Nachrichten - News - 2011 - 2010 
Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>

31 Dec. '11Eleventh Georgian Soldier Dies in Afghanistan 
29 Dec. '11New Party Funding Regulations Go into Force 
29 Dec. '11Ivanishvili: Saakashvili is in 'Agony' 
29 Dec. '11Ivanishvili Eyes Regaining Georgia Citizenship Through Naturalization 
28 Dec. '11Saakashvili Called to Veto New Party Funding Regulations 
27 Dec. '11New Regulations for Party Funding Passed with Second Reading 
27 Dec. '11Ivanishvili Loses Court Case over Citizenship 
26 Dec. '11Saakashvili on Importance of Promoting Integration of Minorities 
25 Dec. '11Head of Georgian Church Meets Ivanishvili 
24 Dec. '11Sokhumi, Tskhinvali Slam U.S. Congress Calls for Arms Sale to Georgia 
23 Dec. '11Saakashvili in Prague at Havel's Funeral 
23 Dec. '11Russian MFA on WTO Deal with Georgia 
22 Dec. '11Court to Rule into Ivanishvili's Citizenship Case Dec.27 
21 Dec. '11Press Distributors Call for Revising Kiosks Auction Scheme 
21 Dec. '11Saakashvili on Elections, Ruling Party and Opposition 
20 Dec. '11MPs Approve Sending More Troops to Afghanistan 
19 Dec. '11Newspapers to Saakashvili: 'Don't Kill Press' 
17 Dec. '11Poll Gives Ruling Party Big Lead Among Likely Voters 
17 Dec. '11Georgia in U.S. Military Authorization Bill 
14 Dec. '11Chief of Russia's NSC on Georgia 
13 Dec. '11Parliament Committees Condemn Russia Election Fraud, Arrest of Protesters 
12 Dec. '11Saakashvili on 'Unimaginable Geopolitical Turning Point for Georgia' 
10 Dec. '11Saakashvili on Post-Election Developments in Russia 
8 Dec. '11Poll Shows Two-Way Parliamentary Race 
8 Dec. '11Lavrov Slams NATO for Calling Georgia 'Aspirant' 
8 Dec. '11Saakashvili: 'Russia Has No Resources to Maintain Occupied Territories' 
7 Dec. '11PM Gilauri Meets Kazakh President 
7 Dec. '11Proposal to Increase Number of MPs May Be Reconsidered 
4 Dec. '11Saakashvili Plans 'New Large City' on Black Sea Coast 
2 Dec. '11Georgian President Pardons Jailed Israeli Businessmen 
1 Dec. '11Kokoity Rejects Jioyeva's Ultimatum 
30 Nov. '11Saakashvili Visits Kyrgyzstan 
30 Nov. '11Row over Maestro TV 
29 Nov. '11Saakashvili: United Caucasus Has No Alternative 
29 Nov. '11Armenian President Visits Georgia 
28 Nov. '11Controversial Proposal on Number of Parliamentary Seats Debated 
26 Nov. '11Ivanishvili Delays Plans to Appeal President for Citizenship 
25 Nov. '11Saakashvili Awards Polish MEP for Georgia Resolution 
25 Nov. '11Georgian Church Leader Says His Moscow Visit was 'Useful' 
23 Nov. '11Ronald Reagan Statue Unveiled in Tbilisi 
22 Nov. '11Saakashvili: Jeers for Putin Mean 'Beginning of End for Authoritarian Rule in Russia' 
22 Nov. '11Saakashvili: Free Trade Talks with EU to Start in Dec. 
22 Nov. '11Saakashvili Clarifies Position on Parliament Relocation Issue 
22 Nov. '11Saakashvili on Turning Kutaisi into Georgia's 'Political-Administrative Center' 
22 Nov. '11Saakashvili's Spokesperson on Medvedev's War and NATO Remarks 
18 Nov. '11Saakashvili Hails 'Historic' European Parliament Resolution 
18 Nov. '11European Parliament Resolution - Negotiations of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement 
17 Nov. '11European Parliament Resolution on Georgia 
17 Nov. '11Ivanishvili Reiterates 'NATO has No Alternative for Georgia’s Security' 
17 Nov. '11Ivanishvili to Appeal President for Georgia Citizenship 
16 Nov. '11Saakashvili Meets EU Foreign Policy Chief 
16 Nov. '11EU Foreign Policy Chief Visits Georgia 
16 Nov. '11Burjanadze on Ivanishvili, Elections and Protest Rallies 
15 Nov. '11Georgian Church Leader Meets Ivanishvili 
15 Nov. '11Saakashvili Calls for Speeding Up Free Trade with EU 
15 Nov. '11Voter List Rechecking Commission Established 
13 Nov. '11Georgia Church Leader: Ivanishvili Should Have Georgian Citizenship 
11 Nov. '11Procedures Launched for Constitutional Amendment Increasing Number of MPs 
11 Nov. '11Saakashvili Meets British PM 
11 Nov. '11Moscow, Tbilisi Hail WTO Deal 
10 Nov. '11Saakashvili, Rasmussen Hail NATO-Georgia Ties 
10 Nov. '11Gov't Unveils 'Pension Package' Plan 
10 Nov. '11Biden: Georgia-Russia WTO Deal 'Historic' 
10 Nov. '11Georgia Reaffirms Plans to Boost Troops in Afghanistan 
10 Nov. '11President's Office 'Clarifies' Saakashvili's Post-Presidency Remarks 
9 Nov. '11NATO NAC Visits Georgia 
9 Nov. '11Saakashvili's New Wording on Post-Presidency Question 
8 Nov. '11Ruling Party MPs Speak of 'New Pro-Russian Center' Around Ivanishvili 
8 Nov. '11Saakashvili: 'I Have Very Optimistic Outlook on Georgia’s Economy' 
7 Nov. '11Georgian FM Visits Armenia 
7 Nov. '11Ruling Party MP Rules Out Early Polls 
7 Nov. '11Saakashvili: Parliament to Be Relocated to Kutaisi from May, 2012 
7 Nov. '11Ivanishvili Speaks of His Planned Political Party 
7 Nov. '11Ivanishvili: 'NATO Membership Has No Alternative' 
4 Nov. '11Georgian Negotiator: 'We Have WTO Deal with Russia' 
4 Nov. '11NATO Chief on Upcoming Visit to Georgia 
3 Nov. '11Saakashvili: WTO Deal with Russia 'Diplomatic Victory' 
3 Nov. '11Ivanishvili to Set Up Public Movement 
2 Nov. '11Saakashvili on WTO Talks with Russia 
2 Nov. '11Russia's GRU Chief Comments on Georgia 
1 Nov. '11Ivanishvili's First-Ever Press Conference 
1 Nov. '11Georgia Says Waiting for Russia's Response on Swiss WTO Proposal 
31 Oct. '11Georgian, Swiss Presidents Discuss WTO 
31 Oct. '11Swiss, Georgian Presidents to Meet in Batumi 
29 Oct. '11Saakashvili: 'Serious Opposition Force Tries to Throw Us into Past' 
27 Oct. '11NATO Envoy Speaks of Ties with Georgia 
26 Oct. '11Saakashvili 'Dissatisfied' with Pace of Wine Export 
25 Oct. '11U.S. House Speaker on Russia-Georgia WTO Stalemate 
25 Oct. '11Ivanishvili: 'I Came into Politics Unprepared' 
23 Oct. '11Lawyer: No Plans to Appeal President for Ivanishvili’s Citizenship For Now 
21 Oct. '11Ivanishvili: 'Don't Even Want to Hear Word Revolution' 
21 Oct. '11Ivanishvili on Foreign Policy, Territorial Integrity 
20 Oct. '11U.S. Calls for Level Playing Field Ahead of Elections 
19 Oct. '11Saakashvili: Georgia's Economy to Grow 7% 
19 Oct. '11Ivanishvili: Despite 'Aggression' and 'Occupation' Tbilisi will Have to Mend Ties with Moscow 
18 Oct. '11President's Spokesperson: Stripping Ivanishvili of Citizenship 'Fully in Line with Law' 
18 Oct. '11Estonian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
17 Oct. '11Saakashvili: 'Georgia Close to Achieving its Historic Goals' 
17 Oct. '11Ivanishvili's First-Ever TV Interview 
17 Oct. '11EUMM Head: Security Situation Improved 
15 Oct. '11Ivanishvili to Appeal Against Stripping of Citizenship 
13 Oct. '11Ivanishvili on Meetings with Alasania, Republican Party Officials 
13 Oct. '11Kitsmarishvili Predicts Early Parliamentary Polls 
12 Oct. '11Opposition Reacts on Ivanishvili's Statement 
12 Oct. '11Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Open Letter to Georgian Gov't, Politicians, Political Parties, Media Outlets and Georgian Citizens 
