Nachrichten - News - 2004-2003
Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>

31 Dec. '04Saakashvili to Visit Ukraine on New Year’s Eve 
30 Dec. '04Transcript of Mikheil Saakashvili’s Speech 
30 Dec. '04Saakashvili Hails 2004 as a Huge Success, but Refrains from Commenting on Failures 
30 Dec. '04Saakashvili Speaks of Opposition’s Unpopularity 
30 Dec. '04Saakashvili Evaluates 2004 
29 Dec. '04Labor Party Leader Claims he Survived Assassination Attempt 
28 Dec. '04Saakashvili Travels to Akhalkalaki 
28 Dec. '04Group of MPs Demand Samegrelo Governor’s Resignation 
27 Dec. '04Ombudsman Speaks of Mukhrovani Incident 
27 Dec. '04Saakashvili Congratulates Yushchenko on his Victory 
25 Dec. '04Saakashvili: Ukraine’s Right Choice to Help Georgia 
24 Dec. '04Saakashvili Meets with Experts over South Ossetia, Abkhazia 
23 Dec. '04Putin for Finalizing Framework Agreement with Georgia 
22 Dec. '04Former Military Ombudsman Speaks of Army Problems 
22 Dec. '042005 Draft Budget Unveiled 
22 Dec. '04Saakashvili Expects USD 200 Million from Privatization 
22 Dec. '04Saakashvili: ‘Deserting Soldiers’ Must be Punished 
21 Dec. '04Opposition Protests ‘Covert’ Deal to Sell Georgian Shipping Co. 
20 Dec. '04Soldiers Protest Against “Social Hardship” 
18 Dec. '04Saakashvili Encourages Appointment of Ethnic Minorities on High Positions 
18 Dec. '04Tbilisi Works towards Abkhazia, South Ossetia Peace Plans 
18 Dec. '04Tbilisi Offers Abkhazia, South Ossetia Federal Arrangement 
17 Dec. '04Bagapsh Pledges to Introduce Russian Legislation in Abkhazia 
17 Dec. '04Saakashvili Vows to Restore Territorial Integrity Peacefully 
16 Dec. '04Bagapsh: Abkhazia’s Integration into Georgia not on Agenda 
16 Dec. '04Saakashvili Speaks of New Defense Minister 
15 Dec. '04Saakashvili Denies Split within the Government 
15 Dec. '04New Cabinet Nominated 
15 Dec. '04Government Reshuffle Announced 
14 Dec. '04Georgian PM Responds to Civil Society Leader’s Criticism 
13 Dec. '04New Rector of Tbilisi State University Elected 
13 Dec. '04Defense Minister Blames ‘Certain Officials’ for Fuelling Speculations 
13 Dec. '04Tbilisi State University to Elect Rector 
12 Dec. '04PM Vows New Cabinet will Take ‘Serious Steps’ towards NATO 
10 Dec. '04President Appoints New Governor of Kvemo Kartli, Sets Priorities for Region 
9 Dec. '04Saakashvili Visits Adjara 
9 Dec. '04Azeri NGOs Concerned over Azerbaijanis Rights in Georgia 
9 Dec. '04Tax Benefits Granted to Print Media 
9 Dec. '04Zhvania Confirms Anticipated Cabinet Reshuffle 
8 Dec. '04Cabinet Reshuffle Postponed 
8 Dec. '04Saakashvili Supports Tax Exemption for Media 
8 Dec. '04Saakashvili: No Urgent Need to Reshuffle Government 
8 Dec. '04Officials Silent Despite Speculations on Cabinet Reshuffle 
7 Dec. '04Reports: Major Reshuffle in Government Anticipated 
6 Dec. '04Rivals Turn into Allies 
5 Dec. '04New Abkhaz President Prepares for Inauguration, But Outgoing Leader Refuses to Resign 
5 Dec. '04U.S. General Discusses Military Assistance Program in Georgia 
4 Dec. '04Ardzinba Accuses Saakashvili of Meddling in Abkhazia's Affairs 
4 Dec. '04Presidential Representative Position in Kodori Gorge Abolished 
3 Dec. '04Saakashvili Hails Ukrainian Supreme Court’s Ruling 
3 Dec. '04Bagapsh Frustrated by Saakashvili Statement, Rejects Dialogue 
3 Dec. '04Tbilisi Sides with Bagapsh, Calls on Moscow for Restraint 
3 Dec. '04Saakashvili Comments on Abkhazia, Supports Bagapsh 
2 Dec. '04Georgian PM to Visit U.S. 
2 Dec. '04U.S. Ambassador Meets with Georgian President 
30 Nov. '04Saakashvili Furious over Russian Media Coverage of Ukraine 
30 Nov. '04World Bank Executive Director Visits Georgia 
30 Nov. '04Saakashvili Speaks of Progress after Rose Revolution 
29 Nov. '04Georgian-Italian Business Forum Opens in Tbilisi 
26 Nov. '04No breakthrough in Abkhaz Crisis 
24 Nov. '04U.S. Senate Honors Georgia on Anniversary of Rose Revolution 
24 Nov. '04Georgia, Italy Boost Economic Ties 
24 Nov. '04Georgia Pledges Support to Ukrainian People 
24 Nov. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Gets Ready for Reintegration 
23 Nov. '04Georgia Celebrates First Anniversary of ‘Rose Revolution’ 
23 Nov. '04UN High Commissioner for Refugees Visits Georgia 
22 Nov. '04Saakashvili Outlines Priorities at Party Congress 
22 Nov. '04Ruling Party Elects Leadership 
22 Nov. '04Saakashvili Speaks of Territorial Integrity at Party Congress 
22 Nov. '04High Expectations Mixed with Disappointment Dominates One Year After 
22 Nov. '04Ruling Party Holds Congress 
21 Nov. '04Russia Denies Plotting to Sabotage Georgian Energy System 
20 Nov. '04New Hydro Power Plant Opens in Georgia 
20 Nov. '04Georgian MP Warns over Possible Sabotage against Energy Facilities 
18 Nov. '04Election Watchdogs Oppose New Rules for Composition of CEC 
17 Nov. '04Saakashvili Meets with NGO Leaders 
17 Nov. '04U.S. Reiterates Support to Georgia 
16 Nov. '04Georgia Reluctant to Reopening U.S. Citizen Murder Case 
16 Nov. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Focuses on Professional Army 
15 Nov. '04President Orders to Set up Gendarmerie 
15 Nov. '04Bagapsh Comments on Situation in Abkhazia 
12 Nov. '04Saakashvili, Kuchma Discussed Bilateral Relations 
10 Nov. '04Q&A with Military Expert Kakha Katsitadze 
10 Nov. '04Governor Enrolled in Reserve Forces 
9 Nov. '04Saakashvili Congratulates Bush on Re-Election 
9 Nov. '04Tbilisi Deploys Reserve Forces Battalion Near Tskhinvali 
9 Nov. '04Parliament Discusses Draft on Financial, Tax Amnesty 
8 Nov. '04Opposition MPs Set Up New Party 
6 Nov. '04Zhvania, Kokoev Sign Disarmament Deal 
5 Nov. '04Defense Minister Comments on Reforms, IPAP, U.S. Military Aid 
5 Nov. '04U.S. Announces New Military Assistance Program for Georgia 
5 Nov. '04U.S. Offers Additional Training, as Georgia Boosts Presence in Iraq 
4 Nov. '04Georgia Matters for the NATO 
4 Nov. '04Saakashvili Welcomes Bush Re-Election 
4 Nov. '04Saakashvili: U.S. to Launch New Military Assistance Program 
4 Nov. '04NATO Secretary General Meets with Georgian President 
4 Nov. '04NATO Secretary General Visits Georgia 
3 Nov. '04Abkhaz Presidential Contenders Seek Crisis Solution in Moscow 
3 Nov. '04NATO Secretary General to Visit Georgia 
2 Nov. '04Georgia Condemns Russia’s Interference in Abkhazia 
1 Nov. '04Q&A with Legal Expert Davit Usupashvili 
1 Nov. '04Russian Transport Minister Visits Georgia 
30 Oct. '04NATO Approves Georgia’s IPAP 
28 Oct. '04Ex-Chief of GIOC to Advise Azeri Oil Company 
28 Oct. '04Western Think-Tank, Media Representatives Visit Georgia 
27 Oct. '04Draft over Tax Amnesty Finalized 
27 Oct. '04President Instructs Government to Double Pensions 
27 Oct. '04Changing Face of the Georgian Democracy 
27 Oct. '04Tbilisi Mayor Sacks District Head for ‘Precious’ Gift 
26 Oct. '04Address by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities 
26 Oct. '04EU Special Envoy Visits Georgia 
26 Oct. '04NATO Secretary General to Visit Georgia 
26 Oct. '04PACE Monitoring Group Visited Ex-Interior Minister in Pretrial Cell 
26 Oct. '04OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Visits Georgia 
26 Oct. '04New Ambassador to the Vatican Appointed 
26 Oct. '04CEC: Pro-Governmental MP Candidates Lead By-Elections 
26 Oct. '04Russian Foreign Minister to Visit Georgia 
26 Oct. '04Saakashvili Hospitalized with Wrist Injury 
24 Oct. '04Guns Found at Concert Attended by Georgian, Armenian Presidents 
23 Oct. '04Kocharian Meets Zhvania, Burjanadze 
23 Oct. '04Budgetary Debate Continues 
22 Oct. '04Saakashvili, Kocharian Hold Talks 
22 Oct. '04Saakashvili Speaks of Preferences in MP By-Elections 
22 Oct. '04Defense Minister Visits South Ossetia 
22 Oct. '04Armenian President Visits Georgia 
21 Oct. '04Demilitarization to Top Agenda of South Ossetia Talks 
21 Oct. '04Saakashvili Says Energy ‘Saboteurs Destroyed’ 
21 Oct. '04Saakashvili: Talks over South Ossetia Can Not Drag on Forever 
20 Oct. '04Saakashvili Describes Budgetary Dispute as a ‘Natural Process’ 
20 Oct. '04Why Has the Chief of Rustavi 2 TV Stepped Down? 
20 Oct. '04Blast in Downtown Tbilisi 
20 Oct. '04Powell Sees ‘Rose Revolution’ as an Example of U.S.-Russian Cooperation 
19 Oct. '04Georgia Concerned over Russia’s Border Policy 
19 Oct. '04New President of GIOC Appointed 
19 Oct. '04U.S. Ambassadors Meet with Saakashvili 
18 Oct. '04Civil Watchdogs Blow the Whistle 
18 Oct. '04Saakashvili Warns ‘Bribe-takers’ 
18 Oct. '04Civil Society Leaders Criticize Authorities over “Intolerance” towards Opposition Opinion 
18 Oct. '04An Open Letter of Civil Society Representatives to President Saakashvili 
18 Oct. '04Civil Society Leaders Criticize Authorities over “Intolerance” towards Opposition Opinion 
18 Oct. '04Civil Watchdogs Blow the Whistle 
17 Oct. '04BTC Pipe Linked at Azeri-Georgia Border 
16 Oct. '04European Parliament's Resolution on Georgia 
15 Oct. '04Saakashvili: Situation Strained in Abkhazia 
15 Oct. '04NATO Hails Georgia’s IPAP 
15 Oct. '04Javier Solana’s Address on Georgia 
14 Oct. '04Latvia Pledges to Support Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Aspirations 
14 Oct. '04Deputy Foreign Minister Resigns to Head Rustavi 2 TV 
13 Oct. '04Saakashvili Comments on Abkhazia Elections 
11 Oct. '04Saakashvili Tours Baltic States 
11 Oct. '04Saakashvili Criticizes Customs Chief Again 
10 Oct. '04Government to Propose Draft Law to Boost Reserve Forces 
10 Oct. '04Saakashvili: Georgia will not Host Foreign Military Bases 
9 Oct. '04Cautious Optimism as American Investors Explore Georgia 
8 Oct. '04Saakashvili Slams Customs Chief 
8 Oct. '04Government Works over Draft Law on Tax Amnesty 
8 Oct. '04Saakashvili: Economic Growth Needed for Territorial Integrity 
7 Oct. '04NATO Delegation Visits Georgia 
7 Oct. '04Norwegian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
4 Oct. '04Georgian Foreign Minister Speaks on Tbilisi-Moscow Ties 
4 Oct. '04CEC: Khajimba Wins Presidency in Breakaway Abkhazia 
3 Oct. '04Saakashvili: Abkhazian Elections Illegitimate 
1 Oct. '04Tbilisi University Rector Resigns 
30 Sep. '04New Chief of Tbilisi-based Abkhaz Government Appointed 
30 Sep. '04International Forum on Globalization Opens in Tbilisi 
29 Sep. '04Saakashvili Holds Talks with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister 
29 Sep. '04Igor Ivanov: Russia Seeks to Improve Relations with Georgia 
29 Sep. '04Saakashvili Touts Educational Reforms as ‘Necessary’ 
29 Sep. '04Saakashvili Nominates New Chief of Tbilisi-Based Abkhaz Government 
29 Sep. '04Saakashvili Appoints New Governors in Western Georgia 
28 Sep. '04Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
27 Sep. '04Saakashvili Meets with Parliamentary Majority 
23 Sep. '04Saakashvili Prolongs U.S. Visit 
23 Sep. '04Breakaway Regions Reject ‘Stage-by-Stage’ Conflict Settlement Plan 
22 Sep. '04Saakashvili’s UN Speech Focuses on Conflict Resolution, Relations with Russia 
22 Sep. '04Georgia Hunts for Friends, But Comes up Short 
22 Sep. '04Georgia Proposes ‘New Mechanics’ for Relations with Russia 
22 Sep. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Will Not Have Any Foreign Military Base 
22 Sep. '04Georgian Troops in Iraq to Serve in UN Mission Protection Forces 
22 Sep. '04Saakashvili's Speech at UN General Assembly 
