Sep. '13 New Head of Energy Regulatory Agency Appointed
17 Sep. '13 Defense Minister Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
17 Sep. '13 Three Men, Arrested in Batumi Shooting Incident, Sent in Pre-Trial Detention
16 Sep. '13 PM Defends Large-Scale Hydro Power Projects
16 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Against GD-Proposed Constitutional Changes
16 Sep. '13 Georgian Church Leader: 'Often Majority is More Oppressed Than Minority'
15 Sep. '13 Three Wounded in Batumi Shooting
14 Sep. '13 Commissioner Says EU Ready to Speed Up Signing of AA with Georgia, Moldova
14 Sep. '13 Georgia, Switzerland Agree on Visa Facilitation
13 Sep. '13 Preliminary Court Hearing into Merabishvili's Case Starts
13 Sep. '13 New Head of EUMM Appointed
13 Sep. '13 Georgian State Minister for European Integration Meets Armenian FM
12 Sep. '13 Saakashvili: PM's Eurasian Union Remarks 'Break Main Taboo' of Georgian Politics
12 Sep. '13 Kutaisi Mayor Resigns
12 Sep. '13 Two TV Stations Evacuated After 'Bomb Scare'
12 Sep. '13 Hilton Worldwide Plans Two Hotels in Georgia
11 Sep. '13 U.S. Interagency Mission's Pre-Election Assessments
11 Sep. '13 New Chairperson of CEC Appointed
11 Sep. '13 White House Says Georgia Joins Statement on Syria
10 Sep. '13 Zourabichvili Loses Court Appeal to Run in Election
10 Sep. '13 Georgia Increases Capacity of Border-Crossing Point with Russia
10 Sep. '13 Iran's President Hopes to 'Further Boost Cooperation' with Georgia
9 Sep. '13 President Nominates CEC Chair Candidates
9 Sep. '13 PM Praises CEO of Georgian Railway
9 Sep. '13 Russian MFA Comments on Murder of its Diplomat in Sokhumi
9 Sep. '13 Estonian, Georgian PMs Meet in Tallinn
9 Sep. '13 Russian Diplomat Killed in Sokhumi
9 Sep. '13 H1 FDI Down 4.2% to USD 458.6 mln – Preliminary Data
8 Sep. '13 PM: Signing of Association Agreement with EU Targeted for Spring
8 Sep. '13 Dozens Apply to Run for President
8 Sep. '13 Polish FM Meets Georgian PM, Signals Possibility for Speeding Up AA Signing
7 Sep. '13 Three NATO Ships Make Port Call in Batumi
7 Sep. '13 U.S. Officials to Visit Georgia for Pre-Election Assessment
7 Sep. '13 Georgian FM Says Tbilisi Wants Membership Perspective from EU
6 Sep. '13 Parliament Overrides Three Presidential Vetoes
6 Sep. '13 Govt Denies Giving Consent to Reopening of Abkhaz Railway
6 Sep. '13 Georgian, Latvian PMs Meet in Riga
6 Sep. '13 Court Upholds CEC's Ruling Rejecting Zourabichvili’s Bid to Run in Election
6 Sep. '13 Board Fires Public TV Head, Again
6 Sep. '13 Benelux FMs Pledge Support to Georgia's 'Closer' Ties with EU
6 Sep. '13 Georgian PM Visits Latvia, Estonia
5 Sep. '13 Ivanishvili 'Clarifies' Eurasian Union Remarks
5 Sep. '13 Secret Recordings of Private Lives, Stored in Interior Ministry, Destroyed
5 Sep. '13 Benelux Foreign Ministers to Visit Georgia
4 Sep. '13 NSC Chief Condemns PM's Eurasian Union Remarks
4 Sep. '13 Moscow Offers Help in Evacuating Georgian Citizens from Syria
4 Sep. '13 UNM Slams Ivanishvili's Eurasian Union Remarks
4 Sep. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Eurasian Union
3 Sep. '13 CEC Rejects Ex-FM Zourabichvili's Bid to Run in Election
3 Sep. '13 Annual Inflation Remains Below Zero
3 Sep. '13 Speaker of Swedish Parliament Visits Georgia
2 Sep. '13 Politicians React on PM's Statement on Intended Pre-Term Resignation
2 Sep. '13 PM on His Intended Pre-Term Resignation
2 Sep. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Minaret Removal
1 Sep. '13 PM Confident Margvelashvili will Win Presidential Race Without Run-Off
31 Aug. '13 Ex-Head of CEC Joins Presidential Race
30 Aug. '13 Georgian FM's Statement on Syria
30 Aug. '13 Minaret Returned and 'Stored', Not Re-Erected
30 Aug. '13 Georgian Economy Minister Meets Armenian PM
30 Aug. '13 Republican Party Condemns Minaret Removal
30 Aug. '13 July GDP Growth 0.6% - Preliminary Data
30 Aug. '13 Orthodox Church, Muslim Clerics Agree on Terms of Minaret Return
29 Aug. '13 Prosecutor's Office Called to Probe into 'Illegal' Removal of Minaret
29 Aug. '13 Anti-Minaret Protest in Akhaltsikhe
28 Aug. '13 Protest Rally in Batumi Against Minaret Removal
28 Aug. '13 Georgia Mulling Role in UN Peacekeeping Missions
28 Aug. '13 Georgian Orthodox Church on Removal of Minaret
27 Aug. '13 Justice Minister Comments on Minaret Removal
27 Aug. '13 Men, Arrested in Minaret Removal, Released
27 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Condemns Removal of Minaret
27 Aug. '13 Interior Minister Visits Turkey
27 Aug. '13 Protesters Keep on Rallying After Minaret's Removal
27 Aug. '13 EU Delegation to Georgia on Putin’s Abkhaz Visit
26 Aug. '13 Authorities Remove Minaret Forcibly, Sparking Muslim Community's Protest
26 Aug. '13 Putin Meets Abkhaz Leader on the Eve of Recognition Anniversary
25 Aug. '13 Georgian Banks' Net Profit GEL 192.2m in Jan-July
23 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Comments on NGOs’ Pick for CEC Chair