12 Oct. '11Ivanishvili: 'I will Definitely Come into Power' 
9 Oct. '11Billionaire-Turned-Politician Gearing Up For TV Interview 
7 Oct. '11Saakashvili: Always Ready for Talks with Putin 
7 Oct. '11Saakashvili: Sarkozy's Speech Historic for Georgia 
7 Oct. '11Sarkozy Calls for Dialogue, Reminds Russia of its Pledge 
7 Oct. '11Sarkozy Arrives in Tbilisi 
7 Oct. '11Ivanishvili's Statement Offering to Buy a Television Station 
7 Oct. '11Written Statement of Bidzina Ivanishvili 
7 Oct. '11Billionaire Outlines Political Goals 
7 Oct. '11CDM Leader: 'Being Moderate is Hard Job in Georgia' 
6 Oct. '11Billionaire, Gearing Up for Politics, Picks Up Spokesman 
6 Oct. '11Reports: Sarkozy to Call for Georgia-Russia Dialogue During Tbilisi Visit 
5 Oct. '11Saakashvili on Telavi MP By-Election 
5 Oct. '11October 7 Declared Holiday in Tbilisi 
5 Oct. '11Georgian Billionaire Plans Political Party 
4 Oct. '11Saakashvili: New Parliament Building in Kutaisi to Host First Session on May 26 
4 Oct. '11Saakashvili Launches Accounts on Social Networking Sites 
3 Oct. '11Tbilisi Hails 'Great Friend' Sarkozy's Upcoming Visit 
1 Oct. '11Saakashvili in Telavi Ahead of MP By-Election 
30 Sep. '11Saakashvili on Belarus and EU Eastern Partnership 
30 Sep. '11Georgia and Warsaw Summit of Eastern Partnership 
29 Sep. '11Saakashvili Meets EU Foreign Policy Chief, Azeri Leader, Estonian PM 
29 Sep. '11Warsaw Hosts EU Eastern Partnership Summit 
28 Sep. '11Four Groups Registered For Now Under New Law of Legal Status of Religious Minorities 
28 Sep. '11Lavrov Speaks of Russia's Role of 'Guarantor' of Peace 
27 Sep. '11Ruling Party MP Slaps Opposition Lawmaker over August War Remarks 
25 Sep. '11Saakashvili Points Finger at Opposition for Planned Increase of Number of MPs 
25 Sep. '11Saakashvili: Tax System – Not Perfect, But Improved 
24 Sep. '11Russian MFA on Saakashvili’s UN Speech 
23 Sep. '11Saakashvili's Speech at the UN General Assembly – 2011 
23 Sep. '11Saakashvili Addresses UN General Assembly 
22 Sep. '11EU Official: Free Trade Talks with Georgia Expected Soon 
21 Sep. '11Saakashvili on Palestine UN Statehood Bid 
20 Sep. '11Saakashvili in New York for UN General Assembly 
20 Sep. '11Opposition Party Plans 'March of Georgians' 
19 Sep. '11Trade Union Slams Authorities for 'Repressions' 
16 Sep. '11Saakashvili: Russia will Collapse if Continues Aggressive Policy 
16 Sep. '11Saakashvili Defends Georgia's Afghan Mission 
15 Sep. '11Patriarch's Hope for 'Miracle' in Georgia-Russia Ties 
15 Sep. '11Saakashvili Expects Progress in NATO Integration 
14 Sep. '11New Governor of Shida Kartli Appointed 
10 Sep. '11Defense Minister Akhalaia and U.S.-Georgia Defense Cooperation in Leaked Cables 
8 Sep. '11Saakashvili, Moldovan PM Discuss Joint Plan on EU Ties 
8 Sep. '11IDS Borjomi Confirms Talks with Russia's Consumer Protection Agency 
7 Sep. '11Saakashvili Expects 'Breakthrough' in Georgia's EU Integration 
7 Sep. '11Saakashvili in Poland for Economic Forum 
4 Sep. '11Saakashvili Again Stresses on 'Diversified Wine Exports' 
3 Sep. '11Saakashvili: 'Wine - Georgia's Passport in Civilized World' 
30 Aug. '11Saakashvili: Parliament Relocation to 'Change Social Psychology' 
25 Aug. '11U.S., NATO Military Commander in Europe Visits Georgia 
22 Aug. '11Saakashvili: 'Prevailing Enemy with Resorts' 
10 Aug. '11Saakashvili on Medvedev's Georgia Interview 
8 Aug. '11Lavrov: Saakashvili is 'Pathology and Anomaly' 
8 Aug. '11Georgian Negotiator Speaks of WTO Talks with Russia 
8 Aug. '11Medvedev Asks MPs to Approve Military Base Treaties with Sokhumi, Tskhinvali 
7 Aug. '11Shadowy Website Reemerges with Photographers' Case-Related Recordings 
5 Aug. '11Medvedev on Ties with Georgia 
3 Aug. '11Saakashvili on Norway Attacks, Says Gunman is 'Beast' 
2 Aug. '11Saakashvili: 'We are on the Right Track' 
29 Jul. '11Saakashvili Visits Peru 
27 Jul. '11Saakashvili on Proposed Increase of Number of MPs 
26 Jul. '11Saakashvili Praises Polish-Georgian Ties 
26 Jul. '11Saakashvili to Europe: 'Do not Isolate Belarus' 
25 Jul. '11Polish President to Visit Georgia 
23 Jul. '11One Georgian Survives, Another Missing in Norway Attack 
23 Jul. '11Ex-Defense Minister Lambastes Former Ally 
22 Jul. '11Speech by EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle at Batumi Conference 
22 Jul. '11Photographers Found Guilty, Freed in Plea Agreement 
22 Jul. '11Plea Bargain Agreed in Photographers' Case 
21 Jul. '11EU Commissioner for Enlargement Visits Georgia 
21 Jul. '11Saakashvili on Fighting 'Russian-Planted Slave Mentality' 
18 Jul. '11UPDATE: Photographers' Case May End in Plea Agreement 
16 Jul. '11Arrested Photographer Makes 'Confession Statement' 
15 Jul. '11'Photographers Case Investigation Nears End' 
15 Jul. '11Georgian, Ukrainian FMs Meet in Tbilisi 
14 Jul. '11Ukrainian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
14 Jul. '11Lavrov: Georgia, Russia WTO Deal 'Much Doable' 
13 Jul. '11Transparency Pledged in Photographers' Trial 
13 Jul. '11Except of 'Small Part', Trial into Photographers' Case will be Public - Officials 
12 Jul. '11U.S. State Department Spokesperson on Arrested Georgian Photographers' Case 
12 Jul. '11President’s Spokesperson: 'We Appreciate Firm Ties with Church' 
12 Jul. '11Spokesperson: Personal Photographers' Arrest 'Huge Blow' for Saakashvili 
11 Jul. '11Police Say EPA Photographer 'Long-Time Agent' 
11 Jul. '11Russia, Georgia Hold WTO Talks 
11 Jul. '11Media Watchdog Coalition Urges for Declassifying Photographers' Case 
10 Jul. '11Protest March Against Law on Religious Minorities Status 
10 Jul. '11Press Council Calls for Declassifying Arrested Photographers' Case 
10 Jul. '11Thousands Protest Law on Religious Minorities Legal Status 
9 Jul. '11MIA Releases Some Details of its Case Against Arrested Photographers 
9 Jul. '11Three Photographers Sent to Pre-Trial Detention 
9 Jul. '11Lawyer: One Photographer Released, Three Others Charged with Espionage 
9 Jul. '11Saakashvili Says Not Aware of Details of His Arrested Photographer's Case 
9 Jul. '11Saakashvili on WTO Talks with Russia 
8 Jul. '11Calls for Declassifying Arrested Photographers' Case 
8 Jul. '11Official: Photographers Arrested for Passing Information on Confidential Events 
8 Jul. '11Russian MFA on Photojournalists' Arrest in Georgia 
7 Jul. '11Patriarch: Legislative Amendment on Religious Groups' Status 'Dangerous' 
7 Jul. '11Four Photojournalists Arrested over Espionage-Related Charges 
7 Jul. '11Bill on Religious Minorities Legal Status Becomes Law 
