Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili - 3rd President of Georgia

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Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>


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Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>

Stand 18.01.2014:

13 Jan. '14 New Charges Filed Against Akhalaia
2 Jan. '14 State Ministry for Reintegration Renamed
23 Dec. '13 Chief Prosecutor Embroiled in 'Criminal Record' Allegations
21 Dec. '13 Saakashvili to Lecture at Tufts' Fletcher School
20 Dec. '13 EU Welcomes Planned Renaming of State Ministry for Reintegration
19 Dec. '13 Putin Speaks of Relations with Georgia
19 Dec. '13 Public Defender Calls for Immediate Probe into Merabishvili's Allegations
18 Dec. '13 Prison Minister Denies Merabishvili's Allegations as 'Utterly False'
17 Dec. '13 PM Comments on Merabishvili’s Allegations
17 Dec. '13 Prosecutor's Office Denies Pressuring Merabishvili
17 Dec. '13 Merabishvili Accuses Chief Prosecutor of Threatening Him
13 Dec. '13 New Provincial Governors Appointed
11 Dec. '13 Parliament Adopts Statement on Ukraine
11 Dec. '13 Georgia and Its Diaspora: Building Ties that Bind
7 Dec. '13 Saakashvili Addresses Protesters in Kiev
5 Dec. '13 Court of Appeals Upholds Acquittal of Akhalaia
29 Nov. '13 State Ministry for Reintegration to Be Renamed
28 Nov. '13 Minaret Re-Erected in Chela
22 Nov. '13 New Army Chief of Staff Appointed
21 Nov. '13 New Secretary of NSC Appointed
21 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili's Open Letter
21 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili: 'My Activities will Be Absolutely Transparent'
20 Nov. '13 PM-Designate, UNM MPs Spar in Heated Hearing
18 Nov. '13 MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority Group
18 Nov. '13 Parliamentary Hearings over PM-Designate Planned This Week
17 Nov. '13 New President Takes Office with Diminished Powers
17 Nov. '13 Obama Congratulates Georgia's Incoming President
16 Nov. '13 Ivanishvili's GDDG to Replace Chairman of its Parliamentary Faction
16 Nov. '13 Foreign Dignitaries Arriving for Presidential Inauguration
15 Nov. '13 Saakashvili, UNM Snub Presidential Inauguration

14 Nov. '13 Russian Deputy FM Hails Georgian President-Elect's Remarks
13 Nov. '13 During Debates Finance Minister, UNM MPs Blame Each Other for Economic Slowdown
11 Nov. '13 President-Elect Speaks of Ties with Russia
9 Nov. '13 Govt Tells President: 'Respect National Symbols'
7 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Meets EU's Van Rompuy in Brussels
6 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Presidential Inauguration
6 Nov. '13 Usupashvili Rules Out Politically Motivated Prosecutions
5 Nov. '13 Govt Plans 'Modest' Presidential Inauguration
4 Nov. '13 Margvelashvili Offers to Give Glass-Domed Presidential Palace to Planned University
3 Nov. '13 Saakashvili Pardons Akhalaia
1 Nov. '13 U.S. Ambassador Meets UNM's Bakradze
1 Nov. '13 MP Imerlishvili to Become New Chief of NSC
30 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Bill Setting 3-Year Trial Period for Judges
30 Oct. '13 Saakashvili, Barroso Meet in Brussels
29 Oct. '13 Outgoing PM Plans to Name Successor This Week
28 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Delivers Farewell Presidential Address
28 Oct. '13 Int'l Observers Assess Georgia's Presidential Vote
27 Oct. '13 Saakashvili's Post-Election Speech
27 Oct. '13 Saakashvili: 'It's Ordinary Day for Me, I am not Running in this Election'
27 Oct. '13 Polls Open in Presidential Vote
25 Oct. '13 Saakashvili, Chakhalyan Face Off in Akhalkalaki
25 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of Post-Election 'Ideological Struggle'
24 Oct. '13 MoD 'Concerned and Surprised' by Saakashvili's Remarks on Defensive Fortifications
23 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Says Govt Undermines Tbilisi's Defensive Fortifications
23 Oct. '13 Polish, Swedish FMs Hail Georgia's Progress, Warn Against Selective Justice
23 Oct. '13 Presidential Election Guide
22 Oct. '13 PM: Saakashvili May Face Prosecution, Including into Case Related to Zhvania's Death
21 Oct. '13 Political Party Donations
19 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Reiterates He will Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
19 Oct. '13 Polish and Swedish FMs to Visit Georgia

18 Oct. '13 Usupashvili Expects Relocation of Parliament Back to Tbilisi by Spring
18 Oct. '13 Public TV Hosts Debates of Some Presidential Candidates
17 Oct. '13 Giorgi Margvelashvili
17 Oct. '13 Margvelashvili Says will Withdraw from Race in Case of Runoff
17 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Advises Margvelashvili to Pull Out from Race in Case of Runoff
15 Oct. '13 Nino Burjanadze
15 Oct. '13 Koba Davitashvili
15 Oct. '13 Davit Bakradze
15 Oct. '13 Shalva Natelashvili
11 Oct. '13 Ivanishvili Congratulates Aliyev on 'Convincing Victory'
10 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Congratulates Aliyev on 'Deserved Historic' Victory
10 Oct. '13 Georgian FM Addresses OSCE Permanent Council
9 Oct. '13 Govt Called to Boycott Sochi Olympics
9 Oct. '13 PM, Parliament Speaker Snub NSC as Saakashvili's PR Stunt
9 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Offers NSC Session Over 'Borderisation'
7 Oct. '13 Tbilisi Warns Against 'Excessive Politicization' of Sochi Olympics
5 Oct. '13 Saakashvili Re-Elected as UNM Chairman
3 Oct. '13 Initial Draft of 2014 State Budget
3 Oct. '13 Interior Ministry Says 'Jihad Threat' Video Case Solved
2 Oct. '13 PM Scolds Journalists in Lengthy Televised Meeting
1 Oct. '13 EU Political and Security Committee on Georgia Visit
30 Sep. '13 PM Slams Saakashvili for His Russian Policies
30 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Says Positive Feedbacks on UN Speech Show 'Something Matured' in Post-Soviet Space
29 Sep. '13 EU's Political and Security Committee Visits Georgia
26 Sep. '13 Poll: GD's Margvelashvili Leads, Followed by UNM's Bakradze
26 Sep. '13 Saakashvili's UN Speech
26 Sep. '13 Saakashvili's Speech at the UN General Assembly – 2013
25 Sep. '13 PM Sees Link Between 'Borderisation' and Sochi Olympics
24 Sep. '13 Moscow Says Tbilisi Fanning 'Hysteria' over 'Borderisation'
24 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Comments on 'Borderisation'

20 Sep. '13 Law, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, Challenged in Constitutional Court
20 Sep. '13 Parliament Endorses Constitutional Amendment
18 Sep. '13 More Controversy in Public TV as Two Talk-Shows Axed
18 Sep. '13 PACE Monitors' Recommendation on Constitution Revision Procedures
17 Sep. '13 New Head of Energy Regulatory Agency Appointed
16 Sep. '13 Saakashvili Against GD-Proposed Constitutional Changes
12 Sep. '13 Saakashvili: PM's Eurasian Union Remarks 'Break Main Taboo' of Georgian Politics
12 Sep. '13 Kutaisi Mayor Resigns
11 Sep. '13 U.S. Interagency Mission's Pre-Election Assessments
11 Sep. '13 New Chairperson of CEC Appointed
9 Sep. '13 President Nominates CEC Chair Candidates
9 Sep. '13 Estonian, Georgian PMs Meet in Tallinn
6 Sep. '13 Parliament Overrides Three Presidential Vetoes
6 Sep. '13 Benelux FMs Pledge Support to Georgia's 'Closer' Ties with EU
5 Sep. '13 Ivanishvili 'Clarifies' Eurasian Union Remarks
5 Sep. '13 Benelux Foreign Ministers to Visit Georgia
4 Sep. '13 NSC Chief Condemns PM's Eurasian Union Remarks
3 Sep. '13 Speaker of Swedish Parliament Visits Georgia
2 Sep. '13 PM on His Intended Pre-Term Resignation
30 Aug. '13 Minaret Returned and 'Stored', Not Re-Erected
27 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Condemns Removal of Minaret
24 Aug. '13 Burjanadze and Ivanishvili's Parties Spar Over Activists
23 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Comments on NGOs' Pick for CEC Chair
23 Aug. '13 Alasania on NATO, Ties with Russia and Internal Politics
23 Aug. '13 Civil Society Groups Name Their Pick for CEC Chair
21 Aug. '13 Govt Extends Contract with Patton Boggs, Buys More Services
20 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Selecting CEC Chair, Pre-Election Climate
20 Aug. '13 Ivanishvili's TV Goes Off the Air
19 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Offers Amnesty to Wipe Criminal Records Clean
19 Aug. '13 GD Raises GEL 1.85 mln in Donations in Jan.-July

16 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendments to Law on High Education
15 Aug. '13 Ex-Head of CEC Speaks of Political Plans
14 Aug. '13 Economy Minister Cancels Meeting with UNM Presidential Candidate
12 Aug. '13 Politicians Criticize CEC Head for Resigning at 'Wrong Time'
12 Aug. '13 CEC Chairman Kharatishvili Resigns
11 Aug. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Trade Barbs During Joint Appearance on U.S. Warship
11 Aug. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Attend Reception on Visiting U.S. Warship
9 Aug. '13 Tskhinvali Says Georgia's New Govt 'Not Much Different' from Predecessor
8 Aug. '13 In War Anniversary Speech Ivanishvili Reaches Out to Sokhumi, Tskhinvali
8 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of August War
4 Aug. '13 On Fifth Anniversary of August War, Medvedev Speaks of Ties with Georgia
2 Aug. '13 MP Davitashvili Quits GD, Plans to Run for President
1 Aug. '13 Saakashvili Tells UNM to 'Rally Around' Bakradze for Presidency
1 Aug. '13 Gunava Reinstated as Samegrelo Governor
1 Aug. '13 Usupashvili Speaks of Govt's Shortcomings
1 Aug. '13 Ex-Defense Minister Akhalaia Acquitted, Remains Detained Pending Separate Trial
30 Jul. '13 Jailed Ex-Governor of Samegrelo Released After Presidential Pardon
30 Jul. '13 Culture Ministry: Stalin Statue, Removed Three Years Ago, Planned to Be Put in His Museum
29 Jul. '13 Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto on Normative Acts Bill
29 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Visits Singapore
27 Jul. '13 2013 State Funding for Political Parties
25 Jul. '13 Parliament Passes Bill Suspending Foreclosures
21 Jul. '13 Georgian FM Meets U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
20 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Says Ivanishvili Owes Kremlin
20 Jul. '13 Law, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, to Be Challenged
19 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Condemns Navalny Conviction
17 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendment to Law on Normative Acts
15 Jul. '13 NDI Poll Shows GD Far More Popular Than Its Presidential Candidate
15 Jul. '13 Georgia, Vanuatu Establish Diplomatic Ties
13 Jul. '13 Parliament Overrides Two Presidential Vetoes

12 Jul. '13 Governor of Samegrelo Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
12 Jul. '13 CDM Leader Runs for President
11 Jul. '13 European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Meets Ivanishvili
11 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Visits Moldova
11 Jul. '13 Ivanishvili Pledges ‘Exemplary’ Elections
10 Jul. '13 European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Meets Saakashvili
9 Jul. '13 Chief Prosecutor Defends Prison Abuse Scandal-Related Decision
8 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Slams Interior Ministry for Letting Russian MP in Georgia
6 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Says Drones, Bought from Israel, were Compromised
5 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Bill That Cuts President’s Powers over Energy Regulator
3 Jul. '13 Presidential Election Date Changed Back to October 27
3 Jul. '13 Saakashvili Called to Change Election Date
3 Jul. '13 PM Expects GD's Presidential Candidate to Win Outright in First Round
2 Jul. '13 Iranian Business Forum in Georgia
1 Jul. '13 Presidential Election Date Changed to October 31
1 Jul. '13 Presidential Elections Set for October 27
1 Jul. '13 UNM Loses Majority in Tbilisi Sakrebulo After Senior Member Quits Party
30 Jun. '13 Bill, Suspending Sale of Agriculture Land to Foreigners, Confirmed
29 Jun. '13 Geostat Reports Zero GDP Growth in May
29 Jun. '13 Candidates for UNM Presidential Primaries Named
28 Jun. '13 Financial Police Report Details of Charges Against Tbilisi City Officials
28 Jun. '13 UNM Boycotts Parliament After Arrests, Launches Primaries
28 Jun. '13 Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, 3 Other Municipality Officials Arrested
27 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Meets NATO Chief
27 Jun. '13 Rasmussen on Georgia's NATO Integration
27 Jun. '13 Financial Police Round Up Tbilisi Municipality Officials, Then Release Them
26 Jun. '13 Reacting on Torture Videos, UNM MPs Says They Feel Responsible
26 Jun. '13 PM Meets NATO Chief as NAC Visits Georgia
25 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Amendments to Law on Broadcasting
25 Jun. '13 NATO's North Atlantic Council to Visit Georgia
24 Jun. '13 Ivanishvili on His Possible Resignation After Presidential Election
23 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Arms Caches
22 Jun. '13 Destruction of Recordings of Private Lives Delayed
21 Jun. '13 Justice Minister: Georgia Enforces Iran Sanctions Strictly
21 Jun. '13 U.S. Embassy: 'We See Undiminished Interest of Georgian Govt in Strong Ties with U.S.'
20 Jun. '13 Torture Videos Shown to Media, Civil Society Representatives
20 Jun. '13 Saakashvili in Vienna for EPP Summit
19 Jun. '13 Interior Minister Comments on Probe into 'Jihad Threat' Video
18 Jun. '13 Usupashvili Meets MEPs from Foreign Affairs Committee
17 Jun. '13 UNM Announces Primaries to Select Presidential Candidate
16 Jun. '13 Saakashvili in Rome for FAO Conference
13 Jun. '13 Burjanadze Runs for President
12 Jun. '13 Putin Speaks on Relations with Georgia
11 Jun. '13 Interior Minister: 'Jihad Threat' Video Uploaded from Georgia
11 Jun. '13 GD MPs: Parliamentary Probe into 'Jihad Threat' Video Premature
11 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Convenes NSC over 'Jihad Threat' Video
10 Jun. '13 GD MP Wants to Withdraw His Ambassadorial Nomination
10 Jun. '13 Judicial Conference Elects Judge Members of HCoJ
9 Jun. '13 Bodies of 7 Georgian Soldiers, Killed in Afghanistan, Returned Home
8 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Demands from Interior Ministry to Find Those Behind 'Jihad Threat' Video
7 Jun. '13 PM Says Deadly Afghan Attack 'will Not Make Us Retreat'
7 Jun. '13 NATO Chief Expresses Condolences over Death of Georgian Troops in Afghan Truck Bomb Attack
6 Jun. '13 Seven Georgian Soldiers Die in Afghan Truck Bomb Attack
5 Jun. '13 Saakashvili Holds National Security Council Meeting
5 Jun. '13 Citing Schedule Conflicts, Ivanishvili Snubs NSC Session
5 Jun. '13 Ambassadorial Nominations to UN, NATO Made
5 Jun. '13 President Convenes National Security Council Session
4 Jun. '13 MEPs Sum Up Georgia Visit
3 Jun. '13 UNM Calls for Bipartisan Parliament 'Resolution Against Occupation'
3 Jun. '13 MEPs Visit Georgia