22 Sep. '04Saakashvili Proposes ‘Stage-by-Stage’ Conflict Settlement Plan 
21 Sep. '04Saakashvili: Tbilisi will not be Confrontational with Russia 
19 Sep. '04Putin, Saakashvili Discuss Terrorism during Phone Talks 
19 Sep. '04Saakashvili to Address UN Session 
18 Sep. '04Georgia Hopes to Restore its Voting Right at the UN 
18 Sep. '04Kidnapped Georgians Released in South Ossetia 
17 Sep. '04Kokoev: Georgia Plans Aggression 
17 Sep. '04Saakashvili Pledges Amnesty for Army Deserters 
17 Sep. '04Saakashvili: Russia will not Cut Air Traffic 
17 Sep. '04Tbilisi Says Putin-Saakashvili Talks were ‘Successful’ 
17 Sep. '04CIS Summit Reveals Rift in Russo-Georgian Relations 
17 Sep. '04Romano Prodi Visits Georgia 
16 Sep. '04Saakashvili, Putin Meet in Astana 
16 Sep. '04Putin, Saakashvili Spar at CIS Press-Conference 
15 Sep. '04Interior Troops Abolished, Units Merged with the Defense Ministry 
15 Sep. '04President Putin’s Comments on Georgia 
15 Sep. '04Opposition MPs Set up New Party 
15 Sep. '04Saakashvili Left for CIS Summit 
11 Sep. '04Saakashvili Threatens to Confiscate Moscow's Mayor's Assets in Abkhazia 
10 Sep. '04Saakashvili Rules out Hostilities with Abkhazia 
10 Sep. '04GIOC President Dismissed 
10 Sep. '04Experts Predict No Warming in Russo-Georgian Relations 
9 Sep. '04Saakashvili Vows Safety for Investors 
9 Sep. '04Saakashvili Calls for ‘Fair’ Judicial System, as New Chairman of Supreme Court Takes Office 
9 Sep. '04Russian Foreign Minister Says Tbilisi Impedes Cooperation 
9 Sep. '04Tbilisi Braces for Russia’s Policy Response to Beslan 
8 Sep. '04IDPs Vacated Hotel in Central Tbilisi 
7 Sep. '04Parliament to Debate over South Ossetia 
7 Sep. '04People Stuck at Border, Journalists – in Vladikavkaz 
6 Sep. '04Opposition Slams Government for ‘Failed South Ossetian Operation’ 
6 Sep. '04Saakashvili Urges Putin to Help in Release of Georgian Journalists 
6 Sep. '04Tbilisi Seeks Expansion of OSCE Mandate in Georgia 
6 Sep. '04Border with Russia Remains Closed 
4 Sep. '04Saakashvili Demands Release of Georgian Journalists Detained in Beslan 
4 Sep. '04Georgia Heightens Security on Border with Russia 
3 Sep. '04Georgia Sends Ambulance Cars to North Ossetia 
3 Sep. '04Saakashvili: North Ossetian Hostage-Taking is a “Tragedy” 
2 Sep. '04Government Urges Lawmakers to Endorse Liberal Tax Code 
2 Sep. '04Saakashvili Offers Russia ‘Broad Cooperation’ to Combat Terrorism 
2 Sep. '04Saakashvili: Tbilisi will not Allow to Freeze South Ossetian Conflict 
31 Aug. '04Pulling Back Troops, Georgia Calls for European Help 
31 Aug. '04Putin Meddles in Abkhazia Presidential Race 
30 Aug. '04Firebrand Russian MP Protests at Georgian Embassy in Moscow 
27 Aug. '04Saakashvili Left for Athens 
27 Aug. '04Cabinet Finalizes Draft Tax Code 
26 Aug. '04Saakashvili: Corruption Persists among ‘Lower Level Officials’ 
26 Aug. '04Georgia Demands from Russia Training Ground's Handover 
26 Aug. '04Saakashvili Reshuffles Leadership of Armed Forces, Calls for Reserve Army Buildup 
26 Aug. '04Saakashvili Calls for Reserve Forces Buildup 
26 Aug. '04Russia Denounces Tbilisi’s “Military Rhetoric” 
25 Aug. '04New Chief of Staff Appointed 
25 Aug. '04Ex-Chief of Staff Becomes Military Attaché to Russia 
25 Aug. '04Chief of Staff Iukuridze Sacked 
25 Aug. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Wants Peace with Russia 
25 Aug. '04Cabinet Discusses Tax Code 
24 Aug. '04Russia Denies Buildup of its Military at Georgian Border 
24 Aug. '04Georgia Accuses Russia of Possible Military Intervention 
24 Aug. '04Saakashvili: Troops’ Pullout Strengthened Georgia’s Position 
24 Aug. '04Tbilisi Concerned Over Buildup of South Ossetian Military 
21 Aug. '04OSCE Welcomes Georgian Troops’ Withdrawal from South Ossetia 
20 Aug. '04Russia Welcomes Georgian Troops’ Pullout from South Ossetia 
20 Aug. '04Georgia Pulls Out Troops, Hands Over Key Positions in South Ossetia 
20 Aug. '04U.S. Hails Georgian Troops' Pullout from South Ossetia 
20 Aug. '04Georgia Hands Over Strategic Heights to Joint Peacekeepers, Pulls Out Extra Troops 
19 Aug. '04Conflicting Reports Prevail over Shellings near Tskhinvali 
19 Aug. '04Georgia Gives “Last Chance for Peace” in South Ossetia 
19 Aug. '04Saakashvili Offers Deal to South Ossetia 
19 Aug. '04Death Toll Climbs to 12 in South Ossetia 
18 Aug. '04Putin Refuses to Visit Georgia 
18 Aug. '04Fresh Fighting Shatters Short-Lived Ceasefire Deal 
18 Aug. '04Three Dead as Fighting Resumes in South Ossetian 
17 Aug. '04Georgia Say Ceasefire Deal Not Enough for Lasting Peace 
17 Aug. '04Tbilisi Offers Troop Withdrawal in Exchange for Peace 
16 Aug. '04Tbilisi Insists on Direct Talks with Kokoev, Amid Clashes in South Ossetia 
16 Aug. '04Georgia Seeks Urgent International Conference over South Ossetia 
14 Aug. '04Ceasefire Agreement Violated in South Ossetian Conflict Area 
14 Aug. '04Saakashvili Meets with U.S. Ambassadors 
13 Aug. '04Saakashvili Vows to Avoid Ethnic Cleansing in Tskhinvali Region 
13 Aug. '04Turkey Offers Political and Economic Cooperation with Georgia 
12 Aug. '04Georgian Side Seeks Talks with South Ossetian Separatists 
12 Aug. '04Saakashvili Underscores Key Tasks for Conflict Resolution 
12 Aug. '04Georgian Authorities Vow to Avoid Armed Conflict in Tskhinvali Region 
12 Aug. '04Turkey Reiterates its Full Support to Georgia 
11 Aug. '04Turkish Prime Minister Visits Georgia 
10 Aug. '04Amid Moscow Talks, Breakaway Abkhazia, South Ossetia Increase Armament 
10 Aug. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Seeks to Adjust Relations with Russia 
10 Aug. '04Saakashvili Leaves for Ukraine 
9 Aug. '04Georgia to Procure Israeli Assault Rifles 
9 Aug. '04For Once, Budget Targets Revised Upwards 
6 Aug. '04Tensions Escalate between Georgia and Russia 
6 Aug. '04Russia Ready to Defend its Citizens in Abkhazia 
6 Aug. '04Saakashvili Urges BP to Observe Environmental Safety Measures 
6 Aug. '04Saakashvili, Powell Discuss South Ossetia 
5 Aug. '04Saakashvili Meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense 
4 Aug. '04Russian Foreign Ministry Warns Georgia Against Firing at Vessels 
4 Aug. '04Georgian Authorities Distribute Pensions to Ossetian Population 
4 Aug. '04Interior Ministry Under Fire 
4 Aug. '04Saakashvili to Discuss South Ossetia in the US 
4 Aug. '04Saakashvili Vows to Open Fire for Violating Georgian Territorial Waters 
4 Aug. '04Security Council Discusses PM’s Visit to Tskhinvali Region 
4 Aug. '04Saakashvili Appoints New Cabinet Member of Ossetian Ethnicity 
3 Aug. '04Saakashvili Leaves for United States 
2 Aug. '04Saakashvili Meets with Adjarian Cabinet Members 
31 Jul. '04National Security Council Discusses South Ossetia 
30 Jul. '04Tbilisi, Tskhinvali Blame One Another for Opening Fire 
30 Jul. '04Georgia Wants to Boost Military Cooperation with Israel 
30 Jul. '04U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Visits Georgia 
30 Jul. '04Georgia Simplified Visa Requirements with Russia 
29 Jul. '04Georgia’s New Envoy to Russia to Focus on Framework Agreement 
28 Jul. '04Georgian, Israeli Presidents Hold Talks 
28 Jul. '04BP Chief, Georgian President Discuss BTC 
28 Jul. '04New Peace Process Needed for South Ossetia 
27 Jul. '04Georgia Seeks Alternative Gas Supply from Iran 
27 Jul. '04Saakashvili Visits Israel 
27 Jul. '04Environmental Concerns Halt BTC 
26 Jul. '04OSCE Envoy Discusses South Ossetia with Georgian Leadership 
26 Jul. '04Q&A with MP Giga Bokeria over South Ossetia 
26 Jul. '04Armenian PM Visits Georgia 
23 Jul. '04Saakashvili Meets With Foreign Diplomats 
23 Jul. '04EU Helps Georgia with ‘Rule of Law’ 
22 Jul. '04UN Watches Developments in South Ossetia 
20 Jul. '04Georgia Protest Arms Delivery to South Ossetia, Threatens to Abandon Peace Deal 
20 Jul. '04Tbilisi Claims Armament Moved into South Ossetia 
20 Jul. '04Head of Adjarian Government Approved 
20 Jul. '04Saakashvili: Georgian Forces to Remain in South Ossetia 
20 Jul. '04Chairman of Adjarian Parliament Elected 
20 Jul. '04Adjarian Parliament Convenes 
19 Jul. '04Georgia to Have New Patrol Police 
19 Jul. '04President to Set up Council to Monitor Human Rights 
19 Jul. '04Saakashvili Visits South Ossetian Conflict Zone 
18 Jul. '04Strategic Roki Pass to Top Next Round of South Ossitia Talks 
16 Jul. '04Georgia, Russia Resume Talks over Framework Agreement 
16 Jul. '04Saakashvili: Volunteer Armed Groups Left South Ossetia 
16 Jul. '04Court Remanded Ex-Audit Chief 
15 Jul. '04South Ossetia Talks Resume in Moscow 
15 Jul. '04Talks Resume over Russo-Georgian Framework Agreement 
15 Jul. '04Europe Remains Ambiguous in Its South Caucasus Neighborhood 
15 Jul. '04U.S. Special Envoy Visits Georgia 
15 Jul. '04CIS Chief Executive Visits Georgia 
15 Jul. '04Saakashvili Calls on West to Put Pressure on Russia 
15 Jul. '04Georgian President, OSCE Chief Discuss South Ossetia 
14 Jul. '04JCC Takes a Break in Moscow Talks over South Ossetia 
14 Jul. '04“Hard Talks” over South Ossetia Launched in Moscow 
13 Jul. '04NGOs Talk with Government 'Bittersweet' 
13 Jul. '04Georgia Seizes Russian Aid Bound for South Ossetia 
13 Jul. '04Saakashvili Visits UK, Seeks Military Assistance 
13 Jul. '04Georgian President Meets with UK Defense Secretary 
12 Jul. '04NGOs Talk with Government ‘Bittersweet’ 
12 Jul. '04Russia Denies Siding with South Ossetian Side 
12 Jul. '04South Ossetia Crisis Recedes, but Russia-Georgia Arms Row Persists 
12 Jul. '04Saakashvili: Russian Peacekeepers “Sided with Separatists” 
12 Jul. '04Saakashvili: Armed Conflict Avoided in South Ossetia 
12 Jul. '04Saakashvili Leaves for London 
12 Jul. '04Tskhinvali Talks Fail; Hostages Still Held 
11 Jul. '04Georgia Talks Tough with Russia over South Ossetia 
11 Jul. '04Saakashvili: Certain Forces in Russia Prepare for Aggression Against Georgia 
11 Jul. '04Georgian Security Chief Visits Moscow 
10 Jul. '04Georgian Security Chief to Visit Moscow 
10 Jul. '04Russia Demands Withdrawal of Georgia’s Extra Troops 
10 Jul. '04Russia Adopted Statement over South Ossetia 
10 Jul. '04Tbilisi Warns Moscow over South Ossetia 
10 Jul. '04Georgia Set up Special Center to Tackle South Ossetia Crisis 
10 Jul. '04Georgia Refuses to Return Russia’s Seized Arms to South Ossetia 
10 Jul. '04Saakashvili Vows to Regain Control over South Ossetia Amid Sporadic Shootouts in Breakaway Region 
10 Jul. '04Saakashvili Vows to Gain Control over South Ossetia “Soon” 
10 Jul. '04Powell, Saakashvili Discussed South Ossetia 
9 Jul. '04Kokoev Blinked 
9 Jul. '04Georgian Soldiers Released 
9 Jul. '04Saakashvili, Putin Discussed South Ossetia 
9 Jul. '04Saakashvili Meets With PM, Security Minister 
8 Jul. '04Saakashvili: We Know How to Deal with the South Ossetian Crisis 
8 Jul. '04Tbilisi Says "No" to the Use of Force, Despite Attacks on Georgian Checkpoints in South Ossetia 
8 Jul. '04Russian Ambassador: Situation in South Ossetia Extremely Tense 
8 Jul. '04PM Meets with Foreign Diplomats over South Ossetia 
7 Jul. '04Georgian Government Heads for Major Embarrassment 
6 Jul. '04Sozar Subeliani to be Nominated as Ombudsman 
6 Jul. '04Saakashvili Criticizes Police for Violent Break up of Rally 
6 Jul. '04President Meets with NGO Leaders 
6 Jul. '04President Meets with NGO Leaders 
6 Jul. '04UK Foreign Office Minister Visits Georgia 