6 Jul. '11Opposition Parties Condemn Religious Groups' Legal Status Law 
6 Jul. '11Opposition Leaders Meet Estonian President 
5 Jul. '11Estonian President Calls on Georgia to Continue Reforms 
5 Jul. '11Georgian Church: Suspend Legislative Procedures on Legal Status of Some Religious Groups 
4 Jul. '11Estonian President to Visit Georgia 
1 Jul. '11Revised 'Economic Liberty Act' Passed with Final Reading 
28 Jun. '11Legal Controversy Over Proposed Increase in Number of MPs 
28 Jun. '11Saakashvili Hails Electoral System Deal 
26 Jun. '11Saakashvili: 'Parliament Relocation Historic Reform' 
25 Jun. '11Saakashvili Hails Georgia's Judicial System 
23 Jun. '11Police Say Seized Okruashvili-Affiliated Armed Group 
22 Jun. '11Saakashvili Meets Polish Parliament Speaker 
21 Jun. '11Relocation of Next Parliament to Kutaisi Endorsed 
20 Jun. '11Parliament Endorses Revised 'Liberty Act' 
20 Jun. '11Georgian Church Leader Says Armenian Catholicos 'Clever, but Needs More Experience' 
16 Jun. '11Tightening Rally Rules Proposed 
14 Jun. '11Azerbaijani FM Meets Saakashvili, PM Gilauri 
14 Jun. '11Saakashvili Speaks of 'Rival Traitor Groups' 
14 Jun. '11Georgia 'Not to Revise' Russia's WTO Entry Terms 
13 Jun. '11Azerbaijani FM Visits Georgia 
10 Jun. '11Armenian Church Leader Visits Georgia 
10 Jun. '11Russian MFA on 16th Round of Geneva Talks 
8 Jun. '11Saakashvili Expects Double-Digit Growth in 2012 
6 Jun. '11Would-Be August War Film Premiere Protesters Arrested 
3 Jun. '11Georgia Mulls Sending More Troops to Afghanistan 
3 Jun. '11Saakashvili’s Bilateral Meetings in Rome 
2 Jun. '11Biden Meets Saakashvili in Rome 
1 Jun. '11Biden to Meet Saakashvili in Rome 
31 May. '11Turkish PM Visits Georgia 
30 May. '11Burjanadze Vows 'to Keep Struggle' 
30 May. '11Georgian, Swiss Presidents Meet in Tbilisi 
29 May. '11Swiss President Visits Georgia 
27 May. '11Vashadze on Moscow’s ‘Disappointed’ Reaction on Break Up of Rally 
27 May. '11Saakashvili: 'Fifth Column Operates Openly in Georgia' 
27 May. '11Group of Eight Opposition Parties on Dispersal of Rally 
26 May. '11Russian MFA on Dispersal of Tbilisi Protest 
26 May. '11Saakashvili: Recent Protest’s Scenario Written in Russia 
26 May. '11Burjanadze: 'This is Crime Against Mankind' 
25 May. '11Tbilisi Mayor's Offers Protesters Alternative Venues for Rally 
25 May. '11Protest Rally Outside Parliament 
25 May. '11Burjanadze: Further Actions Depend on Scale of Rally 
25 May. '11Saakashvili Downplays Protest Rally, Calls it 'Masquerade' 
24 May. '11Burjanadze: Georgian Party's Decision Impacts Negatively on Protests 
24 May. '11Saakashvili Noncommittal on Prime Ministerial Prospects 
24 May. '11Georgian Party Drops 'Day of Rage' Plans 
24 May. '11Protest Rally Enters into Fourth Day 
23 May. '11MP: Russia's Statement is an Attempt to Meddle in Georgia's Affairs 
23 May. '11Russian MFA on Protest Rallies in Georgia 
23 May. '11Protesters Target Planned Military Parade 
23 May. '11Burjanadze Distances from Okruashvili's Remarks 
23 May. '11Saakashvili Visits Hungary 
22 May. '11Okruashvili: 'Army's Choice Will Decide Georgia's Fate' 
22 May. '11Protest Leaders Say Rally to Remain at GPB 
22 May. '11Protest Rally Leaders 'in Talks over Action Plan' 
22 May. '11Georgian Party Activists Join Rally at Public Broadcaster 
22 May. '11Okruashvili: 'I will be in Georgia on May 25' 
22 May. '11Georgian Party Launches 'Decisive Struggle for Regime Change' 
21 May. '11Protesters Rally Outside Public Broadcaster 
21 May. '11Protesters March to Public Broadcaster 
21 May. '11People’s Assembly Launches Protest Rally 
20 May. '11Okruashvili Hints on Return to Georgia 
20 May. '11Burjanadze: 'Our Decisive Struggle will Be Successful' 
20 May. '11Saakashvili on 'Forces which Russia Relies on in Georgia' 
17 May. '11Georgian Party Offers Burjanadze Talks on Planned Rallies 
17 May. '11Georgian PM Visits Singapore 
17 May. '11Georgian Billionaire on Politics 
16 May. '11Parliament to be Fully Relocated to Kutaisi 
16 May. '11Georgian Party Rallies at U.S. Embassy 
16 May. '11Saakashvili Congratulates Azerbaijan on Winning Eurovision 
16 May. '11Saakashvili: 'Thanks a Lot to Mother Russia for Embargo' 
15 May. '11Georgian Party Rallies in Batumi 
13 May. '11Czech FM Visits Georgia 
13 May. '11Reports: Saakashvili will not Pardon Israeli Businessmen 
12 May. '11Opposition Wants Ruling Party’s Response by End-May 
12 May. '11Opposition Leaders Exchange Insults 
12 May. '11Saakashvili: '15-20 Years Needed to Make Development Irreversible' 
11 May. '11Georgian Party Steps Up U.S. Criticism 
10 May. '11Georgian Party Plans Protest Rally at U.S. Embassy 
9 May. '11Georgian Party Rallies in Kakheti 
8 May. '11Police Arrest Opposition Activists in Rustavi 
6 May. '11Saakashvili Praises Police 
6 May. '11Latvian FM Visits Georgia 
5 May. '11Georgian Party Plans Rallies from Monday 
4 May. '11Georgian Party Aims at Revolution This Year 
4 May. '11Wounded MIA Senior Official 'has a Chance to Survive' 
4 May. '11Lithuanian President: Democratic Reforms to Determine Georgia's Progress 
3 May. '11Lithuanian President Visits Georgia 
3 May. '11MIA Senior Official in Hospital with Gunshot Wound 
2 May. '11Tbilisi's Reaction to Bin Laden Death 
2 May. '11People's Assembly Plans Protests from May 21 
30 Apr. '11Military Drills in Vaziani 
26 Apr. '11Georgian FM Visits Armenia 
26 Apr. '11ECHR Ruling into Girgvliani Murder Case 
26 Apr. '11Group of Tbilisi-based Francophone Ambassadors Established 
25 Apr. '11Lavrov, Kokoity Meet in Tskhinvali 
23 Apr. '11266 Inmates Pardoned 
22 Apr. '11Saakashvili Hails Cooperation with France 
21 Apr. '11Government to Sign Khudoni HPP Deal 
21 Apr. '11Families Seek Pardon for Israeli Businessmen 
13 Apr. '11Saakashvili Hails Gov't for Issuing Eurobonds 
13 Apr. '11Georgia Debated at PACE 
10 Apr. '11Saakashvili Speaks of Three Types of Opposition 
10 Apr. '11Saakashvili on Georgia's 'Three Clean Model' 
9 Apr. '11Israeli Defense Firm Sues Georgia 
7 Apr. '11NATO Envoy Meets Opposition 
5 Apr. '11Opposition Plans New Proposals 'to Save Electoral Talks' 
3 Apr. '11Saakashvili Reiterates He is Against Changing Majoritarian MP Election Rule 
1 Apr. '11Saakashvili Tells NSC to Intensify Security Measures 
31 Mar. '11Swedish FM Visits Georgia 
31 Mar. '11Georgian Deputy FM Visits Gambia, Senegal 
31 Mar. '11Saakashvili: 'We Need Anti-Air, Anti-Tank Arms from U.S.' 
30 Mar. '11Electoral Reform Talks Close to Collapse 
28 Mar. '11Swedish FM to Visit Georgia 