1 Jun. '13 Saakashvili: 'Russia Tests Georgian Govt's Firmness'
30 May. '13 President Vetoes Amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure
28 May. '13 Georgia Expresses 'Deep Concern' over Installation of Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
27 May. '13 Installation of Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
27 May. '13 PACE Monitors React to Ex-PM's Arrest
27 May. '13 Several U.S. Senators Express Concern over Ex-PM's Arrest
26 May. '13 Saakashvili Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan on Independence Day
24 May. '13 PM Meets Foreign Diplomats
24 May. '13 Saakashvili in Ecuador for Presidential Inauguration
23 May. '13 UNM Says Merabishvili's Arrest Aims at 'Demoralizing' Party Ahead of Election
22 May. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Legal Proceedings Against Ex-PM
22 May. '13 Court Hearing Underway to Decide on Measure of Restraint for Merabishvili, Tchiaberashvili
22 May. '13 Citizens' Campaign for Prosecution of May 17 Violence Perpetrators
21 May. '13 PM Vows Perpetrators of May 17 Violence will be Prosecuted
21 May. '13 After Ex-PM’s Arrest, Saakashvili Warns Govt Against Ukrainian Path
21 May. '13 Ex-PM Merabishvili, Ex-Healthcare Minister Tchiaberashvili Arrested
20 May. '13 Usupashvili Signs Judicial Council Bill into Law
20 May. '13 Saakashvili Meets Vanuatu's PM, Thanks for Revoking Abkhaz Recognition
20 May. '13 Saakashvili at Water Security Summit in Thailand
18 May. '13 Violence Against Anti-Homophobia Rally
17 May. '13 Saakashvili: 'Govt Should Not Allow Violence'
16 May. '13 Georgian Church Calls for Gay Rights Rally Ban
15 May. '13 Saakashvili Visits U.S.
14 May. '13 Ivanishvili on NATO and Ties with Russia
13 May. '13 Ex-Foreign Minister Zourabichvili Says 'Thinking' over Running for President
12 May. '13 Saakashvili Comments on GD's Presidential Candidate
11 May. '13 Margvelashvili Named as GD's Presidential Candidate
10 May. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Two Bills
10 May. '13 EU Commissioner Comments on Georgia's European Aspiration
8 May. '13 No Major Constitutional Reform Planned Before Elections

7 May. '13 Saakashvili Meets Aliyev in Baku
2 May. '13 Georgia Confirms Participation in Sochi Olympics
2 May. '13 Kerry Meets Saakashvili in Washington
1 May. '13 UNM Welcomes PM’s NATO MAP Remarks
1 May. '13 Usupashvili on PM's Remarks: 'More Caution Needed When Commenting on Sensitive Issues'
29 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili Reiterates Need to Investigate Lopota Gorge Clash
28 Apr. '13 Saakashvili: 'UNM is in Knockdown, Not in Knockout'
27 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili on Probe into Lopota Gorge Clash
27 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Meets Biden
26 Apr. '13 No Army Parade on Independence Day
26 Apr. '13 MP By-Elections in Three Constituencies
25 Apr. '13 President's Objections over Vetoed Judicial Council Bill
25 Apr. '13 GD Undecided on Vetoed Jury Trial-related Bill
24 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits U.S.
24 Apr. '13 New Governor of Shida Kartli Region Appointed
24 Apr. '13 Usupashvili Comments on Presidential Veto of Judicial Council Bill
24 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Some Remarks in Ivanishvili’s PACE Speech
23 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Jury Trial-Related Bill
23 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Vetoes Judicial Council Bill
23 Apr. '13 PM Ivanishvili Addresses PACE
22 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili: 'Saakashvili Tries to Block Judicial Council Bill'
22 Apr. '13 NDI Poll: GD Maintains Strong Support
22 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili Visits Strasbourg to Address PACE
21 Apr. '13 U.S. Human Rights Report on Georgia
19 Apr. '13 UNM Rallies, Claims 'Renewal'
19 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Addresses UNM Rally
19 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Arrives at UNM Rally
19 Apr. '13 UNM Holds Rally in Tbilisi Center
19 Apr. '13 Police Drop Plans to Close Traffic in Tbilisi Center From Noon
18 Apr. '13 Bill Sets Shorter Deadlines for Constitutional Court Hearings