6 Jul. '04Saakashvili Visits Iran 
5 Jul. '04EU Commissioner Visits Georgia 
5 Jul. '04Saakashvili Hopes to Bring Abkhazia Back in 3 Years 
5 Jul. '04Saakashvili Signs Document on Adjara’s Constitutional Powers 
5 Jul. '04Georgian President Hails “Warm Talks” with Putin 
4 Jul. '04Georgia, Russia to Ease Visa Requirements 
3 Jul. '04Saakashvili Attends Informal CIS Summit 
2 Jul. '04Saakashvili: NATO, U.S. Troops will not be Deployed in Georgia 
2 Jul. '04Georgia Threatens to Confiscate Moscow's Mayor's Assets in Georgia 
2 Jul. '04Saakashvili Rules out Use of Force in South Ossetia 
2 Jul. '04South Ossetia, Military Bases to Top Saakashvili-Putin Talks 
2 Jul. '04Saakashvili to Push Proposal on Joint Anti-Terrorism Center 
2 Jul. '04Georgia Simplifies Visa Process for Russian Citizens 
2 Jul. '04Saakashvili Visits Moscow 
1 Jul. '04Law on Adjara’s Constitutional Powers Approved 
1 Jul. '04Georgia Boycotts South Ossetia Talks Again 
1 Jul. '04Saakashvili Says NATO Summit was a Success for Georgia 
1 Jul. '04New Ambassador to Russia Nominated 
30 Jun. '04NATO Treads Carefully in South Caucasus 
30 Jun. '04Four Republican MPs Quit Ruling Coalition 
30 Jun. '04Bush, Saakashvili Meet in Istanbul 
29 Jun. '04Russia Says Good Will Needed to Solve Military Bases’ Issue 
29 Jun. '04Italian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
28 Jun. '04Saakashvili: Turkish PM, Businesmen to Visit Georgia 
28 Jun. '04Results of Adjara Polls Announced 
28 Jun. '04Government Saves Rustavi 2 TV from Bankrupcy 
27 Jun. '04Tbilisi Increases Control over Adjara by Imposing ‘Nominal Autonomy’ 
27 Jun. '04Saakashvili Foresees ‘Revolution’ in South Ossetia 
26 Jun. '04Saakashvili Leaves for NATO Summit 
25 Jun. '04New Chairman of Supreme Court Approved 
25 Jun. '04Russia Intensifies Diplomatic Efforts over South Ossetia 
25 Jun. '04Saakashvili to Visit Moscow 
24 Jun. '04Ambassador in Russia Nominated as Chairman of Supreme Court 
23 Jun. '04‘Think-Tank’ Republicans to Quit Ruling Coalition 
23 Jun. '04Russia, Georgia Resume Talks over Military Bases, but No Breakthrough Anticipated 
22 Jun. '04CoE Comments on Adjara Elections 
22 Jun. '04Russia Calls on Georgia for Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts 
22 Jun. '04Ruling Party Slams Republicans 
21 Jun. '04Republicans to Suspend Cooperation with Ruling Party 
21 Jun. '04Two-Party Parliament Elected in Adjara 
21 Jun. '04Early Official Results Say Pro-Saakashvili Party Leads Polls 
21 Jun. '04Election Watchdog Announces Unofficial Results of Adjara Polls 
21 Jun. '04SEC Delays Announcement of Early Results of Adjara Polls 
21 Jun. '04Pro-Saakashvili Party Leads Polls in Adjara 
20 Jun. '04Officials Protest against Petition to Annul Adjara’s Autonomy 
20 Jun. '04CEC: Elections Valid in Adjara 
20 Jun. '04Adjara Goes to Polls 
19 Jun. '04Adjara Elects Parliament 
18 Jun. '04CoE Monitors Polls in Adjara 
18 Jun. '04EU Boosts Ties with Georgia 
18 Jun. '04Saakashvili Backs Debt-Stricken Rustavi 2 TV 
17 Jun. '04Saakashvili Campaigns in Adjara on the eve of Local Elections 
17 Jun. '04South Ossetia: Activism of the Georgian Government Tests International Efforts 
15 Jun. '04Georgia Open to Privatization 
14 Jun. '04Saakashvili Holds Phone Talks with Putin 
14 Jun. '04Georgia's Ambassador in Russia May Chair Supreme Court 
14 Jun. '04Georgia, Azerbaijan Vow to Boost Cooperation 
14 Jun. '04Azeri President Visits Georgia 
13 Jun. '04Controversial Reports over Deployment of Extra Arms Flare Tensions in Ossetia 
11 Jun. '04Ruling Party Meets in Adjara 
11 Jun. '04Supreme Court Chairman Resigns 
11 Jun. '04Estonian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
10 Jun. '04Parliament Approves New Cabinet 
7 Jun. '04Parliament Will Discuss New Cabinet 
7 Jun. '04Georgian Delegation Visits NATO Headquarters 
6 Jun. '04Special 'Dual Citizenship' Commission Formed 
4 Jun. '04Parliament Postpones Approval of New State Auditor 
3 Jun. '04MCA Official Discusses Assistance Proposals in Georgia 
3 Jun. '04Three Georgian Soldiers “Lightly” Injured in Iraq 
2 Jun. '04Saakashvili Grants Citizenship to the New Economy Minister 
2 Jun. '04Georgia, Russia at Odds Over South Ossetia 
2 Jun. '04Georgian State Minister, Security Chief Hold Talks in Tskhinvali 
2 Jun. '04Railway Chief to Visit Tskhinvali 
1 Jun. '04Tbilisi Seeks Closer Ties with Breakaway South Ossetia 
1 Jun. '04Georgian MoD Officials Inform NATO over Defense Policy 
1 Jun. '04Russian-based Tycoon Nominated as Georgia’s Economy Minister 
1 Jun. '04Tycoon to Become Georgia’s Economics Minister 
1 Jun. '04Saakashvili Sends Reconciliatory Signals to South Ossetia 
1 Jun. '04Saakashvili, Putin Discuss Breakaway South Ossetia 
1 Jun. '04Tbilisi Outlines Proposals for Reconciliation with Breakaway South Ossetia 
31 May. '04Ruling Party Members at Odds over Adjara Elections 
31 May. '04Business Forum Hopes to Improve Russian-Georgian Economic Ties 
30 May. '04MP Quits Ruling Party 
29 May. '04Opposition MPs Campaign for Lifting Adjara’s Autonomy 
28 May. '04Tbilisi, Moscow to Launch Talks over Easing the Visa Regime 
28 May. '04Saakashvili: U.S. to Grant Georgia $500ml in Frames of MCA 
28 May. '0413 Parties Run in Adjara Elections 
28 May. '04Russia’s Big Business Comes to Georgia 
27 May. '04Russian Businessmen to Discuss Investments in Georgia 
27 May. '04Breakaway Regions Reject Calls for Reunification 
26 May. '04President Backs Imereti Governor Amid Protests 
26 May. '04Saakashvili Attended Military Parade in Adjara 
26 May. '04Saakashvili Speaks of Peace Amid Show of Force 
26 May. '04Putin Congratulated Saakashvili on Independence Day 
26 May. '04President to Grant Dual Citizenship to Georgians Living Abroad 
26 May. '04Georgia to Send More Troops to Iraq 
26 May. '04Saakashvili Calls on Abkhaz, Ossetian Sides for Talks 
26 May. '04Military Parade Marked Independence Day 
26 May. '04Independence Day Marked by the Largest Ever Military Parade 
25 May. '04Russia, Georgia Vow to Boost Economic Ties 
24 May. '04Saakashvili: A Strong Economy Will Reunite Georgia 
24 May. '04Breakaway South Ossetia Elects Parliament 
24 May. '04Georgia to Ease Customs Procedures on Turkish Border 
20 May. '04Parliament Lifted Immunity from MP Suspected of Extortion 
20 May. '04Saakashvili: Georgia, Turkey ‘Natural Allies’ 
20 May. '04Abkhaz, Georgian Sides Discuss Security Issues 
20 May. '04NGOs Suffer with Brain Drain 
20 May. '04Georgian-Abkhaz Talks in Sukhumi 
20 May. '04Saakashvili Visits Turkey 
19 May. '04Saakashvili to Disclose Abkhazia Concept on May 26 
19 May. '04President Vows to Crackdown on Corrupt Officials Amid Arrest of MP 
19 May. '04MP Arrested for Alleged Extortion 
19 May. '04Commission Set up over Adjara’s Constitutional Powers 
19 May. '04Russia’s Ivanov Visits Georgia 
19 May. '04EBRD President Visits Georgia 
18 May. '04Venice Commission Discusses Georgian Constitution 
18 May. '04Georgia, CoE Conflict “Over” 
18 May. '04Georgian Speaker Says ‘Incident’ with CoE Over 
17 May. '04Russian Security Chief Discussed Abkhazia in Tbilisi 
17 May. '04Tbilisi Works over Concept of Abkhazia Conflict Settlement 
17 May. '04Tbilisi Outlines Adjarian Autonomy’s Powers 
17 May. '04Russian Security Chief Visits Georgia 
16 May. '04Georgia Hopes Romania to Assist in European Integration 
15 May. '04Adjara Prepares for Fresh Elections 
14 May. '04Republican Party Leader Launches Batumi Mayor Bid 
14 May. '04Abkhaz Side Fears of Incursion 
14 May. '04Saakashvili Visits Romania 
13 May. '04Saakashvili to Announce Abkhazia Concept on May 26 - State Minister 
13 May. '04Conflict with CoE Softened 
13 May. '04Opposition Movement to Abashidze's Regime Disbanded 
12 May. '04UK Concerned over Georgia, CoE Dispute 
12 May. '04Georgian Foreign Minister to Meet CoE Secretary General 
11 May. '04PACE Official Denies CoE’s ‘Pro-Abashidze Stance’ 
11 May. '04Georgia Angered over CoE 
11 May. '04CoE Denies its Envoy was Expelled from Georgia 
10 May. '04Date for Adjarian Elections Set 
10 May. '04Georgia Wants to Expel CoE Envoy 
10 May. '04Late President’s Ally Released 
10 May. '04Saakashvili Hails Disarmament Process in Adjara 
10 May. '04Number of Ministries Cut in Adjara 
10 May. '04Road Link Restored with Adjara 
9 May. '04Saakashvili Slams CoE Secretary General over Adjara 
8 May. '04Adjara Boosts Government’s Financial Hopes 
8 May. '04Interim Council Set Up in Adjara 
7 May. '04Tbilisi Tackles Problems in Post-Abashidze Adjara 
7 May. '04Railway Chief to Lead Interim Commission to Run Adjara 
7 May. '04Opposition MPs Seek for Lifting Adjara’s Autonomous Status 
7 May. '04Russian, Georgian Foreign Ministers Pledge Cooperation 
7 May. '04CoE Secretary General Relieved at Peaceful Outcome in Adjara 
6 May. '04Parliament Gave a Go-Ahead to Direct Presidential Rule in Adjara 
6 May. '04EU, OSCE Welcome Peaceful End to Adjara Crisis 
6 May. '04Adjara Celebrates Abashidze’s Departure 
6 May. '04PM: Elections to be Held within 5-6 Weeks in Adjara 
6 May. '04Renegade General Arrested 
6 May. '04Saakashvili in Batumi 
6 May. '04Abashidze Flees Georgia 
6 May. '04Saakashvili: Abashidze Fled 
6 May. '04Abashidze Resigned 
5 May. '04Russian Security Chief Meets Abashidze in Batumi 
5 May. '04Russian Security Chief Mediates in Adjara Crisis 
5 May. '04Tbilisi Dispatched Mine Clearers to Adjara 
5 May. '04Abashidze Shows No Signs of Stepping Down 
5 May. '04Saakashvili Offers Abashidze to Flee Adjara, Guarantees Security 
5 May. '04Burjanadze: Crisis will End Soon 
5 May. '04Presidents Spokesman: Russian Security Chief to Visit Batumi 
5 May. '04Putin, Saakashvili Discuss Adjara 
5 May. '04Batumi Oil Terminal Mined 
5 May. '04Talks Underway with Abashidze 
5 May. '04Protest Vigil in Batumi to Prompt More Rallies 
5 May. '04Protest Vigil in Batumi 
5 May. '04Major Rally in Adjara Mounts Pressure on Abashidze 
4 May. '04Tensions Grow, as Abashidze Shows no Signs of Backing Down 
4 May. '04Saakashvili Addressed Adjarians 
4 May. '04Parliament demands Abashidze's Resignation 
4 May. '04U.S. Calls upon Abashidze to Disarm Militia 
4 May. '04Abashidze Rules Out Disarmament 
4 May. '04U.S. Condemns Adjarian Leader 
3 May. '04Saakashvili Rules out Use of Force in Adjara 
3 May. '04Tensions Mount, Time for the Political Settlement is Running Out in Adjara 
3 May. '04CoE Alarmed over Adjara Developments 
2 May. '04Opposition Activists Beaten Up, Arrested in Batumi 
2 May. '04Moscow Calls Tbilisi for Restraint 
2 May. '04Saakashvili Gives ‘Last Chance’ to Abashidze 
2 May. '04Saakashvili Gives 10-day Ultimatum to Abashidze 
2 May. '04Abashidze Says Explosion of Bridges was a Self-Defense 
2 May. '04National Security Council to Discuss Situation in Adjara 
2 May. '04Time for the Political Solution is Running Out in Adjara 
2 May. '04Adjara Blows up Key Bridges, Cuts Road Links 
1 May. '04Chief of Adjarian Paramilitary Group Defies Abashidze 
1 May. '04Russia to Host World Chess Championship instead of Georgia 
29 Apr. '04Labor Party Held Protest Rally 
29 Apr. '04Sensing Abashidze Weakness, Tbilisi Treads a Tough Line 
29 Apr. '04South Caucasus Leaders Met in Warsaw 
29 Apr. '04Kmara in Adjara 
28 Apr. '04Saakashvili Sees Abashidze as a Major Obstacle for Investments 
