Giorgi Margvelashvili-President of Georgia

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Stand 18.01.2014:
13 Jan. '14 PACE Monitors Visit Georgia
9 Jan. '14 President 'Regrets' over Incident outside Patriarchate
9 Jan. '14 Georgian President to Visit Turkey
1 Jan. '14 Georgia's New Leaders Deliver New Year Addresses
27 Dec. '13 Usupashvili Comments on Allegations Against Chief Prosecutor
20 Dec. '13 Politicians' Ratings in NDI-Commissioned Poll
19 Dec. '13 Georgian PM Hails Putin's 'Readiness to Improve' Ties
11 Dec. '13 Seven New Ambassadors Appointed
6 Dec. '13 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Sums Up Georgia Visit
6 Dec. '13 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Visits Georgia
4 Dec. '13 Margvelashvili on Russia and Georgia's EU Integration
29 Nov. '13 Georgia 'Aims at Being Leader in EU Integration'
29 Nov. '13 Georgian, French Presidents Meet in Vilnius
28 Nov. '13 Georgia, EU Initial Association Agreement
25 Nov. '13 French External Trade Minister Visits Georgia
25 Nov. '13 Seven New Ambassadorial Nominations Made
24 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili: 'I Quit Politics, But Remain Active Citizen'
22 Nov. '13 Georgian, Turkish Presidents Hold Phone Conversation
22 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili: Georgia Sticks with its 'Ambitious Plan' to Sign AA with EU Next Year
22 Nov. '13 New Army Chief of Staff Appointed
21 Nov. '13 Georgian, Russian Diplomats Meet in Prague
21 Nov. '13 New Secretary of NSC Appointed
21 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Appoints Foreign Policy Adviser
20 Nov. '13 New PM Wins Confidence Vote
18 Nov. '13 PM-Designate Names Cabinet, No Changes
18 Nov. '13 Parliamentary Hearings over PM-Designate Planned This Week
17 Nov. '13 New President Takes Office with Diminished Powers
17 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Signs His First Presidential Decree
17 Nov. '13 President Margvelashvili's Inauguration Speech
17 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Sworn-in as New President

17 Nov. '13 Obama Congratulates Georgia's Incoming President
16 Nov. '13 Foreign Dignitaries Arriving for Presidential Inauguration
15 Nov. '13 Saakashvili, UNM Snub Presidential Inauguration
14 Nov. '13 Russian Deputy FM Hails Georgian President-Elect's Remarks
12 Nov. '13 Presidential Election's Final Vote Tally Approved
11 Nov. '13 Garibashvili Visits France
11 Nov. '13 President-Elect Speaks of Ties with Russia
9 Nov. '13 New Interior Minister Named
6 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Presidential Inauguration
5 Nov. '13 Govt Plans 'Modest' Presidential Inauguration
4 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Offers to Give Glass-Domed Presidential Palace to Planned University
2 Nov. '13 In Quotes: Politicians Comment on Garibashvili's Nomination as PM
2 Nov. '13 Garibashvili Named as Next PM
1 Nov. '13 Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto
1 Nov. '13 U.S. Ambassador Meets UNM's Bakradze
1 Nov. '13 MP Imerlishvili to Become New Chief of NSC
31 Oct. '13 Israeli PM, Georgian President-Elect Discuss Bilateral Ties
30 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Bill Setting 3-Year Trial Period for Judges
30 Oct. '13 Russian Patriarch Congratulates Margvelashvili on Election
29 Oct. '13 Outgoing PM Plans to Name Successor This Week
29 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Names Chief of his Administration
28 Oct. '13 NATO Secretary General Praises Georgia's Presidential Election
28 Oct. '13 EU Officials Congratulate Margvelashvili
28 Oct. '13 Lithuanian President Congratulates Margvelashvili on Election Victory
28 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Set for Outright Victory
28 Oct. '13 Photos: Presidential Election
28 Oct. '13 Vote Results Among Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
28 Oct. '13 Vote Count Underway
27 Oct. '13 Saakashvili's Post-Election Speech
27 Oct. '13 GD Leaders Address Jubilant Supporters