18 Apr. '13 Declassified President-Related Spending Records Released
17 Apr. '13 Merabishvili: Attempts are Underway to Discredit UNM Leadership
17 Apr. '13 Former UNM MP Attacks Merabishvili
16 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Denies UNM Infighting
16 Apr. '13 UNM Hit by Controversy Ahead of Rally
16 Apr. '13 Georgia's New Ambassador to U.S. Takes Office
15 Apr. '13 NDI-Commissioned Public Opinion Survey
15 Apr. '13 PM in Germany for GMF Informal Forum
13 Apr. '13 Georgian, U.S. Officials Discuss Democratic Reforms
12 Apr. '13 PM: 'We Should Establish Truth' over August War
12 Apr. '13 Kutaisi Sakrebulo Sacks City Mayor
11 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili's August War Remarks
11 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits Poland
11 Apr. '13 Lavrov Hails Georgian Govt's 'Pragmatism'
10 Apr. '13 Ivanishvili on August War Probe
9 Apr. '13 Georgian, Turkish Presidents Meet in Ankara
8 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Suffers 'Triple Shoulder Fracture' After Bicycle Accident
8 Apr. '13 Turkish Press: Saakashvili Breaks Arm in Bicycle Accident in Turkey
8 Apr. '13 PACE Monitors Visit Georgia
6 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Visits Turkey
5 Apr. '13 Jury Trial-Related Bill Confirmed
5 Apr. '13 Parliament Confirms Judicial Council Bill
2 Apr. '13 Saakashvili Slams Parts of Govt's Planned Deal with Turkey on Cultural Heritage
1 Apr. '13 Public Defender Calls on MPs to Probe into Lopota Armed Clash
31 Mar. '13 Georgian Church Against Ratification of European Charter on Minority Languages
29 Mar. '13 Power Struggle Within Tbilisi City Council
28 Mar. '13 Twenty Third Round of Geneva Talks
27 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Goes into Force
26 Mar. '13 President Makes Several Ambassadorial Nominations
26 Mar. '13 Swiss Ambassador Weighs in on Ivanishvili, EPP 'War of Letters'
25 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Passed with Final Reading
25 Mar. '13 MPs to Discuss Bill on Judicial Council Next Week
24 Mar. '13 President, Parliament at Odds over Judicial Council Bill
23 Mar. '13 MPs Endorse Revised Bill on Reforming Judicial Council
22 Mar. '13 UNM MP Criticizes Remarks by Saakashvili, Ivanishvili
22 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Parliamentary Vote on Constitutional Changes
22 Mar. '13 Defense Minister Speaks of Priorities at Parliamentary Hearing
21 Mar. '13 Saakashvili: Parliamentary Vote on Constitutional Changes Showed UNM is 'Combat Capable'
21 Mar. '13 Constitutional Amendment Passed Unanimously
21 Mar. '13 MPs Discuss Constitutional Changes on Presidential Powers
21 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Says UNM’s Proposal on Test Vote 'Not Right'
20 Mar. '13 State Minister for Reintegration Speaks of Priorities
20 Mar. '13 Usupashvili Responds to UNM’s Proposal on Non-Binding Vote
20 Mar. '13 UNM Lays Out Position on Constitutional Amendment
19 Mar. '13 Parliamentary Session to Start Discussing Constitutional Amendments on March 21
18 Mar. '13 Interior Minister Grilled by UNM MPs
18 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili for Confronting EPP
18 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Signs Appointing Nine New Ambassadors
16 Mar. '13 FM Says President Drags Out Appointing New Ambassadors
14 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Slams Ivanishvili for 'Gossiping' on Private Matters
14 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Addresses EPP in Open Letter
13 Mar. '13 Controversial Decision Against Agrarian University Stirs Allegations of Political Meddling in Academics
12 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili: MEPs' Letter is 'Shameful'
12 Mar. '13 Parliament Speaker Responds to MEPs' Letter to PM
8 Mar. '13 State Minister for Reintegration Says President Drags Out Renaming of Ministry
8 Mar. '13 MPs Vote Down President-Proposed Fiscal Amnesty
7 Mar. '13 Saakashvili in Athens for EPP Meeting
7 Mar. '13 Govt Hires Brussels-Based Lobbying, PR Consultancy Firm
6 Mar. '13 PM Meets Supreme Court Chairman
5 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Plan Joint Statement on Euro-Atlantic Commitment
5 Mar. '13 Govt Hires Patton Boggs for U.S. Lobbying
4 Mar. '13 PM Apologizes for Saakashvili’s 'Irresponsible' Remarks
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Meeting Highlights Differences
4 Mar. '13 Ivanishvili Comments on Meeting with Saakashvili
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Meeting with Ivanishvili
4 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Meets Ivanishvili
3 Mar. '13 PM's Office: Saakashvili, Ivanishvili Meeting Set for Monday Afternoon
1 Mar. '13 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili May Meet on Monday
1 Mar. '13 Alasania Slams Saakashvili for 'Anti-State Remarks'
1 Mar. '13 Saakashvili Speaks of 'Threat' Facing Azerbaijan and Georgia
27 Feb. '13 Russia's RosPotrebNadzor Inspects Georgian Winemakers
27 Feb. '13 Saakashvili 'Regrets' Remarks over Banks
27 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Visits Azerbaijan
27 Feb. '13 U.S. Urges Govt, President to Reach a Solution
27 Feb. '13 TBC Bank, Liberty Bank Deny Stake Sale to Russian Banks
26 Feb. '13 Saakashvili: GD-Proposed Constitutional Amendment 'Not an Issue at All'
26 Feb. '13 Row over SSPS Reemerges Between Govt, President
26 Feb. '13 Prosecutors to Appeal Court Ruling on Ugulava's Pretrial Measures
26 Feb. '13 MPs to Vote on Constitutional Changes in end-March
25 Feb. '13 Lavrov: Georgia's New Govt 'Acts Pragmatically'
25 Feb. '13 Court Declines Prosecutors’ Motions Against Ugulava
25 Feb. '13 EU Hands Over Visa Liberalisation Action Plan to Georgia
24 Feb. '13 Prosecutors Ask Court to Suspend Tbilisi Mayor from Office
24 Feb. '13 EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Visits Georgia
23 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Charged Without Being Arrested
22 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor Ugulava Faces Criminal Charges
21 Feb. '13 Uncertainty Remains over Saakashvili's Annual Address in Parliament
21 Feb. '13 UNM Plans Outdoor Rally in Tbilisi in April
20 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Comments on Failed Talks with GD
20 Feb. '13 Parliament Confirms Nine New Ambassadors
19 Feb. '13 Foreign Minister Grilled by UNM MPs
17 Feb. '13 Head of UNDP Visits Georgia
16 Feb. '13 Ivanishvili Addresses Congress of His GDDG Party
16 Feb. '13 GD, UNM Signal Potential for Progress in Talks
15 Feb. '13 UNM Says its 'Constructive' Proposal Should Help Defuse Political Tensions
15 Feb. '13 GD Leaders Say UNM Offers to Cut Significantly Presidential Powers
14 Feb. '13 Russia Files Criminal Charges Against Georgian MP
13 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Tells EaP Meeting Participants Why He's Against of Reopening Abkhaz Railway
13 Feb. '13 Usupashvili, Bakradze Cautiously Optimistic Over Ongoing Talks
13 Feb. '13 President, PM Speak of Tbilisi's Expectations from EU Eastern Partnership Summit
12 Feb. '13 Prosecutors Summon Merabishvili and Ex-Healthcare Minister for Questioning
11 Feb. '13 After Talks Saakashvili, Usupashvili Argue, But Say Dialogue will Continue
11 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Meets Usupashvili
11 Feb. '13 Parliamentary Speaker Usupashvili to Meet Saakashvili
11 Feb. '13 Police Warn Tbilisi Mayor over Questioning
11 Feb. '13 Ivanishvili Offers Four-Point Proposal
10 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Offers to Meet Ivanishvili
10 Feb. '13 PM Ivanishvili Responds to President's Address
10 Feb. '13 EU Concerned over Political Tensions in Georgia
9 Feb. '13 President's Address Marred by Scuffles
8 Feb. '13 Saakashvili Delivers Address to the Nation
8 Feb. '13 Protesters Gathered Outside Presidential Palace
8 Feb. '13 Protest Ends at National Library
8 Feb. '13 Chaotic Scenes at National Library Delay President's Address
8 Feb. '13 Protesters Gathered at National Library Ahead of President's Address
8 Feb. '13 President Offers Bill on Amnesty for Economic Crimes
7 Feb. '13 Saakashvili to Deliver Annual Address from National Library
7 Feb. '13 Saakashvili's Annual Address in Parliament Postponed
6 Feb. '13 MPs Debate on Presidential Powers
6 Feb. '13 Nine Ambassadorial Nominations Made
5 Feb. '13 MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority
5 Feb. '13 PM Rules Out Trade-Off on Constitutional Changes with UNM
4 Feb. '13 UNM Sets Conditions for its Support to GD's Constitutional Changes
2 Feb. '13 Merabishvili Speaks of UNM's Plans
1 Feb. '13 Saakashvili to Deliver Annual Address in Parliament on Feb.8
1 Feb. '13 Tbilisi Mayor's Office Accused of Misspending GEL 5.2 mln
31 Jan. '13 Venice Commission President Sums Up Georgia Visit
31 Jan. '13 UNM Offers to Make Pro-Western Course Constitutionally Guaranteed
31 Jan. '13 Ex-Defense Minister Kezerashvili Accused of Corruption
30 Jan. '13 UNM Wants to Make Pro-Western Course Legally Binding for Govt
30 Jan. '13 MoD: 'No Intention to Abolish Military Industrial Enterprise'
29 Jan. '13 Georgian MFA: No Talks over CIS
29 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Says Army Conscription System Should be Changed, not Abandoned
28 Jan. '13 Saakashvili 'Surprised' by Statement of Armenian Church in Georgia
27 Jan. '13 Armenian Church in Georgia 'Condemns' Saakashvili’s Statement on Chakhalyan
26 Jan. '13 State Audit Office Reports on UNM's Violation of Campaign Funding Rules
25 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Condemns Chakhalyan's Release
24 Jan. '13 Ivanishvili's Meetings in Davos
24 Jan. '13 PM Comments on Deputy FM's Resignation
23 Jan. '13 PM Ivanishvili Demotes Alasania
23 Jan. '13 Ex-Deputy FM Speaks of Reasons Behind Resignation
22 Jan. '13 In PACE Speech Saakashvili Slams Govt
20 Jan. '13 Protesters Call for Saakashvili's Resignation
20 Jan. '13 Abkhaz Leader Comments on Railway
18 Jan. '13 UNM Slams Ivanishvili for Naming Armenia as Model for Ties with Russia, NATO
18 Jan. '13 Parliament Confirms Changes in SSPS
18 Jan. '13 GD MP Skeptical over Saakashvili's Tax Amnesty Proposal
17 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Plans Three New Bills
17 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Against Reopening Railway via Abkhazia
16 Jan. '13 Russia Welcomes Release of its Citizens in Georgia as Part of Amnesty
15 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Dismisses Ambassadors FM Wanted to be Replaced
15 Jan. '13 Prosecutor's Office Reports of Military Police Gay 'Honey Traps'
14 Jan. '13 President Releases List of Ambassadors FM Wants to be Replaced
14 Jan. '13 Ivanishvili, Saakashvili at a Reception in Georgian Patriarchate
13 Jan. '13 Political Prisoners Released as Amnesty Goes into Force
12 Jan. '13 Saakashvili Slams Proposed Constitutional Amendments
12 Jan. '13 President Appoints Two New Governors
12 Jan. '13 Parliamentary Speaker Signs Amnesty Bill into Law
11 Jan. '13 Court Releases Ex-Defense Minister Okruashvili
11 Jan. '13 Georgia Asks Interpol to Issue 'Red Notice' for Ex-Justice Minister Adeishvili
11 Jan. '13 Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Visits Georgia
10 Jan. '13 Interior Ministry to Saakashvili: 'Refrain from Discrediting Police'
10 Jan. '13 President Appoints New Governor of Samegrelo
9 Jan. '13 State Audit Agency Probes UNM's Campaign Funding
8 Jan. '13 Govt Suspends Deal with TAV on Tbilisi Airport Runway
8 Jan. '13 Several Charges Dropped Against Ex-Defense Minister Okruashvili
7 Jan. '13 93 Georgian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan in 2010-2012
7 Jan. '13 Saakashvili: Georgia Should Stop 'Rendezvous with Past'
6 Jan. '13 Court Orders Pretrial Detention for Ex-Justice Minister In Absentia
5 Jan. '13 President to Replace Several Ambassadors
4 Jan. '13 FM Speaks of Need to Replace Several Ambassadors
3 Jan. '13 Saakashvili to Address PACE
1 Jan. '13 In New Year Address Saakashvili Offers Five-Point Plan for Cooperation with Govt
31 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
31 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Questions Amnesty while Visiting Robbery Victim Family
30 Dec. '12 Charges Filed Against Ex-Justice Minister Adeishvili
29 Dec. '12 Procedures Launched for Constitutional Amendments on Presidential Powers
29 Dec. '12 GD, UNM Agree on Presidential Security Service
28 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Slams Parliament for Overriding Veto
28 Dec. '12 Parliament Overturns Saakashvili's Veto
28 Dec. '12 GD Offers Constitutional Amendment
28 Dec. '12 Parliament to Discuss Presidential Veto on Amnesty
27 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Vetos Bill on Amnesty
27 Dec. '12 MoD Surprised by Announcement of Saakashvili's Planned Afghan Trip
27 Dec. '12 Saakashvili: 'Govt Emits Instability, Signals of Chaos'
26 Dec. '12 Georgian PM Hails 'Friendly' Talks in Azerbaijan
26 Dec. '12 Georgian Troops in Afghanistan Get Pay Raise
25 Dec. '12 Saakashvili to Visit Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
24 Dec. '12 Ivanishvili Comments on Cohabitation
24 Dec. '12 Ivanishvili Speaks of Relations with Russia
23 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Tells UNM: 'We will Definitely Win'
22 Dec. '12 Parliament Approves Law on Amnesty
22 Dec. '12 Ex-Ministers Questioned over 'Plot Against Cartu Bank'
21 Dec. '12 PM Says Construction of Baku-Kars Railway 'Triggers Questions'
20 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Threatens to Veto Judicial Council Reform
20 Dec. '12 Putin Says Trade Issues with Georgia 'Should be De-Politicized'
20 Dec. '12 UNM Switches to 'Different Kind of Working Mode'
20 Dec. '12 Putin Speaks of Ties with Georgia
20 Dec. '12 Saakashvili: We’ll Get Georgia Back on Track
20 Dec. '12 Incident in Kutaisi During Saakashvili's Visit
19 Dec. '12 Saakashvili: 'I Demand Immediate Release' of Arrested Rustavi 2 TV Head
19 Dec. '12 Ex-Energy Minister, Rustavi 2 TV Head Arrested
18 Dec. '12 MPs Discuss Proposal to Move SSPS from President to Govt
18 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Allocates GEL 1m 'for Media, Civil Society Development'
18 Dec. '12 Head of Russia's Security Council Speaks of Ties with Georgia
17 Dec. '12 NDI Poll Shows Strong Public Support for Georgian Dream
15 Dec. '12 Georgian, Russian Diplomats Meet in Switzerland
13 Dec. '12 Bulgarian, Swedish, Polish Joint Delegation's Visit to Georgia
13 Dec. '12 U.S. Official Sums Up Georgia Visit
13 Dec. '12 Russia Accuses Georgian MP of Plotting Riots in Moscow
12 Dec. '12 Reform of High Council of Justice Planned
12 Dec. '12 U.S. Senators to Ivanishvili: 'Avoid Even the Perception of Selective Justice'
11 Dec. '12 Finance Ministry Probes into Tbilisi Municipality's Rike Deal
10 Dec. '12 Ivanishvili Calls for More 'Internal Competition' within GD
7 Dec. '12 Parliament Confirms New Public Defender
7 Dec. '12 Lawyer: Merabishvili Answered Thoroughly to Police Questions
7 Dec. '12 Police Question Merabishvili over 'Fake Passport'
6 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Sees Setback in Georgia's NATO Integration
6 Dec. '12 Georgian, Polish Presidents Meet in Warsaw
5 Dec. '12 Parliament Recognizes 215 Persons as 'Political Prisoners and Exiles'
5 Dec. '12 Saakashvili Presents New Chief of Army Staff
5 Dec. '12 U.S. Embassy Hails Agreement on New Chief of Army Staff
5 Dec. '12 Lavrov on Ties with Georgia
4 Dec. '12 NATO Chief Speaks of Need for 'Smooth Cohabitation' in Georgia
4 Dec. '12 New Chief of Army Staff Named
3 Dec. '12 GD Names Candidate for Public Defender
2 Dec. '12 Soros, Saakashvili Tour Public Service Hall
2 Dec. '12 Probe into Merabishvili's Alleged Fake Passport Continues
1 Dec. '12 Merabishvili Questioned Over 'Fake Passport'
1 Dec. '12 Soros Meets Ivanishvili in Tbilisi
1 Dec. '12 Police to Summon Merabishvili for Questioning over 'Fake Passport'
30 Nov. '12 Ivanishvili: Saakashvili's Lobbying 'Will Not Stop Restoring Justice'
30 Nov. '12 Secretary Clinton, Georgian FM Meet in Washington
29 Nov. '12 PM Medvedev on Relations with Georgia
27 Nov. '12 Probe 'Resumed' into PM Zhvania's Death
27 Nov. '12 Interior Ministry Says 'Unregistered' Firearms Found in Zugdidi
26 Nov. '12 Ashton Meets Saakashvili, Ivanishvili in Tbilisi
26 Nov. '12 EU Foreign Policy Chief Visits Tbilisi
23 Nov. '12 Saakashvili: 'Sense of Instability Re-Emerges'
23 Nov. '12 EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Georgia
23 Nov. '12 NSC Secretary Bokeria Slams PM Ivanishvili
23 Nov. '12 PM Speaks of his TV Channel and Public TV
22 Nov. '12 Ivanishvili Says to Seek Cutting Saakashvili's Powers
21 Nov. '12 UPDATE: NATO-Georgia Commission Meets in Brussels
20 Nov. '12 Okruashvili Arrested After Return to Georgia
16 Nov. '12 Charges Against 11 Interior Ministry Officials and Tbilisi Vice-Mayor Unveiled
15 Nov. '12 Ex-Deputy Interior Minister and Now Tbilisi Vice-Mayor Arrested
15 Nov. '12 Prosecutors Question Tbilisi Vice-Mayor
15 Nov. '12 Ex-Govt Member Becomes Head of Rustavi 2 TV
15 Nov. '12 Controversy over Akhalaia's Transfer to Another Prison
14 Nov. '12 Saakashvili Meets EU's Van Rompuy in Brussels
14 Nov. '12 NATO Chief Meets PM Ivanishvili
13 Nov. '12 Senior GD MPs: Criticism from NATO Result of UNM's 'Distorted' Information
13 Nov. '12 Govt Plans to Raise Pensions Next Year
13 Nov. '12 Parliament Endorses Credentials of Ten New MPs
12 Nov. '12 NATO Chief 'Extremely Concerned over Arrests of Political Opponents'
12 Nov. '12 In Brussels Ivanishvili Called to Avoid 'Selective Justice'
12 Nov. '12 Ivanishvili Visits Brussels on his First Foreign Trip as PM
11 Nov. '12 Army Chief of Staff Suspended from Office
11 Nov. '12 Prosecutors Ask Court to Dismiss Army Chief
10 Nov. '12 After Release on Bail, Army Chief Received by Saakashvili
10 Nov. '12 Saakashvili to Visit Brussels
9 Nov. '12 At Govt Meeting Tbilisi Mayor Shown the Door
9 Nov. '12 NATO Military Committee's Visit to Georgia 'Postponed'
8 Nov. '12 Georgian Ambassador to U.S. to Resign
8 Nov. '12 Charges Brought Against Akhalaia and Two Army Commanders
8 Nov. '12 Georgian Dream Names its Pick for Public Defender
8 Nov. '12 UNM Cries Foul over Arrests, GPB Tax Probe
7 Nov. '12 Revenue Service Launches Public TV Tax Probe
7 Nov. '12 Arrest of Akhalaia and Two Senior Army Commanders
7 Nov. '12 NSC Chief Bokeria Calls for Immediate Release of Arrested Akhalaia, Army Chief of Staff
7 Nov. '12 Army Chief of Staff Arrested
7 Nov. '12 Bacho Akhalaia Arrested
6 Nov. '12 New Govt Tables Draft of 2013 State Budget
6 Nov. '12 Presidential Palace to Turn its Outdoor Lights Off, Citing Planned Funding Cuts
5 Nov. '12 Ex-Interior Minister Akhalaia Returns to Georgia, Says Ready to Answer Questions
4 Nov. '12 Clinton Speaks on Phone with Saakashvili and Georgia's New FM
3 Nov. '12 Tbilisi Municipality, Govt in Dispute over Social Programs Funding
2 Nov. '12 Govt Plans to Cut Funding of Presidency, NSC, Tbilisi Municipality
2 Nov. '12 Govt Offers to Increase PM’s Role in Appointing Governors
1 Nov. '12 PM Appoints Special Envoy for Relations with Russia
31 Oct. '12 Three Deputies of Defense Minister Appointed
30 Oct. '12 New Interior Minister Names his Deputies
30 Oct. '12 New Head of Adjara's Govt Confirmed
30 Oct. '12 New Chief Prosecutor Appointed
29 Oct. '12 MP Quits UNM Parliamentary Minority Group
28 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Names His Pick for Head of Adjara Govt
27 Oct. '12 New Justice Minister Asks Saakashvili to Replace Chief Prosecutor
26 Oct. '12 New FM: 'No Diplomatic Ties with Moscow as Long as it Has Embassies in Tskhinvali, Sokhumi'
25 Oct. '12 PM Vows to Deliver More Than Promised
25 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Addresses Parliament at Confirmation Hearing
25 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Meets UNM MPs at Parliamentary Hearing
22 Oct. '12 Shashkin Confirms he Left Georgia
22 Oct. '12 New Parliament Holds First Session
21 Oct. '12 Parliament to Confirm New Govt on Thursday
21 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Addresses New Parliament
21 Oct. '12 Newly Elected Parliament Convened
20 Oct. '12 Patarkatsishvili Family Regains Imedi TV for GEL 3
19 Oct. '12 'Technical Problems with Plane Delayed' Saakashvili's Return from Bucharest
18 Oct. '12 EU Calls on Georgian Leaders to Work Together Constructively
18 Oct. '12 NATO Envoy: 'Test is Being Passed by Georgia'
17 Oct. '12 Imedi TV Temporarily Suspends News Amid Ownership Transfer
17 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Names Ivanishvili as PM Candidate
17 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili: 'We Welcome Holding of Olympics in Sochi'
16 Oct. '12 Imedi TV 'Transferred' to Patarkatsishvili Family
16 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Appoints Four New Governors
16 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Restores Citizenship for Ivanishvili
15 Oct. '12 Merabishvili Becomes UNM Secretary General
12 Oct. '12 Bokeria Meets Ivanishvili
12 Oct. '12 Saakashvili: After Elections Georgia has Historic Chance to Boost NATO Integration
12 Oct. '12 NATO Secretary General Speaks on Phone with Saakashvili, Ivanishvili
12 Oct. '12 Eighteenth Georgian Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
11 Oct. '12 Group of NGOs Names Preferred Nominee for Public Defender
11 Oct. '12 Government Resigns
11 Oct. '12 Turkish PM Speaks on Phone with Ivanishvili, Saakashvili
11 Oct. '12 Tbilisi Municipality to Set Up its Security Service
10 Oct. '12 U.S. Official on Georgia's Elections and Power Handover
9 Oct. '12 Meeting of the Rivals amid 'Most of Power' Handover
9 Oct. '12 After Meeting, Ivanishvili and Saakashvili Make Statements
9 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Meets Ivanishvili
9 Oct. '12 New Chief of Joint Staff of Armed Forces Appointed
9 Oct. '12 Saakashvili, Ivanishvili to Meet on Tuesday
8 Oct. '12 Five EU FMs Send Letters to Saakashvili, Ivanishvili, Urge Smooth Transition
8 Oct. '12 Second Meeting of Power Handover Talks Held
8 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Names Part of Incoming Cabinet
6 Oct. '12 Fitch: Smooth Power Shift Positive, But Uncertainties Arise
6 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Warns Law Enforcement Agencies Against Rise in Crime
5 Oct. '12 GD, UNM Launch Power Handover Talks
5 Oct. '12 Georgian Dream: Clinton Speaks on Phone with Ivanishvili
5 Oct. '12 President's Office: Saakashvili, Clinton Discuss Post-Election Developments
4 Oct. '12 In Quotes: Int'l Reactions to Georgian Elections
4 Oct. '12 GD Claims it Won More MP Seats Than Official Results Show
3 Oct. '12 Georgian Dream Winning Majority in Adjara's Supreme Council
3 Oct. '12 Russian MFA on Georgia's Elections
3 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili: President's Resignation not a Demand
3 Oct. '12 Bokeria Rules Out Early Presidential Election
3 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Wants Saakashvili to Resign
2 Oct. '12 U.S. Hails Georgia’s 'Historic' Elections
2 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Concedes Defeat in Parliamentary Election
2 Oct. '12 Early Official Results Show GD Wins Popular Vote
2 Oct. '12 Ivanishvili Claims at Least 100 Seats in Parliament
1 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Says UNM Lost in Party-List Race, Won Majoritarian Contest
1 Oct. '12 Saakashvili Casts Ballot, Says Georgia Will Win
30 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Addresses Voters on the Eve of Election
30 Sep. '12 Elections Guide
29 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Holds Huge Campaign Rally
28 Sep. '12 Saakashvili: These Elections are About Making Choice Between Past and Future
28 Sep. '12 More Secret Audio, Video Tapes Emerge as Elections Near
27 Sep. '12 At Ruling Party's Campaign Rally, Hungarian PM Tells Georgia 'Don't Turn Back'
27 Sep. '12 Hungarian PM Visits Georgia
26 Sep. '12 Police Release Tapes Targeting Georgian Dream Leaders
26 Sep. '12 Elections, Russia and Prison Scandal in Saakashvili's UN Speech
25 Sep. '12 Prosecutor's Office Probes Ex-State Minister's Alleged Links with Organized Crime
25 Sep. '12 'Independent Investigative Team' Planned to Probe into Prison Abuse
24 Sep. '12 Georgian Dream Responds to Footage Released by Interior Ministry
23 Sep. '12 Saakashvili: Those Who Want to Bring in 'Putinist Rules' will be Disappointed
22 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Speaks in Favor of Rail Link via Abkhazia
22 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Calls for Calm Amid Prison Scandal
22 Sep. '12 Tbilisi Calls on Moscow to Stop Military Build-Up in Breakaway Regions
22 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of 'Russian War of Compromising Materials'
21 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Tells Saakashvili to Resign
21 Sep. '12 Official: No Need for Cabinet Confidence Vote after Akhalaia’s Resignation
21 Sep. '12 New Penitentiary Minister Opens Notorious Prison's Doors to Journalists
21 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Calls Against Use of Prison Abuse Case for 'Political Games'
21 Sep. '12 In Quotes: Int'l Reactions to Georgia Prison Abuse
20 Sep. '12 Interior Minister Akhalaia Resigns Amid Protests
20 Sep. '12 Public Defender Appointed as New Prisons Minister
20 Sep. '12 Bokeria Speaks of Authorities' 'Grave Mistake'
19 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Tasks PM Merabishvili to Oversee Prison System Reform
19 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Calls Against 'Unplanned' Rallies
19 Sep. '12 Saakashvili's Statement on Inmates' Abuse Videos
19 Sep. '12 Videos of Inmates Abuse, Rape Emerge
18 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Says to Keep on Implementing 'Huge Strategic Plans in Following Years'
17 Sep. '12 Five EU FMs Visit Georgia Ahead of Elections
17 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Says to Accept Election Results Deemed 'Legitimate' by Int'l Observers
16 Sep. '12 Opposition, Ruling Party Leaders Gather to Mark Opening of Rebuilt Cathedral
15 Sep. '12 Five EU FMs to Visit Georgia Over Upcoming Elections
14 Sep. '12 In Televised Address Saakashvili Appeals for Unity
11 Sep. '12 Moscow Scolds Swedish FM for Georgia Election-related Remarks
10 Sep. '12 Merabishvili, Natelashvili, Targamadze in TV Debates, Snubbed by Ivanishvili
9 Sep. '12 At UNM Rally Saakashvili Speaks of ‘Foiled Provocation’
8 Sep. '12 UNM Holds Series of Day-Long Campaign Rallies
7 Sep. '12 NDI Poll Shows UNM in Strong Lead
6 Sep. '12 U.S. Senators Speak of Georgia's Upcoming Elections
6 Sep. '12 Saakashvili Pledges 'Freest' Elections
6 Sep. '12 NATO Chief Praises Georgia's Reforms, Says Elections Will Be 'Litmus Test'
6 Sep. '12 Georgia Pledges Post-2014 Afghan Contribution
6 Sep. '12 PACE Delegation to Visit Georgia for Pre-Election Mission
6 Sep. '12 Ivanishvili Sells Agriculture Business in Russia for USD 180m
6 Sep. '12 NATO Secretary General Visits Georgia
6 Sep. '12 U.S. Senators Visit Georgia
4 Sep. '12 Georgian Dream Slams Govt Over Armed Clash in Lopota Gorge
4 Sep. '12 Four FMs, NATO Chief, U.S. Senators to Visit Georgia
1 Sep. '12 UNM's Party List of MP Candidates
31 Aug. '12 UNM: Georgian Dream's Demands Suggest it Aims at 'Post-Election Disorders'
31 Aug. '12 Ivanishvili Lays Out Election Results Recognition Terms
31 Aug. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of Provocation Attempt after Deadly Clash at Border
31 Aug. '12 Georgian Dream Snubs Planned TV Debates on Public Broadcaster
30 Aug. '12 Troops Remain in Border Area with Russia after Deadly Clash
29 Aug. '12 Saakashvili: 'We will not Let N.Caucasus Instability to Spill Over into Georgia'
25 Aug. '12 Ruling Party-Commissioned Poll
24 Aug. '12 Kakheti Governor Resigns to Run for MP Seat
24 Aug. '12 Saakashvili: Georgia's Future at Stake in Upcoming Elections
21 Aug. '12 No Agreement on TV Debates
21 Aug. '12 Saakashvili: 'We Should Win Very Decisively'
21 Aug. '12 State Minister Baramidze to Run as UNM's Majoritarian MP Candidate in Batumi
20 Aug. '12 UNM Says Merabishvili, Bakradze Ready for TV Debates with Major Opponents
20 Aug. '12 Ivanishvili Challenges Saakashvili to TV Debates
17 Aug. '12 UK Govt: Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing Plans UK Investment
16 Aug. '12 Ivanishvili Files Int'l Arbitration Against Georgian Govt
16 Aug. '12 Saakashvili: Elections are 'Moment of Truth' for Georgia
13 Aug. '12 UNM Names Tbilisi Majoritarian MP Candidates
12 Aug. '12 In Georgia Sen. Lugar Visits U.S.-Funded Bio Lab
8 Aug. '12 Saakashvili Attacks Ivanishvili over His TV’s War Anniversary News Report Blunder
8 Aug. '12 Russian Deputy FM Slams Tbilisi's 'Hysteria' over Kavkaz-2012 Drills
7 Aug. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of 'Putin's New Plan to Subdue Georgia'
7 Aug. '12 Ivanishvili to Journalists: 'Much will Depend on Your Position'
7 Aug. '12 Saakashvili: 'Those, Who Say Georgia Started War, Don't Love Georgia'
6 Aug. '12 Parties to 'Suspend Campaigning' on War's Anniversary
5 Aug. '12 Ivanishvili's Campaign Rally in Batumi