28 Apr. '04Interior Minister Threatens with “Police Operation” in Adjara 
28 Apr. '04Tbilisi Works over Legal Base to Hold Early Elections in Adjara 
28 Apr. '04Saakashvili Visits Poland 
27 Apr. '04Agriculture Minister Denied Entry to Adjara 
27 Apr. '04U.S. Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Adjara Crisis 
26 Apr. '04Saakashvili Softens Stance, Wants Snap Elections in Adjara 
26 Apr. '04Georgian President Visits Ukraine 
25 Apr. '04State of Emergency in Adjara Prompts Saakashvili’s Military Rhetoric 
24 Apr. '04Saakashvili Threatens with Use of Force to Stop County’s Breakup 
24 Apr. '04Ruling Party Takes Over Parliamentary Posts 
24 Apr. '04MPs Urge Government to Disarm Militia in Adjara 
23 Apr. '04Saakashvili Denies Alleged Plans over Adjara Incursion 
23 Apr. '04Germany, Georgia Pledge Cooperation 
23 Apr. '04Officials in Tbilisi Say Abashidze’s Legitimacy Undermined 
23 Apr. '04Abashidze Fears of ‘Special Operation’ in Adjara 
22 Apr. '04Abashidze to Disband Adjarian Security Ministry 
22 Apr. '04Adjara Tops Saakashvili’s Opening Speech at Parliamentary Session 
22 Apr. '04New Parliament Convened 
22 Apr. '04German Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
22 Apr. '04Georgian Authorities Plan Adjarian End-Game 
21 Apr. '04Saakashvili Says Abashidze is Losing Grip on Power 
21 Apr. '0425th Brigade Redeployed to Tbilisi 
21 Apr. '04President Appoints Inaugural Session of New Parliament 
21 Apr. '04Russian, Georgian Border Guard Chiefs to Discuss Cooperation 
21 Apr. '04Parliament’s Inaugural Session Postponed 
20 Apr. '04Q&A with Former Chairman of Central Election Commission 
20 Apr. '04Cabinet Reshuffle Anticipated 
20 Apr. '04Saakashivili: Renegade Commander will be Punished 
20 Apr. '04Batumi-Based Military Unit Mutinies 
19 Apr. '04Ex-CEC Chief Becomes Tbilisi Mayor 
19 Apr. '04Chief of Batumi-Based Military Unit Mutinies 
19 Apr. '04CEC Chairman Resigns 
19 Apr. '04EU Flags to Fly over Georgian Governmental Offices 
18 Apr. '04Georgia’s New Parliament Endorsed by CEC 
17 Apr. '04Individual Entrepreneurs will be Tax Exempt 
16 Apr. '04Saakashvili Cautious over Abashidze 
16 Apr. '04Mediator Businessmen Discussed Adjara with President 
16 Apr. '04Saakashvili Urges Cautious, Systemic Approach to Solve Adjara Problem 
16 Apr. '04Batumi-Based Military Unit’s New Commander Appointed 
15 Apr. '04Russia Reiterates Neutrality in Adjara Crisis 
15 Apr. '04Adjarian Opposition Met President Saakashvili 
15 Apr. '04Mediator Businessmen Hopeful, but Situation far from Clarity 
15 Apr. '04New Chief of Civil Aviation Department Appointed 
15 Apr. '04Analyst: Georgian Revolution Holds no Lessons for Armenia 
15 Apr. '04Saakashvili, Putin Held Phone Conversation 
15 Apr. '04Big Business Mediates Adjara Crisis 
15 Apr. '04Businessmen Meet Abashidze to Mediate Adjara Crisis 
14 Apr. '04CEC Chief Urges President to Secure Rule of Law in Adjara 
14 Apr. '04Tbilisi Tries to Tackle Adjarian Conundrum with International Efforts 
13 Apr. '04PM Informed President over Batumi Talks 
13 Apr. '04Tensions Grow, as Abashidze Says No to Disarmament 
13 Apr. '04Zhvania Meets Abashidze 
13 Apr. '04Prime Minister will Try to Broker Disarmament Deal 
12 Apr. '04Saakashvili Offers Adjarians Payment for Surrendering Arms 
12 Apr. '04Interior Minister Demands Disarming of Abashidze Supporters 
12 Apr. '04Tbilisi Resumes Talks with Abashidze, but the War of Words Continues 
11 Apr. '04Saakashvili says Territorial Integrity is a Top Priority 
9 Apr. '04Saakashvili Threatens to Disband the Adjarian Parliament 
9 Apr. '04Saakashvili Calls on Abashidze to Disarm Paramilitary Forces 
8 Apr. '04President Ordered Adjarian Leader to Release Asanidze 
8 Apr. '04NATO Calls Russia, Georgia for Talks over Military Bases 
8 Apr. '04Controversy Persists over Batumi-Based Military Unit 
8 Apr. '04European Court of Human Rights Rules Against Georgia 
8 Apr. '04ECHR to Announce Judgment over Asanidze Case 
7 Apr. '04Saakashvili, Scheffer Discussed Georgia’s NATO Prospects 
7 Apr. '04EU Reaffirms Support for Reforms in Georgia 
6 Apr. '04Saakashvili, Putin Discussed Security Issues 
6 Apr. '04President’s Envoys Perform Duties in Adjara 
6 Apr. '04President Wants British Airways to Resume Flights in Georgia 
6 Apr. '04Saakashvili Visits Brussels 
5 Apr. '04President Demands to Curb Corruption in Customs 
5 Apr. '04Saakashvili Calls on Adjarian Leader for Accepting New Rules 
5 Apr. '04Saakashvili Hails Reimbursement of Funds by Corruption Suspects 
5 Apr. '04PM: Business Climate Still Worries 
4 Apr. '04President's Envoys Left for Batumi to Monitor Port and Customs 
3 Apr. '04Commander of Adjara-based Military Unit Dismissed 
3 Apr. '04Tbilisi Claims Adjara Behind Plot to Assassinate Saakashvili 
2 Apr. '04Adjara Tops Post-Election Agenda 
2 Apr. '04Saakashvili Met MPs elected in Single-mandate Constituencies 
2 Apr. '04Zhvania, Abashidze to Discuss Distribution of Constitutional Powers 
2 Apr. '04Saakashvili Steps up Military Rhetoric 
1 Apr. '04Saakashvili Vows to Curb Illegal Armed Groups 
1 Apr. '04Armenian Security Chief Visits Georgia 
31 Mar. '04Distribution of Seats in the New Parliament 
31 Mar. '04Georgian, Russian Ministers Discussed Cooperation 
31 Mar. '04Abashidze’s Party Fails to Secure Parliamentary Seats 
30 Mar. '04Abashidze’s Party Improves Standing, but Still Fails to Clear Threshold 
30 Mar. '04Votes in Adjara Boost Revival’s Hopes for Parliamentary Seats 
30 Mar. '04International Observers Preliminary Statement on Elections 
29 Mar. '04Labor Party Rallies to Protest Ballot Fraud 
29 Mar. '04PVT Results Boost Rightist Opposition’s Hopes 
29 Mar. '04CEC Announces Preliminary Results of Polls 
29 Mar. '04Removing the Thorn in Georgia's Rose Revolution 
29 Mar. '04Prime Minister Hails Adjara Polls 
29 Mar. '04Saakashvili Hails Poll Results, Warns Abashidze 
28 Mar. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Held Free and Fair Elections 
28 Mar. '04Saakashvili: Ruling Party Won Elections in Adjara 
28 Mar. '04Exit Polls Suggest Georgia will Have One-Party Parliament 
28 Mar. '04CEC Chief Alarmed over Adjarian Elections 
28 Mar. '04Saakashvili: Elections are Held in Calm Conditions 
28 Mar. '04Officials, Observers Describe Election Process as “Normal” 
28 Mar. '04Saakashvili Traveled in Regions before Voting 
28 Mar. '04Putin Comments on Georgia 
28 Mar. '04Polling Stations Opened 
27 Mar. '04Georgia to Elect Parliament in Rerun Polls 
27 Mar. '04Saakashvili Calls for High Voter Turnover 
27 Mar. '04Saakashvili to Dispatch Premier to Adjara on Elections Day 
26 Mar. '04Adjara Tensions Persist, as Elections Loom 
25 Mar. '04President’s Representatives Leave Adjara, but not Empty Handed 
25 Mar. '04CoE Calls for Free and Fair Parliamentary Elections in Georgia 
25 Mar. '04Ukraine Wants Explanations over Saakashvili’s Statements 
25 Mar. '04Saakashvili Campaigns in Regions 
25 Mar. '04Saakashvili: We Already Have Opposition in the Parliament 
25 Mar. '04Abashidze Accuses Tbilisi of Incursion Attempt 
24 Mar. '04Saakashvili Warns Abashidze against Recruiting Mercenaries 
24 Mar. '04President Hails Anti-Crime Operation in Svaneti 
24 Mar. '04Chief of Russian Chamber of Commerce Visits Georgia 
23 Mar. '04Chairman of the Constitutional Court Visits Adjara 
23 Mar. '04Sign of Cracks in Truce 
23 Mar. '04Turkish MP Met Adjarian Leader 
22 Mar. '04Saakashvili Warned Abashidze 
22 Mar. '04All Eyes on Adjara Elections 
22 Mar. '04Abashidze Sets Conditions 
22 Mar. '04UNDP, Soros Fund Salaries for Georgian Officials 
22 Mar. '04Acting Foreign Minister Appointed 
22 Mar. '04Georgia to Double Helicopter Fleet of its Air Forces 
22 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Putin Held Phone Talks 
21 Mar. '04French Granted Georgian Citizenship, Set to Become Georgia’s Foreign Minister 
21 Mar. '04Election Platform of the NDP-Traditionalists 
20 Mar. '04Turkish Delegation Visits Georgia 
20 Mar. '04Kmara Activist Beaten in Adjara 
20 Mar. '04Ruling Party for Restriction of MP Immunity 
20 Mar. '04Saakashvili: Russia Played a Good Role to Resolve Adjara Crisis 
20 Mar. '04CoE Commissioner for Human Rights Visits Georgia 
19 Mar. '04OSCE, CoE Hail End to Crisis 
19 Mar. '04Tbilisi Appoints Envoys to Control Port and Customs in Adjara 
19 Mar. '04Temporary Truce 
19 Mar. '04Russia Hails Agreements between Tbilisi and Batumi 
19 Mar. '04CoE Monitors Situation in Adjara 
19 Mar. '04U.S. Hails End of Adjara Standoff 
18 Mar. '04President Left for Bratislava 
18 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Abashidze Strike a Deal 
18 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Abashidze Agree to Cooperate 
18 Mar. '04Saakashvili in Hard Talks with Abashidze 
18 Mar. '04CoE Envoy Visits Batumi 
18 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Abashidze Start Talks 
18 Mar. '04EU Urges to End Standoff in Adjara 
17 Mar. '04Saakashvili to Meet Abashidze 
17 Mar. '04Crisis in Adjara Threatens Elections 
16 Mar. '04Burjanadze to Meet Abashidze 
16 Mar. '04Adjara Suffers Blockade 
16 Mar. '04Batumi Naval Blockade Enforced 
16 Mar. '04International Efforts under Way to Diffuse Adjara Crisis 
16 Mar. '04Moscow Mayor in Batumi 
16 Mar. '04Saakashvili: Elections will be Held 
15 Mar. '04Adjara under Partial Blockade 
15 Mar. '04Fear Prevails in Batumi 
15 Mar. '04Zhvania: Abashidze Refrains from Talks 
15 Mar. '04Saakashvili Met U.S. Envoy, OSCE Chair 
15 Mar. '04Opposition Reportedly Intimidated in Adjara 
15 Mar. '04Tbilisi Cuts Rail, Air Link to Adjara 
15 Mar. '04Anti-Crisis Center Set up to Tackle Adjara Showdown 
15 Mar. '04Saakashvili Denies Intentions to Cancel Adjarian Autonomy 
15 Mar. '04Abashidze Back to Adjara 
15 Mar. '04Saakashvili Sets Ultimatum to Abashidze, Threatens to Isolate Adjara 
14 Mar. '04Saakashvili Sets Ultimatum to Abashidze 
14 Mar. '04Tbilisi Sets Conditions to Normalize Relations with Batumi 
14 Mar. '04CoE Alarmed over Tensions in Adjara 
14 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Abashidze Held Phone Talks 
14 Mar. '04Opposition Calls for Restraint 
14 Mar. '04Saakashvili Met Abashidze’s Supporters 
14 Mar. '04Russia Warns Tbilisi against Use of Force in Adjara 
14 Mar. '04Tensions Increase, as Saakashvili Barred from Entering Adjara 
14 Mar. '04President, Government Members Prevented to Visit Adjara 
13 Mar. '04Abashidze Visits Moscow, Accuses Tbilisi of Resorting Force in Adjara 
13 Mar. '04Assailant Ex-Priest Arrested 
13 Mar. '04Georgian, Armenian Presidents Pledged Cooperation 
12 Mar. '04Saakashvili Ruled out Russia’s Unilateral Moves in Georgia 
12 Mar. '04Moscow Accuses Tbilisi of Trying to Oust Adjarian Leader 
12 Mar. '04President Vows to Defend Christianity, Eradicate Extremism 
12 Mar. '04Georgian President Visits Armenia 
12 Mar. '04French Envoy Becomes Georgia’s Foreign Minister 
11 Mar. '04Georgia Seized Turkish Ships 
11 Mar. '04Saakashvili: ‘I Declare War to Criminals’ 
10 Mar. '04Ruling Party Focuses on Social Problems in Election Platform 
10 Mar. '04Chirac, Saakashvili Discussed Georgia’s EU Perspectives 
9 Mar. '04Saakashvili Vows to Arrest Journalist’s Attackers 
9 Mar. '04Crisis and Renewal in Georgian Politics 
9 Mar. '04Arrested MP’s Family Goes on Hunger Strike 