27 Oct. '13 UNM's Bakradze Congratulates GD's Margvelashvili
27 Oct. '13 Exit Polls Give Margvelashvili Outright Victory
27 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Expects High Voter Turnout
27 Oct. '13 Polls Open in Presidential Vote
26 Oct. '13 Rumors Swirl Over Ivanishvili's Potential Pick for Next PM
26 Oct. '13 PM Appeals for High Voter Turnout
25 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Says After his Resignation Situation will Remain 'Absolutely Stable'
25 Oct. '13 PM Says will Name Successor Next Week
23 Oct. '13 Presidential Election Guide
22 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili: 'Rejecting Second Round Means Going on the Offensive'
19 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Reiterates He will Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
18 Oct. '13 Usupashvili Says Margvelashvili's Runoff Remarks Should not be Taken Literally
18 Oct. '13 Public TV Hosts Debates of Some Presidential Candidates
17 Oct. '13 Giorgi Margvelashvili
17 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Says will Withdraw from Race in Case of Runoff
17 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Advises Margvelashvili to Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
15 Oct. '13 Giorgi Chikhladze
15 Oct. '13 Nino Burjanadze
15 Oct. '13 OSCE Election Observers' Interim Report
14 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili: Incoming PM will be Named Week After Presidential Election
14 Oct. '13 Public TV Unveils Set-Up for Presidential Candidates Debates
10 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Congratulates Aliyev on 'Deserved Historic' Victory
10 Oct. '13 Public TV Plans Presidential Candidates Debates
8 Oct. '13 Burjanadze Says She will Win Presidency if Vote is Fair
2 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili: 'We should Win Convincing Election Victory'
1 Oct. '13 MPs Debate on Economy
30 Sep. '13 USD 6 bln Private Equity Fund Launched
28 Sep. '13 Usupashvili Says PM's Pre-Term Resignation will Help Democratic Institutions
26 Sep. '13 Poll: GD's Margvelashvili Leads, Followed by UNM's Bakradze
24 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Comments on 'Borderisation'

23 Sep. '13 CEC Registers 23 Candidates for Presidential Election
12 Sep. '13 Saakashvili: PM's Eurasian Union Remarks 'Break Main Taboo' of Georgian Politics
8 Sep. '13 Dozens Apply to Run for President
6 Sep. '13 Georgian, Latvian PMs Meet in Riga
2 Sep. '13 PM on His Intended Pre-Term Resignation
1 Sep. '13 PM Confident Margvelashvili will Win Presidential Race Without Run-Off
31 Aug. '13 Ex-Head of CEC Joins Presidential Race
30 Aug. '13 Minaret Returned and 'Stored', Not Re-Erected
24 Aug. '13 Burjanadze and Ivanishvili's Parties Spar Over Activists
19 Aug. '13 PM Ivanishvili to Shut Down His TV Channel
16 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendments to Law on High Education
12 Aug. '13 GD Presidential Candidate Launches Campaign
12 Aug. '13 Politicians Criticize CEC Head for Resigning at 'Wrong Time'
8 Aug. '13 In War Anniversary Speech Ivanishvili Reaches Out to Sokhumi, Tskhinvali
3 Aug. '13 GD Presidential Candidate on Govt's 'Foreign Policy Success'
27 Jul. '13 Bakradze Becomes UNM Presidential Candidate
26 Jul. '13 Economy Minister Named as Deputy PM
20 Jul. '13 New Education Minister Takes Office
17 Jul. '13 Amendments to Election Code Planned
15 Jul. '13 NDI Poll Shows GD Far More Popular Than Its Presidential Candidate
15 Jul. '13 Incoming Education Minister Named
14 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Meets GD MPs, Discusses Elections
12 Jul. '13 CDM Leader Runs for President
11 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Pledges ‘Exemplary’ Elections
3 Jul. '13 PM Expects GD's Presidential Candidate to Win Outright in First Round
17 Jun. '13 UNM Announces Primaries to Select Presidential Candidate
13 Jun. '13 Burjanadze Runs for President
27 May. '13 PACE Monitors React to Ex-PM's Arrest
12 May. '13 Saakashvili Comments on GD's Presidential Candidate
11 May. '13 Margvelashvili Named as GD's Presidential Candidate