24 Aug. '13 Burjanadze and Ivanishvili's Parties Spar Over Activists
23 Aug. '13 Alasania on NATO, Ties with Russia and Internal Politics
23 Aug. '13 Civil Society Groups Name Their Pick for CEC Chair
22 Aug. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Channel 9 TV
22 Aug. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Meets U.S. Secretary of Defense
21 Aug. '13 Govt Extends Contract with Patton Boggs, Buys More Services
21 Aug. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Visits U.S.
21 Aug. '13 Ivanishvili to Visit Estonia, Latvia
20 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Selecting CEC Chair, Pre-Election Climate
20 Aug. '13 Ivanishvili's TV Goes Off the Air
19 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Offers Amnesty to Wipe Criminal Records Clean
19 Aug. '13 PM Ivanishvili to Shut Down His TV Channel
19 Aug. '13 GD Raises GEL 1.85 mln in Donations in Jan.-July
18 Aug. '13 Georgia Remittances USD 805.3 mln in Jan-July
17 Aug. '13 Prosecutors Summon Two Ex-Ministers of Penitentiary for Questioning
16 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendments to Law on High Education
16 Aug. '13 New Rector of Tbilisi State University Elected
16 Aug. '13 Tbilisi Says Road Freight Transport Deal Achieved with Moscow
16 Aug. '13 Putin Meets Abkhaz Leader
15 Aug. '13 Ex-Head of CEC Speaks of Political Plans
15 Aug. '13 Internal Security Minister of Israel Visits Georgia
15 Aug. '13 Geostat: 2012 FDI USD 912 mln
14 Aug. '13 Economy Minister Cancels Meeting with UNM Presidential Candidate
14 Aug. '13 After Death of Two Miners Govt Called for Workplace Safety Scrutiny
14 Aug. '13 Abkhaz Armed Conflict Anniversary Marked in Tbilisi, Sokhumi
14 Aug. '13 Ex-Head of CEC Goes into Politics
13 Aug. '13 Election-Related Dates and Deadlines
13 Aug. '13 Two Georgian Battalions Prepare for Afghan Deployment
12 Aug. '13 GD Presidential Candidate Launches Campaign
12 Aug. '13 Politicians Criticize CEC Head for Resigning at 'Wrong Time'
12 Aug. '13 CEC Chairman Kharatishvili Resigns
11 Aug. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Trade Barbs During Joint Appearance on U.S. Warship
11 Aug. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Attend Reception on Visiting U.S. Warship
11 Aug. '13 EUMM Calls for Restraint After Incident at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
10 Aug. '13 Alasania on Need of Dialogue with Breakaway Regions
10 Aug. '13 U.S. Warship Arrives in Batumi for 4-Day Port Call
9 Aug. '13 Tskhinvali Says Georgia's New Govt 'Not Much Different' from Predecessor
8 Aug. '13 In War Anniversary Speech Ivanishvili Reaches Out to Sokhumi, Tskhinvali
8 Aug. '13 PM Ivanishvili's Speech on Fifth Anniversary of August War
8 Aug. '13 Justice Minister to Chair Election Inter-Agency Group
8 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of August War
7 Aug. '13 GD MPs Meet Govt Economic Team
7 Aug. '13 Poll: Russian Attitudes Towards Georgia
7 Aug. '13 Georgian MFA: Despite Russia's 'Destructive Policy' Tbilisi Seeks 'Normalization' of Ties
7 Aug. '13 Increase of Public Funding to Political Parties
7 Aug. '13 Russian PM Hopes for 'Good Neighborly' Relations with Georgia
6 Aug. '13 Bill Suspending Foreclosures Shelved
6 Aug. '13 In WSJ Opinion Piece Ivanishvili Lays Out His 'Pragmatic' Policies
5 Aug. '13 Govt Mulling Putting Tbilisi Bypass Railway Project on Hold
4 Aug. '13 On Fifth Anniversary of August War, Medvedev Speaks of Ties with Georgia
3 Aug. '13 GD Presidential Candidate on Govt's 'Foreign Policy Success'
2 Aug. '13 EUMM Concerned Over Construction of Obstacles at Administrative Borders
2 Aug. '13 MP Davitashvili Quits GD, Plans to Run for President
2 Aug. '13 Annual Inflation Drops Below Zero in July
1 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Tells UNM to 'Rally Around' Bakradze for Presidency
1 Aug. '13 Gunava Reinstated as Samegrelo Governor
1 Aug. '13 May 17 Violence Related Charges Dropped from Orthodox Cleric
1 Aug. '13 Usupashvili Speaks of Govt's Shortcomings
1 Aug. '13 Ex-Defense Minister Akhalaia Acquitted, Remains Detained Pending Separate Trial
31 Jul. '13 Bill on Further Tightening of Agriculture Land Regulations Confirmed
31 Jul. '13 1H 2013 GDP Growth 1.8% - Preliminary Data
30 Jul. '13 Public Defender's Human Rights Report Discussed in Parliament
30 Jul. '13 Jailed Ex-Governor of Samegrelo Released After Presidential Pardon
30 Jul. '13 Culture Ministry: Stalin Statue, Removed Three Years Ago, Planned to Be Put in His Museum
29 Jul. '13 Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto on Normative Acts Bill
29 Jul. '13 Parliament Moves to Further Tighten Agriculture Land Regulations
29 Jul. '13 Increase of Cigarette Excise Tax Planned
29 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Visits Singapore
28 Jul. '13 Amnesty Related to Illegal Surveillance and Recordings Passed With Second Reading
27 Jul. '13 Passing of Bill on Suspending Foreclosures with Second Reading Delayed
27 Jul. '13 Bakradze Becomes UNM Presidential Candidate
27 Jul. '13 2013 State Funding for Political Parties
26 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Slams Bill on Suspending Foreclosures
26 Jul. '13 UNM Loses Tbilisi City Council Chairmanship
26 Jul. '13 Parliament Bomb Scare False Alarm
26 Jul. '13 Increase of Compensation for Families of Fallen Soldiers Approved
26 Jul. '13 Parliament Evacuated After Bomb Alert
26 Jul. '13 Economy Minister Named as Deputy PM
25 Jul. '13 Parliament Passes Bill Suspending Foreclosures
25 Jul. '13 EU Hails 'Substantive Completion' of Association Agreement Talks with Georgia
25 Jul. '13 Congressman Turner Reiterates Concerns over Georgia
25 Jul. '13 Govt Gets Advice on How to Handle Illegal Surveillance Recordings
24 Jul. '13 Georgia's 1H 2013 Foreign Trade
23 Jul. '13 Change of Party Funding Rules Proposed
23 Jul. '13 Georgian Patriarch Visits Moscow, Kiev, Minsk
22 Jul. '13 EU, Georgia Conclude Free Trade Talks
22 Jul. '13 Georgia Seizes $100,000 of 'Smuggled Cash' from Iranian Citizen
22 Jul. '13 Georgian FM in Brussels for EaP Meeting
21 Jul. '13 UNM Holds Primaries in Batumi Amid Protests
21 Jul. '13 Georgian FM Meets U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
21 Jul. '13 12 Men, Detained over Zugdidi Incident, Released After Being Fined
20 Jul. '13 Police Say 12 Arrested After Objects Thrown at UNM Leaders in Zugdidi
20 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Says Ivanishvili Owes Kremlin
20 Jul. '13 New Education Minister Takes Office
20 Jul. '13 Russian Official Warns Georgia over U.S.-Funded Bio Lab
20 Jul. '13 Law, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, to Be Challenged
19 Jul. '13 Polish, Georgian PMs Meet in Warsaw
19 Jul. '13 UNM Loses Most of Tbilisi Sakrebulo Posts
19 Jul. '13 MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority Group
19 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Condemns Navalny Conviction
18 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Meets Lithuanian Leadership
18 Jul. '13 PM Ivanishvili Visits Lithuania
17 Jul. '13 Amendments to Election Code Planned
17 Jul. '13 EBRD President Visits Georgia
17 Jul. '13 Armenian Defense Minister Visits Georgia
17 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendment to Law on Normative Acts
16 Jul. '13 Sokhumi Condemns Detention of Cargo Vessels En Route between Abkhazia, Turkey
16 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili to Visit Lithuania, Poland
15 Jul. '13 NDI Poll Shows GD Far More Popular Than Its Presidential Candidate
15 Jul. '13 Georgia, Vanuatu Establish Diplomatic Ties
15 Jul. '13 Incoming Education Minister Named
14 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Meets GD MPs, Discusses Elections
13 Jul. '13 Amendments to Law on High Education Revised and Passed with Second Reading
13 Jul. '13 Parliament Overrides Two Presidential Vetoes
12 Jul. '13 Governor of Samegrelo Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
12 Jul. '13 CDM Leader Runs for President
12 Jul. '13 NDI-Commissioned Public Opinion Survey