9 Mar. '04Tbilisi, Batumi up ante in War of Words 
9 Mar. '04Saakashvili Denies ‘Secret Extradition’ of Chechens 
8 Mar. '04Amnesty in Exchange of Repaying Tax Arrears 
8 Mar. '04President’s Envoy to Kodori Gorge Retains Post 
8 Mar. '04Saakashvili Visits France 
7 Mar. '04Abashidze Says Adjara Needs Security Ministry 
7 Mar. '04Energy Projects Prevailed in Saakashvili’s Talks in Baku 
7 Mar. '04President Wants to Disband Adjarian Security Ministry 
6 Mar. '04Adjarian Conundrum a Serious Challenge for Tbilisi 
6 Mar. '04Government, Businesspeople Discuss Financial Amnesty 
6 Mar. '04Russia Accuses Georgia of Harboring Terrorists 
6 Mar. '04Saakashvili Orders Adjara to Investigate Attack on Journalist 
5 Mar. '04Saakashvili: I will Control Adjara 
5 Mar. '04Social Issues Prevail in Ruling Party’s Election Platform 
5 Mar. '04Cabinet Discusses Proposal over Financial Amnesty 
5 Mar. '04Georgian, Azeri Presidents Pledge Friendship 
4 Mar. '04Georgia, Russia Discussed Abkhaz, South Ossetian Conflicts 
4 Mar. '04Saakashvili Vows to Increase Pensions and Allowances 
4 Mar. '04Georgian President Visits Baku 
3 Mar. '04Saakashvili Co-Piloted a Jet 
3 Mar. '04Saakashvili Vows to Crackdown on Law Enforcers Linked to Crime 
3 Mar. '04Burjanadze Denies Quitting Ruling Coalition 
3 Mar. '04Saakashvili Carried out Overnight Inspection of Troops 
2 Mar. '04New Leadership Downplays PACE’s Criticism 
2 Mar. '04Georgian Energy Minister Visits Moscow 
2 Mar. '04Saakashvili, Putin Held Phone Talks 
29 Feb. '04Chechens in Georgia Fear of ‘Secret Extraditions’ 
28 Feb. '04Saakashvili Downplays Disagreement in Ruling Coalition 
27 Feb. '04Burjanadze in Opposition? Why not 
27 Feb. '04Government Discussed Financial Amnesty for Business 
27 Feb. '04Saakashvili Urged UN to Enhance Peace in Abkhazia 
27 Feb. '04Ruling Coalition Suffers First Major Dispute 
26 Feb. '0419 Blocs, Parties Submitted List of MP Candidates 
26 Feb. '04Zhvania: Unity of Ruling Coalition Endangered 
26 Feb. '04Burjanadze Feels at a Loss in the Party Election List 
26 Feb. '04New Leadership to Study Reasons of Civil War 
26 Feb. '04Saakashvili Met Powell 
26 Feb. '04Remarks by George W. Bush and Mikheil Saakashvili 
25 Feb. '04Bush, Saakashvili Pledge Closer Ties 
25 Feb. '04New Governor Appointed 
25 Feb. '04Georgia Suspends Ban on Russia’s WTO Accession 
25 Feb. '04Saakashvili Meets Bush 
24 Feb. '04Zhvania Excludes Saakashvili’s Ally from Party-List 
24 Feb. '04Saakashvili Urges U.S. to Increase Aid 
24 Feb. '04U.S. to Continue Training of Georgia Troops 
24 Feb. '04HRW Urges U.S to Push Rights Concerns in Georgia 
23 Feb. '04New Leadership Warned, as Elections Loom 
23 Feb. '04Saakashvili Visited Norway en rout to U.S. 
23 Feb. '0434 Parties, 5 Election Blocs Run for Parliament 
22 Feb. '04Shevardnadze’s Relative Sentenced to Pre-Trial Detention 
22 Feb. '04Adjarian Minister: Situation Tense 
22 Feb. '04Saakashvili Visits U.S. 
21 Feb. '04Opposition Raided in Adjara, as Tbilisi Targets Batumi’s Finances 
21 Feb. '04Saakashvili Supports Cancellation of Immunity for MPs 
21 Feb. '04President Vows Amnesty in Return for “Legalization of Businesses” 
21 Feb. '04Saakashvili Vows to Secure Freedom of Media 
21 Feb. '04Saakashvili Against Reduction Threshold for Admission to Parliament 
20 Feb. '04Saakashvili Wants to Tighten Coast Guard Control 
19 Feb. '04IMF’s Positive Stance Increases New Leaderships Economy Hopes 
19 Feb. '04CEC Postpones Deadline for Registration of Election Blocs 
19 Feb. '04Saakashvili Warns Over “Wahhabism Threat” in Georgia 
19 Feb. '04CoE Secretary General Urges for Fair Elections 
19 Feb. '04Abashidze Refuses to Visit Tbilisi 
18 Feb. '04President Wants to Disclose KGB Archives 
18 Feb. '04Ex-Security Minister Becomes Deputy Chief Prosecutor 
18 Feb. '04Government, Opposition at Odds over Election Commissions 
18 Feb. '04Saakashvili Wants Abashidze to Visit Tbilisi 
18 Feb. '04Saakashvili Warns over “Wahhabism Threat” in Pankisi 
17 Feb. '04Georgian Cabinet Approved 
17 Feb. '04Government Vows to Increase Defense Funding 
17 Feb. '04Georgia’s Scarce Army Aspires NATO 
17 Feb. '04Georgia to Soften Position over Russia’s WTO Accession 
17 Feb. '04British Minister Visits Georgia 
17 Feb. '04Parliament to Discuss Cabinet 
15 Feb. '04Cabinet Discusses Plan of Action 
13 Feb. '04New Defense Minister Nominated, ex-Minister Becomes Diplomat 
13 Feb. '04Government’s Structural Reforms Launched 
13 Feb. '04Tbilisi Hopes Power Transition in Sukhumi to Forster Conflict Resolution 
13 Feb. '04Press Watchdog Concerned over Pressure on Media 
12 Feb. '04President Says Batumi Cooperates with Tbilisi 
12 Feb. '04Saakashvili: Russian Visit Great Success 
12 Feb. '04Staff Cut at President’s Office 
12 Feb. '04MPs Discuss Anti-Corruption Bill 
12 Feb. '04Russia Denies Increase of Military Presence in Georgia 
12 Feb. '04Moscow-Tbilisi: Problems Remain, Despite Cordial Tone 
11 Feb. '04Saakashvili Meets Putin 
11 Feb. '04Georgia, Russia to Sign Border Guard Accord 
11 Feb. '04Saakashvili Offers “Broadest Autonomy” for Abkhazia 
10 Feb. '04Government to be Reshuffled 
10 Feb. '04MPs to Probe Alleged Pressure on Televisions 
10 Feb. '04MPs to Discuss Anti-Corruption Bill 
10 Feb. '04Saakashvili Left for Moscow with Little Hope of Breakthrough 
10 Feb. '04Georgian Leader in Moscow 
9 Feb. '04Zhvania Officially Nominated as Prime Minister 
9 Feb. '04President’s Administration Chief Appointed 
9 Feb. '04New Security Minister Nominated 
9 Feb. '04Georgian Foreign Minister Visits Moscow 
7 Feb. '04New Constitution Boosts President’s Powers 
7 Feb. '04President’s Allies against Merger of National Movement and United Democrats 
7 Feb. '04Constitutional Changes Approved 
6 Feb. '04Government to Propose Draft Law on Self-Governance 
6 Feb. '04Saakashvili Condemned Moscow Metro Bomb Blast 
6 Feb. '04Saakashvili Outlines Structural Reforms in Government 
6 Feb. '04Saakashvili Says Georgia not to Follow IMF’s “Advices Blindly” 
6 Feb. '04Georgia has a New Ambassador to Russia 
6 Feb. '04Parliament Approved Constitutional Changes 
5 Feb. '04Saakashvili: No Breakthrough Expected with Moscow Visit 
5 Feb. '04NGOs against Appointment of Provincial Governors by President 
5 Feb. '04President Urges MPs to Approve Constitutional Amendments 
5 Feb. '04Parliament Discusses Constitutional Amendments 
4 Feb. '04Police Crack Down on Armed Groups in Western Georgia 
4 Feb. '04Merger of Ruling Parties Postponed 
3 Feb. '04Saakashvili’s Close Ally Quits President’s Party, Slams Constitutional Changes 
3 Feb. '04Georgia to Have Transitional Constitution 
2 Feb. '04President's Anti-Corruption Proposals 
2 Feb. '04New Deputy Interior Minister Appointed 
2 Feb. '04President Appoints Two New Members of CEC 
2 Feb. '04Burjanadze Supports Constitutional Amendments 
2 Feb. '04Saakashvili’s Close Ally to be Georgia’s Envoy to Russia 
1 Feb. '04President Holds Consultations over Constitutional Changes 
31 Jan. '04German Expert to Help Georgian Officials 
30 Jan. '04Forming of New Ruling Coalition Sparks Number of Controversies 
30 Jan. '04Controversial Constitutional Changes Raises Questions over Unity of Revolution Leaders 
30 Jan. '04Saakashvili Wants Strong Presidency 
30 Jan. '04President Urges for German Help 
29 Jan. '04Russia Wants to Lift Sanctions on Abkhazia 
29 Jan. '04Anti-Corruption Bill Proposed 
29 Jan. '04PACE: Political Pluralism Endanger 
29 Jan. '04Saakashvili Visits Germany 
29 Jan. '04Sukhumi Calls Tbilisi for Restraint 
29 Jan. '04Saakashvili, Putin Meet in mid Feb 
29 Jan. '04Breakaway Region Fears of Attack 
28 Jan. '04Saakashvili Addressed PACE 
28 Jan. '04Two Major Parties Merge 
28 Jan. '04Six Members of CEC Resigned 
28 Jan. '04Amnesty International Called on Georgia to Respect Human Rights 
28 Jan. '04New Secretary of National Security Council Appointed 
28 Jan. '04CoE Secretary General Hopes Georgia will Improve Governance 
27 Jan. '04Abashidze Tries to Conciliate with New President 
27 Jan. '04Powell, Ivanov Discussed Georgia 
26 Jan. '04Government Resigned 
26 Jan. '04President to Visit Strasbourg 
26 Jan. '04President Signs National Accord 
26 Jan. '04Colin Powell's Interview With Rustavi 2 TV 
26 Jan. '04Press Briefing of Georgian President-Elect Mikheil Saakashvili and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell 
26 Jan. '04Powell Pledges U.S. Support to Georgia 
25 Jan. '04OSCE Ready to Assist Georgia in Reforms 
25 Jan. '04President Saakashvili's Inauguration Speech 
25 Jan. '04Georgia Has a New President 
25 Jan. '04Saakashvili Inaugurated as New President of Georgia 
25 Jan. '04Saakashvili, Powell Pledged Further Cooperation 
25 Jan. '04Shevardnadze Met Powell 
25 Jan. '04Russian Foreign Minister Arrived in Tbilisi 
25 Jan. '04Pro and Against Abashidze Rallies Held in Batumi 
25 Jan. '04Saakashvili Attended Military Parade in Adjara 
25 Jan. '04Saakashvili’s Vows Improvements with Drastic Measures 
24 Jan. '04Colin Powell Arrived in Tbilisi 
24 Jan. '04New Leader Vows to Hold Next Inauguration in Abkhazia 
24 Jan. '04Saakashvili Receives Blessing from Catholicos-Patriarch 
24 Jan. '04Saakashvili, NATO Secretary-General Met in Davos 
23 Jan. '04Burjanadze Left for Adjara 
23 Jan. '04Georgia Prepares for New President’s Inauguration 
23 Jan. '04Fund Backed by UNDP, Soros to Help Reforms in Georgia 
23 Jan. '04U.S. Optimistic About Georgia 
23 Jan. '04Georgia Prepares for Inauguration of New President 
23 Jan. '04Kofi Annan, Saakashvili Discussed Abkhaz Issue 
23 Jan. '04Russia's UES Ready to Increase Investments in Georgia 
22 Jan. '04Saakashvili to Attend Military March in Batumi Marking President’s Inauguration 
22 Jan. '04Abashidze Accused Authorities of Coup Attempt in Adjara 
22 Jan. '04Saakashvili Urges for Investments 
22 Jan. '04Triumvirate to Redistribute Power through Constitutional Changes 
21 Jan. '04Abashidze Desperately Grips for Power 
20 Jan. '04World Bank Official Visits Georgia 
19 Jan. '04Adjarian Police Foiled Protest Rally 
19 Jan. '04Saakashvili to Attend Economic Forum in Switzerland 
18 Jan. '04New Authorities Launch Fighting Corruption with High-Profile Arrests 
17 Jan. '04World Bank Calls Georgia for Pushing Reforms 
17 Jan. '04U.S. to Allocate $164m to Assist Georgia 
17 Jan. '04Georgia Wants to Accommodate U.S. Russian Interests in Georgia 
16 Jan. '04Saakashvili Warns Adjara not to Turn into a “Haven for Criminals” 
16 Jan. '04Ex-Railway Chief Arrested in Batumi 
16 Jan. '04Putin Congratulated Saakashvili on Presidency 
15 Jan. '04Solana Pledged EU’s Support to Georgia 
15 Jan. '04International Observers’ Preliminary Conclusions over the Presidential Elections 
15 Jan. '04CEC Announced Final Results of Presidential Polls 
15 Jan. '04U.S. Backs Georgia in Hard Talks Concerning Russian Military Bases 
14 Jan. '04New Chief Prosecutor Appointed 
14 Jan. '04Georgia has a New National Flag 
14 Jan. '04Russia Wants USD 500 million to Pull out Troops from Georgia 
14 Jan. '04Head of Abkhaz Government-in-Exile to Resign 
14 Jan. '04Javier Solana Arrives in Tbilisi 
13 Jan. '04U.S. Wants Russia to Pull Out its Troops from Georgia 
13 Jan. '04Romanian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
13 Jan. '04Abkhaz Side Seeks for Contacts with Georgia’s New Leadership 