4 Aug. '12 Incident Erupts as Saakashvili and Ivanishvili Show Up at Same Venue
4 Aug. '12 U.S. Congressman: 'Russia Should Cancel' Kavkaz-2012 Drills
3 Aug. '12 'Must-Carry' Rules Go into Effect
1 Aug. '12 Parliamentary Election Date Set for October 1
31 Jul. '12 Relief Efforts for Disaster-Hit Kakheti Becoming Campaign Issue Ahead of Polls
26 Jul. '12 Saakashvili Tours Regions, Speaks of Govt's New Program
26 Jul. '12 Ex-Head of State Audit Service to Coordinate Relief Efforts in Disaster-Hit Kakheti
25 Jul. '12 Two Jailed for Dragging Woman Away from President's Meeting Scene
22 Jul. '12 Disaster Damage to Cost Reportedly at least GEL 150m
20 Jul. '12 Ruling Party Vows to 'Encourage' Must-Carry Rules Beyond Election Day
20 Jul. '12 Govt Announces Assistance Package for Hailstorm Victims
19 Jul. '12 Govt Pledges Help to Hailstorm, Strong Wind Victims, Ivanishvili Too Offers Support
19 Jul. '12 Saakashvili Meets Turkish Defense Minister, Speaks of NATO Integration
18 Jul. '12 Tbilisi, Moscow Exchange Barbs over Human Rights
18 Jul. '12 Three Georgian Dream Activists Sent to Pre-Trial Detention
17 Jul. '12 Saakashvili Welcomes Proposal on Parties' Code of Conduct Ahead of Elections
17 Jul. '12 Three Georgian Dream Activists Arrested
16 Jul. '12 Poll Shows Ruling Party in Lead, But Georgian Dream Gaining
15 Jul. '12 Ivanishvili's Campaign Rally in Gori
15 Jul. '12 UNM Offers Political Parties Joint Election Declaration
11 Jul. '12 Georgia Wants Membership Perspective from EU
11 Jul. '12 PM Merabishvili Comments on Ivanishvili
10 Jul. '12 Govt Plans Registration of Unemployed Citizens
10 Jul. '12 NDI Releases Public Opinion Survey
10 Jul. '12 The Eastern Partnership, Georgia and the European Union
6 Jul. '12 Ivanishvili Claims Promised 'Breakthrough'
5 Jul. '12 Russian MFA Reacts on Saakashvili's Georgia ISAF Contribution Remarks
5 Jul. '12 Georgia's Internal Politics Debated by MEPs
4 Jul. '12 EU's Van Rompuy Meets Saakashvili in Tbilisi
4 Jul. '12 Saakashvili: Police are Depoliticized