12 Jul. '13 Charges Filed in Major Construction Firm's Alleged Swindle Case
11 Jul. '13 European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Meets Ivanishvili
11 Jul. '13 EU to Allocate EUR 16 mln to Georgia
11 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Visits Moldova
11 Jul. '13 Parliament Approves Proposal to Triple Mineral Water Extraction Fee
11 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Pledges ‘Exemplary’ Elections
10 Jul. '13 CEC: Number of Voters 3,537,249
10 Jul. '13 Georgia Invites International Election Observers
10 Jul. '13 European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Meets Saakashvili
9 Jul. '13 Man's Death Day After Police Interrogation Raises Questions
9 Jul. '13 Chief Prosecutor Defends Prison Abuse Scandal-Related Decision
8 Jul. '13 UNM Ends Parliamentary Boycott
8 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Slams Interior Ministry for Letting Russian MP in Georgia
8 Jul. '13 PM Criticizes Chief Prosecutor's Prison Abuse Scandal-Related Decision
7 Jul. '13 Iranian MP Criticizes Revoking Visa-Free Rules by Tbilisi
6 Jul. '13 Bakradze Hails 'Positive' Talks with PM, Parliament Speaker
6 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Says Drones, Bought from Israel, were Compromised
6 Jul. '13 PM, Parliament Speaker, UNM's Bakradze to Meet
5 Jul. '13 Prosecutors, Court Trade Accusations as Acquittal of 5 Ex-Policemen Sparks Protest
5 Jul. '13 CoE's Local Govt Congress Committee ‘Concerned’ over Legal Proceedings Against Local Officials
5 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Bill That Cuts President’s Powers over Energy Regulator
4 Jul. '13 Georgian Police Say 116kg Heroin Seized
4 Jul. '13 State Audit Office Says UNM Illegally Received GEL 5.2mln from State Budget
3 Jul. '13 Presidential Election Date Changed Back to October 27
3 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Called to Change Election Date
3 Jul. '13 Georgia in OSCE PA's Istanbul Declaration
3 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili on Ties with Iran
3 Jul. '13 PM Expects GD's Presidential Candidate to Win Outright in First Round
3 Jul. '13 Geostat Reports 0.2% Annual Inflation in June
2 Jul. '13 Iranian Business Forum in Georgia
2 Jul. '13 Georgia Revokes Visa-Free Rules with Iran
2 Jul. '13 Georgian, French FMs Meet in Paris
2 Jul. '13 Three Former Senior Law Enforcement Officials Charged in Girgvliani Case
1 Jul. '13 Presidential Election Date Changed to October 31
1 Jul. '13 Presidential Elections Set for October 27
1 Jul. '13 UNM Loses Majority in Tbilisi Sakrebulo After Senior Member Quits Party
1 Jul. '13 Georgian Interior Minister Visits Armenia
30 Jun. '13 Tbilisi City Officials Sent to Pretrial Detention
30 Jun. '13 Bill, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, Confirmed
29 Jun. '13 Geostat Reports Zero GDP Growth in May
29 Jun. '13 Twenty-Fourth Round of Geneva Talks
29 Jun. '13 Candidates for UNM Presidential Primaries Named
28 Jun. '13 Financial Police Report Details of Charges Against Tbilisi City Officials
28 Jun. '13 Watchdog Groups Question Financial Police Actions
28 Jun. '13 UNM Boycotts Parliament After Arrests, Launches Primaries
28 Jun. '13 Ivanishvili Rules Out Politics Behind Legal Proceedings Against Tbilisi City Officials
28 Jun. '13 Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, 3 Other Municipality Officials Arrested
27 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Meets NATO Chief
27 Jun. '13 Rasmussen on Georgia's NATO Integration
27 Jun. '13 Financial Police Round Up Tbilisi Municipality Officials, Then Release Them
26 Jun. '13 Reacting on Torture Videos, UNM MPs Says They Feel Responsible
26 Jun. '13 PM Meets NATO Chief as NAC Visits Georgia
26 Jun. '13 Ivanishvili Hails 'Successful' Visit to Israel
25 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendments to Law on Broadcasting
25 Jun. '13 NATO's North Atlantic Council to Visit Georgia
25 Jun. '13 Israeli, Georgian PMs Hold Talks
25 Jun. '13 Polish FM: 'We are Beginning to Be Worried' over Georgia
24 Jun. '13 Girgvliani Murder Case-Related Charges Filed Against Merabishvili
24 Jun. '13 Georgian PM Meets Israeli President
24 Jun. '13 EU Approves EUR 4 mln for Georgia as Part of Agriculture Aid Program
24 Jun. '13 Georgian PM Visits Israel
24 Jun. '13 Ivanishvili on His Possible Resignation After Presidential Election
23 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Arms Caches
22 Jun. '13 Destruction of Recordings of Private Lives Delayed
21 Jun. '13 Nine Sent to Pretrial Detention into Torture Video Case
21 Jun. '13 Justice Minister: Georgia Enforces Iran Sanctions Strictly
21 Jun. '13 U.S. Embassy: 'We See Undiminished Interest of Georgian Govt in Strong Ties with U.S.'
21 Jun. '13 PM Ivanishvili to Visit Israel
20 Jun. '13 Torture Videos Shown to Media, Civil Society Representatives
20 Jun. '13 Saakashvili in Vienna for EPP Summit
20 Jun. '13 Georgia Downgraded in U.S. Human Trafficking Report
20 Jun. '13 MCC Approves USD 140 mln Aid to Boost Georgia Education
19 Jun. '13 Interior Minister Comments on Probe into 'Jihad Threat' Video
19 Jun. '13 Chief Prosecutor Slammed for Prison Abuse Scandal-Related Decision
19 Jun. '13 Interior Ministry Says Five Arrested over Torture Videos Found in Arms Cache
19 Jun. '13 Recordings of Private Lives Obtained through Illegal Surveillance said to be Destroyed on Sunday
18 Jun. '13 Usupashvili Meets MEPs from Foreign Affairs Committee
17 Jun. '13 UNM Announces Primaries to Select Presidential Candidate
17 Jun. '13 Lawyer: Merabishvili on Hunger Strike, Demanding TV Set
17 Jun. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Visits Azerbaijan
17 Jun. '13 Interior Ministry: Large Arms Cache Uncovered
16 Jun. '13 Saakashvili in Rome for FAO Conference
15 Jun. '13 Two Men, Arrested by Anti-Terrorism Center, Sent to Pretrial Detention
15 Jun. '13 GD Offers Constitutional Amendments
15 Jun. '13 Verdict Delivered into Prison Abuse Scandal Case
14 Jun. '13 Four Non-Judge Members of HCoJ Elected
14 Jun. '13 PM Meets Constitutional Court Chairman
14 Jun. '13 Parliament Overrides Veto on Amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure
14 Jun. '13 Amendments to Law on High Education Stir Controversy
14 Jun. '13 UN General Assembly Passes Georgia IDP Resolution
13 Jun. '13 Interior Ministry Says it 'Foiled Terror Plot'
13 Jun. '13 Govt Plans to Increase Compensation for Families of Fallen Soldiers
13 Jun. '13 Russian Deputy FM: Moscow Mulls Easing Visa Rules for Georgia
13 Jun. '13 Burjanadze Runs for President
12 Jun. '13 Parliament Confirms Ambassadors to UN, NATO
12 Jun. '13 Election of Non-Judge Members of HCoJ Goes into Second Round
12 Jun. '13 Putin Speaks on Relations with Georgia
11 Jun. '13 Interior Minister: 'Jihad Threat' Video Uploaded from Georgia
11 Jun. '13 GD MPs: Parliamentary Probe into 'Jihad Threat' Video Premature
11 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Convenes NSC over 'Jihad Threat' Video
10 Jun. '13 GD MP Wants to Withdraw His Ambassadorial Nomination
10 Jun. '13 Justice Minister Unhappy Over HCoJ Election Results
10 Jun. '13 Q1 2013 FDI USD 226.2 mln - Preliminary Data
10 Jun. '13 Judicial Conference Elects Judge Members of HCoJ
9 Jun. '13 Bodies of 7 Georgian Soldiers, Killed in Afghanistan, Returned Home
8 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Demands from Interior Ministry to Find Those Behind 'Jihad Threat' Video
8 Jun. '13 PM's Office: Ivanishvili, Kerry Hold Phone Conversation
8 Jun. '13 Senior Army Official Slams NY Times Report on Georgian Troops in Helmand
7 Jun. '13 PM Says Deadly Afghan Attack 'will Not Make Us Retreat'
7 Jun. '13 Alasania Visits Afghanistan After 7 Georgian Troops Die in Attack
7 Jun. '13 NATO Chief Expresses Condolences over Death of Georgian Troops in Afghan Truck Bomb Attack
6 Jun. '13 Seven Georgian Soldiers Die in Afghan Truck Bomb Attack
6 Jun. '13 Georgian FM Meets UN Chief
6 Jun. '13 Meeting of Georgian, Russian Negotiators in Prague
5 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Holds National Security Council Meeting