13 Jan. '04U.S. Allocates More Financial Assistance for Georgia 
12 Jan. '04Saakashvili: Peaceful Resolution of Abkhaz Conflict is a Priority 
12 Jan. '04Saakashvili Wants New Chief Prosecutor, Vows to Crackdown on Criminals 
11 Jan. '04Saakashvili: Georgia Open for Good Cooperation with Russia 
11 Jan. '04Protesters Attacked in Adjara 
11 Jan. '04Georgia’s Scarce Opposition 
10 Jan. '04Saakashvili Condemns Political Persecution in Adjara 
10 Jan. '04Saakashvili Hailed Operation over Banker’s Release 
10 Jan. '04Sukhumi Proposes Peace Treaty with Tbilisi 
9 Jan. '04Georgia Asks Switzerland to Freeze Officials’ Accounts 
9 Jan. '04Opposition against Holding Parliamentary Polls in March 
9 Jan. '04Adjarian Leader Cracks Down on Opponents 
9 Jan. '04Powell to Attend Georgian President’s Inauguration 
8 Jan. '04Javier Solana Pledged EU Support to Georgia 
8 Jan. '04U.S. Calls Georgia for Closer Ties with IMF 
7 Jan. '04Bush, Powell Congratulated Saakashvili on Presidency 
7 Jan. '04With Most of the Votes Counted Saakashvili’s Victory Beyond Doubt 
6 Jan. '04Voting in Kodori Gorge Postponed 
6 Jan. '04Saakashvili Vows to Target Shevardnadze’s Family in his Anti-Corruption Drive 
6 Jan. '04Labor Party Leader Denounced New President as Illegitimate 
6 Jan. '04Health Care Minister Resigned 
6 Jan. '04U.S. Hailed Free Presidential Elections in Georgia 
5 Jan. '04The Elections Are Gone: Long Live the Elections! 
5 Jan. '04Timeline - 2002 
5 Jan. '04New Rights against Holding Parliamentary Elections in March 
5 Jan. '04CEC Announced Results of Run-off Parliamentary Elections 
5 Jan. '04Primary Official Results Say Saakashvili Received 95% 
5 Jan. '04Saakashvili Outlines Priorities 
5 Jan. '04Parallel Vote Tabulation Suggests 96% of Votes for Saakashvili 
5 Jan. '04Burjanadze to Set Parliamentary Elections’ Date 
4 Jan. '04Saakashvili Pledges Reforms 
4 Jan. '04Exit Polls Suggests Saakashvili’s Overwhelming Victory 
4 Jan. '04Exit Polls Suggests Saakashvili’s Overwhelming Victory 
4 Jan. '04Exit Polls Suggest 85,8% of Votes for Saakashvili 
4 Jan. '04Breakaway Region's Leader Furious over Saakashvili’s Visit 
4 Jan. '04Saakashvili Hails High Voter Turnout 
4 Jan. '04Officials Still Call for Higher Voter Turnout 
4 Jan. '04Shevardnadze Cast Ballot 
4 Jan. '04Georgians Go to the Polls to Elect President 
3 Jan. '04One Candidate Pulls out from Presidential Race 
3 Jan. '04Saakashvili Visited Breakaway South Ossetia 
1 Jan. '04Saakashvili Addressed Nation on New Year's Night 
20 Dec. '03 Zhvania, Abashidze Pledge to Cooperate, but No Deal over Elections Yet
19 Dec. '03 Mismanagement Hampers Voter Registration
19 Dec. '03 CoE Calls on Abashidze not to Boycott Elections
19 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Warns Abashidze
18 Dec. '03 Uneasy Neighbors Watchful at Each Other
18 Dec. '03 Georgia’s Peaceful “Revolution” may not Translate Easily
18 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Calls Voters for Registration
16 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Moved to Governmental Residence
16 Dec. '03 Traditionalists, National-Democratic Parties Unite
14 Dec. '03 Six Remain in Presidential Race
13 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Vows to Secure Favorable Business Climate
13 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Visits Ukraine
12 Dec. '03 Seven Candidates Run for Presidency
12 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Says Economic Growth will Help Restore Territorial Integrity
12 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Declines to Move to the Governmental Residence
11 Dec. '03 Q&A with Traditionalists party Leader Akaki Asatiani
11 Dec. '03 Authorities Increase Security Measures for Saakashvili
11 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Welcomes Dialogue with Abashidze
10 Dec. '03 No Deal after Batumi Talks
10 Dec. '03 Saakashvili: Territorial Integrity is Top Priority
9 Dec. '03 Abashidze Desperate to Retain Power with Threats to Boycott Elections
8 Dec. '03 Opponents to Sue New Leadership over “Coup”
6 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Condemns Boycotting of Elections
5 Dec. '03 Rumsfeld: U.S. Supports Georgia's Stability and Territorial Integrity
5 Dec. '03 Rumsfeld to Visit Georgia
4 Dec. '03 Authorities Vow to Keep Stability, Despite Attempts to Foment Chaos
4 Dec. '03 Saakashvili Launches Election Campaign
2 Dec. '03 15 Candidates Run for Presidency
2 Dec. '03 New Governors Appointed
2 Dec. '03 Mikheil Saakashvili: A Man of Powerful Emotions
1 Dec. '03 Opposition Party Leader Refuses to Back Saakashvili in Presidential Elections
1 Dec. '03 Abashidze – Handled with Care
29 Nov. '03 Interior Minister Vows to Maintain Stability
28 Nov. '03 Interim President Warns over Counter-Revolution
28 Nov. '03 Ukrainian President’s Aide Visits Georgia
28 Nov. '03 University Rector Keeps Position
27 Nov. '03 Burjanadze Forms Interim Government
27 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Warns over Counter-Revolution
27 Nov. '03 Nino Burjanadze: Interim President with a Daunting Task
27 Nov. '03 Abashidze to Defy Tbilisi Orders, but Rules out Secession
26 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Runs for Presidency
26 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Runs for Presidency
26 Nov. '03 Mikheil Saakashvili
26 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Runs for Presidency
26 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze did not Name His Favorite Presidential Candidate
26 Nov. '03 New Leaders to Propose Single Presidential Candidate
25 Nov. '03 New Presidential Elections Scheduled
25 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Admits Abashidze's Important Role
25 Nov. '03 Parliament Convened for Crucial Decisions
25 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Calls on MPs to Attend Parliament’s Session
25 Nov. '03 Georgia’s “Revolution of Roses”
25 Nov. '03 Interior Minister Resigned
24 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Announced End of Civil Disobedience
24 Nov. '03 'Rose Revolution' in pictures
24 Nov. '03 U.S. Supports Interim President Burjanadze
23 Nov. '03 Influential Governor Resigns
23 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Resigned, Georgia Celebrates Bloodless Revolution
23 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Meets Shevardnadze, Saakashvili Says Shevardnadze Prepares for Resignation
23 Nov. '03 Opposition Leaders Say Victory is Very Near
23 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Calls Supporters to Seize Interior Ministry
23 Nov. '03 Protesters Surprised, as Russia Foreign Minister Addressed Rally
23 Nov. '03 Opposition Urges Supporters to Defend “Bloodless Revolution”
23 Nov. '03 Russian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia
22 Nov. '03 Protesters Marched towards State Chancellery, as Shevardnadze did not Appear
22 Nov. '03 Protesters Set Ultimatum to Shevardnadze
22 Nov. '03 Thousands Rally for “Bloodless Revolution”
22 Nov. '03 Labor Party Boycotts Parliament
21 Nov. '03 Opposition Rally Demands Shevardnadze’s Resignation
21 Nov. '03 Protest March Enters Tbilisi
21 Nov. '03 Protest March Heads Towards Tbilisi
21 Nov. '03 U.S. Disappointed with Election Results and Georgian Leadership
20 Nov. '03 CEC Announces Elections’ Controversial Results
20 Nov. '03 CEC Announced Final Results of Elections
20 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Accuses Shevardnadze of Dictatorship
20 Nov. '03 CEC to Publish Final Election Results Today
20 Nov. '03 State TV Protest Blow for Shevardnadze
19 Nov. '03 Labor Party Might Boycott New Parliament
19 Nov. '03 U.S. Calls for Quick Solution of Crisis
19 Nov. '03 Saakashvili in Zugdidi, Prepares for March on Tbilisi
18 Nov. '03 Pro-Shevardnadze Rally Replaces Opposition outside Parliament
18 Nov. '03 U.S. Official Met Burjanadze, Zhvania
18 Nov. '03 U.S. Official Visits Georgia
17 Nov. '03 Anti-Opposition Rally outside Parliament
17 Nov. '03 Opposition to March on President’s Office
17 Nov. '03 Revival Union to Rally in Tbilisi
17 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Refuses to Step Down Despite Mounted Pressure
17 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Says Opposition’s Rally is “Struggle for Power”
17 Nov. '03 Deploying Abashidze, Georgia’s President Raises Stakes
17 Nov. '03 Opposition Starts Civil Disobedience Today
16 Nov. '03 Protest Rally Takes Break, as Opposition Prepares for Civil Disobedience
14 Nov. '03 Opposition Launches Civil Disobedience
14 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Calls for Civil Disobedience
14 Nov. '03 Protesters Lay a ‘Peaceful Siege’ on President’s Office
14 Nov. '03 Protesters Move to CEC
14 Nov. '03 Protesters Move Near President’s Office
14 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Sets One Hour Ultimatum to Shevardnadze
14 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Urges Citizens not to Rally, Calls for Dialogue
14 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Warns Over Civil War, Urges Citizens not to Rally
13 Nov. '03 Saakashvili: Shevardnadze Must Resign
13 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze’s Supporters Rallied in Kvemo Kartli
13 Nov. '03 Saakashvili: No Talks with Shevardnadze
13 Nov. '03 Protesters Collect Signatures Demanding Shevardnadze's Resignation
13 Nov. '03 Nino Burjanadze Comments on Recent Developments
13 Nov. '03 Georgia: High Stakes for U.S. Credibility
13 Nov. '03 CEC Chief: New Elections Unrealistic
13 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Ready to Compromise, but Talks with Opposition Failed
12 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze’s Party Member Offers Compromise
12 Nov. '03 Strange Games of the New Allies
12 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Met Jorbenadze
12 Nov. '03 Abashidze Visits Azerbaijan after Talks in Armenia
12 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Offers Talks with Opposition
11 Nov. '03 Abashidze’s Visit to Armenia Increases Opposition’s Fears
11 Nov. '03 Friends in Need
10 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Left for Senaki, Batumi
10 Nov. '03 Tense Talks Bring No Breakthrough
9 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Walks Out from the Talks with Shevardnadze
9 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Meets Opposition Leaders
9 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Says “Saakashvili is Dangerous”
9 Nov. '03 Opposition, President Prepare for Talks
9 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Says Opposition will Only Meet Shevardnadze Publicly

9 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze to Meet Opposition Leaders
8 Nov. '03 Rally Demands Shevardnadze’s Resignation
8 Nov. '03 Saakashvili: Shevardnadze Must Step Down
8 Nov. '03 Thousands of Protesters Set an Ultimatum to Shevardnadze
8 Nov. '03 Saakashvili: Shevardnadze Must Recognize Opposition Victory, or Resign
8 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Urges Police not to Use Force
8 Nov. '03 Shevardnadze Calls for Dialogue, as Georgia Braces in Rallies
7 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Blames Police for Zugdidi Shooting