28 Mar. '11Bulgarian Parliamentary Speaker Visits Georgia 
26 Mar. '11Saakashvili: Some Hope for Foreign Military Intervention to Topple Gov't 
25 Mar. '11Sides Exchange Accusations over 'Hampering' Electoral Talks 
24 Mar. '11Ruling Party Votes Down Calls for Agriculture Minister’s Resignation 
23 Mar. '11European Diplomat on Russia-Georgia Conflict 
21 Mar. '11Saakashvili Says Building of State for All Ethnic Groups Major Achievement 
18 Mar. '11Saakashvili: 'We Want to Have Ideal Elections' 
17 Mar. '11Saakashvili Meets U.S. Senators 
16 Mar. '11Saakashvili Meets Gen. Petraeus 
14 Mar. '11Saakashvili: With Reforms Georgia Created 'New Order' in Region 
11 Mar. '11Trump Signs Deal to Develop Towers in Georgia 
9 Mar. '11Saakashvili to Visit U.S. 'to Seek Investments' 
8 Mar. '11Saakashvili Calls for 'Active State Involvement' to Boost Agriculture 
7 Mar. '11Saakashvili on Reshuffle in Revenue Service 
7 Mar. '11Gov't Plans Minimal Pension Increase 
3 Mar. '11Fifteenth Round of Geneva Talks 
3 Mar. '11Burjanadze: Revolution Inevitable 
2 Mar. '11Saakashvili Reiterates Georgia's Afghan Commitment 
2 Mar. '11Georgian Party: 'Revolution Inevitable if Saakashvili Says No to Changes' 
1 Mar. '11Church Leader Calls for Russia, Georgia Dialogue 
1 Mar. '11Alasania Says 'Cautiously Optimistic' over Authorities Readiness to Carry out Changes 
28 Feb. '11'Keep in Close Touch with Voters' - Saakashvili to Ruling Party MPs 
27 Feb. '11Senior Russian Senator: 'Georgia Ordered Domodedovo Bombing' 
25 Feb. '11Saakashvili: ‘Dying Empire Dreaming’ of Occupying Georgia 
25 Feb. '11Saakashvili on Arrested Israeli Businessmen’s Case 
25 Feb. '11Saakashvili on Unrests in Middle East, N.Africa 
25 Feb. '11Saakashvili: 'Georgia Poses Zero Threat to Sochi Olympics' 
24 Feb. '11U.S. Deputy Secretary of State’s Visit 
23 Feb. '11Some Ruling Party MPs Criticize Parts of Plan to Downscale Environment Ministry 
21 Feb. '11Georgia, Turkish Firm Sign Deal on Three HPPs 
20 Feb. '11Medvedev Points to Georgia when Warning of Threats to Sochi Olympics 
18 Feb. '11U.S. Intelligence Chief: Georgia’s North Caucasus Efforts Contribute to Tensions 
18 Feb. '11Moscow Says Saakashvili's Calls for Dialogue 'PR Move' 
18 Feb. '11Georgia to Send Artillery Instructors to Afghanistan 
16 Feb. '11Deputy FM: Trade Talks with EU 'Difficult' 
14 Feb. '11Groups Slam Planned Downscale of Environment Ministry 
12 Feb. '11Saakashvili Speaks of 'United Caucasus' in Talks with Turkish FM 
12 Feb. '11New Target Date - 2015 
11 Feb. '11Saakashvili Aims Free Trade Treaty with EU by 2015 
11 Feb. '11GEL 150 mln Extra Funding Planned for Agriculture 
11 Feb. '11Gov’t Plans 'GEL 30 Food Coupons' 
11 Feb. '11Saakashvili Asks Diplomats to Listen Debates After his State of Nation Address 
11 Feb. '11Turkish FM Visits Georgia 
10 Feb. '11Environmentalists Concerned over Planned Downscale of Environment Ministry 
8 Feb. '11Ministry of Environment to be Downscaled 
8 Feb. '11Saakashvili’s State of Nation Address Planned for Friday 
8 Feb. '11Saakashvili: Georgia Ready to Send More Troops to Afghanistan 
7 Feb. '11Georgian Church Says 'Ignored' in Turkish-Georgian Talks on Restoring Historic Sites 
6 Feb. '11Saakashvili Calls on West to Bring Moscow to Talks 
6 Feb. '11Saakashvili's Speech at Munich Security Conference 
5 Feb. '11Saakashvili Meets Merkel 
2 Feb. '11GEL 20 mln Gov't Subsidy for Electricity Bill 
2 Feb. '11Coal Miners on Strike in Tkibuli 
2 Feb. '11Moscow Slams Saakashvili’s Remarks on Russia 
1 Feb. '11Saakashvili: 'Singapore, Estonia - Examples for Georgia' 
1 Feb. '11Intelligence Chief in U.S. to 'Increase Qualification' 
1 Feb. '11Saakashvili to Attend Munich Security Conference 
1 Feb. '11Saakashvili to Deliver Annual Address in Parliament 
26 Jan. '11Sokhumi, Tskhinvali Concerned over Saakashvili’s Remarks 
26 Jan. '11Two Arrested over Blast in Coal Mine 
25 Jan. '11Saakashvili's Televised Phone-in 
24 Jan. '11Relaunch of Georgia’s Russian Language Channel 
24 Jan. '11Saakashvili Plans Second Televised Phone-in 
22 Jan. '11Saakashvili Slams Coal Mine Owners for Blast 
22 Jan. '11Saakashvili Visits Armenia 
20 Jan. '11Saakashvili Says Georgia Should Boost Agriculture’s Role in Economy 
17 Jan. '11Tbilisi Comments on Russian Press Reports on 'Arms Talks' with U.S. 
17 Jan. '11Saakashvili to Visit Armenia 
15 Jan. '11Obama Meets Saakashvili 
14 Jan. '11Sacked by Own Party, Ex-PM Plans New One 
13 Jan. '11U.S. House Speaker Meets Saakashvili 
12 Jan. '11Business Council Planned at Parliament 
11 Jan. '11Saakashvili in Washington 
8 Jan. '11Saakashvili: 'GEL 500-600 mln is Invested in Mestia' 
6 Jan. '11Saakashvili on Georgian-Armenian Ties 
1 Jan. '11Saakashvili's New Year Address 
31 Dec. '10Lavrov on Ties with Georgia 
30 Dec. '10Kitsmarishvili Denies Meddling in Maestro TV 
30 Dec. '10Saakashvili on Patriarch's Role in Keeping 'Georgian Identity' 
28 Dec. '10Tbilisi Condemns Khodorkovsky Verdict 
27 Dec. '10Burjanadze, Gachechiladze Clash 
27 Dec. '10Saakashvili Says Russia May Resort to ‘Political Terror’ in Georgia 
26 Dec. '10Saakashvili Thanks Vatican for 'Steadfast Support' 
24 Dec. '10Saakashvili to Business: 'Open Your Eyes and Invest in Svaneti' 
24 Dec. '10NSC Chief: Tbilisi Concerned over Situation in Belarus 
21 Dec. '10Saakashvili Congratulates Lukashenko 
20 Dec. '10Tbilisi ‘Watches Closely’ Belarus Elections 
18 Dec. '10Saakashvili: 'Inflationary Process will Strengthen' 
17 Dec. '10Russian MFA: Tbilisi 'Unconstructive' at Geneva Talks 
17 Dec. '10Tbilisi 'Disappointed' with 14th Round of Geneva Talks 
15 Dec. '10Q&A: 'New Context' for Geneva Talks after Non-Use of Force Pledges 
14 Dec. '10Russian MFA Criticizes U.S. Senate Draft Resolution 
13 Dec. '10Report: Saakashvili Undecided about Post-Presidency Role 
11 Dec. '10Draft of Resolution on Georgia Initiated in U.S. Senate 
11 Dec. '10Medvedev: Georgia Gained Nothing from Quitting CIS 
10 Dec. '10Chief of NSC Bokeria Meets Alasania 
10 Dec. '10Russian MFA: Non-Use of Force Pledges 'Create New Situation' 
9 Dec. '10Russian MFA Accuses Tbilisi of Staging Provocation 
9 Dec. '10Saakashvili Raises Abkhazia at Climate Conference 
8 Dec. '10Tbilisi Says Evidence Links Russian Officer to Blasts 
8 Dec. '10Moscow Hails Tskhinvali, Sokhumi for Non-Use of Force Pledges 
7 Dec. '10Saakashvili: 'Very Serious Terror Attacks Prevented' 
6 Dec. '10Bagapsh, Kokoity Ready for Non-Use of Force Pledge 
6 Dec. '10Saakashvili to Visit Mexico 
4 Dec. '10Saakashvili on 'Shortcomings' in Relations with Business 