5 Jun. '13 NATO Secretary General on Arrest of Merabishvili
5 Jun. '13 NATO, Georgian Defense Ministers Meeting
5 Jun. '13 Citing Schedule Conflicts, Ivanishvili Snubs NSC Session
5 Jun. '13 Ambassadorial Nominations to UN, NATO Made
5 Jun. '13 President Convenes National Security Council Session
4 Jun. '13 MEPs Sum Up Georgia Visit
4 Jun. '13 Interior Ministry Briefs Diplomats on 'Borderisation'
4 Jun. '13 Defense Minister Visits NATO HQ
3 Jun. '13 Georgian Troops in Kabul Placed Under U.S. Command
3 Jun. '13 UNM Calls for Bipartisan Parliament 'Resolution Against Occupation'
3 Jun. '13 MEPs Visit Georgia
3 Jun. '13 Geostat Reports 0.1% Annual Deflation in May
2 Jun. '13 Georgian Church Leader Appeals Putin over S.Ossetia Administrative Border
1 Jun. '13 Saakashvili: 'Russia Tests Georgian Govt's Firmness'
1 Jun. '13 Parliament Confirms Amendments to Law on Broadcasting
31 May. '13 Lithuanian Businessman, Charged with Embezzlement, Released by Court
31 May. '13 Bill Gives PM Right to Appoint Members of Energy Regulatory Agency
31 May. '13 U.S. Department of State on Installation of Fence at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
31 May. '13 Ivanishvili Comments S.Ossetia Administrative Border
30 May. '13 Deputy Finance Minister Resigns
30 May. '13 Merabishvili Remanded in Pretrial Detention
30 May. '13 Parliament Overrides Two Presidential Vetoes
30 May. '13 President Vetoes Amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure
30 May. '13 April GDP Growth 4.1% - Preliminary Data
30 May. '13 Bill Offers to Suspend Selling of Agriculture Land to Foreigners
29 May. '13 Usupashvili on Installation of Fences on S.Ossetian Administrative Border
29 May. '13 New Parliamentary Faction Established
28 May. '13 Additional Charges Filed Against Merabishvili
28 May. '13 Q&A with Outgoing Head of EU Monitoring Mission
28 May. '13 UNM Rallies Against Ex-PM Merabishvili's Arrest
28 May. '13 PM on Planned Reform of Judicial Council
28 May. '13 Two Gali Residents Sentenced to Lengthy Jail Terms for 'Spying for Georgia'
28 May. '13 Georgia Expresses 'Deep Concern' over Installation of Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
27 May. '13 Installation of Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
27 May. '13 PACE Monitors React to Ex-PM's Arrest
27 May. '13 Several U.S. Senators Express Concern over Ex-PM's Arrest
27 May. '13 Photos: Independence Day
26 May. '13 Saakashvili Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan on Independence Day
26 May. '13 PM Makes Independence Day Address
25 May. '13 Interior Ministry Called to Remove 'Black Box' Spy Devices from Telecom Companies
25 May. '13 Photos: 'No to Theocracy' Rally and Counter Demo
24 May. '13 'No to Theocracy' Rally Amid Counter Demo
24 May. '13 PM Meets Foreign Diplomats
24 May. '13 Two More Charged over May 17 Violence
24 May. '13 Saakashvili in Ecuador for Presidential Inauguration
24 May. '13 Kerry Congratulates Georgia on Independence Day
23 May. '13 UNM Says Merabishvili's Arrest Aims at 'Demoralizing' Party Ahead of Election
23 May. '13 OSCE PA Special Envoy's Statement on Merabishvili's Arrest
23 May. '13 Two Clerics Charged over May 17 Violence
23 May. '13 Tchiaberashvili Released After Posting Bail
23 May. '13 U.S. 'Follows Closely' Legal Proceedings Against Georgia’s Ex-PM
23 May. '13 Patriarch Regrets Clergy's 'Impolite' Actions in May 17 Events
22 May. '13 Merabishvili Sent to Pretrial Detention
22 May. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Legal Proceedings Against Ex-PM
22 May. '13 Court Hearing Underway to Decide on Measure of Restraint for Merabishvili, Tchiaberashvili
22 May. '13 EU's Reaction on Arrest of Ex-PM and Ex-Health Minister
22 May. '13 Citizens' Campaign for Prosecution of May 17 Violence Perpetrators
21 May. '13 PM Vows Perpetrators of May 17 Violence will be Prosecuted
21 May. '13 Four Persons Fined for Petty Hooliganism in May 17 Events
21 May. '13 After Ex-PM’s Arrest, Saakashvili Warns Govt Against Ukrainian Path
21 May. '13 Ex-PM Merabishvili, Ex-Healthcare Minister Tchiaberashvili Arrested
21 May. '13 Usupashvili Denounces Patriarch's Statement Made on the Eve of Anti-Homophobia Rally
21 May. '13 Georgian Interior Minister Visits Azerbaijan
21 May. '13 U.S. Condemns May 17 Homophobic Violence in Tbilisi
21 May. '13 Four Men Arrested in Connection to May 17 Violence
20 May. '13 Usupashvili Signs Judicial Council Bill into Law
20 May. '13 Gay Rights Group Warns of Rise in Homophobic Attacks
20 May. '13 Saakashvili Meets Vanuatu's PM, Thanks for Revoking Abkhaz Recognition
20 May. '13 Three New MPs Join Parliament
20 May. '13 EU ‘Dismayed’ over Homophobic Violence in Tbilisi
20 May. '13 Saakashvili at Water Security Summit in Thailand
19 May. '13 PM Hails Police Actions During May 17 Violence
19 May. '13 Interior Ministry Marks Police Day
19 May. '13 Amendments to Law on Broadcasting Passed with First Reading
18 May. '13 EaP, Visegrad Group FMs Discuss Upcoming Vilnius Summit
18 May. '13 Dutch FM 'Shocked' Over Violence Against LGBT Activists in Tbilisi
18 May. '13 Bill Partially Decriminalizing Illegal Entry in Breakaway Regions Passed with First Reading
18 May. '13 Violence Against Anti-Homophobia Rally
17 May. '13 Saakashvili: 'Govt Should Not Allow Violence'
17 May. '13 Patriarch Calls for Calm After Orthodox Groups Thwart Gay Rights Rally
17 May. '13 Police Criticized for Failure to Prevent Violence
17 May. '13 Ivanishvili Condemns Violence
17 May. '13 Healthcare Minister: 28 People Injured in Violence
17 May. '13 Hammarberg Appeals to Georgian Church Leader to Intervene to Stop Violence
17 May. '13 Violence Prevails in Aftermath of Thwarted Gay Rights Rally
17 May. '13 Chaotic Scenes as Orthodox Groups Thwart Gay Rights Rally
17 May. '13 Planned Gay Rights Rally Faces Large Counter Demonstration
16 May. '13 MoD: Alasania, Hagel Hold Phone Conversation
16 May. '13 Georgian Church Calls for Gay Rights Rally Ban
16 May. '13 Bodies of Three Georgian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Flown Home
15 May. '13 Russia's Defense Minister Visits Russian Military Base in Abkhazia
15 May. '13 Court Orders Release of Ex-Deputy Interior Minister on Bail
15 May. '13 Saakashvili Visits U.S.
14 May. '13 MoD Releases Details on Georgian Troops Wounded in May 13 Helmand Attack
14 May. '13 Ivanishvili on NATO and Ties with Russia
14 May. '13 PM Comments on Planned Gay Rights Rally
14 May. '13 Prosecutor's Office Sets Up Group to Probe into August War
14 May. '13 Sokhumi Suspends Issuing Abkhaz Passports to Ethnic Georgians
13 May. '13 Three Georgian Troops Killed in Afghanistan
13 May. '13 Tata Power, Clean Energy Invest and IFC Team Up for Georgia Hydro Projects
13 May. '13 Ex-Foreign Minister Zourabichvili Says 'Thinking' over Running for President