10 May. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Two Bills
9 May. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Names His Preferred Presidential Candidates
7 May. '13 PM Criticizes Labor Code Amendments
3 May. '13 Deputy PM Slams Labor Code Amendments
29 Apr. '13 PM Hints on Possible Dismissal of One Minister
26 Apr. '13 No Army Parade on Independence Day
13 Mar. '13 Controversial Decision Against Agrarian University Stirs Allegations of Political Meddling in Academics
5 Feb. '13 Education Minister to Become Deputy PM
25 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Confirmed as Prime Minister
16 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili's Incoming Cabinet
28 Aug. '08 Opposition Party Leader, Ex-Speaker and Senior Officials Hold Joint Meetings in U.S.
7 Jul. '08 Burjanadze Launches Foundation
17 Jun. '08 Reports: Burjanadze Plans ‘Democracy Foundation’
2 Nov. '03 Exit Polls Say Opposition Wins in Single-Mandate Constituencies in Tbilisi
16 Oct. '03 The first thirty MP candidates of the Burjanadze-Democrats election list
22 Aug. '03 Burjanadze, Zhvania Offer Radical Changes
24 Apr. '03 "Enough of having the same rector for 11 years!"
23 Apr. '03 Tbilisi State University Elects the Rector Amid Charges of Illegality

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Giorgi Margvelashvili - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
Margvelashvili was named by the Ivanishvili-led Georgian Dream coalition as its presidential ... Giorgi Margvelashvili was born in Tbilisi in the family of Teimuraz ...

Giorgi Margvelashvili - President of Georgia
Giorgi Margvelashvili was elected President of Georgia on 27 October 2013. A former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science in the government of Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, Mr. Margvelashvili is a committed democrat and reformer who revitalised the country’s education system after years of neglect. While he is not affiliated with any political party, he was nominated to be the presidential candidate of the governing Georgian Dream Coalition in May 2013, and was elected with more than 62% of the vote.
Mr. Margvelashvili’s background is in public policy, politics and academia. Before joining the Georgian Dream government after its victory in the October 2012 parliamentary elections, he was a well-known political commentator and served for more than a decade in senior positions at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), a leading Georgian institution of higher education in government, law, international affairs and journalism.

Mr. Margvelashvili graduated from Tbilisi State University in 1992 with a degree in philosophy. He continued his studies at the Central European University in Prague, Czech Republic from 1993 to 1994 and the Institute of Philosophy of the Georgian Academy of Sciences from 1993 to 1996. In 1998, he received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Tbilisi State University.

Mr. Margvelashvili has a life-long interest in mountaineering and in the early 1990s worked as a mountain guide and for adventure travel companies, including Caucasus Travel.
In 1993, he was a junior research fellow at the Psychology Laboratory for Marginal Conditions and the Georgian Culture Research Centre. From 1996 to 1997, he taught philosophy and culture at Tbilisi Independent University. From 1995-2000, he was a local government expert in the Tbilisi office of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the US-based organization focused on strengthening democratic institutions worldwide. For the next twelve years, from 2000 to 2012, Mr. Margvelashvili served in various leadership roles at GIPA, including as Provost from 2000 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2012, and as head of GIPA’s research department from 2006 to 2010.
Mr. Margvelashvili became briefly involved in Georgian politics prior to the November 2003 parliamentary elections, when he joined the opposition bloc led by former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania. During the Saakashvili period, he was an outspoken critic of the government of Mikheil Saakashvili, which he viewed as corrupt and authoritarian. While remaining politically independent, he advised Mr.
Ivanishvili during the Georgian Dream Coalition’s campaign for the October 2012 parliamentary elections.
Following the Coalition’s victory in these elections, Mr. Margvelashvili was appointed Minister of Education and Science by Prime Minister Ivanishvili. As Minister, Mr. Margvelashvili’s initiatives included substantially raising teacher salaries and investing in school renovations and in the provision of free school transportation. In February 2013, he was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister and, in this capacity, worked closely with the Prime Minister, while continuing to fulfill his duties as Minister of Education and Science, until resigning from these positions in order to run for the October 2013 presidential elections.