7 Nov. '03 One Wounded in Zugdidi Opposition Rally
7 Nov. '03 Revival Union Rallies in Tbilisi
7 Nov. '03 Burjanadze Boycotts Election Results
6 Nov. '03 Pro-Presidential Bloc Members Threaten to Split with Shevardnadze
6 Nov. '03 Adjara Election Results to Trigger New Wave of Protests Rallies
5 Nov. '03 Opposition Seeks Cancellation of Adjara Election Results
5 Nov. '03 Saakashvili Calls to Cancel Adjara, Kvemo Kartli Elections
5 Nov. '03 Protesters Rally in Front of CEC
5 Nov. '03 Popular Support Boosts Opposition Morale
5 Nov. '03 Opposition: Shevardnadze Responsible for Ballot Fraud
4 Nov. '03 Thousands Rallied to Protest Ballot Fraud
4 Nov. '03 Deputy State Minister Says Authorities Ready to Keep Order
4 Nov. '03 Opposition Sets an Ultimatum to the President
4 Nov. '03 Opposition Rallies
4 Nov. '03 Fever Pitch
4 Nov. '03 Opposition Threatens with Rallies
4 Nov. '03 Burjanadze Accuses Authorities of Mass Ballot Fraud, Calls for Boycotting CEC's Results
4 Nov. '03 Opposition Leaders to Discuss Joint Measures to Protect Votes
3 Nov. '03 Saakashvili: Authorities Manipulate Election Results
3 Nov. '03 National Movement Ahead in Parallel Vote Tabulation Results
3 Nov. '03 Pro-Presidential Bloc, National Movement Keep Close Race
3 Nov. '03 National Movement Leads in Parallel Vote Tabulation Results
3 Nov. '03 Pro-Presidential Bloc Leads CEC’s Preliminary Results of Elections
3 Nov. '03 Opposition Ahead in Exit Polls
3 Nov. '03 Burjanadze Calls Opposition for Cooperation
2 Nov. '03 National Movement Leads Exit Polls
2 Nov. '03 Opposition Leader did not Vote
31 Oct. '03 As Georgia Braces for the Elections, Hopes for Democratic Outcome Linger
29 Oct. '03 National Movement Says Saakashvili Survives Assassination Attempt
29 Oct. '03 Exit Poll to be Held, Despite Government Opposition
22 Oct. '03 Opposition Rallies Against Inaccurate Voter Lists
22 Oct. '03 Tensions Grow as Elections Loom
20 Oct. '03 Opposition Seeks for Votes in Adjara
16 Oct. '03 22 Parties, Blocs Contest for New Parliament
15 Oct. '03 Opposition Warns Over Mass Protests in Case of Ballot Fraud
15 Oct. '03 Official Watchdog Agency Concerned over Misuse of Budgetary Funds
13 Oct. '03 CEC Opens Polling Stations Abroad
11 Oct. '03 22 Parties and Blocs Contest for New Parliament
2 Oct. '03 Parties Submitted Lists of MP Candidates to CEC
30 Sep. '03 Authorities, Opposition Call for Non-Violence
28 Sep. '03 Opposition Accuses Police of Intimidating Voters
27 Sep. '03 Election Campaign Turns Violent
26 Sep. '03 State Minister Condemns Bolnisi Incident
26 Sep. '03 Opposition, Local Authorities Clash in Kvemo Kartli
20 Sep. '03 The Burjanadze-Democrats Lead the Polls
14 Sep. '03 Pro-Presidential Bloc Takes Over Lower Level Election Commissions
11 Sep. '03 The Largest Jailbreak, 100 on Run
9 Sep. '03 Saakashvili Softens Hard Line Stance towards Zhvania
9 Sep. '03 Zhvania Refrains from Commenting on Saakashvili’s Accusations
8 Sep. '03 Saakashvili Casts Doubt over Zhvania’s Opposition Stance
20 Aug. '03 National Movement, Revival Activists Clash in Tbilisi
17 Aug. '03 Opposition, Pro-Presidential Parties Clash in Western Georgia
8 Aug. '03 US Envoy Met Opposition Leaders
4 Aug. '03 Dozens Injured in Clash between Monarchist and Labor Party Activists
2 Aug. '03 National Movement Calls for Nationalization of Strategic Facilities
31 Jul. '03 Opposition Leader, British Envoy Discussed Elections
31 Jul. '03 Strange Games in the Parliament
25 Jul. '03 Internal Troops Refuse to Guard Jails
5 Jul. '03 Baker Met with Opposition Leaders
2 Jul. '03 Two Jailbreakers Detained
30 Jun. '03 Shevardnadze Blames Reforms for Increased Jailbreaks
27 Jun. '03 Opposition Parties Start Election Campaign
14 Jun. '03 Saakashvili Rejects Prosecutor’s Request for Interrogation
14 Jun. '03 Saakashvili Calls Government to Avoid Use of Budgetary Funds for Election Campaign
10 Jun. '03 Opposition Held Protest Rally in Provincial Town
5 Jun. '03 Opposition Leaders Visit Western Georgia
3 Jun. '03 Part of CEC Members File Resignation, Still No Political Compromise
3 Jun. '03 Opposition Hits the Streets
3 Jun. '03 Part of CEC Members File Resignation, Still No Political Compromise
3 Jun. '03 Opposition Hits the Streets
2 Jun. '03 Opposition Leaders, State Minister Hold Talks Over CEC
30 May. '03 National Movement to Mobilize Public Support for Fair Elections
27 May. '03 National Movement, Government Supporters Clash in Gori
26 May. '03 No Partisan Consensus on Election Administration
16 May. '03 Shevardnadze Talks on Opposition
9 May. '03 Some NGOs Support Composition of CEC with Foreign Experts
8 May. '03 Parliamentary Chairperson Meets US Ambassador
7 May. '03 Government Rejects Saakashvili’s Proposal on CEC Composition
6 May. '03 National Movement Leader Demands International Organizations to be Represented in CEC
6 May. '03 Protest of the Former Police Colonel
24 Apr. '03 Saakashvili Criticized Opposition MPs for Supporting Free Trade Zone
19 Apr. '03 National Movement Accepts United Democrats' Proposal to Unite
18 Mar. '03 Uncertainty Dominates as Georgians Discuss Imminent War in Iraq
14 Mar. '03 City Council Increases Pensions for Tbilisi Residents
6 Mar. '03 Police Chiefs Vow to Curb Crime
5 Mar. '03 Saakashvili Calls Authorities to Curb Crime
20 Feb. '03 Labor Party Rejects National Movement's Offer of Election Alliance
15 Feb. '03 Opposition Leaders Interrogated on Alleged Coup Attempt
14 Feb. '03 Saakashvili Called Shevardnadze for Resignation
11 Feb. '03 Zurab Zhvania Speaks to the Readers of Civil Georgia
11 Feb. '03 A Coup for Who?
10 Feb. '03 Opposition Alliance Speaks Against Violence
8 Feb. '03 Tbilisi City Council Chairman Urges US to Assist Georgian Energy System
7 Feb. '03 Alleged Member of Plot Waives Parliamentary Immunity
6 Feb. '03 Interior Minister Says Allegations on Coup Attempt Absurd
5 Feb. '03 President Wants to Probe Source of Rumor on Alleged Coup Attempt
3 Feb. '03 City Council Chairman Says Militant Groups Prepare to Thwart the Elections
30 Jan. '03 Opposition Leaders Seek Elusive Accord in Georgia
28 Jan. '03 Zurab Zhvania Speaks to the Readers of Civil Georgia
23 Jan. '03 Zhvania Calls for Long-Term Opposition Coalition
21 Jan. '03 Broad Opposition Alliance Proposed
21 Jan. '03 Shevardnadze Backtracks Over Russian Peacekeepers Issue
13 Jan. '03 Election Commission's Painful Departure
13 Jan. '03 Stakes Climb in Georgian Budget Rift

Nachrichten - News - 2002-2001
Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>

21 Aug. '02 Sharp Reactions on Chamber of Control Report
21 Aug. '02 Report by Chamber of Control on Corruption
14 Aug. '02 Saakashvili Says Shevardnadze Plays Dangerous Games in Kodori
14 Aug. '02 Abkhaz Side Refuses to Pull Out from Kodori
13 Aug. '02 US Envoy to Georgia Met National Movement Leaders
1 Aug. '02 Votes Recounting Started
1 Aug. '02 President Still Fears to Share Power
31 Jul. '02 Votes Recounting Started
30 Jul. '02 CEC Starts Votes Recounting
30 Jul. '02 CEC Starts Votes Recounting
23 Jul. '02 Saakashvili Says State Minister Against of New City Council
22 Jul. '02 NGOs Support Anti-Crime Alliance of the Political Parties
19 Jul. '02 Political Parties Unite Against the Criminal Threat
11 Jul. '02 Ballot-Paper Hijack Suspect Released
11 Jul. '02 Court Refuses to Annul Locals' Results
11 Jul. '02 Court Refuses to Annul Locals' Results
9 Jul. '02 Ballot-Paper Hijacker Suspect Denies Accusation
8 Jul. '02 CEC Adopted Procedure of Votes' Recounting
8 Jul. '02 CEC Adopted Procedure of Votes' Recounting
4 Jul. '02 Reformers Demand Resignation of Influential Governor
3 Jul. '02 Parliament Rejects Statement Criticizing State Minister
2 Jul. '02 Consultations on Recounting the Votes
2 Jul. '02 Consultations on Recounting the Votes
1 Jul. '02 CUG Revives with Hopes of Success as Zhvania says it has no Future
1 Jul. '02 Revived CUG is a Great Power - Shevardnadze Says
1 Jul. '02 Challenging the Supremacy
29 Jun. '02 The State Minister - CUG's New Leader
28 Jun. '02 CEC Works Out Votes' Recounting Procedures
28 Jun. '02 CEC Works Out Votes' Recounting Procedures
20 Jun. '02 Court Says Votes Should Be Recounted
20 Jun. '02 Court Says Votes Should Be Recounted
20 Jun. '02 Opposition Leader Poised to Become Tbilisi Council Chairman
14 Jun. '02 Surprise Offer
14 Jun. '02 Final Results of Locals in Rustavi
14 Jun. '02 Final Results of Locals in Rustavi
13 Jun. '02 Saakashvili, Natelashvili Agree to Cooperate in City Council
12 Jun. '02 Number of Parties Demanding to Recount Votes Increase
12 Jun. '02 Number of Parties Demanding to Recount Votes Increase
11 Jun. '02 Parties Protest Against Violations in Rustavi Locals
11 Jun. '02 Parties Protest Against Violations in Rustavi Locals
10 Jun. '02 Final Results of the Locals in Tbilisi Announced
10 Jun. '02 Final Results of the Locals in Tbilisi Announced
10 Jun. '02 Locals Turned into Political Show - Shevardnadze Says
8 Jun. '02 Twin Peaks
6 Jun. '02 New Parliamentary Faction Created
5 Jun. '02 Chaotic Local Elections Yield Dubious Results in Georgia
5 Jun. '02 Labors Party Against Votes' Recounting
4 Jun. '02 Shevardnadze Comments Locals
4 Jun. '02 Shevardnadze Comments Locals
3 Jun. '02 Labor Party in the Top of the Locals' Results
3 Jun. '02 Labor Party in the Top of the Locals' Results
3 Jun. '02 Saakashvili's Supporters Protest Against Election Results
3 Jun. '02 Several Parties Demand Election's Results Cancellation
3 Jun. '02 Several Parties Demand Election's Results Cancellation
3 Jun. '02 CEC Started to Count Votes
3 Jun. '02 CEC Started to Count Votes
2 Jun. '02 Saakashvili Calls People for Protest Rally