12 May. '13 First Deputy Interior Minister Arrested over Leaked Sex Video
12 May. '13 Saakashvili Comments on GD's Presidential Candidate
12 May. '13 UNM MPs Hospitalized After Restaurant Fistfight
11 May. '13 Margvelashvili Named as GD's Presidential Candidate
11 May. '13 GD Picks Presidential Candidate
11 May. '13 GD Leaders Gather to Pick Presidential Candidate
11 May. '13 Georgian, Turkish Defense Ministers Meet in Istanbul
10 May. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Two Bills
10 May. '13 EU Commissioner Comments on Georgia's European Aspiration
10 May. '13 EBRD Cuts Georgia's Economic Growth Forecast
9 May. '13 Alasania Says to Discuss Cooperation in Defense Industry with Turkey
9 May. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Names His Preferred Presidential Candidates
9 May. '13 C.Bank Cuts Key Rate to 4.25%
8 May. '13 U.S. Ambassador on FBI Director's Visit to Georgia
8 May. '13 No Major Constitutional Reform Planned Before Elections
8 May. '13 FBI Director Visits Georgia
7 May. '13 GD Expected to Name Presidential Candidate Next Week
7 May. '13 PM Criticizes Labor Code Amendments
7 May. '13 Deputy FM in UN for General Assembly's IDP Resolution
7 May. '13 Saakashvili Meets Aliyev in Baku
6 May. '13 Georgian Orthodox Church Calls for Anti-Abortion Law
6 May. '13 Georgian Interior Minister Visits Israel
6 May. '13 PM Calls for Patience to Sort Out Problems 'Little by Little'
5 May. '13 Geostat Reports 1.7% Annual Deflation in April
4 May. '13 Police Investigate Breach of Privacy Rights After Leak of Sex Video
3 May. '13 Deputy PM Slams Labor Code Amendments
3 May. '13 MPs Set for Drawn-Out Debates on Bill to Partially Decriminalize Illegal Entry in Breakaway Regions
2 May. '13 Freedom House: Despite Progress, Media Remains 'Partly Free' in Georgia
2 May. '13 Georgia Confirms Participation in Sochi Olympics
2 May. '13 Romania Accepts Georgia's Neutral Travel Documents
2 May. '13 MPs Discuss Bill on Partial Decriminalization of Illegal Entry into Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
2 May. '13 Agriculture Minister Quits After Arrests
2 May. '13 Kerry Meets Saakashvili in Washington
1 May. '13 Parliament Commission to Probe into GNCC Established
1 May. '13 Police, Demonstrators Scuffle on May Day
1 May. '13 Parliament Confirms Several New Ambassadors
1 May. '13 Parliament Overturns Veto on Judicial Council Bill
1 May. '13 UNM Welcomes PM’s NATO MAP Remarks
1 May. '13 Usupashvili on PM's Remarks: 'More Caution Needed When Commenting on Sensitive Issues'
30 Apr. '13 PM Sets NATO MAP as a Target for Next Year
30 Apr. '13 Q1 GDP Growth Slows to 1.7% - Preliminary Data
29 Apr. '13 Govt Pledges Strong Scrutiny Mechanisms to Prevent Illegal Surveillance
29 Apr. '13 PM Hints on Possible Dismissal of One Minister
29 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili Reiterates Need to Investigate Lopota Gorge Clash
28 Apr. '13 Saakashvili: 'UNM is in Knockdown, Not in Knockout'
28 Apr. '13 GD Candidates Lead in MP By-Elections
27 Apr. '13 Vote Count Underway in MP By-Elections
27 Apr. '13 MP By-Elections Underway in Three Constituencies
27 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili on Probe into Lopota Gorge Clash
27 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Meets Biden
26 Apr. '13 No Army Parade on Independence Day
26 Apr. '13 MP By-Elections in Three Constituencies
25 Apr. '13 President's Objections over Vetoed Judicial Council Bill
25 Apr. '13 GD Undecided on Vetoed Jury Trial-related Bill
25 Apr. '13 Georgia’s Q1 Foreign Trade Down by 5%
24 Apr. '13 Georgian FM Meets U.S. Secretary of State
24 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits U.S.
24 Apr. '13 New Governor of Shida Kartli Region Appointed
24 Apr. '13 Georgian, Romanian PMs Meet in Strasbourg
24 Apr. '13 Georgian FM Visits Brussels
24 Apr. '13 Usupashvili Comments on Presidential Veto of Judicial Council Bill
24 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Some Remarks in Ivanishvili’s PACE Speech
23 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Jury Trial-Related Bill
23 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Judicial Council Bill
23 Apr. '13 PM Ivanishvili Addresses PACE
23 Apr. '13 New Chief of President’s Administration Appointed
23 Apr. '13 Georgian, Russian Diplomats 'Note Progress in Dialogue on Trade'
22 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili: 'Saakashvili Tries to Block Judicial Council Bill'
22 Apr. '13 PM 'Scolds' GD MP for Confronting Healthcare Minister
22 Apr. '13 NDI Poll: GD Maintains Strong Support
22 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili Visits Strasbourg to Address PACE
21 Apr. '13 In YouTube Video Justice Ministry Tells Orthodox Groups New ID Card 'Not a Seal of Antichrist'
21 Apr. '13 U.S. Human Rights Report on Georgia
20 Apr. '13 Labor Code Amendments Passed with First Reading
20 Apr. '13 Bill Setting Shorter Deadlines for Constitutional Court Hearings Passed
19 Apr. '13 UNM Rallies, Claims 'Renewal'
19 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Addresses UNM Rally
19 Apr. '13 Merabishvili Addresses UNM Rally
19 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Arrives at UNM Rally
19 Apr. '13 UNM Holds Rally in Tbilisi Center
19 Apr. '13 Police Drop Plans to Close Traffic in Tbilisi Center From Noon
19 Apr. '13 UNM Gearing Up for Outdoor Rally
18 Apr. '13 Bill Sets Shorter Deadlines for Constitutional Court Hearings
18 Apr. '13 Georgian FM Visits Canada
18 Apr. '13 Declassified President-Related Spending Records Released
17 Apr. '13 Parliament Confirms Shift to Concurrent Sentencing
17 Apr. '13 Merabishvili: Attempts are Underway to Discredit UNM Leadership
17 Apr. '13 Former UNM MP Attacks Merabishvili
16 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Denies UNM Infighting
16 Apr. '13 UNM Hit by Controversy Ahead of Rally
16 Apr. '13 Georgia's New Ambassador to U.S. Takes Office
16 Apr. '13 Parliament Speaker Visits Czech Republic
15 Apr. '13 Business Groups Warn Against Some Provisions of Planned Labor Code Amendments
15 Apr. '13 NDI-Commissioned Public Opinion Survey
15 Apr. '13 Ex-Head of Public TV Wins His Job Back
15 Apr. '13 PM in Germany for GMF Informal Forum
13 Apr. '13 Georgian, U.S. Officials Discuss Democratic Reforms
12 Apr. '13 PM: 'We Should Establish Truth' over August War
12 Apr. '13 Kutaisi Sakrebulo Sacks City Mayor
12 Apr. '13 Russia Allows Borjomi Mineral Water Back on its Market
12 Apr. '13 Georgian FM Visits Armenia
11 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili's August War Remarks
11 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits Poland
11 Apr. '13 Lavrov Hails Georgian Govt's 'Pragmatism'
11 Apr. '13 PayPal Launches Service in Georgia