Personal Life
Mr. Margvelashvili is 44 years old and unmarried, with a 20-year-old daughter, Ana, who is a student at GIPA. His partner, Maka Chichua, is an artist and actress. In his spare time, Mr. Margvelashvili enjoys hiking, tai chi, horseback riding, and spending time with friends at his country house in the Dusheti region.

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Exiting President Reflects on Georgia - - Diese Seite übersetzen
17.11.2013 - Giorgi Margvelashvili was inaugurated as the president of Georgia in Tbilisi on ... Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has raised the possibility that Mr. ... On Sunday, aides to Mr. Saakashvili said that he was on vacation with his family in ... term limits and stepping down on schedule without a fight, a practice ...

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swearing in of Giorgi Margvelashvili on 17 November 2013, the era of the Rose ... tion of Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, who occupied the. Dr. Canan ... Dr. David Aprasidze ..... family doctor became Minister for Health and he elevated.

Giorgi Margvelashvili - 17.10.2013, Civil Georgia
Giorgi Margvelashvili, 44, the ruling Georgian Dream coalition's presidential candidate is a frontrunner in the upcoming election, according to all the recent public opinion polls.
In early 1990s Margvelashvili, who holds doctoral degree in philosophy from the Tbilisi State University, worked as a mountain guide at travel agency, Caucasus Travel; he joined National Democratic Institute's Tbilisi office as a program consultant in 1995 and worked there before becoming a rector of the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in 2000 - the post he held till 2006 and then again in 2010-2012.
He has never been a household name in Georgia, but was a familiar face in political circles.
Margvelashvili first became directly involved in the politics, although briefly at the time, ahead of the November, 2003 parliamentary elections, when Zurab Zhvania and Nino Burjanadze invited him in their party which was called “Burjanadze-Democrats”; in the party-list Margvelashvili was in the top ten candidates of proportional vote in November, 2003.
But after the Rose Revolution, which followed fraudulent November 2003 elections, which also resulted in repeat parliamentary vote, “Burjanadze-Democrats” merged with Mikheil Saakashvili’s United National Movement party and Margvelashvili quit the politics.
In 2008 he joined Nino Burjanadze's "think thank" foundation after the latter quit UNM and also served as her advisor. Burjanadze, who is now Margvelashvili’s one of the competitors in the presidential race, says that Margvelashvili has not enough experience and competence to be a good president.
Margvelashvili was not directly involved in GD's election campaign in 2012 and he is not a member of any political party; he, however, was a frequent commentator on political affairs, supporting Ivanishvili and his coalition. After the October, 2012 parliamentary elections, Ivanishvili invited Margvelashvili in his cabinet as education minister and later promoted him to deputy prime minister's post after demoting from this position defense minister Irakli Alasania. At the time of his nomination as presidential candidate, in public opinion polls Margvelashvili had much lower positive performance rating than many other cabinet ministers. Margvelashvili has been campaigning actively with PM Ivanishvili also appearing by his side during number of campaign meetings, as well as in TV political ads. Margvelashvili is often saying in his campaign speeches that the October 27 will mark the “end of political cohabitation” – meaning the end of a period when, as he says, the presidency and the government will start working hand in hand to tackle challenges.
Margvelashvili’s announcement on October 17 that he will withdraw from the race in case of the runoff raised eyebrows, giving the race a new twist.
His announcement came after PM Ivanishvili said earlier on the same day that in case of Margvelashvili’s failure to win outright in the first round, he would advise him to pull out from the race and not to run in the second round. Although parliament speaker Davit Usupashvili downplayed remarks as “metaphor” which should not be taken literally, Margvelashvili reiterated on October 18 that he is absolutely sure about winning in the first round, but will withdraw from the race in case of the second round.