4 Jul. '12 Saakashvili Praises New Defense Minister Shashkin as 'One of the Best Patriots'
4 Jul. '12 Reshuffled Cabinet and its New Program Confirmed
3 Jul. '12 Reshaped Cabinet
3 Jul. '12 Reshuffled Cabinet Named
2 Jul. '12 U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits Georgia
2 Jul. '12 Incoming PM Merabishvili Outlines Some Key Points of Govt's Program
2 Jul. '12 Saakashvili Attends Euro 2012 Final in Kiev
2 Jul. '12 Naming of Reshuffled Cabinet Postponed for Tuesday
1 Jul. '12 Ivanishvili Names Four Majoritarian MP Candidates at Campaign Rally in Mtskheta
1 Jul. '12 Saakashvili: Armed Forces 'Most Authoritative' Institution in Georgia
30 Jun. '12 Incoming PM Merabishvili Names Priorities
30 Jun. '12 Vano Merabishvili Appointed as PM
30 Jun. '12 Georgia Adopts State Strategy on North Caucasus
29 Jun. '12 Constitutional Amendment for Planned New City Lazika Approved
29 Jun. '12 Saakashvili 'Cuts Short Baku Visit over Flooding' in Western Georgia
28 Jun. '12 EU 'Concerned over Political Tension' Ahead of Elections
27 Jun. '12 Saakashvili Visits Brussels
26 Jun. '12 Fistfight Thwarts Ivanishvili's Campaign Meeting in Village of Mereti
25 Jun. '12 Saakashvili: 'Georgia Has Real Chance to Join NATO in 2014'
25 Jun. '12 Saakashvili Vows Fair Elections, 'Zero Tolerance to Buy, Attack Democracy'
25 Jun. '12 Abkhaz FM Says Wants to See 'Pragmatic' Leadership in Tbilisi
21 Jun. '12 Global TV's Satellite Dish Antennas Seized
20 Jun. '12 Enforcement Agency Moves in to Ivanishvili's USD 45.4m Fine
20 Jun. '12 Saakashvili: Clinton Still Under Batumi Visit Impressions
19 Jun. '12 Ruling Party Names Majoritarian MP Candidate for Tbilisi's Vake District
17 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili's Campaign Rally in Ozurgeti
16 Jun. '12 English Law System Mulled for Planned New City Lazika
16 Jun. '12 Saakashvili: 'I am Sure We Will Win Elections'
14 Jun. '12 U.S. Ambassador Speaks of Georgia's Challenges
13 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili Says Will Not Pay Multi-Million Fine
13 Jun. '12 Group Calls on Authorities to Ensure Fair Electoral Environment
13 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili Says Return of Georgian Products to Russian Market Not a Problem
12 Jun. '12 Constitutional Amendment for Planned New City Lazika Endorsed
11 Jun. '12 Election Code to Be Amended
11 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili Fined with USD 90.9 Million
11 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili Fined with GEL 126m
10 Jun. '12 Ivanishvili's Campaign Rally in Kutaisi
7 Jun. '12 Saakashvili: 'U.S. Never Pushed Us to Recognize Kosovo'
7 Jun. '12 One Dies at New Parliament Construction Site in Kutaisi
7 Jun. '12 Sokhumi Slams U.S. Decision over Tbilisi's Neutral Travel Documents
7 Jun. '12 Saakashvili on Clinton's Georgia Visit
6 Jun. '12 Russian MFA: Clinton's Remarks 'Fuel Revanchist Aspirations in Tbilisi'
5 Jun. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of Three 'Very Important Messages' from Clinton Visit
5 Jun. '12 Clinton Stresses Importance of Elections
5 Jun. '12 Clinton on 'New Areas of Defense Cooperation'
4 Jun. '12 Clinton Visits Georgia
1 Jun. '12 German Minister of Economic Cooperation Visits Georgia
1 Jun. '12 Saakashvili Meets Turkish PM in Istanbul
31 May. '12 U.S. Senator Durbin Visits Georgia
30 May. '12 Ivanishvili-Related Constitutional Amendment Goes into Force
30 May. '12 Saakashvili: EU, Georgia to Announce 'Visa Free Roadmap'
29 May. '12 Saakashvili Visits Latvia
28 May. '12 Sacking of Head of Exam Center at Education Ministry Triggers Controversy
28 May. '12 Ivanishvili Says Wants to Meet Clinton
27 May. '12 Ivanishvili Launches Campaign with Large Rally
27 May. '12 Ivanishvili-led Coalition Rallies in Tbilisi
27 May. '12 Independence Day Military Parade in Kutaisi
26 May. '12 Saakashvili's Independence Day Speech from New Parliament Building
26 May. '12 Iran's Ahmadinejad Congratulates 'Brotherly Georgian Nation' on Independence Day
26 May. '12 Clinton to Visit Georgia on June 5
25 May. '12 Ivanishvili Calls for Large Turnout for May 27 Rally
25 May. '12 Russia Criticizes Georgia-Related Parts of NATO Chicago Summit Declaration
23 May. '12 Ruling Party Responds to Ivanishvili’s Call for Constitutional Veto
22 May. '12 Ivanishvili Tells Saakashvili to Veto Constitutional Amendment
22 May. '12 Ivanishvili-Related Constitutional Amendment Passed with Final Reading
22 May. '12 Saakashvili: 'Our Chances Good for Next NATO Summit'
21 May. '12 Georgia in NATO Chicago Summit's Declaration
21 May. '12 Saakashvili: Chicago NATO Summit Progress for Georgia
21 May. '12 Saakashvili Comments on Ivanishvili
20 May. '12 Saakashvili, Aliyev Meet in Chicago, Discuss Disputed Border Section in Monastery Complex
17 May. '12 Georgia Among Recipients of UN Public Service Award
17 May. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of NATO Chicago Summit
15 May. '12 Saakashvili Leaves for U.S. with 'Stopover in Milan'
15 May. '12 Constitutional Amendment Tailored to Ivanishvili
15 May. '12 Minister: Georgia Bids for Euro 2020
14 May. '12 Saakashvili Congratulates French President-Elect
13 May. '12 Deadly Flood in Tbilisi
12 May. '12 Saakashvili on Parliamentary Elections 'Security Dimension'
12 May. '12 Reports: Ivanishvili Sells Pharmacy Chain in Russia
11 May. '12 U.S. 'Very Active in Preventing Further Recognition' of Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
9 May. '12 Saakashvili Says Tbilisi Maintains 'Unilateral Constructiveness' towards Moscow
9 May. '12 'Special Status' for Planned New City Lazika
8 May. '12 MPs to Hold Session in Partially Constructed Parliament Building in Kutaisi on May 26
6 May. '12 Saakashvili Praises Police, Interior Minister
5 May. '12 Georgia Plans 'Financial Zone' in Adjara
4 May. '12 Alasania Sees Georgian Authorities' Hand in Zugdidi Bomb
3 May. '12 Ruling Party MPs on Saakashvili's 'Two, Three, Four More Years' Remarks
2 May. '12 Saakashvili on Turning Kutaisi into 'Second Capital'
2 May. '12 Saakashvili: 'Give Me Two, Three, Four More Years'
1 May. '12 Saakashvili Meets Lithuanian PM
30 Apr. '12 Lithuanian PM Visits Georgia
28 Apr. '12 Concept of New Reserve Forces Discussed
26 Apr. '12 Saakashvili to Russia: 'Return Abkhazia, S.Ossetia and I'll Quit'
23 Apr. '12 Construction Works for 210 Megawatt Hydropower Plant Launched
22 Apr. '12 Saakashvili, Trump Unveil Tower Project, Praise Each Other
21 Apr. '12 U.S. Real Estate Tycoon Trump Visits Georgia
20 Apr. '12 Saakashvili: 'Let's Recruit Lavrov as Tourist Agent, He Advertises Georgia Well'
19 Apr. '12 Lavrov on Georgia's NATO Integration
19 Apr. '12 Tbilisi Wants NATO to State at Chicago Summit 'Georgia is Closer to Membership'
18 Apr. '12 Georgian FM Meets Clinton in NATO HQ
17 Apr. '12 Georgia Welcomes Release of Belarus Opposition Figures
17 Apr. '12 Ivanishvili Vows 'Breakthrough' by Late June
16 Apr. '12 Moscow Slams Tbilisi's Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty Vis-à-Vis Russia
15 Apr. '12 Saakashvili: 'Evil Force, Occupying Parts of Georgia, will be Defeated'
12 Apr. '12 Russia Warns Against Travel to Georgia
12 Apr. '12 Saakashvili Speaks of Reserve Troops
11 Apr. '12 Saakashvili Highlights Need for Defense Industry
10 Apr. '12 Georgia Tests Domestically Produced Drone
10 Apr. '12 Ivanishvili Not to Request President Dual-Citizenship
9 Apr. '12 Saakashvili on Georgia's 'Uninterrupted Cycle of Success'
9 Apr. '12 Saakashvili: Testing of Georgian-Made Drone Planned
9 Apr. '12 Head of RosPotrebNadzor Accuses Georgia of 'Sabotaging' Russia with Swine Fever
9 Apr. '12 Russian Deputy FM Downplays Tbilisi's Concerns over Kavkaz-2012 Drills
8 Apr. '12 Saakashvili: Catholic Community is 'Devoted Foundation of Georgia's European Choice'
6 Apr. '12 Georgia Sends Invitation to Int'l Election Observers
5 Apr. '12 Constitutional Amendment for Ivanishvili
5 Apr. '12 Ivanishvili Still Confident in Regaining Citizenship
4 Apr. '12 Georgian Dream Slams Decision on Ivanishvili’s Citizenship
4 Apr. '12 Ivanishvili Refused in Citizenship Through Naturalization
4 Apr. '12 Govt Urged to Invite Int'l Election Observers
3 Apr. '12 Saakashvili, Rasmussen Meet at NATO HQ
2 Apr. '12 Saakashvili to Meet NATO Secretary General in Brussels
1 Apr. '12 Bulgarian PM Visits Georgia
1 Apr. '12 Saakashvili Links Russia's Planned Military Drills with Elections in Georgia
28 Mar. '12 Congressman McDermott's Bill Stirs Controversy in Georgia
27 Mar. '12 Moscow Warns Against U.S.-Georgia Defense Cooperation
26 Mar. '12 Saakashvili at Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul
24 Mar. '12 Georgia 'Concerned over EU-Belarus Tensions'
23 Mar. '12 NSC Publishes 'Alasania's Files on Paramilitary Groups'
22 Mar. '12 U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Georgia Lays Out Priorities
22 Mar. '12 Ambassador-Designate: 'U.S. Approves Sale of M4 Carbines to Georgia'
21 Mar. '12 Poll Shows Strong Support for Ivanishvili's Georgian Citizenship
21 Mar. '12 CDM Leader Calls to Stop Talk of Civil War
20 Mar. '12 Defense Minister Rejects Allegations on Paramilitary Groups as 'Delirium'
20 Mar. '12 Alasania Steps Up Allegations on 'Paramilitary Group'
19 Mar. '12 Saakashvili Targets 8-10% GDP Growth in 2012
18 Mar. '12 Saakashvili Visits Joint U.S.-Georgian Military Drills
17 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: Talk of Civil War is 'Immoral' and 'Idiocy'
17 Mar. '12 Govt Extends Contract with Podesta Lobbying Firm
16 Mar. '12 Georgian Dream Links State Audit Agency’s Moves to Ivanishvili’s Citizenship Case
16 Mar. '12 German FM Speaks of Ties with Georgia
15 Mar. '12 Healthcare Minister Replaced
15 Mar. '12 U.S. Defense Secretary Visits and Commends Georgian Troops in Afghanistan
14 Mar. '12 Lavrov: U.S.-Georgian Military Drills 'Provocative'
14 Mar. '12 German FM to Visit Georgia
14 Mar. '12 Lavrov to Georgia: Revoke Law on Occupied Territories
13 Mar. '12 Saakashvili Meets Senior U.S. Official for Nuclear, Biological Defense Programs
12 Mar. '12 Ruling Party Has New Secretary General
12 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: For Putin Georgian Election is 'Decisive Battle'
12 Mar. '12 Moscow Slams Saakashvili's Baku Speech
10 Mar. '12 Georgia in Senator Lugar's NATO Enlargement Bill
9 Mar. '12 Govt Urged to Invite Int'l Long-Term Election Observers
9 Mar. '12 NATO Envoy: Georgia Getting Closer to NATO
8 Mar. '12 Putin: 'Much will Depend' on Elections in Georgia
7 Mar. '12 Saakashvili Addresses Azerbaijani Parliament
7 Mar. '12 Georgia, Azerbaijan Plan Joint Bid for European Football Championship
6 Mar. '12 Saakashvili Meets Aliyev in Baku
5 Mar. '12 Saakashvili to Visit Azerbaijan
5 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: 'Russia has no Future Under Current Leadership'
5 Mar. '12 Ivanishvili Warns Police Against 'Fulfilling Illegal Orders'
3 Mar. '12 Tbilisi to Russia: 'Reciprocate on Visa without Preconditions'
3 Mar. '12 Georgian-Produced Multiple Rocket Launcher Unveiled
2 Mar. '12 Saakashvili on Power Transfer to 'New Generation with New Mentality'
2 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: 'Lifting Visa Rules for Russia Sign of Strength'
2 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: Georgia to Test Domestically Made Artillery
1 Mar. '12 Saakashvili: 'Free Trade Treaty with EU Realistic for 2013'
1 Mar. '12 Georgia Lifts Visa Rules for Russia
29 Feb. '12 Doubts Cast on Police Version of Detainee's Death
29 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: 'Georgia Window to Europe for Caucasus'
29 Feb. '12 Saakashvili's Annual Address with Heated Debates
28 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: 'Elections Important Test for Georgia'
28 Feb. '12 Georgia to Lift Visa Rules for Russian Citizens
28 Feb. '12 Labor Party Calls on Opposition to Demand Georgia's Afghan Withdrawal
27 Feb. '12 Saakashvili Plans State of the Nation Address on Feb.28
26 Feb. '12 Saakashvili to Parties: 'Make Clear Foreign Policy Stance'
25 Feb. '12 Georgia Presents its Infantry Fighting Vehicle 'Lazika'
25 Feb. '12 Georgia Marks Day of Soviet Occupation
23 Feb. '12 Georgian, U.S. Defense Officials Discuss 'Deepening Cooperation'
22 Feb. '12 U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Visits Tbilisi
22 Feb. '12 Three Georgian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
21 Feb. '12 Ivanishvili Launches Coalition
20 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: Georgia Manufacturing 'Combat Vehicle'
20 Feb. '12 Gov't Plans GEL 25m Electricity Bill Subsidy
20 Feb. '12 Saakashvili Visits Troops in Afghanistan
18 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: 'Russian Money' will not Derail Georgia
16 Feb. '12 Planned Court Appeal Revives Election Date Debate
13 Feb. '12 Saakashvili Says Results of His U.S. Visit 'Strategic Breakthrough'
12 Feb. '12 Interior Ministry Says It Helped Secure Release of Georgian Monk from Captivity in Abkhazia
8 Feb. '12 Ivanishvili on Saakashvili's Options
7 Feb. '12 Ivanishvili on NATO, Russia
7 Feb. '12 Ivanishvili Signals Need for Single Opposition Candidates in Majoritarian MP Race
6 Feb. '12 Medvedev on Georgia's 'Militarization'
5 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: Russia 'Reacts with Panic' to Arab Uprisings
3 Feb. '12 Saakashvili: Georgia's ISAF Contribution Helped to Move Military Cooperation with U.S. to 'New Level'
2 Feb. '12 Russia Says 'Strongly Against' Arms Supply to Georgia
2 Feb. '12 Georgian Defense Minister Meets U.S. Secretary of Defense
2 Feb. '12 Clinton Meets Saakashvili
1 Feb. '12 Saakashvili on Russians' 'Strive for Freedom'
1 Feb. '12 Georgia in U.S. Intelligence Report
1 Feb. '12 Saakashvili Remains Noncommittal on Prime Ministerial Prospects
31 Jan. '12 Ivanishvili Hails Obama-Saakashvili Talks
31 Jan. '12 Saakashvili Says 'Results from Talks with Obama Exceeded Our Expectations'
31 Jan. '12 Obama Meets Saakashvili
30 Jan. '12 Ivanishvili Urges U.S. to Help Secure Free Elections
30 Jan. '12 Georgian Ambassador: Obama-Saakashvili Talks 'to Elevate Ties to New Level'
28 Jan. '12 Ruling Party Releases Its Commissioned Polls
26 Jan. '12 President’s Spokesperson: 'Cutting Diplomatic Ties with Moscow was not our Whim'
25 Jan. '12 Georgian FM: Geneva Talks Stalled
25 Jan. '12 Medvedev on Georgia, Saakashvili
25 Jan. '12 NSC Chief: U.S.-Georgia Defense Cooperation Deepens
24 Jan. '12 President not to Appeal Court Ruling Over Citizenship of Ivanishvili's Wife
23 Jan. '12 Alasania: Obama-Saakashvili Planned Talks 'Important'
20 Jan. '12 Saakashvili: 'We Aren't Afraid of Russia's Threats'
20 Jan. '12 Georgia Remains 'Partly Free' in Freedom House Survey
18 Jan. '12 Obama to Host Saakashvili at White House
18 Jan. '12 Saakashvili 'to Propose Ways to Further Boost' Ties During Talks with Obama
18 Jan. '12 Obama to Meet Saakashvili
15 Jan. '12 Ivanishvili Says Sure of Regaining Citizenship
13 Jan. '12 Saakashvili Hails Turkey and its PM
11 Jan. '12 Saakashvili: 'We Live in the Epoch of Revival'
11 Jan. '12 Ivanishvili's Wife Says Plans to Run for Parliament
11 Jan. '12 Pope Hails Georgia's Legislative Amendment on Religious Groups Legal Status
10 Jan. '12 Saakashvili Hails Release of Sailors from Pirate Captivity
7 Jan. '12 Twelfth Georgia Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
5 Jan. '12 Saakashvili: 'No One will Be Able to Throw Us into Past'
5 Jan. '12 Saakashvili on Parliamentary Elections
2 Jan. '12 Elbit Systems Says Dispute Settled with Georgia
1 Jan. '12 Saakashvili's New Year Address