11 Apr. '13 Woman Arrested on Child Pornography Charge
10 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili on August War Probe
10 Apr. '13 Top U.S. Military Commander in Europe Visits Georgia
10 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili on Georgian Orthodox Church
10 Apr. '13 PM: GD Expected to Announce Presidential Candidate in May
10 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili: 'No Plans to Reshuffle Cabinet'
9 Apr. '13 U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Visits Georgia
9 Apr. '13 Georgian, Turkish Presidents Meet in Ankara
9 Apr. '13 Czech Foreign Minister Visits Georgia
8 Apr. '13 Parliament Called Not to Hurry with Sakrebulo By-Election Bill
8 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Suffers 'Triple Shoulder Fracture' After Bicycle Accident
8 Apr. '13 Turkish Press: Saakashvili Breaks Arm in Bicycle Accident in Turkey
8 Apr. '13 Slovakia's FM Visits Georgia
8 Apr. '13 PACE Monitors Visit Georgia
7 Apr. '13 Georgian Parliament Speaker to Visit Poland
6 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits Turkey
5 Apr. '13 Jury Trial-Related Bill Confirmed
5 Apr. '13 Term of Compulsory Military Service to be Decreased
5 Apr. '13 Parliament Confirms Judicial Council Bill
5 Apr. '13 Georgian Minister of Defense Visits Hungary
4 Apr. '13 Govt Plans Tripling Mineral Water Extraction Fee
4 Apr. '13 Bill on Judicial Council Passed with Second Reading
4 Apr. '13 Interior Ministry, GYLA in Row over Batumi Incident
3 Apr. '13 Amendment to Election Code Passed with First Reading
3 Apr. '13 MPs Discuss Further Revised Bill on Judicial Council
3 Apr. '13 Geostat Reports 2.1% Annual Deflation in March
3 Apr. '13 Georgian FM Visits Brazil
2 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Parts of Govt's Planned Deal with Turkey on Cultural Heritage
2 Apr. '13 U.S.-Funded Maritime Fusion Center Planned
2 Apr. '13 Merabishvili: 'Political Situation will Drastically Change'
1 Apr. '13 Public Defender Calls on MPs to Probe into Lopota Armed Clash
1 Apr. '13 Moscow Slams Tbilisi's Reaction to Black Sea Drills
1 Apr. '13 Ex-Head of Public TV's Newsroom Becomes Senior Tbilisi Municipality Official
31 Mar. '13 Georgian Church Against Ratification of European Charter on Minority Languages
30 Mar. '13 NATO Deputy Secretary General Comments on Georgia's Euro-Atlantic Integration
30 Mar. '13 Tbilisi Concerned Over Russia’s Black Sea Military Drills
29 Mar. '13 Power Struggle Within Tbilisi City Council
29 Mar. '13 Abkhaz Leader Meets Georgian, Russian Top Orthodox Clerics
28 Mar. '13 Azerbaijani, Georgian, Turkish FMs Pledge Closer Ties
28 Mar. '13 Joint Communique of Azerbaijani, Georgian, Turkish FMs
28 Mar. '13 GD to Further Revise Judicial Council Reform Plan
28 Mar. '13 Twenty Third Round of Geneva Talks
27 Mar. '13 C.Bank Cuts Key Rate to 4.5%
27 Mar. '13 New CEO of Georgian Railway Appointed
27 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Goes into Force
27 Mar. '13 GD, UNM in Talks Over Judicial Council Bill
27 Mar. '13 GD, UNM Name Candidates for MP By-Elections
27 Mar. '13 Turkish Foreign Minister Visits Georgia
26 Mar. '13 President Makes Several Ambassadorial Nominations
26 Mar. '13 PM Ivanishvili to Address PACE
26 Mar. '13 Int'l Reactions to Georgia's Constitutional Amendment
26 Mar. '13 Swiss Ambassador Weighs in on Ivanishvili, EPP 'War of Letters'
25 Mar. '13 OSCE-Commissioned Review of Amendments to Law on Broadcasting
25 Mar. '13 Package of Bills on Environment, Energy Ministries Passed
25 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Passed with Final Reading
25 Mar. '13 MPs to Discuss Bill on Judicial Council Next Week
25 Mar. '13 Geostat Releases Jan-Feb Foreign Trade Data
25 Mar. '13 Strong Wind Damages Roofs, Causes Power Cuts
24 Mar. '13 President, Parliament at Odds over Judicial Council Bill
23 Mar. '13 Georgia Rotates Troops in Afghanistan
23 Mar. '13 MPs Endorse Revised Bill on Reforming Judicial Council
22 Mar. '13 Russia Criticizes Joint U.S.-Georgian Drills
22 Mar. '13 MPs Pass Constitutional Amendment with Second Reading
22 Mar. '13 UNM MP Criticizes Remarks by Saakashvili, Ivanishvili
22 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Parliamentary Vote on Constitutional Changes
22 Mar. '13 U.S. Embassy Hails Parliament Vote on Constitutional Changes
22 Mar. '13 Defense Minister Speaks of Priorities at Parliamentary Hearing
21 Mar. '13 Saakashvili: Parliamentary Vote on Constitutional Changes Showed UNM is 'Combat Capable'
21 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Passed Unanimously
21 Mar. '13 MPs Discuss Constitutional Changes on Presidential Powers
21 Mar. '13 U.S. Ambassador Meets Georgian Lawmakers
21 Mar. '13 Alasania: Georgia Offers to Send De-Miner to EU's Mali Mission
21 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Says UNM’s Proposal on Test Vote 'Not Right'
20 Mar. '13 EU's Progress Report on Georgia
20 Mar. '13 State Minister for Reintegration Speaks of Priorities
20 Mar. '13 Usupashvili Responds to UNM’s Proposal on Non-Binding Vote
20 Mar. '13 UNM Lays Out Position on Constitutional Amendment
19 Mar. '13 Azerbaijani, Georgian, Turkish FMs to Meet in Batumi
19 Mar. '13 Parliamentary Session to Start Discussing Constitutional Amendments on March 21
19 Mar. '13 MPs Discuss Revised Plan on Reforming Judicial Council
19 Mar. '13 Alasania: Georgia Plans EU Mali Mission Contribution
18 Mar. '13 Interior Minister Grilled by UNM MPs
18 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili for Confronting EPP
18 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Signs Appointing Nine New Ambassadors
18 Mar. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Visits Azerbaijan
18 Mar. '13 Georgian FM to Visit Baku
17 Mar. '13 MPs Discuss Amendments to Law on Broadcasting
16 Mar. '13 Minister Discusses Proposal on Commission to Study Miscarriages of Justice with Judges
16 Mar. '13 Parliament Speaker Meets U.S. Lawmakers
16 Mar. '13 FM Says President Drags Out Appointing New Ambassadors
15 Mar. '13 Over 8,300 Inmates Freed in Mass Amnesty
15 Mar. '13 Court Orders to Suspend Selecting New Head of Public TV
15 Mar. '13 Judiciary, Govt Discuss Amending HCoJ Reform Plan
14 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili for 'Gossiping' on Private Matters
14 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Addresses EPP in Open Letter
14 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili: 'We Take Cautious Approach to Abkhaz Railway'
13 Mar. '13 Ex-Head of Public TV Takes Firing to Court
13 Mar. '13 Controversial Decision Against Agrarian University Stirs Allegations of Political Meddling in Academics
12 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili: MEPs' Letter is 'Shameful'