3 Dec. '10Unresolved Conflicts Thwart Adoption of OSCE Action Plan 
3 Dec. '10Leaked Cables: Two Views on U.S.-Georgia Military Cooperation 
2 Dec. '10Portuguese FM Visits Georgia 
2 Dec. '10August War in Leaked Cables 
2 Dec. '10Britain, Germany, Sweden Call for OSCE Mission in Georgia 
1 Dec. '10President Saakashvili's Speech at the OSCE Summit in Astana 
1 Dec. '10Saakashvili’s Bilateral Meetings at OSCE Summit 
1 Dec. '10CDM to President: 'Stop Aggression Against Business' 
1 Dec. '10Clinton Calls for OSCE Presence in Georgia 
1 Dec. '10OSCE Summit in Astana 
30 Nov. '10Gov't to Extend 'Free Tourism Zone' to Anaklia 
30 Nov. '10Georgia in Latest WikiLeaks Releases 
29 Nov. '10Georgia in Leaked US Embassy Cables 
26 Nov. '10Georgian Minister Against Holding Olympics in Sochi 
26 Nov. '10Public Broadcaster in Center of Second Day of Rally 
26 Nov. '10EU Hails Tbilisi's Non-Use of Force Pledge 
26 Nov. '10Tbilisi Protest Rally in Georgian TV News 
25 Nov. '10Rally Told 'More People Needed for Success' 
25 Nov. '10Sokhumi Says 'Cautious' over Saakashvili's Declaration 
25 Nov. '10Opposition Rallies Outside Parliament 
24 Nov. '10Ex-Public Defender Becomes Leader of New Party 
24 Nov. '10Moscow Responds to Saakashvili’s Non-Use of Force Pledge 
24 Nov. '10Saakashvili Visits Moldova 
23 Nov. '10Saakashvili: Non-Use of Force Pledge 'Not a Sign of Weakness' 
23 Nov. '10Saakashvili: MAP Requirement for Georgia 'Removed' 
23 Nov. '10Reports: Moscow Says No Plans to Talk with Saakashvili 
23 Nov. '10Georgia Makes 'Unilateral Pledge' of Non-Use of Force 
23 Nov. '10Saakashvili to Address European Parliament 
22 Nov. '10Opposition Politician: Scale of Rally to Define Plans 
22 Nov. '10Saakashvili's Address to European Parliament 
22 Nov. '10Part of Opposition to Hold Rally Outside Parliament 
21 Nov. '10Saakashvili's Bilateral Meetings at Lisbon Summit 
21 Nov. '10Georgia Offers 20 Instructors for Afghan Army 
20 Nov. '10Reshuffle in Government, NSC 
20 Nov. '10Saakashvili on 'Most Fruitful Diplomatic Week' 
20 Nov. '10Saakashvili 'Satisfied' with Talks with Obama 
20 Nov. '10Obama Meets Saakashvili 
20 Nov. '10Georgia in NATO's New Strategic Concept 
19 Nov. '10'Georgia to Stay in Afghanistan Until Mission Accomplished' 
18 Nov. '10Saakashvili, Barroso Meet in Brussels 
18 Nov. '10Senior Ruling Party MP Dies 
16 Nov. '10Georgia Hails NATO Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 
16 Nov. '10Georgia Hopes NATO to Reiterate its Bucharest Decision 
16 Nov. '10'Historic' Road Opens in Southern Georgia 
15 Nov. '10Opposition Criticizes Saakashvili for Remarks on Majoritarian MP Election Rule 
15 Nov. '10Saakashvili: Georgian Statehood is 'Nightmare' for Russia 
14 Nov. '10Merabishvili: 'I'm not Dreaming of Any Post' 
13 Nov. '10Saakashvili Reiterates Support to Draft on Referendum on Tax Increase 
12 Nov. '10MPs Discuss 2011 Draft Budget 
12 Nov. '10Interior Minister: 'More Russian Spy Networks Operate in Georgia' 
11 Nov. '10Zourabichvili Quits Politics 
11 Nov. '10Saakashvili on Ties with Russia 
11 Nov. '10Saakashvili Against Change of Majoritarian MP Election Rule 
11 Nov. '10Education Ministry Accused of Heavy-Handed Response to School Students’ Protest 
9 Nov. '10Saakashvili: ‘We don’t Want Confrontation with Anyone’ 
9 Nov. '10Saakashvili Speaks on ‘Cultural and Political’ Power of TV 
8 Nov. '10Saakashvili on Nov 7, 2007 Protest Rallies 
8 Nov. '10Saakashvili on Three Pillars of Georgia’s Economy 
8 Nov. '10Diplomats from Six Latin American Countries Visit Georgia 
8 Nov. '10Saakashvili on ‘Russian Spy Network’ 
5 Nov. '10Russian MFA: ‘Georgia Spy-Mania is Provocation’ 
4 Nov. '10Saakashvili Meets Iranian Foreign Minister 
4 Nov. '10MPs Resume Discussion of Draft on Referendum on Tax Increase 
1 Nov. '10Iranian FM to Visit Georgia 
29 Oct. '10Ruling Party on Opposition's Call for Election Reform Talks 
28 Oct. '10Saakashvili 'Optimistic' About FDI Growth 
27 Oct. '10Tbilisi Firm on Russia WTO Entry Terms 
26 Oct. '10MPs Pass ‘Kobuleti Free Tourism Zone’ Proposal 
26 Oct. '10Georgia to Make Media Ownership ‘Fully Transparent’ 
24 Oct. '10Saakashvili at Francophone Summit 
21 Oct. '10Burjanadze: Saakashvili Provoking Russia over North Caucasus 
19 Oct. '10Israeli President Phones Saakashvili over Arrested Businessmen 
16 Oct. '10Saakashvili Hails Adoption of New Constitution 
14 Oct. '10Russian MFA: Georgia’s Visa-Free Rules for North Caucasus is ‘Provocation’ 
13 Oct. '10Opposition Calls for Election System Reform Talks 
12 Oct. '10New Opposition Party Launched 
12 Oct. '10Russian FM: Tbilisi’s North Caucasus Visa-Free Move ‘Propaganda’ 
11 Oct. '10Georgia's Visa Free Rules for North Caucasus 
11 Oct. '10Azerbaijani FM to Visit Georgia 
11 Oct. '10Saakashvili Tells Gov’t to Help War-Affected Villages 
9 Oct. '10Venice Commission on Revised Draft of Constitution 
5 Oct. '10Georgia Position on Russia WTO Membership ‘Unchanged’ 
4 Oct. '10Georgian FM Visits Armenia 
2 Oct. '10Lukashenko on Reasons Why Minsk Refused to Recognize Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
1 Oct. '10NATO Reiterates Georgia Support 
1 Oct. '10Four Georgian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan 
1 Oct. '10NATO Liaison Office Opens in Tbilisi 
30 Sep. '10NATO Secretary General Visits Georgia 
30 Sep. '10Saakashvili on New Constitution 
28 Sep. '10Bakradze on NATO Secretary General's Upcoming Visit 
27 Sep. '10NATO Secretary General to Arrive on Thursday 
26 Sep. '10Saakashvili: Georgia 'Not Fixated Only' on NATO 
24 Sep. '10Saakashvili Meets Number of Counterparts at UN 
24 Sep. '10Saakashvili Meets Clinton 
24 Sep. '10Saakashvili Speaks of 'United Caucasus' in UN Speech 
23 Sep. '10Saakashvili on Iran, Israel, Russia 
22 Sep. '10Saakashvili Meets Trump in New York 
21 Sep. '10Georgia’s GDP Grows 6.6% in H1 
21 Sep. '10Saakashvili: Act of Economic Liberty Planned in Autumn 
20 Sep. '10Opposition Renews Calls for Banning Saakashvili to Run for PM 
17 Sep. '10European Experts' Key Advice on Constitutional Reform 
17 Sep. '10Saakashvili ‘Thanks’ Putin for Contributing to ‘Increase of Georgian Wine Quality’ 
16 Sep. '10Gates: U.S. ‘Careful’ in Providing Military Assistance to Georgia 
16 Sep. '10Saakashvili in Brussels for EPP Summit 
15 Sep. '10First Round of Georgia v. Russia Hearings at ICJ 
14 Sep. '10Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Hungary Agree on LNG Project 
13 Sep. '10Constitution Group's Closing Session 
13 Sep. '10Saakashvili on Georgia’s Afghan Mission 