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Biografie - Biography >> 
Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien - 2004 - 2013 >>

Official Facebook Page Of the 3rd President of Georgia - Mikheil Saakashvili 
საქართველოს მე-3 პრეზიდენტის ოფიციალური გვერდი
Mikheil Saakashvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on December 21, 1967, the eldest of three brothers. After graduating with honors from the prestigious Kiev University Institute of International Relations, he moved to the U.S. to attend Columbia University in New York City as an Edmund S. Muskie Fellow. He received a Master's degree in law in 1995. From 1995 to 1996 he studied law at the doctoral level at The George Washington University National Center of Law in Washington, D.C. 
In 1995 he was admitted to the New York Bar and practiced commercial law for nearly a year at Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler in NYC. In 1995 he became the first former Soviet citizen to obtain a prestigious diploma in Comparative Law of Human Rights from Strasbourg Human Rights International Institute.
As a member of the Human Rights Committee of Georgia he secured prisoner exchange agreements between Georgians and Abkhazs and also between Armenians and Azeris captured in the fighting for Nagorno-Karabakh. In 1992 at the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, he organized a conference between Georgians and South Ossetians, which led to the first signed ceasefire agreement.
In 1995 Saakashvili was elected to the Georgia Parliament initiating Georgia's first merit-based selection of judges. He also became the First Minister of Justice to address prison reform. On October 12, 2000 he was appointed Minister of Justice of Georgia where he continued to confront and investigate post-Soviet Georgian corruption of at the highest levels. Despite threats of reprisal and personal danger, he relentlessly exposed the wrongdoing and went public with hard evidence of governmental corruption by senior officials. His drastic judicial reforms improved the country's judicial system so effectively that they were noted with praise by the president of the World Bank.
As a result of falsified 2003 Parliamentary election results, Mikheil Saakashvili and the late Member of Parliament Zurab Zhvania united to reject the election results and called on the public to protest, beginning the Rose Revolution. The revolution culminated in Saakashvili peacefully leading a selected group of courageous visionaries through to the doors of the Parliament. Lifting up his hands to show he was unarmed, Saakashvili held up a single red rose.
On November 23, 2003 Eduard Shevardnadze resigned as President of Georgia. And on January 4, 2004 the people of Georgia elected Mikheil Saakashvili as their President with 96 percent of the votes. At 37-years-old, Mikheil Saakashvili became the youngest national president in Europe.
On January 25, 2005, U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and John McCain (R-AZ) nominated Georgian President Saakashvili for the Nobel Peace Prize praising his "extraordinary commitment peace ... to the universal values of democracy, individual liberty, and civil rights". Saying that, "because of [Saakashvili's] efforts, the people of Georgia are now constructing new societies based on the rule of law [and] ... resolving peacefully the complex ethnic and social issues that have in the past threatened to divide their nations."
"Misha," as he is affectionately known, was elected for his second term on January 5 2008 by 53.4 percent. As the president of Georgia, he has fought against corruption in all forms and manifestations without compromise. After the Rose Revolution, Russia, Georgia's primary economic partner, boycotted all Georgian imports. Where some would have accepted economic defeat, President Mikheil Saakashvili reached out to new global markets. At a time when Georgia's economy should have collapsed, President Saakashvili and his administration expanded the Georgian economy into new innovative and international markets, where it had not previously existed.
The outcome has been a rapidly developing, uncorrupt and modernized Georgia, which has become an inspiration for the entire region. Instead of a post-Soviet nation economically propped up by Russia, Georgia is now its own independent economy as well as its own sovereign democracy. Georgia's capital city, Tbilisi, and the port of city Batumi, serve as testaments to the success of the Saakashvili administration's economic strategy. The challenges are still vast, but this tiny country's progress is evidence that it continues to move in the right direction.
As a leader in the entire Caucuses region, Saakashvili committed nearly 1,000 battle ready Georgian soldiers to fight primarily alongside the U.S. Marines in Helmand Province. On December 19, 2009, he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying:
The test of the bonds among nations is not what we do when it is easy, but rather what we do when it is hard. Georgia has been grateful for the extent to which the U.S. and Europe have stood alongside us over recent years. Now we are proud to stand-and fight-alongside you.

Allgemeine Informationen

Geburt21. Dezember 1967




Aktueller ArbeitsplatzAmt: Thee 3rd President of Georgia

Politische EinstellungLiberal

BeitragThe 3rd President of Georgia

Religiöse AnsichtenOrthodox Christian




Andere Konten


http://www.unm.ge/index.php?m=123 - UNM = United National Movement, political party

მიხეილ სააკაშვილი დაიბადა საქართველოში, თბილისში, 1967 წლის 21 დეკემბერს. კიევის საერთაშორისო ურთიერთობების ინსტიტუტის წარჩინებით დამთავრების შემდეგ, ის აშშ-ში გაემგზავრა და ედმუნდ მასკის პროგრამით ნიუ-იორკში, კოლუმბიის უნივერსიტეტის სტუდენტად ჩაირიცხა.

1995 წელს მიხეილ სააკაშვილი საქართველოს პარლამენტის წევრად აირჩიეს და სწორედ მისი ინიციატივით, ქვეყანაში პირველად, დაიწყო მოსამართლეების შესარჩევი გამოცდების ჩატარება. მიხეილ სააკაშვილი გახდა პირველი იუსტიციის მინსიტრი, რომელიც სასჯელაღსრულების სისტემის რეფორმირების მოთხოვნით გამოვიდა. ამ თანამდებობაზე ის განაგრძობდა ბრძოლას სამართლიანობისათვის და პოსტსაბჭოთა საქართველოში გაბატონებულ კორუფციას უმაღლეს დონეზე იძიებდა.

2004 წელს, მშვიდობიანი და დემოკრატიული ვარდების რევოლუციის შედეგად, მიხეილ სააკაშვილი ხმათა 96 პროცენტით, საქართველოს პრეზიდენტად აირჩიეს. 2008 წელს ის ხელმეორედ და ბოლო ვადით აირჩიეს საქართველოს პრეზიდენტად.

მიხეილ სააკაშვილის მიღწევები

საქართველო კორუფციის გარეშე

მიხეილ სააკაშვილის მთავრობამ საკმაოდ ეფექტური გზებით დაძლია ქვეყანაში არსებული კორუფცია. ”საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობის” კვლევის თანახმად, 2010 წელს საქართველო დასახელდა N1 ქვეყანად არსებული კორუფციის დონის შემცირების თვალსაზრისით. საზოგადოების მიერ, მთავრობის კორუფციასთან ბრძოლის აღქმადობით საქართველო N2 ქვეყანად შეფასდა. კითხვაზე გადაუხდიათ თუ არა ქრთამი დადებითად გამოკითხულთა მხოლოდ 3%–მა უპასუხა.

ევროკავშირის 2012 წლის კვლევის მიხედვით კი, საქართველო არის ევროპის ყველაზე არაკორუმპირებული ქვეყანა.

საქართველო - უსაფრთხო ქვეყანა

მიხეილ სააკაშვილის პრეზიდენტობის განმავლობაში წარმატებით განხორციელდა პოლიციის რეფორმა, რამაც საქართველოში დანაშაულის მნიშვნელოვანი შემცირება გამოიწვია.

2010 წელს ”საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალეობამ” საქართველოს პოლიცია დაასახელა როგორც ყველაზე ნაკლებ კორუმპირებული სტრუქტურა მსოფლიო მასშტაბით. მიუხედავად იმისა, რომ ვარდების რევოლუციამდე კრიმინალური სამყარო ფართოდ იყო გავრცელებული ქვეყანაში, მიხეილ სააკაშვილმა მოახერხა კანონიერი ქურდების ინსტიტუტის აღმოფხვრა და ორგანიზებული დანაშაულის შემცირება.


საქართველოში რეგისტრირებულ დანაშაულთა სტატისტიკა წლების მიხედვით


ნაფიც მსაჯულთა სასამართლო

პირველად თანამედროვე საქართველოს ისტორიაში, სისხლის სამართლის საქმეებზე შემოღებულ იქნა ნაფიც მსაჯულთა სასამართლო. შედეგად, ჩვეულებრივი მოქალაქეები გვევლინებიან მსაჯულებად ბრალდებულის დამნაშავედ ან უდანაშაულოდ არ ცნობის საკითხში.


განვითარებული ინფრასტრუქტურა

მიხეილ სააკაშვილმა მოახერხა საქართველოს ერთ–ერთი უმთავრესი გამოწვევის, ინფრასტრუქტურის განვითარება. მისი პრეზიდენტობის პერიოდში რეაბილიტირდა მრავალი ქალაქი და სოფელი საქართველოს მასშტაბით. ფაქტობრივად, მთლიანად აღორძინდა:


bullet-blue-presქუთაისიbullet-blue-presძველი თბილისიbullet-blue-presახალციხე


აშენდა საზღვაო კურორტი ანაკლია. დაიწყო ახალი ქალაქის - „ლაზიკას“ მშენებლობა. 2012 წლის შემოდგომაზე დასრულდება პირველი ნაგებობები და ბულვარი. სააკაშვილმა მოახერხა და დაიწყო თბილისი–ბათუმის დამაკავშირებელი უმნიშვნელოვანესი მაგისტრალის მშენებლობა. პროცესშია ახალი ბაქო–თბილისი–ყარსის სარკინიგზო ხაზის მშენებლობა, რომელიც უახლოეს მომავალში დასრულდება.

გაზრდილი სახელმწიფო ბიუჯეტი

მიხეილ სააკაშვილის პრეზიდენტობის პერიოდში მნიშვნელოვნად გაიზარდა სახელმწიფო ბიუჯეტი. 2004 წელს საქართველოს ბიუჯეტი შეადგენდა 1,930,300,000 ლარს, ხოლო 2012 წელს ქვეყნის ბიუჯეტი შეადგენს 7,916,100,000 ლარს.


პირველი ადგილი მსოფლიო რეიტინგში და გამარტივებული ქონების რეგისტრაცია

183 ქვეყანას შორის, უძრავი ქონების რეგისტრაციის სფეროში განხორციელებული რეფორმების შედეგად,საქართველო პირველ ადგილზე დასახელდა. ამავე დროს, საქართველო მე–4 ადგილზეა მსოფლიო რეიტინგში, მშენებლობის ნებართვის გაცემის გამარტივების თვალსაზრისით.


ქონების დასარეგისტრირებლად საჭირო დღეების რაოდენობა

მე-7 ადგილი ბიზნესის წარმოების სიმარტივის თვალსაზრისით

საქართველოში ახალი ბიზნესის დასარეგისტრირებლად საჭირო დღეების რაოდენობა რადიკალურად შემცირდა. 2004 წელს რეგისტრაციისთვის 25 დღე იყო საჭირო, ხოლო 2012 წელს აღნიშნული რაოდენობა ორ დღემდე  შემცირდა, რის შედეგადაც, საქართველო ღირსეულად ინარჩუნებს მე–7 ადგილს მსოფლიო მასშტაბით.

გაზრდილი პირდაპირი უცხოური ინვესტიციები

2008 წლის ეკონომიკური კრიზისისა და რუსეთის სამხედრო აგრესიის მიუხედავად, საგრძნობლად გაიზარდა პირდაპირი უცხოური ინვესტიციების რაოდენობა საქართველოში.


პირდაპირი უცხოური ინვესტიციები (აშშ დოლარი)

  • 2004: 499 910 000
  • 2005 449 800 000
  • 2006 1 190 500 00
  • 2007: 2 014 800 00 - რეკორდულად მაღალი მაჩვენებელი
  • 2008: 1 564 000 00
  • 2009: 658 400 000 - რუსული აგრესიის კვალი
  • 2010: 814 500 000
  • 2011: 980 600 000

დაბალი ინფლაციის მაჩვენებელი

  • 2006- 8.8%;
  • 2007-11.0%;
  • 2008-5.5%;
  • 2009-3.0%;
  • 2010-11.2%;
  • 2011-2.0%;

3-ჯერ გაზრდილი მთლიანი შიდა პროდუქტის მოცულობა ერთ სულ მოსახლეზე.


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The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili (2004 - 2013) - president.gov.ge/en/History/MikheilSaakashvili
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Mikheil Saakashvili (Georgian: მიხეილ სააკაშვილი, IPA: [mixɛil saakʼaʃvili]; born 21 December 1967) is a Georgian politician and was the third President of ...

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Georgian politician who was instrumental in easing Pres. Eduard Shevardnadze from office and who later became president of Georgia (2004–2007, 2008–).