12 Mar. '13 Putin Meets Abkhaz Leader
12 Mar. '13 Head of Russian Orthodox Church Meets Abkhaz Leader
12 Mar. '13 Britain's Top Diplomat Visits Georgia
12 Mar. '13 Usupashvili Meets U.S. Department of State Officials
12 Mar. '13 Parliament Speaker Responds to MEPs' Letter to PM
11 Mar. '13 Venice Commission's Recommendations on Judicial Council Reform
11 Mar. '13 Abkhaz Leader Visits Moscow
11 Mar. '13 Geostat: Preliminary FDI for 2012 USD 865.2 mln
10 Mar. '13 Parliament Speaker Visits U.S.
9 Mar. '13 MoD Alleges Army Resources were Misused for UNM Campaign
8 Mar. '13 State Minister for Reintegration Says President Drags Out Renaming of Ministry
8 Mar. '13 Parliament to Probe into GNCC
8 Mar. '13 MPs Vote Down President-Proposed Fiscal Amnesty
8 Mar. '13 Parliament Moves to Change Rule of Consecutive Sentencing
7 Mar. '13 Parliament Adopts Bipartisan Resolution on Foreign Policy
7 Mar. '13 Saakashvili in Athens for EPP Meeting
7 Mar. '13 Govt Hires Brussels-Based Lobbying, PR Consultancy Firm
7 Mar. '13 Georgian Defense Minister Visits Armenia
6 Mar. '13 36 Georgian Winemakers Close to Resuming Export to Russia
6 Mar. '13 PM Meets Supreme Court Chairman
6 Mar. '13 Bill, Lifting Courtroom Media Restrictions, Approved
6 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Against Scrapping Directly Elected President
5 Mar. '13 Akhalaia Refuses Trial by Jury
5 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Plan Joint Statement on Euro-Atlantic Commitment
5 Mar. '13 Govt Hires Patton Boggs for U.S. Lobbying
5 Mar. '13 Forbes Estimates Ivanishvili's Wealth at USD 5.3 bln
5 Mar. '13 New Head of Public TV Sacked
4 Mar. '13 PM Apologizes for Saakashvili’s 'Irresponsible' Remarks
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Meeting Highlights Differences
4 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Meeting with Saakashvili
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Meeting with Ivanishvili
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Meets Ivanishvili
4 Mar. '13 2.1% Annual Deflation in February
3 Mar. '13 Bill Offers to Move Intelligence Service from President to Govt
3 Mar. '13 PM's Office: Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Meeting Set for Monday Afternoon
2 Mar. '13 Akhalaia Remanded in Pretrial Detention
2 Mar. '13 Russian MFA Comments on Meeting Between Georgian, Russian Diplomats
1 Mar. '13 Georgian, Russian Diplomats Meet in Prague
1 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili May Meet on Monday
1 Mar. '13 Alasania Slams Saakashvili for 'Anti-State Remarks'
1 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of 'Threat' Facing Azerbaijan and Georgia
28 Feb. '13 Georgia's Prison Population More Than Halved
28 Feb. '13 Georgia's January Preliminary GDP Up 2.3%
27 Feb. '13 Russia's RosPotrebNadzor Inspects Georgian Winemakers
27 Feb. '13 Saakashvili 'Regrets' Remarks over Banks
27 Feb. '13 Justice Minister Visits NATO HQ
27 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Visits Azerbaijan
27 Feb. '13 U.S. Urges Govt, President to Reach a Solution
27 Feb. '13 TBC Bank, Liberty Bank Deny Stake Sale to Russian Banks
26 Feb. '13 Saakashvili: GD-Proposed Constitutional Amendment 'Not an Issue at All'
26 Feb. '13 U.S. Ambassador Meets Georgian Orthodox Church Leader
26 Feb. '13 Row over SSPS Reemerges Between Govt, President
26 Feb. '13 Prosecutors to Appeal Court Ruling on Ugulava's Pretrial Measures
26 Feb. '13 MPs to Vote on Constitutional Changes in end-March
25 Feb. '13 Lavrov: Georgia's New Govt 'Acts Pragmatically'
25 Feb. '13 Court Declines Prosecutors’ Motions Against Ugulava
25 Feb. '13 EU Hands Over Visa Liberalisation Action Plan to Georgia
25 Feb. '13 Ugulava: Prosecutors' Motion 'Absurd'
24 Feb. '13 Prosecutors Ask Court to Suspend Tbilisi Mayor from Office
24 Feb. '13 EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Visits Georgia
23 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Charged Without Being Arrested
22 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Ugulava Denies Charges
22 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Ugulava Faces Criminal Charges
22 Feb. '13 Georgia Reiterates Post-2014 Afghan Contribution
22 Feb. '13 Govt Lays Out Local Self-Governance System Reform Plan
21 Feb. '13 Uncertainty Remains over Saakashvili's Annual Address in Parliament
21 Feb. '13 Moscow Court Sanctions Arrest of Georgian MP
21 Feb. '13 UNM Plans Outdoor Rally in Tbilisi in April
20 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Failed Talks with GD
20 Feb. '13 Parliament Confirms Nine New Ambassadors
20 Feb. '13 OSCE Monitors Trials of Ex-Officials in Georgia
20 Feb. '13 GD, UNM Talks Fail to Produce Accord
19 Feb. '13 Foreign Minister Grilled by UNM MPs
19 Feb. '13 Defense Minister Visits NATO HQ
18 Feb. '13 Ivanishvili Vows to Cooperate Closely with Civil Society Groups
18 Feb. '13 Geostat Releases January Foreign Trade Preliminary Data
17 Feb. '13 Head of UNDP Visits Georgia
17 Feb. '13 Georgian FM Comments on U.S. Lawmakers' Letter to Kerry
16 Feb. '13 Ivanishvili Addresses Congress of His GDDG Party
16 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Arrives at Police Station for Questioning
16 Feb. '13 GD, UNM Signal Potential for Progress in Talks
15 Feb. '13 Court Authorizes Police to Bring Tbilisi Mayor before Investigators for Questioning
15 Feb. '13 UNM Says its 'Constructive' Proposal Should Help Defuse Political Tensions
15 Feb. '13 Date Set for MP By-Elections
15 Feb. '13 GD Leaders Say UNM Offers to Cut Significantly Presidential Powers
15 Feb. '13 Georgian, Turkish PMs Vow to Further Boost Bilateral Ties
14 Feb. '13 Central Bank Cuts Key Rate to 4.75%
14 Feb. '13 Russia Files Criminal Charges Against Georgian MP
14 Feb. '13 Police Seek Court Permission to Force Tbilisi Mayor to Appear for Questioning
14 Feb. '13 PM Ivanishvili Visits Turkey
13 Feb. '13 Two MPs Brawl During Live TV Debate
13 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Tells EaP Meeting Participants Why He's Against of Reopening Abkhaz Railway
13 Feb. '13 Usupashvili, Bakradze Cautiously Optimistic Over Ongoing Talks
13 Feb. '13 President, PM Speak of Tbilisi's Expectations from EU Eastern Partnership Summit
12 Feb. '13 Prosecutors Summon Merabishvili and Ex-Healthcare Minister for Questioning
12 Feb. '13 Changes Planned in Govt's Structure
11 Feb. '13 After Talks Saakashvili, Usupashvili Argue, But Say Dialogue will Continue
11 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Meets Usupashvili
11 Feb. '13 GD Unveils Draft of Agreement on Foreign Policy Priorities
11 Feb. '13 Parliamentary Speaker Usupashvili to Meet Saakashvili
11 Feb. '13 Police Warn Tbilisi Mayor over Questioning
11 Feb. '13 Ivanishvili Offers Four-Point Proposal
10 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Offers to Meet Ivanishvili
10 Feb. '13 PM Ivanishvili Responds to President's Address
10 Feb. '13 EU Concerned over Political Tensions in Georgia
9 Feb. '13 Two Men, Arrested over Violence at National Library, Fined and Released
9 Feb. '13 Three Men Arrested over Scuffles at National Library
9 Feb. '13 President's Address Marred by Scuffles
8 Feb. '13 Präsident Saakashvili hält seine Ansprache an die Nation in der Gegenwart ausländischer Diplomaten im Präsidentenpalast ab
8 Feb. '13 Protestierende sammeln sich vor dem Präsidentenpalast
8 Feb. '13 Protestierende vor Nationalbibliothek lösen sich auf
8 Feb. '13 Chaotische Szenen vor der Nationalbibliothek verspäten die Ansprache des Presidenten
... Polizeikräfte sind vor Ort, aber sie scheitern dabei, den Zwischenfall zu verhindern ...
8 Feb. '13 Protesterierende versammeln sich vor der Nationalbibliothek vor Präsidentenansprache
... Präsidentsprecherin Manana Manjgaladze sagte, dass trotz der  “geplanten Provokationen, welche die Ansprache des Präsidenten durchkreuzen sollen, die Ansprache nicht abgesagt werden würde. Sie beschuldigte Premierminister Bidzina Ivanishvili, hinter den Protesten bei der Nationalbibliothek zu stehen. ...