2 Jun. '02 Local Elections Started
2 Jun. '02 Local Elections Started
1 Jun. '02 Shevardnadze to Decide the Fate of Elections
1 Jun. '02 Shevardnadze to Decide the Fate of Elections
1 Jun. '02 Zhvania, Saakashvili Say Street Protests will Follow Election Fraud
1 Jun. '02 Zhvania, Saakashvili Say Street Protests will Follow Election Fraud
1 Jun. '02 CEC and Parties to Consult with Shevardnadze
1 Jun. '02 Parties Demanding Delaying Locals Meet CEC
1 Jun. '02 Parties Demanding Delaying Locals Meet CEC
1 Jun. '02 Several Leading Parties Call for Delaying Locals
1 Jun. '02 Several Leading Parties Call for Delaying Locals
1 Jun. '02 Facing the Locals
31 May. '02 Facing the Locals
31 May. '02 Traditionalists' Leader Says State Chancellery will Fake Elections
29 May. '02 Dusk of the Moderates: Zhvania to Build Own Political Future
29 May. '02 Saakashvili in Strasbourg
28 May. '02 Saakashvili's National Movement Holds Meeting
25 May. '02 Zhvania, Saakashvili to Form a Coalition in City Council
23 May. '02 Reformers Says Shevardnadze is Far from Reality
21 May. '02 Still Far From Clarity
20 May. '02 Provocation is Planned Against the Reformers - MP Says
20 May. '02 President Dissatisfied by Saakashvili's Slogan
17 May. '02 Parliament Fails to Dismiss Zhvania's Supporter Vice-Speaker
17 May. '02 Parliamentary Committees' Chairmen Elected
15 May. '02 Pro-Presidential Group Accuses Saakashvili in Coup Attempt
14 May. '02 Tbilisi Without Shevardnadze - Pre-Election Slogan of New National Movement
13 May. '02 Saakashvili Says Mamaladze is a Criminal
13 May. '02 Majority, Reinvented
8 May. '02 Zhvania Blames State Minister in Intrigue Over CUG
7 May. '02 New National Movement Holds an Assembly
4 Apr. '02 Reformers Accuse Government in Undermining Situation in Regions
30 Mar. '02 Parliament Session Weekly Review, Extraordinary Session. March 20-22, 2002
26 Mar. '02 Parliament Discusses Justice Ministry's Anti-Corruption Bill
25 Mar. '02 Reformers Form Democratic Coalition
22 Mar. '02 Part of MPs Want to Postpone Voting on Anticorruption Bill
21 Mar. '02 Parliament Discusses Anticorruption Bills
14 Mar. '02 Alternative Anticorruption Bill Prepared
12 Mar. '02 The Parliament to Discuss Anticorruption Bill
12 Mar. '02 Reformers Say Parliamentary Chairperson Blocks Anticorruption Bill
12 Mar. '02 Saakashvili Says Interior Ministry Still Under Ex-Minister's Control
25 Feb. '02 National Security Council Secretary Dead
23 Feb. '02 Opposition Goes International
21 Feb. '02 Government Unable to Defeat Corruption - Zhvania Says
19 Feb. '02 Reformers Satisfied With Visit to the USA
16 Feb. '02 Reformers Visiting USA Talk on Corruption
13 Feb. '02 Education Minister Against Reformers' Activity
6 Feb. '02 Saakashvili and Zhvania to Visit USA
6 Feb. '02 Shevardnadze Condemns Political Parties' Activities in Universities
31 Jan. '02 Saakashvili Says Zhvania should Leave the CUG
24 Jan. '02 Reformers Collect Signatures for Preliminary Elections
22 Jan. '02 Government Accused in Masterminding Enguri Protests
18 Jan. '02 Reformers' Anti-Corruption Drive
17 Jan. '02 Citizens Union Dissolution Delayed
14 Jan. '02 Government Initiates New Attacks on Anticorruption Bill - Berdzenishvili States
14 Jan. '02 Shevardnadze Denies that He Obstructs Anticorruption Bill
11 Jan. '02 Levan Berdzenishvili to co-Chair the New National Movement
10 Jan. '02 Head of Penitentiary System Resigned
10 Jan. '02 Parliamentary Committees Initiate Discussion of Draft Law on Ungrounded Property
9 Jan. '02 Reformers Hope Parliament will Discuss Draft Law on Ungrounded Property
8 Jan. '02 Saakashvili Says Taliban Defeat May Spurr Drug Trafficking in Georgia
31 Dec. '01 Parliament Pressures "New" Government
29 Dec. '01 2002 - Another Year of Political Failure
25 Dec. '01 Parliament Sessions Weekly Review December 18-21, 2001
24 Dec. '01 Citizens Union Dissolution Delayed
20 Dec. '01 Ex-Economy Minister Intends to Appeal Supreme Court
18 Dec. '01 GCG Inc. States: Saakashvili is not the Company Founder
18 Dec. '01 Reformers' faction Hopes to Cooperate with CUG
17 Dec. '01 Reformers Formed a New Parliamentary Faction
11 Dec. '01 Saakashvili Submits to the Parliament the Draft Law on Ungrounded Property
11 Dec. '01 Parliament Sessions Weekly Review. December 4-7, 2001
7 Dec. '01 National Movement Starts Creating Factions in the Sakrebulos
5 Dec. '01 Reformers to Form New Parliamentary Faction
5 Dec. '01 Student Protest Insists on Preliminary Elections
5 Dec. '01 New Parliamentary Majority Impossible - Zhvania States
4 Dec. '01 State Security Minister: Investigation of Mass Protests in November is Inappropriate
4 Dec. '01 Parliament Sessions Weekly Review, Extraordinary Session. November 28-30, 2001
4 Dec. '01 The Part of MPs Demand to Investigate Reasons of Mass Protests in November
21 Nov. '01 Reformers Criticize Education Minister's Candidature
20 Nov. '01 Committee for Defense and Security
16 Nov. '01 New Faces in New Government
14 Nov. '01 New Structure - Old Members
12 Nov. '01 Parliament Sessions Weekly Review November 6-9, 2001
10 Nov. '01 Disgraceful Elections in the Parliament
8 Nov. '01 Burjanadze: "President Has to Make Decisive Step"
8 Nov. '01 Saakashvili: Preliminary Elections Needed
5 Nov. '01 9 Factions to Boycott the Session if the Protests Continue
5 Nov. '01 Protests in Georgia Expose Lack of Public Trust in Government
5 Nov. '01 Shevardnadze Against Preliminary Parliamentary and Presidential Elections
5 Nov. '01 Several People Injured in Zugdidi Clashes
3 Nov. '01 Georgian Parliament Waiting for the Changes
2 Nov. '01 … There Will Be War for Posts Now
2 Nov. '01 Hundreds of Protesters Remain in Front of the Parliament
2 Nov. '01 Saakashvili Attempts to De-escalate Protests
1 Nov. '01 State TV Fans the Flames
1 Nov. '01 Opinion of the Leading Parliamentarians About the Events of November 1st
1 Nov. '01 Thousands of Protesters Demand Shevardnadze's Resignation
1 Nov. '01 Government Was Forced to Leave
1 Nov. '01 Saakashvili Joins Protesters
1 Nov. '01 Shevardnadze Forces the Parliament into Crisis
31 Oct. '01 Shevardnadze Decided to Fire Security Minster Two Months Ago - Saakashvili States
31 Oct. '01 Comments About Rustavi 2 Crisis
31 Oct. '01 Protest Action Continues in Front of the Parliament
27 Oct. '01 Justice Minister Not Satisfied With Ex-Minister Saakashvili's Activities
26 Oct. '01 Mikheil Machavariani: "I will return to the Parliament"
26 Oct. '01 Fight of the Old Rivals Continues in the Parliament
23 Oct. '01 Saakashvili Plans to Modify the Government
22 Oct. '01 Ex-Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili is Leading in Vake District By-Elections
22 Oct. '01 Independent MP Candidates Blame Each Other in Faking the Elections
22 Oct. '01 Reinforcements Arrive for Both Reformers and Conservatives
22 Oct. '01 Reinforcements Arrive for Both Reformers and Conservatives
21 Oct. '01 By-Election Intrigue
19 Oct. '01 Economic Opposition or a Political One?
5 Oct. '01 The Parliamentary Majority Practically Does Not Exist
3 Oct. '01 A New Power Balance in the Parliament
2 Oct. '01 Reformers will not Form New Faction Yet
2 Oct. '01 Ministries Weekly review. September 22-29, 2001.
1 Oct. '01 Zhvania Tries to Maintain Parliamentary Majority
1 Oct. '01 Citizens' Union is Breaking Up
1 Oct. '01 The Parliamentary Majority Falls into Several Factions
27 Sep. '01 Mikheil Saakashvili Blames the MIA in Cooperating with Russia
27 Sep. '01 President's Briefing. Monday, September 24.
26 Sep. '01 MPs and Saakashvili Accuse MIA in Aggravating Situation in Abkhazia
26 Sep. '01 Shevardnadze Turns Back on Reform
25 Sep. '01 Ministries Weekly Review. September 15-22, 2001
25 Sep. '01 "Mr. Shevardnadze Prefers Corrupted to Reformers"
24 Sep. '01 President Proposed Former MIA Employee for the Justice Minister Vacancy
22 Sep. '01 President Says Justice Council a Failure
20 Sep. '01 Expropriation and Return of Improperly Acquired Property to the State - Bolshevism or Democracy?
20 Sep. '01 Saakashvili Dissociates From Shevardnadze's Corrupted Government
20 Sep. '01 Reformers Dissociate from Shevardnadze
20 Sep. '01 Shevardnadze had to Accept Saakashvili's Resignation
20 Sep. '01 Saakashvili Runs for MP
19 Sep. '01 Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili Resigns
19 Sep. '01 Parliamentary Crisis Is in Its Zenith
19 Sep. '01 The Government Meeting is Postponed Again
18 Sep. '01 There Will Be No Firm Majority in the Parliament Any More
18 Sep. '01 Ministries Weekly Review. September 8 - 15, 2001
18 Sep. '01 Governor of Imereti Accuses Saakashvili of Lobbying the AES
17 Sep. '01 Parliament Weekly Review. September 10-16, 2001.
17 Sep. '01 Myth About Overcoming Governmental Crisis
16 Sep. '01 Radio Interview with Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili
14 Sep. '01 Deputy Justice Minister Stays in Office
12 Sep. '01 Georgian Government’s Schedule Changes by American Tragedy
12 Sep. '01 Ministries Weekly Review. September 1-8, 2001
11 Sep. '01 Minister Accused in Corruption Sues Levan Berdzenishvili
11 Sep. '01 Deputy Minister of Justice Applies for Resignation
5 Sep. '01 Justice Minister Calls for Jury, Independent Prosecutors to Try Corruption Cases
5 Sep. '01 Mikheil Saakashviil Called Governments' Meeting an "Empty Talk"
3 Sep. '01 Governmental Crisis Continues
1 Sep. '01 Mikheil Saakashvili Launches Popularization Campaign for the Law on Illegal Property
31 Aug. '01 Cabinet of the Ministers - Necessary Escape or Just Another Bluff?
13 Aug. '01 Shevardnadze Supports Bill on Return of Illegal Porperty to the State
10 Aug. '01 Review of the Government's Meeting. August 8, 2001