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Saakashvili: 'Singapore, Estonia - Examples for Georgia'Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 1 Feb.'11 / 23:56
President Saakashvili reiterated on February 1 that Georgia should follow Singapore's path of development and added that Estonia was also an example.
"I am often saying that Georgia should follow suit of Singapore and Georgia follows Estonia's suit in many things," he said in televised speech at vocational education and training center in eastern region of Kakheti.
"We are often told by the Europeans: 'Why are you fixated on Singapore; there is totally different situation, there was absolutely different regime; your country is moving on the path of the European democracy' - and that's true, but democracy does not mean instability," Saakashvili said.
"We say we learn from Singapore and Estonia. Singapore was the country, or to say more precisely, a small town. It lived much poorly than we do. It is smaller than Tbilisi by size or maybe of the same size. It has seven square kilometers of access to the sea - much less than we have and It was surrounded by hostile environment – by big states, which were all ready to swallow up this small country, which had neither agricultural lands, nor potable and irrigation water and generally, its situation was absolutely hopeless, it had no natural resources either. But this country managed to become one of the richest countries in the world. Then what the hell is happening with Georgia? We have such land, such natural resources, such nature and such talented people," he said.

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Saakashvili's Post-Election SpeechCivil Georgia, Tbilisi / 27 Oct.'13 / 23:54
Outgoing President Saakashvili said after exit polls gave outright victory to GD’s presidential candidate Giorgi Margvelashvili in Sunday’s vote that “Georgia elected a new president” and addressing those who “are unhappy” with these results said that any kind of “retreat is temporary.”
“Presidential election was held today. Georgia elected a new president. I want to thank all those voters, who participated in these elections, because all the elections, regardless of their results, serve further democratic development in our country and ultimately, democracy is a major foundation of our political system, which we are very proud of,” Saakashvili said in a televised address.  
“Georgian voters have spoken and I want to tell everyone who is unhappy with these results – we should all respect the majority’s opinion because the majority resolves such issues in a democracy.”
“Regardless of how much we may agree or oppose this decision, that’s the rule of democracy. We all respect the law and the opinions of the majority participating in the elections.”
“At the same time, I understand that very many people are disappointed in Georgia. We, as well as the majority, should always listen to the minority’s opinion.”
“Voter turnout was much lower [in the October 27 presidential election – 46.6%] compared to many previous elections and it is an important sign that it is necessary to be constantly in dialogue with our people,” said Saakashvili.
“The rights of all groups, each voter or those persons, who did not come to the elections, should be protected and their opinions should be respected.”
“I will not hide that I believe the developments over the past one year as well as today’s developments in Georgia and the results stemming from these developments represent a serious setback for Georgia, for its progress and future perspectives.”
“But at the same time, I am deeply convinced that in the condition when Georgia is irreversibly heading towards its natural environment – Europe, in the conditions when Georgian voters firmly support this course, in the conditions when a new generation of our compatriots has been grown up over the recent years, when a great group of young people has emerged, who keeps step with the new realities, and generally, we as the society, people of any age, have gained a new experience, in the end the forces of darkness and regress will fail to prevail and will fail to gain a foothold in Georgia. All the difficulties are temporary and we will continue to move forward.”
“We should all respect the election results,” Saakashvili continued. “Again, I want to tell the people, who do not like these results and whom I understand very well, I want to tell everyone – don’t give up; any kind of retreat is temporary; based on those traditions, which we created in last 10 years and which cannot be eradicated by anything, Georgia has a very good future, we will overcome all the difficulties, we will compensate the lost time and we will continue moving towards better future.”

Saakashvili's Speech at the UN General Assembly – 2013Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 26 Sep.'13 / 05:14
As delivered, September 25, 2013
Mr. President,
Your Excellencies,
Distinguished Delegates,
It is a great honor to represent once again my beloved nation at this rostrum. During the past decade, as I had the privilege to address this hall, Georgia has moved from a failed state to a market democracy.

We have experienced both advances and setbacks, both breakthroughs and mistakes. But the world has been able to witness the constant commitment to freedom of the Georgian people.

I ask you today to once more hear the voice of a nation that transcends political, social, and religious differences in a common love for freedom. A voice that, despite all the problems we have encountered and the challenges we still have to overcome, is full of hope.

And, looking at our world today, I do think that this voice of hope is needed.
The optimism of the early 1990s, when the spread of liberal and democratic values seemed natural, when the End of History had been proclaimed and when the United Nations was set to become the heart and the soul of a world finally at peace, this optimism of the 1990s – when I was a student here in New York and I had an opportunity to be here as an intern at the United Nations, which was full of optimism – has been crushed by a wave of pessimism and cynicism.

The world is not at peace. Humankind has not reconciled with itself. And the UN did not become the soul or the heart of a united globe.

Western civilization, once triumphant, is now trying to tackle a deep economic, social, and mental crisis.

In Eastern Europe, the colored revolutions are challenged by the forces they had defeated a few years ago.

In the Middle East, the glorious images of the cheering crowds of Cairo and Tunis have been replaced by the horrendous videos of the gassed children of Damascus.

There are many good reasons to be disillusioned.

But should the dogmatic optimism of the 90s be replaced by an equally dogmatic pessimism, by a sense of resignation that suffocates hope?

Should the fact that the expansion of democracy and freedom turns out to require profound struggle - should this lead us to renounce our beliefs and our principles?

I came here today to share the hopes on behalf of my nation, and to speak out on behalf of the Georgian people against this ambient fatalism.

I came here to address those who doubt, those who hesitate, those who are tempted to give in.

If the West is outdated, then why do millions of Poles, Czech, Estonians, Romanians, and others cherish so much the day they entered NATO? And why are millions of Ukrainians, Georgians, Moldovans, and others desperately knocking on the doors of the European Union?

If freedom is no longer fashionable, how do we explain that the suicide of an unknown citizen in a remote Tunisian town has changed the map of the world?

No. History did not come to an end in 1989 or 1991 as it was proclaimed and it never will. But freedom is still its motor and its horizon. Everywhere, men and women who want to live in freedom are confronted by the forces of tyranny.

The question is: are we going to be actors or spectators in this confrontation?

Distinguished delegates,

As I speak, the Eastern European countries aspiring to join the European family of free and democratic nations are facing constant pressures and threats.

Armenia has been cornered and forced to sign Customs Union, which is not in this nation’s interest or in the interest of our region.

Moldova is being blockaded, Ukraine is under constant attack, Azerbaijan faces extraordinary pressure, and Georgia is occupied.

Why? Because an old Empire is trying to reclaim its bygone borders. And ‘borders’ is actually not the right word, since this Empire – be it the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, or the Eurasian Union - never had borders. It only had margins.

I came today to speak in the name of these margins.

Unlike most nations, the Russian Federation has no interest in having stable states around it.

Neighboring countries in constant turmoil is what the Kremlin is seeking. It rejects the very idea of strong governments in Georgia, Ukraine, or Moldova, even ones that try to be friendly to its interests.

I was never a great fan of what the French call La langue de bois, but as my second term nears its end, I feel more than before the urge to speak my mind.

So let us be concrete.
Do you think that Vladimir Putin wants Armenia to decisively triumph over Azerbaijan, for instance? No. This would make Armenia too strong and potentially too independent.

Do you think then that the contrary is true, that Moscow wants Baku to prevail over Yerevan? Obviously not. The current rise of a modernized, dynamic Azerbaijan is a nightmare for the Russian leaders.

No, they do not want anyone to prevail and the conflict itself is their objective, since it keeps both nations dependent and blocks their integration into the European common space.

Do you think that the electoral defeat of the forces that led the Orange Revolution in Ukraine has led the Kremlin to take a softer approach to this country?

To the contrary. I spoke yesterday to my colleague Victor Yanukovych; his government is under constant attack and pressure from Russia and that’s what’s happening on the daily basis ahead of the European [Union Eastern Partnership] Summit of Vilnius and Russian officials now speak openly about dismembering this nation – I just heard speech two days ago.

Do you think the Kremlin would agree to discuss the de-occupation of our regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, now that the government has changed in Tbilisi? Far from it.

The annexation of Georgian lands by Russian troops continues.

Yesterday, the occupants have expelled again Georgian citizens from their houses and are destroying them, are destroying their villages, homes and houses of their parents and grand-parents, [inaudible] their cemeteries in total impunity, water systems.

Despite the friendly statements made by the new Georgian government in the recent weeks and months, the Russian military keeps advancing its positions, dividing communities with new barbwires, threatening our economy, moving towards the vital Baku-Supsa pipeline, approaching more and more the main highway of Georgia and thus putting into question the very sustainability of our country.

We are one of few nations in history – and I am very proud of it – that [inaudible] unfortunately full-blown Russian attack and we are the only one for many centuries whose statehood and independence survived, despite the full-blown attack by more than 100,000-strong Russian army, despite [being] bombed by 200 planes and attacked by the Russian Black sea fleet and tens of thousands of mercenaries.

Our statehood and independence have survived against all these things. But let us not risk losing now in times of peace. We survived because we are united, we survived because the world was with us. I hope the world will stay with us when this pressure is applied to us.

I came here in the name of the Georgian people to ask you, to the international community to react strongly to this aggression and help us to put an end to the Russian annexation of our land.
The hostility of Vladimir Putin and his team towards the government I had the privilege to lead for almost a decade was not based on personal hatreds or cultural misunderstandings.

Any such interpretation was just a smokescreen. My predecessor, President Shevardnadze, came from the highest Soviet nomenklatura. He was returned to power in Georgia with direct Russian help in the 90s, through a military coup. He was well known for his Soviet diplomatic skills unlike me. And yet, Russia has constantly undermined his authority and even tried to assassinate him several times.

This is not about Gamsakhurdia – the first Georgian President, Shevardnadze, Saakashvili, or present Prime Minister Ivanishvili.

Those names actually do not matter when the stakes are so high. This is about the possibility or not of true statehood in Georgia, and beyond.

Why? Because the current Russian authorities know perfectly well that as soon as strong institutions are built in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, or any other place, as soon as functioning states emerge, such institutions, such states will reflect and enforce the will of their people, which is to become fully independent and move towards Europe.

The Georgian experience of successful reforms and the creation of a functioning state was therefore considered to be a virus – a virus that could and would contaminate the whole post-Soviet region; we became the least corrupt country in Europe, the world’s number on reformer according to the World Bank, one of the top places to do the business; the least criminalized country in Europe after being one of the most criminalized one; and that was the virus that should have been eliminated, by every means possible.

This is why the Georgian nation has suffered an embargo, a war, an invasion, and an occupation – all since 2006.

But this also is why the resistance of the Georgian people and the resilience of the Georgian democracy are of the outmost importance for the entire region.

Dear colleagues,

The efforts to roll back the advances of the EU and NATO in our region – progress based on the will of our people – are becoming ever more intense.

These efforts have a name: the Eurasian Union.

It makes me sick when KGB officer Vladimir Putin lectures the world about freedom, values and democracy – this is the least of the things he can do to the world. [Inaudible] dictatorial leader of one of the last empires left.

But this new project is much more dangerous than his lectures. 

The Eurasian Union has been shaped as an alternative to the European Union and unveiled by Vladimir Putin as the main project of his new presidency – the new Russian empire.

Because European and Euro-Atlantic integration take a lot of time and require tremendous efforts, because there are moments when you might think you are pursuing a mirage, because the threats become so strong, the pressures so direct, while the promises seem so far away, some people in our region might fall victim to fatigue and ask themselves: why not?

Today, I want precisely to explore this ‘why not?’

Much more than with a choice of foreign policy or of international alliances, our nations are confronted with a choice of society, a choice of life.

Our people have to decide whether they accept to live in a world of fear and crime; a world in which differences are perceived as threats and minorities as punching bags; a world in which opponents are facing selective justice or beatings; a world, my dear friends, where that we all know very well in our region since this is the world from which we are coming.

The Eurasian Union is both our recent past and the future shaped for us by some ex-KGB officers in Moscow.

On the opposite side, our revived traditions and our centuries old aspirations lead us towards another world called Europe.

European societies are far from perfect and there too, you can have fears, doubts, angers, hatreds even. But there, meritocracy prevails over nepotism, tolerance is a fundament of public life, current opponents are the future ministers and not the prisoners to be or the enemies to beat.

The choice - when it is put like that - is so obvious for the people of Eastern Europe that some Kremlin strategists – they call themselves politechnologists – have decided to conceal the truth and have shaped lies that they are spreading throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and many other places.
Their mouthpieces in our respective countries – this conscious or unconscious 5th column – identify the European Union with the destruction of family values, the erosion of national traditions and the promotion of gays and lesbians, undermining our traditional religions.

Strangely, in recent years and even more in recent months, we hear in Tbilisi, Kiev, or Chisinau the same ugly music that was first orchestrated in Moscow hear that our traditions are collapsing under the influence of the West, that Christian holidays will be replaced by gay pride events, and Churches by multicultural Disney Lands; we hear that our Orthodox identity is under threat.

And after all – here we come – we hear that we share with our former masters a common respect for decency and traditions.

Are we so naive to believe these lies of Putin and the others, as other generations did, allowing our sovereignty to be kidnapped?

Are we so unfair to our ancestors to think that their memory would be honored by attacks on mosques or some pogroms? Are we so unaware of our own history that we allow it to repeat itself endlessly?

When we hear the fake music of the orthodox brotherhood sung by Russian imperialists, can't we hear the true voice of the Patriarch Kirion, who was assassinated, or the eternal voice of the Patriarch Ambrosi Khelaia, who was tortured during days and weeks only because he appealed to the Geneva Conference against the invasion of his country? And he told his Russian interrogators: ‘You can have my body, my flesh, but you will never have my soul.’ Are we so deaf as not to hear the voices of the killed bishops and priests, tortured by Russian imperialists and Russian communists? Are we so uneducated that we do not recall who has repainted our churches and erased our sacred frescos?

Are we so blind today not to see the destruction of our churches by the same people, who erased our churches in [inaudible] now in the occupied territories?

We need to know our history. And our history teaches us that tolerance is the basis for sovereignty in our region. It is not only a moral duty: it is an issue of national security.

We need to know our history to understand that the same old imperialistic principle – divide to rule – is applied today as it was two centuries ago.

Looking at our region today, those who have some knowledge of the Caucasian history might remember the Armenian-Azerbaijani bloodshed of 1905, directly created by the tsarist administration, and compare it to the beginning of the conflict in the Karabakh in the late 1980s. The Russian army was present in large numbers… and war started and they were helping both sides, in fact stirring up the conflict.

They might recall - as I do too well -the beginning of the war in Georgian region of Abkhazia in the early 1990s, when Georgian paramilitary groups were getting their weapons from the same Russian troops who were actually leading, directing, assisting the Abkhaz militia bombing the Georgian territory and bringing in Chechen mercenaries in order to kill any form of solidarity between nations of the North and the South Caucasus.