13 Sep. '10Saakashvili to Visit Azerbaijan 
12 Sep. '10Saakashvili Wants U.S. to Help with Defensive Arms 
9 Sep. '10Interior Minister: No Threat of Direct Aggression 
8 Sep. '10Saakashvili Hails UN General Assembly Resolution 
8 Sep. '10Bakradze Discusses Constitutional Reform with Opposition 
7 Sep. '10Georgian Diplomats Discuss Policy Priorities 
6 Sep. '10Visit of U.S. Congressional Delegation 
4 Sep. '10Saakashvili Defends President's Role in New Constitution 
4 Sep. '10Saakashvili: 'Georgia is Russia's Major Ideological Competitor' 
4 Sep. '10Saakashvili: Georgia Needs 7-10% Economic Growth 
2 Sep. '10Death Toll in Coal Mine Blast Rises to 4 
1 Sep. '10Saakashvili Discusses Wheat with Gov’t 
30 Aug. '10Economy Minister: Ryanair Interested in Georgia Entry 
29 Aug. '10Saakashvili Praises Education Minister 
28 Aug. '10Saakashvili to Address UN General Assembly 
27 Aug. '10Saakashvili on New Constitutional Model 
26 Aug. '10Tbilisi 'to Formalize' its Non-Use of Force Commitment 
24 Aug. '10Parliament to Launch Constitutional Debates in Sept 
16 Aug. '10Saakashvili: 'We Should Not Forget Old Friends' 
16 Aug. '10Saakashvili: 'Every Schoolchild should Learn English' 
15 Aug. '10Moldova's Acting President Visits Georgia 
10 Aug. '10U.S. 'Wants to See Russia Fully Adhere' to Six-Point Agreement 
9 Aug. '10Sen. McCain: Georgia Needs U.S. Support to Rebuild its Defense 
7 Aug. '10Saakashvili: ‘Struggle for Liberation Continues’ 
7 Aug. '10Saakashvili Visits Colombia 
5 Aug. '10Medvedev Speaks of Relations with Georgia 
4 Aug. '10Saakashvili: ‘Enemy Failed to Accomplish its Goals’ 
3 Aug. '10Georgia to Promote its ‘Combination of Swim then Ski’ Resorts 
3 Aug. '10Saakashvili May Visit Colombia 
3 Aug. '10Medvedev Recalls Lukashenko’s ‘Pledge’ to Recognize Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
29 Jul. '10Economy Minister Denies Doctoring CV 
28 Jul. '10Saakashvili Talks on ‘Total Defense’ to Army Top Brass 
28 Jul. '10President’s Office Comments on Saakashvili’s ‘Negro’ Remarks 
27 Jul. '10Saakashvili: ‘Don’t Care who will be on What Post in 2013’ 
26 Jul. '10Poll Shows Support to Strong Presidential System 
26 Jul. '10Saakashvili on ‘Link Between Organized Crime and Marginal Opposition’ 
23 Jul. '10Georgian PM Visits Azerbaijan 
22 Jul. '10Saakashvili: Education System Top Priority 
20 Jul. '10Saakashvili Speaks of ‘Unprofessionalism’ in Some State Structures 
20 Jul. '10Saakashvili Speaks on Phone with Moldovan Acting President 
19 Jul. '10Saakashvili on Constitution Reform 
19 Jul. '10Opposition Calls not to Hurry with New Constitution 
18 Jul. '10Azerbaijani, Georgian Leaders Meet in Batumi 
16 Jul. '10Lukashenko on Meeting with Saakashvili 
16 Jul. '10Saakashvili Hails Belarus in Interview with Belarus State TV 
15 Jul. '10Saakashvili Speaks of Regional Cooperation in EU Context 
15 Jul. '10Talk with Russia - Kouchner to Georgia 
15 Jul. '10Controversy over Arrests in Svaneti 
15 Jul. '10EU-Georgia Association Agreement Talks in Batumi 
15 Jul. '10French FM Visits Georgia 
14 Jul. '10Saakashvili Meets Polish FM 
13 Jul. '10Trunk Gas Pipeline Debated in Parliament 
13 Jul. '10Saakashvili Meets Lukashenko in Ukraine 
12 Jul. '10PACE Monitors Visit Georgia 
10 Jul. '10EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Georgia 
9 Jul. '10Russian FM: Georgian Leadership is ‘Anomaly’ 
8 Jul. '10Russian MFA Condemns Use of Term ‘Occupied’ by Clinton 
6 Jul. '10Burjanadze Complains over Clinton Meeting with only 'So Called Opposition' 
5 Jul. '10Clinton Reaffirms Georgia’s ‘Steadfast’ Support 
5 Jul. '10Clinton Visits Georgia 
3 Jul. '10Alasania’s Party Wants to Ban Saakashvili from Running for PM 
2 Jul. '10Russian MFA on Georgia-Iran Ties 
30 Jun. '10Draft Law Lifts Restriction on Sale of North-South Gas Pipe 
30 Jun. '10U.S. Official on Clinton’s Upcoming Visit to Georgia 
29 Jun. '10Saakashvili Stresses on Term Occupation, Speaks on Russia 
29 Jun. '10President Invites Opposition to Discuss Abkhazia, S.Ossetia Strategy 
28 Jun. '10Georgian FM Stripped of Russian Citizenship 
25 Jun. '10Saakashvili on U.S.-Russia Dialogue 
25 Jun. '10Cabinet Slightly Reshuffled 
25 Jun. '10Stalin Statue Removed from Gori 
24 Jun. '10FM on ‘Links Between Criminal Network and Marginal Opposition’ 
24 Jun. '10Austrian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
24 Jun. '10Medvedev: No Chance of Having Ties with Saakashvili 
22 Jun. '10Saakashvili: Georgia will be Like Dubai in 5-7 Years 
21 Jun. '10Saakashvili’s Trip to UAE 
15 Jun. '10Saakashvili on Ruling Party’s Vision 
14 Jun. '10Armenian FM Visits Georgia 
14 Jun. '10PACE President Visits Georgia 
13 Jun. '10Saakashvili: Constitution will not be Tailored on Personalities 
11 Jun. '10Lavrov: Russia’s S.Ossetia, Abkhaz Decision Irreversible 
11 Jun. '10Ex-PM Nogaideli, Ex-Defense Minister Okruashvili Show Signs of Alliance 
9 Jun. '10Putin: No Need to Use Mistral Against Georgia 
9 Jun. '10Tense Talks in Eleventh Round of Geneva Discussions 
8 Jun. '10Saakashvili Meets Sarkozy 
8 Jun. '10Saakashvili on Post-Presidency Plans 
7 Jun. '10Saakashvili Visits France 
5 Jun. '10Part of Opposition Speaks of Need of Early Polls 
3 Jun. '10Saakashvili Visits Romania 
3 Jun. '10Alasania Speak of Plans 
2 Jun. '10National Council on Local Elections 
2 Jun. '10Saakashvili: Time to Move Forward with Reforms 
31 May. '10Ruling Party to Retain Majority in all Councils 
31 May. '10Saakashvili’s First Post-Election Statement 
30 May. '10Saakashvili: Ruling Party ‘Still Enjoys Voters trust’ 
30 May. '10Saakashvili: ‘I’m Sure Ugulava will Win’ 
29 May. '10Saakashvili Calls on Voters to Support Ruling Party 
29 May. '10Saakashvili Speaks on Phone with British PM 
28 May. '10With New Look Maestro TV Goes on Satellite 
27 May. '10Saakashvili to Visit Romania, France 
26 May. '10Saakashvili Addresses Nation on Independence Day 
26 May. '10Military Parade Marks Independence Day 
26 May. '10Clinton: ‘Georgia Valued Friend and Partner’ 
26 May. '10Saakashvili on Ties with Russia, U.S., EU 
25 May. '10Saakashvili on Ties with Iran 
25 May. '10Free Economic Zone Planned in Adjara 
24 May. '10Lithuanian Parliamentary Chairperson Visits Georgia 
22 May. '10Swedish FM Visits Georgia 
21 May. '10Saakashvili: ‘Elections should be Exemplary’ 
21 May. '10Local Election Guide 
21 May. '10Iranian FM Expected to Visit Georgia in June 
19 May. '10Sen. McCain Criticizes Obama over Georgia 
17 May. '10Saakashvili: Brazil, Turkey-brokered Iranian Deal is Breakthrough 