8 Feb. '13 President Offers Bill on Amnesty for Economic Crimes
7 Feb. '13 Präsident Saakashvili wird jährliche Ansprache an die Nation von der  Nationalbibliothek aus abhalten
7 Feb. '13 Regierung will illegale Grenzübertritte nach Abchasien und Südossetien dekriminalisieren
7 Feb. '13 Präsident Saakashvili's jährliche Ansprache im Parlament aufgeschoben
6 Feb. '13 MPs Debate on Presidential Powers
6 Feb. '13PM Hails Plans to Have 'Fully Professional Army by 2016'
6 Feb. '13Abgeordneter verlässt UNM
6 Feb. '13Nine Ambassadorial Nominations Made
6 Feb. '13Georgian, Russian Diplomats to Meet on March 1
5 Feb. '13MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority
5 Feb. '13PM Rules Out Trade-Off on Constitutional Changes with UNM
5 Feb. '13PM Says Gas Tariffs to be Reduced by 10%
5 Feb. '13Education Minister to Become Deputy PM
5 Feb. '13PM Ivanishvili to Visit Turkey
4 Feb. '13After Talks in Moscow Officials Hopeful Over Reentry of Georgian Products to Russia
4 Feb. '13UNM Sets Conditions for its Support to GD's Constitutional Changes
4 Feb. '13U.S. Ambassador Comments on Political Developments
4 Feb. '13Annual Inflation Remains Below Zero
3 Feb. '13Georgian FM Speaks on Ties with Moscow at Munich Security Conference
3 Feb. '13Georgia in TI's Defense Corruption Index
3 Feb. '13Investigators Question Ugulava in His Office
2 Feb. '13Merabishvili Speaks of UNM's Plans
2 Feb. '13Investigators Summon Tbilisi Mayor for Questioning
1 Feb. '13Georgian FM at Munich Security Conference
1 Feb. '13Saakashvili to Deliver Annual Address in Parliament on Feb.8
1 Feb. '13Tbilisi Mayor's Office Accused of Misspending GEL 5.2 mln
1 Feb. '13Human Rights Watch to Georgia's Govt: Make Rights a Priority
31 Jan. '13Russian MFA Comments on Talks with Georgia
31 Jan. '13Venice Commission President Sums Up Georgia Visit
31 Jan. '13UNM Offers to Make Pro-Western Course Constitutionally Guaranteed
31 Jan. '13Deputy Defense Minister, Deputy Chief of Army Staff Visit Israel
31 Jan. '13Ex-Defense Minister Kezerashvili Accused of Corruption
30 Jan. '13GD Offers 'Inter-Faction Agreement' on Foreign Policy
30 Jan. '13Geostat Releases Preliminary Data on 2012 GDP
30 Jan. '13UNM Wants to Make Pro-Western Course Legally Binding for Govt
30 Jan. '13MoD: 'No Intention to Abolish Military Industrial Enterprise'
29 Jan. '13Georgian MFA: No Talks over CIS
29 Jan. '13Head of Adjara's Revenue Service Arrested
29 Jan. '13Saakashvili Says Army Conscription System Should be Changed, not Abandoned
29 Jan. '13Georgian, Polish FMs Meet in Warsaw
27 Jan. '13Armenian Church in Georgia 'Condemns' Saakashvili’s Statement on Chakhalyan
27 Jan. '13Ex-Governor Released on GEL 200,000 Bail
26 Jan. '13State Audit Office Reports on UNM's Violation of Campaign Funding Rules
26 Jan. '13Ivanishvili Comments on Ties with Russia, Brief Chat with Medvedev
25 Jan. '13Saakashvili Condemns Chakhalyan's Release
25 Jan. '13Georgia's Foreign Trade in 2012
25 Jan. '13Ex-Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region Arrested
25 Jan. '13Three Georgian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
24 Jan. '13FM: Ivanishvili, Medvedev had a Brief Chat in Davos
24 Jan. '13Ivanishvili's Meetings in Davos
24 Jan. '13PM Comments on Deputy FM's Resignation
24 Jan. '13PM Speaks of Reasons Behind Demoting Alasania
23 Jan. '13Georgian Church Leader Meets Putin
23 Jan. '13PM Ivanishvili in Davos for World Economic Forum
23 Jan. '13Alasania Comments on Losing First Deputy PM's Post
23 Jan. '13PM Ivanishvili Demotes Alasania
23 Jan. '13Ex-Deputy FM Speaks of Reasons Behind Resignation
22 Jan. '13FM: 'Change of Foreign Policy Course Ruled Out'
22 Jan. '13Deputy Foreign Minister Resigns
22 Jan. '13In PACE Speech Saakashvili Slams Govt
21 Jan. '13Debate on Presidential Election System Looms
21 Jan. '13Azerbaijan's Pasha Bank Enters Georgia
21 Jan. '13GEL 100 mln Compensation for Last Year's Kakheti Hailstorm
21 Jan. '13Georgian Church Leader to Meet Putin in Moscow
20 Jan. '13Protesters Call for Saakashvili's Resignation
20 Jan. '13Ex-Justice Minister and Five Others Charged over 'Plot Against Cartu Bank'
20 Jan. '13Abkhaz Leader Comments on Railway
19 Jan. '13Electricity Regulatory Commission Head Charged with Exceeding Powers
18 Jan. '13 UNM Slams Ivanishvili for Naming Armenia as Model for Ties with Russia, NATO
18 Jan. '13 Proposal to Apply Jury Trials to Ex-Officials' Cases Confirmed
18 Jan. '13 Parliament Confirms Changes in SSPS
18 Jan. '13 Premierminister Ivanishvili spricht über die Beziehungen mit der NATO und Russland
... “We have stated about our priorities for multiple times – that’s Europe and Euro-Atlantic alliance; we will unwaveringly follow this path,” he said.
“But in parallel to it a question arises: is it possible to combine restoration of friendly relations with Russia and at the same time to have good relations with NATO and to aspire towards NATO and to have good relations with the United States and NATO-member states? I think that here Armenia is a good example; Armenia gives a good example for Georgia and it can be a source of envy in positive sense,” he said. ...
18 Jan. '13 GD MP Skeptical over Saakashvili's Tax Amnesty Proposal
17 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Plans Three New Bills
17 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Against Reopening Railway via Abkhazia
17 Jan. '13 PM Ivanishvili: 'There are No Problems in Ties with Armenia'
17 Jan. '13 PM Ivanishvili Visits Armenia
16 Jan. '13 Proposal to Apply Jury Trial to Ex-Officials’ Cases Passed with First Reading
16 Jan. '13 Freedom House: Georgia 'Partly Free', But Back in 'Electoral Democracy' Category
16 Jan. '13 Russia Welcomes Release of its Citizens in Georgia as Part of Amnesty
16 Jan. '13 MPs Discuss Proposal to Apply Jury Trial to Ex-Officials' Cases
15 Jan. '13 Public Defender Criticizes Release of 'Gay Honey Trap' Videos
15 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Dismisses Ambassadors FM Wanted to be Replaced
15 Jan. '13 Prosecutor's Office Reports of Military Police Gay 'Honey Traps'
14 Jan. '13 President Releases List of Ambassadors FM Wants to be Replaced
14 Jan. '13 Ivanishvili und Saakashvili bei einem Empfang im Georg. Patriarchat
14 Jan. '13 Georgian FM Visits Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic
13 Jan. '13 Political Prisoners Released as Amnesty Goes into Force
12 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Slams Proposed Constitutional Amendments
12 Jan. '13 President Appoints Two New Governors
12 Jan. '13 Parliamentsspecher unterzeichnet Amnestie-Gesetz
11 Jan. '13 Court Releases Ex-Defense Minister Okruashvili
11 Jan. '13 Georgia Asks Interpol to Issue 'Red Notice' for Ex-Justice Minister Adeishvili
11 Jan. '13 Putin gratuliert georg.-orth. Patriarch Ilia II. zum 80.Geburtstag
11 Jan. '13 80.Geburtstags des georg.-orth. Patriarch Ilia II.: 0rthodoxer ökomenischer Patriarch Bartholomew I. von Konstantinopel besucht Georgien
Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I visits Tbilisi on the occasion of 80th birthday of the Georgian Orthodox Church leader, Patriarch Ilia II, and of 35th anniversary of the Georgian Patriarch's enthronement. Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej and interim leader of Bulgarian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Cyril of Varna and Veliki Preslav are also in Georgia. President Saakashvili received leaders of Orthodox Churches on January 10. He said that Patriarch Ilia II's jubilee was a "celebration" for whole Georgia. Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili was also present whom President Saakashvili thanked for "his contribution to organize all these events with all of us."
Patriarch Bartholomew I is expected to meet PM Bidzina Ivanishvili on January 11, according to the Georgian Patriarchate. Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople is viewed as spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, but he has no jurisdiction over other autocephalous (independent) Orthodox Churches, including the one in Georgian.
10 Jan. '13 Interior Ministry to Saakashvili: 'Refrain from Discrediting Police'
10 Jan. '13 President Appoints New Governor of Samegrelo
9 Jan. '13 State Audit Agency Probes UNM's Campaign Funding
9 Jan. '13 Abkhaz Leader Vetoes Budget
9 Jan. '13 Govt Wants to Apply Jury Trial to Ex-Officials' Cases
8 Jan. '13 Govt Suspends Deal with TAV on Tbilisi Airport Runway
8 Jan. '13 Several Charges Dropped Against Ex-Defense Minister Okruashvili
7 Jan. '13 Alasania: Georgia Plans Fully Professional Army in Four Years
7 Jan. '13 93 Georgian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan in 2010-2012
7 Jan. '13 Saakashvili: Georgia Should Stop 'Rendezvous with Past'
6 Jan. '13 Court Orders Pretrial Detention for Ex-Justice Minister In Absentia
6 Jan. '13 Prosecutors Want Pretrial Detention for Ex-Justice Minister
5 Jan. '13 Ivanishvili: Georgia Should Remain Committed to ISAF
5 Jan. '13 President to Replace Several Ambassadors
4 Jan. '13 FM Speaks of Need to Replace Several Ambassadors
4 Jan. '13 Georgia's End-Sept Gross External Debt USD 13bln
3 Jan. '13 Saakashvili to Address PACE
3 Jan. '13 MoD: Alasania, Panetta Discuss Cooperation in ISAF Mission
3 Jan. '13 1.4% Deflation in December
2 Jan. '13 Georgian Orthodox Church Leader to Visit Moscow
1 Jan. '13 Premierminister Ivanishvili's Neujahrsansprache
1 Jan. '13 Präsident Saakashvili Neujahrsansprache