Just as they were sending – for the same reason – more than one century before – Georgian officers at the forefront of their wars against Chechens, Ingush or Daghestani.

We could also look at other margins throughout the times, we could look at Poland or Ukraine, and we would see the same pictures. Everywhere, the Empire has always inflamed the relations between subjugated people and separated them by a wall of fanatical antagonism.
It used to work, unfortunately. But what is even more unfortunate is that it is still working today.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished delegates,

The European Union – the greatest political success of recent decades – has been built on three pillars, which also could be characterized as three rejections: the rejection of the extreme nationalism that had led Europe to the collective suicide of two world wars and the horrors of Nazism; the rejection of communism that was threatening to spread throughout the continent and the world; and, in the end, the rejection of colonialism and imperialism.

It took time – and many of delegates remember it very well, very painfully, because you were victims of the French imperialism, the British imperialism; it took time for the French and British Empires to accept this third rejection, but giving up their colonies was the price to pay for the modernization of their economy and the development of their democracy, and also for the European unification to actually be realized.

The Eurasian Union is based on the exact opposite premises. It is fuelled by intolerance, it is lead by old KGB structures and it is shaped to revive an old Empire – that’s what the Eurasian Union is all about

Of course, joining the Eurasian Union is therefore very easy. There are no social, economic, or political criteria to be met: becoming a colony, in fact, requires no effort at all. Passivity and mediocrity, absence of the national pride are the only requirements; willingness to be slaved in another one.

On the other hand, to get into a real Union, there is no alternative to making a Herculean effort and meeting exact criteria - because such principles are precisely what create the Union.

So, to those who doubt, I tell that it is precisely because the EU demands effort and imposes criteria, it is precisely because it does not seek to absorb us (while the other one is dreaming about it) - that the choice should be obvious.

But there is an even better reason for saying that the choice is obvious. The choice is obvious because the Russian project is doomed to fail.

No Empire is sustainable today – we are living in the 21st century – and certainly not the Russian one, which is the last anachronism of the empire’s world. If we look at history, France and UK have lost their colonies not only because these colonies fought for their independence, but also because people in Paris and London ultimately did not believe anymore in their Empire.

Exactly the same is happening in Russia nowadays. The imperial dream is being rejected first at its margins as we have seen. But, most crucially perhaps, the idea of the Empire is rejected at its very center.

Such a rejection does not manifest itself only in public protests or in the rising polls of the opposition in the main cities of Russia.

It expresses itself in the universal cynicism of Russian elites towards Putin's Eurasian vision.

The very people who are supposed to serve it do not believe in the viability of this project.

Rejected at its margins, rejected at its center, the imperialistic path will come to a dead end, the Eurasian Union will fail and Russia will, after all, become a nation state with borders instead of margins – the real country with real borders.

Then, it will start to seek stable relations with stable neighbors. Then, cooperation will replace confrontation. It will happen, and much sooner than people think, to the benefit of the margins, but most of all to the benefit of the Russian people themselves.

It will happen because the imperial project is absurd for a generation of Russian citizens who are among the most enthusiastic users of the Internet in the world.

It will happen because the ethnic discrimination Russia is using inside its territories is not going to consolidate and make Russia more strong and united state.

It will happen because the endless resources provided by the revenues of oil and gas are challenged by the perspectives offered by the exploitation of shale gas and shale oil. The shale gas revolution is really undermining the last authoritarian empire in the world.

It will happen because gas alone does not replace economic modernization. It will happen because of the corruption and the absence of justice.

It will happen because entire regions have been alienated by discriminations and violence, because the people of Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and many other places have been so much persecuted that they do not feel part of any common project with central authorities in Moscow.
It will happen because frustrations, angers, hatreds are too strong and the unifying ideal too absent.

It will happen not in the coming decades, but in the coming years.

Few years from now – you will recall my words – Vladimir Putin will have left the Kremlin and vanished from the Russian politics, even if he says that he will be there for another twenty years.

Russian citizens will remember him as a ghost from the old times – the times of corruption and oppression.

Nobody knows whether this process will be calm or violent, whether his successor will be nationalistic or liberal, or both together, but what matters is something else: Russian will no longer be an Empire; it will become finally a normal nation state.

This is the horizon we should prepare for, all together.

Meanwhile, as our region will remain an area of confrontation, the formerly captive nations should unite their strengths instead of cultivating their divisions.

Some leaders, some countries in the past had understood that the freedom of one was depending on the freedom of all subjugated nations, like the Poland of Pilsudski that was inviting all the oppressed people to unite under the flag of Polish independence and the Polish military forces. But never had our ancestors benefited from a vast and powerful enough force that had understood its strategic interest was to preserve the sovereignty of each of our nations. Today, this force exists and it is, with all of its deficiencies, the European Union.

As we come closer to the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit, I would like to reiterate a call that I have made several times in the recent years.

By launching the Eastern Partnership, as a response to the 2008 invasion of Georgia, the EU has offered to our nations a platform to cooperate under its benevolent umbrella. We should invest much more in it. We should develop common projects, first and foremost focusing on the necessary reforms that we should carry on together. Because reforms mean - for all of us - statehood and independence.

Russian Empress Catherine II knew it well and when Poland started to implement successfully an ambitious program of reforms following the precepts of the French or British Enlightenment, she wrote a long and secrete letter to Friedrich the Great.

This letter was and remains one of the most impressive expression of the nature and the strategy of the imperialistic project.

It reads that ongoing reforms are dangerous both for Russia and Prussia because they will turn Poland into a true State, that they need to be stopped and that Poland should be attacked and dismembered before they are fully implemented.

This letter will not sound unfamiliar to those who know how much Vladimir Putin was loathing the Georgian experience throughout this last decade, because lots of Russians were asking: if this once corrupt Georgia, this criminalized country could make it, why Russians can’t make it? This was ideologically dangerous project. For the first time, an efficient nation State was being built in the Caucasus and the reforms had to be crushed before they would bear all their fruits.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Unity should be our rule in Eastern Europe, including in the divided Caucasus.

I have spoken about the beginnings of the war in Abkhazia, I could have recalled an older scene that is very symbolic of the history of the Caucasus.

At the end of the rebellion lead by Shamil against the Russian Empire, after Shamil, the great imam of the Northern Caucasus, had surrendered himself, the last Chechen leader still fighting – named Baysongour - had been wounded and captured. As they were going to hang him, the Russian officers gathered a crowd of Dagestani men to witness the execution. They ordered one of them to remove the chair on which Baysongour was standing in order to kill him. By doing so, they wanted to fuel the local vendettas and oppose the people. Seeing this, Baysongour moved the chair himself, committing a forbidden suicide – forbidden by any religion and of course Islam – and preserving the relations between neighbors. But for one failure, how many successes this strategy has encountered among the Caucasian nations?

It needs to come to an end. And this is why I have launched several projects during my Presidency reinforcing the people-to-people contacts between North and South Caucasus, projects focusing mostly on education and on University exchanges.

That’s why the Georgian Parliament has recognized [in May, 2011] genocide of Circassian people – one of the most unknown and tragic pages of history of the world, when the whole nation was wiped out because their land was needed by the Russian Empire.
We need to build on those small efforts. We need to prepare for the times when the Empire collapses. So that its legacy of hatred is swiftly overcome.

And we, as citizens of Georgia, need to prepare for the times when Russian troops will leave our occupied regions, when Moscow will withdraw from Tskhinvali and Sukhumi, Abkhazia.

We need to prepare ourselves to welcome back our Ossetian and Abkhaz fellow citizens as brothers and sisters, and not as enemies. We need to prepare for times when hundreds of thousands, in fact more than half a million of Georgian and other ethnic groups that became IDPs, go back to their deserted houses.

Because these times will come sooner than we think – much sooner, in the years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As my second term nears its end, I take pride in the many accomplishments that Georgia achieved during my tenure in office.

We took Georgia literally out of darkness, brought unprecedented transparency into our public service, put our children back to schools and took the gangs out of them. We have brought our nation closer than ever to its European dream and worked tirelessly to renew the spirit of tolerance that guided Georgia in our glorious past.

We did many good things. When I became the President at that moment I was the youngest president in the world and I realize that some of these things were done at a very high cost. In our rush to impose a new reality, against the background of internal and external threats, we have cut comers and certainly made mistakes.
We went sometimes too far and other times not far enough. I acknowledge fully my responsibility in all these shortcomings and I sincerely care for all those who have felt that they did not benefit enough from our work or even that they were victims of our radical methods.

I want to tell to all Georgian citizens – to those who supported our project, our policies and our party and to those who rejected them – I  want to tell them how proud I am of their maturity and their bravery, how humble I feel looking at the sacrifices and the efforts they have made.

We promised them this project and we did not promise them it would be too smooth and we went very far, but we went far because our people were so mature and brave.

I want to tell them from this rostrum how humble I feel [while] looking at sacrifices and the efforts they have made.

We are and should remain a nation united in a common love for freedom and dignity.

We are and should remain a nation united in the deepest respect for the sacrifices made by our soldiers in Afghanistan; a nation sharing the same sorrow when they lose their lives and taking the same pride in their bravery.

We are the nation proud of our soldiers that stood up to hundred times exceeding force of Russian invaders and gave us time together with the world to mobilize and protect and save our independence – something that, with due respect, many of the nations in Europe could not do in 20th century, much bigger and much powerful than us.

We are and we should remain a nation united in our historical identity to join the European family of democratic nations, the family we should never have been separated from in first place.

The path of the Georgian people towards freedom, regional unity and European integration is far from over and I will continue to dedicate every day of my life to its success, as a proud citizen of a proud nation.
Thank you

Saakashvili's Speech at Munich Security Conference - Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 6 Feb.'11 / 19:59
February 6
Ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished guests of the conference,
In the past 20 years, the world has learnt that history did not end in 1989 and that it remains tragic.
The eclipse of the Cold War left behind a series of so-called “low intensity conflicts”—an euphemism for “conflicts of little importance to the international community.”
It is clear now to all of us in this room that these conflicts can have global effects and that stable states cannot preserve their own security while overlooking instability abroad.
Having experienced and survived very uncertain times, we, Georgians, believe not only that all people have the right to aspire to stability, but also that it is our collective responsibility to project this stability in areas where it does not exist.
This is why Georgia has sent almost 1,000 troops to support some of the most dangerous missions of the ISAF deployment in Afghanistan—to help the Afghan people achieve a sustainable peace and to prevent terrorists from again using that country as a base.
For Georgia, a country of just 4.7 millions souls, whose territory is still partly occupied, such an effort underscores our determination to be a provider—and not just a consumer—of international security.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to stress today that we are facing a decisive moment for the future of our region.
The arc of countries at the margin of what was not so long ago the Soviet Empire can be defined both as an arc of crisis—or so-called “frozen conflicts” - and as an area of opportunity for international cooperation.
We, Georgians, have seen in 2008 how quickly a “frozen conflict” can turn into a hot war and I cannot emphasize enough today the danger of overlooking ongoing tensions in the South Caucasus and beyond.
I came here to deliver one simple message: ignoring the ongoing military build-ups fueled by well-known foreign hands can lead to future disasters.
Ladies and gentlemen,
South Caucasus is the only alternative road to bring the Central Asian energy to Europe, a supply route for the ISAF mission, a region in which people are striving for transatlantic integration and for European transformation.
But a region, also, where the law of weapons has prevailed too many times in the recent past, where some leaders of a former Empire still apply a well known policy: “divide to rule”.
In order to avoid new confrontations, we should all take our responsibilities.
My government is committed to take every possible step in order to defuse tensions and pave the way to a just and lasting peace in the region.
In the 80% of Georgia that we control, we have made in the last 7 years considerable progress in building a multi-ethnic state where all citizens have access to the government and the economy.
Towards the regions illegally occupied by the Russian troops, we have adopted a comprehensive strategy of peaceful engagement of all populations, trying to rebuild the bridges between communities that the Soviet leaders and their heirs have systematically destroyed.
We never took the Russian refusal to comply with the August 12th 2008 cease-fire agreement as a pretext and we went beyond our commitments as defined in the cease-fire agreement, as well as in our cooperation with the essential European Monitoring Mission.
The head of the EUMM, Hansjorg Haber, defined our policy as a “constructive unilateralism”.
This “constructive unilateralism” has lead me to solemnly pledge last November before the European Parliament that Georgia will never use force in order to restore its territorial integrity, neither against the occupation forces nor against their proxies.
This pledge - a legal obligation for Georgia - was accompanied by a call for dialogue.
I came here today to repeat this simple message: Peace is the only solution, and a comprehensive political dialogue is the only way to achieve it.
But until now, how did the Russian leaders respond to our call?
Not only they refused to reciprocate the non-use of force, they responded by accelerating the military build-up in the occupied regions, announcing lastly the deployment of offensive missiles 50 miles from our capital.
Ladies and gentlemen,
European and American involvement is essential, in Georgia and beyond our borders, to bring those who believe in military supremacy back to the table of negotiations.
With your help, I am confident that we can transform this region marked by old-fashioned logics of domination into an area of cooperation and progress.
What is at stake is more than just a nation of 4,7 millions people dreaming of independence and transatlantic integration, and even more that the South Caucasus at large.
What is at stake is this Europe whole and free that the end of the Cold War should have allowed to exist already.
It is time to debunk the idea that so-called “frozen conflicts” are a stalemate and that advantage can only be gained by using force.
It is time for peace,
Thank you very much.
Source: Munich Security Conference website.

Präsident Saakashvili’s UN-Rede in New York - "die neue Berliner Mauer mit Demokratie zum Einsturz bringen" - 25.09.2009, Civil Georgia
The Georgian authorities remain committed to deepen democratic reforms, as “vibrant democracy is one of the best ways to topple new wall” dividing Abkhazia and South Ossetia from the rest of Georgia, President Saakashvili said in a speech to the UN General Assembly.
In his address, Saakashvili mainly focused on Russia’s occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, drawing parallels between the Berlin Wall and “new artificial dividing line… built by the very people whose ideas were collectively and decisively defeated and rejected just 20 years ago” when the Berlin Wall collapsed.
“This new wall tells us that once again the rule of force has trumped the rule of law and the rule of reason,” he said.
Speaking about the road ahead, Saakashvili said he wanted “to state outright” that Georgia did not expect this “new wall” “to disappear overnight.” ...
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