17 May. '10Saakashvili Hails Georgia-Turkish Ties as Exemplary 
17 May. '10Turkish PM to Visit Georgia 
14 May. '10Saakashvili Warns Voters Against Opposition in Local Government 
11 May. '10Commission Agrees on Basic Draft of Constitution 
9 May. '10Tbilisi Mayoral Candidates' TV Debates 
8 May. '10Eight Arrested over Kavkasia TV Fistfight 
7 May. '10Saakashvili to Visit Costa Rica 
6 May. '10Saakashvili: Soviet Era is Over in Georgia 
6 May. '10Saakashvili to Meet Pope in Vatican 
6 May. '10Several Injured in Clash Between Protesters and Police 
6 May. '10Saakashvili: Police are Depoliticized 
1 May. '10Zviad Dzidziguri 
1 May. '10Giorgi Chanturia 
1 May. '10Gigi Ugulava 
28 Apr. '10Saakashvili: Claims on Media Freedom Problems ‘Bullshit’ 
26 Apr. '10Ugulava Formally Launches Re-Election Campaign 
26 Apr. '10Fake TV Report-Related Phone Recording Examined 
23 Apr. '10Tbilisi Mayoral Race Focus of Local Elections 
23 Apr. '10U.S. Hails Georgia for Uranium Seizure 
19 Apr. '10Saakashvili Continues U.S. Visit 
18 Apr. '10Saakashvili Bids Farewell to Late Polish President 
18 Apr. '10Saakashvili Reaches Out to Kyrgyz Interim Leader 
17 Apr. '10Officials: Volcanic Ash Disrupts Georgia Delegation’s Departure to Poland 
16 Apr. '10Saakashvili on ‘Abuse of Administrative Resources’ 
15 Apr. '10Saakashvili: ‘Direct Talks with Obama Just a Matter of Time’ 
15 Apr. '10Candidates for Public TV Board Vacant Seat Named 
15 Apr. '10Biden Meets Saakashvili 
14 Apr. '10Obama Reiterates Georgia Support 
13 Apr. '10Saakashvili: ‘I would have been Crazy to Approve’ Fake TV Report 
13 Apr. '10Georgian FM: U.S. will Never Allow Georgia’s Int’l Isolation 
12 Apr. '10Ugulava Comments on Local Elections 
12 Apr. '10Statement by Tbilisi Mayor 
12 Apr. '10Head of Adjara Gov’t Criticizes PM for Ignorance 
12 Apr. '10Saakashvili to Meet Biden – Georgian Official Says 
10 Apr. '10Merabishvili Responds to his Controversial Interview 
10 Apr. '10Saakashvili: ‘Kaczynski Played Amazing Role in Fight for Georgia’s freedom’ 
9 Apr. '10Georgia Says Russia Meddling in Kyrgyzstan 
8 Apr. '10Georgia Aims at Visa-Free Travel with EU by 2013 
7 Apr. '10Nogaideli: ‘Ballot Fraud May Cost Merabishvili his Life’ 
7 Apr. '10Merabishvili on Elections, Opposition, Russia, Ukraine 
7 Apr. '10Obama Thanks Georgia for Afghan Deployment 
6 Apr. '10Saakashvili Speaks of ‘Linguistic, Computer Revolution’ 
1 Apr. '10GEL 36 mln Tax Amnesty for TV Stations 
31 Mar. '10Subari Lays Out ‘Formula of Victory’ 
31 Mar. '10Patrushev on Possible Georgian Link to Moscow Bombings 
30 Mar. '10Presidential Order Sets Elections Date 
30 Mar. '10Romanian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
29 Mar. '10Georgia Condemns Moscow Metro Bombings 
27 Mar. '10Lithuanian FM to Visit Georgia 
25 Mar. '10Saakashvili Meets NATO Secretary General 
25 Mar. '10NATO: Fake TV Report 'Unwise' 
24 Mar. '10CDM Launches Procedures for Parliamentary Probe into Fake TV Report-Related Phone Recordings 
23 Mar. '10New Member of Public TV Board Elected 
23 Mar. '10Saakashvili to Participate in Nuclear Security Summit in Washington 
22 Mar. '10PACE Monitors Meet Opposition Leaders 
22 Mar. '10Saakashvili Awards Rugby Team for Beating Russia 
21 Mar. '10Nowruz Declared as National Holiday in Georgia 
20 Mar. '10PACE Monitors to Visit Georgia 
19 Mar. '10Authorities Rule Out Probe into Fake TV Report-Related Phone Recordings 
18 Mar. '10EBRD, Georgia Sign Two Projects of EUR 180 mln 
17 Mar. '10EU's Barroso 'Concerned' over Imedi TV Fake Report 
17 Mar. '10Saakashvili: ‘Georgia – First Modern State in Caucasus’ 
17 Mar. '10Saakashvili Meets Russian Opposition Figure 
16 Mar. '10More Fake TV Report-Related Phone Recording 
16 Mar. '10Phone Tape Adds New Twist to Fake TV Report 
15 Mar. '10Saakashvili: ‘Russia's Plans Impossible to be Realized’ 
15 Mar. '10Russian MFA Slams Imedi TV’s Fake Report 
15 Mar. '10Imedi TV Chief Defends Fake Report 
14 Mar. '10Saakashvili: Fake TV Report 'Close to What May Happen' 
14 Mar. '10Fake Report on Renewed War Triggers Panic, Anger on Imedi TV 
12 Mar. '10Georgia Hopes to Boost Ties with EU Under Polish Presidency 
12 Mar. '10Saakashvili: Russia’s Embargo Failed 
11 Mar. '10Polish PM Visits Georgia 
9 Mar. '10Saakashvili: ‘Georgia Switzerland with Elements of Singapore’ 
9 Mar. '10OSCE PA President Visits Georgia 
6 Mar. '10Saakashvili Orders Hair Drug Test for Officials 
5 Mar. '10U.S. Vice President Holds Phone Conversation with Saakashvili 
4 Mar. '10Imedi TV News Chief Replaced 
3 Mar. '10EU Delegation Meets Opposition 
3 Mar. '10Holbrooke: Georgian Afghan Deployment ‘Extremely Important’ 
3 Mar. '10Spanish FM Visits Georgia 
2 Mar. '10Turkish Reports on Saakashvili’s Brief Visit to Istanbul 
1 Mar. '10Saakashvili Says has no Intention to Stay in Power after 2013 
28 Feb. '10Armenian, Georgian Leaders Pledge Closer Ties 
27 Feb. '10Saakashvili Against Further Cut in Defense Spending 
26 Feb. '10Saakashvili’s State of Nation Address 
26 Feb. '10Saakashvili Speaks on ‘Collaborationists’ on Red Army Invasion Anniversary 
23 Feb. '10‘Cracks’ in Alliance for Georgia 
22 Feb. '10Saakashvili: Afghan Deployment is ‘Patriotic Deed’ 
22 Feb. '10Saakashvili to Deliver State of Nation Address on Friday 
21 Feb. '10Holbrooke Visits Georgia 
20 Feb. '10Burjanadze’s Party Blames Authorities for ‘Provocative Steps’ 
20 Feb. '10Georgian Luger Laid to Rest 
19 Feb. '10Holbrooke to Arrive in Georgia on Sunday 
19 Feb. '10Saakashvili: Russia-France Arms Deal ‘Very Risky’ 
18 Feb. '10Georgia Says Russian Leader’s Remarks on Saakashvili ‘Boring’ 
18 Feb. '10Saakashvili: My Gov’t Committed to Media Freedom 
17 Feb. '10Moscow, Sokhumi Sign Military Treaty 
17 Feb. '10Alliance for Georgia Intensifies Calls for Opposition Unity 
15 Feb. '10Abkhaz Leader Congratulates Yanukovych 
13 Feb. '10Georgian Luger Dies in Vancouver 
12 Feb. '10Constitutional Amendment on Elections Date Passed 
12 Feb. '10CDM Names Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate 
12 Feb. '10Saakashvili Visits Vancouver 
12 Feb. '10Saakashvili Congratulates Yanukovych 
11 Feb. '10Medvedev: Saakashvili should be held Responsible for War 
8 Feb. '10Saakashvili: Ukraine is Georgia’s Strategic Partner 
6 Feb. '10Saakashvili Reiterates Local Elections Date 
5 Feb. '10Holbrooke to Visit Georgia 
5 Feb. '10U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Visits Georgia 
4 Feb. '10Venice Commission Delegation Visits Georgia 
4 Feb. '10Georgian Election Watchdog Remains in Ukrainian Runoff Vote Monitoring 
3 Feb. '10President on Military-Patriotic Education, Need for Unity 
3 Feb. '10U.S. Deputy Secretary of State to Visit Georgia 
3 Feb. '10Georgia Says Not Sending Observers for Ukrainian Runoff Vote 
2 Feb. '10Georgia Accuses Eutelsat of Censorship 
1 Feb. '10Despite Lack of Broad Support, Some Parties Still Insist on Primaries 
30 Jan. '10Saakashvili Hails Clinton’s Georgia Remarks 
29 Jan. '10Court Jails Ex-Diplomat for Espionage 
29 Jan. '10Georgia Offers Arms Supply Route to Afghanistan 
28 Jan. '10Saakashvili: Healthcare, Education Key Priorities 
27 Jan. '10Tymoshenko Hails Georgian Observers 
22 Jan. '10President Rejects NSC Session on ‘Ukrainian Meddling’ 
22 Jan. '10Saakashvili: Georgia will not Follow Russia’s ‘Bait’ 
22 Jan. '10Alliance for Georgia Wants NSC Session over ‘Ukrainian Meddling’ 
21 Jan. '10Saakashvili: ‘Help Us to Deter Russia’s Mirror Propaganda’ 
21 Jan. '10Estonian, Georgian Presidents Meet in Tallinn 
20 Jan. '10Government Develops ‘Civil Defense and Safety Classes’ 
20 Jan. '10Authorities Under Attack over ‘Ukrainian Meddling’ 
19 Jan. '10Saakashvili: Ukraine will Remain Georgia’s Ally 
18 Jan. '10Georgian TVs Silent on Int’l Observers Ukrainian Poll Findings 
18 Jan. '10Saakashvili Asked to Explain his Choice of CEC Chair Candidates 
18 Jan. '10Tbilisi Says to Maintain Partnership with Ukraine Regardless of Election Outcome 
16 Jan. '10Tbilisi Mayor Denies NATO Tradeoff Remarks 
15 Jan. '10Georgia Denies Supporting Any Candidate in Ukrainian Polls 
15 Jan. '10Swiss Foreign Minister to Visit Georgia 
14 Jan. '10Parliament to Elect CEC Chair 
14 Jan. '10Energy Conference in Batumi 
14 Jan. '10Saakashvili Praises Belarus 
13 Jan. '10Election of New CEC Chair Likely to Move to Parliament 
13 Jan. '10Officials Speak of ‘Military-Patriotic’ Courses in Schools 
13 Jan. '10Saakashvili Says Opposition ‘Regressed’ 
12 Jan. '10Saakashvili: Military-Patriotic Courses Needed in Schools 
12 Jan. '10President Names CEC Chair Candidates 
12 Jan. '10New Deadlines Set for CEC Chair Election 
11 Jan. '10Potential CEC Chair Candidates Named 
11 Jan. '10President Asks for More Time to Name CEC Chair Nominees 
11 Jan. '10U.S. Senators Visit Georgia 
10 Jan. '10Nomination of Candidates for CEC Chair Delayed Again 
8 Jan. '10Deadline Passed, CEC Chair Candidates not Nominated 

Nachrichten - News - 2009 - 2008 
Mikheil Saakashvili - Micheil Saakaschwili
3rd President of Georgia - 3. Präsident von Georgien >>

30 Dec. '09Opposition Calls for Elections Under UN Aegis 
30 Dec. '09Mukhrovani Trial: Defendants Give Closing Statements 
29 Dec. '09Saakashvili Appoints New Governor of Imereti 
28 Dec. '09Burjanadze: Running in Local Elections Unacceptable 
28 Dec. '09Saakashvili Says Russia’s Embargo ‘Senseless’ 
26 Dec. '09President: 'Each House should be Fortress to Resist Enemy' 
26 Dec. '09Saakashvili: ‘Local Elections Huge Test’ 
25 Dec. '09MPs Endorse Referendum on Tax Increase with First Reading 
23 Dec. '09Ex-PM Nogaideli Meets Putin in Moscow 
22 Dec. '09Two More Arrested over Memorial’s Deadly Blast 
19 Dec. '09Governor Sacked after Memorial Demolition Kills Two 
17 Dec. '09Officials Slam Journalist, Politician and Activist for Meeting with Kokoity 
16 Dec. '09Commissioner Outlines EU Georgia Priorities 
15 Dec. '09Saakashvili: ‘No Trade-Off with Occupying Regime’ 
15 Dec. '09Tbilisi Sees Russia-Based Expat Tycoon Behind Possible Destabilization 
11 Dec. '09Ruling Party MPs on Direct Election of Tbilisi Mayor 
11 Dec. '09Tbilisi Says Abkhaz Vote ‘Immoral Comedy’ 
10 Dec. '09Georgia Says will Welcome if Russia Removes Sanctions 
9 Dec. '09Medvedev on Ties with Georgia 
8 Dec. '09S.Korea-led Consortium in Power Plant Deal with Georgia 
8 Dec. '09Saakashvili: ‘Georgia Number 1 Corruption Fighter in World’ 
8 Dec. '09Candidates for Public TV Board Named 
7 Dec. '09U.S. Air Force Commander in Europe Visits Georgia 
7 Dec. '09Latvian President to Visit Georgia 
5 Dec. '09Saakashvili: 50% Threshold Triggers ‘Hate Votes’ 
5 Dec. '09Lavrov: ‘Georgia Armament Serious Problem’ 
5 Dec. '09Saakashvili on Georgia’s Afghan Mission 
4 Dec. '092010 State Budget Approved 
4 Dec. '09Int’l Press Group Raises Journalist Blackmail Claims 
3 Dec. '09Russian ‘Spies’ Barred from Georgia Entry – Official 
2 Dec. '09Tskhinvali Releases Two Teens, Holds Two Others 
1 Dec. '09Local Elections to be Held before June 1 
1 Dec. '09TV Newscaster to Become Head of President’s Press Office 
27 Nov. '09Saakashvili Hails ‘Broad Agreement’ on Election Rules 
23 Nov. '09Saakashvili: Revolution Continues 
23 Nov. '09Saakashvili: ‘Occupants will Get Out from Georgia’ 
23 Nov. '09TV Newscaster Becomes President’s Spokesperson 
20 Nov. '09Biden Calls for Fulfilling Promises of Rose Revolution 
19 Nov. '09Georgian MFA: Saakashvili, Biden Hold Phone Talks 
19 Nov. '09Georgian, Ukrainian Presidents Meet in Kiev 
19 Nov. '09Conservative Party Nominates Mayoral Candidate 
18 Nov. '09Ruling Party MP Says Direct Mayoral Elections Only in Tbilisi 
18 Nov. '09MP Presents Draft Law on ‘Anti-Terrorism Measures’ 
16 Nov. '09Saakashvili Meets Ruling Party MPs 
14 Nov. '09Talks on Rule of Electing Tbilisi Mayor 
14 Nov. '09Saakashvili Hails EU Statement on Detained Teens 
14 Nov. '09NSC Discusses Border Reopening with Russia 
13 Nov. '09EU Official: Need for Monitors’ Access to Breakaway Regions Raised with Russia 
12 Nov. '09EU Diplomats Visit Georgia 
11 Nov. '09Burjanadze Says her Party Among ‘Irreconcilables’ 
11 Nov. '09Saakashvili Offers New Economy Initiatives 
10 Nov. '09German Baby Food Maker Launches Plant in Georgia 
10 Nov. '09Saakashvili Says Wants EU’s ‘Louder’ Reaction 
8 Nov. '09Saakashvili Tells Europeans to Remember Russia-Built Dividing Lines in Georgia 
7 Nov. '09Protest Crackdown Anniversary Marked 
6 Nov. '09Saakashvili on ‘Cornerstones of Modern Georgia’ 
5 Nov. '09Russia’s Military Intelligence Chief Warns of New War 
4 Nov. '09Saakashvili Visits Qatar 
4 Nov. '09Georgian FM Renounces Russian Citizenship 
3 Nov. '09Financial Police Re-Establishment Endorsed 
2 Nov. '09CDM Plans to Nominate Candidate for Tbilisi Mayor 
1 Nov. '09Police Say Identified Patriarch Mocking Video Producers 
30 Oct. '09Saakashvili at European People’s Party Summit 
29 Oct. '09New Administrative Division of Tbilisi 
27 Oct. '09Saakashvili Visits Poland 
27 Oct. '09EU-Georgia Cooperation Council Meeting 
26 Oct. '09Georgia Names German Sculptor as Ambassador in Berlin 
26 Oct. '09Ex-PM Nogaideli in Moscow for ‘Public Diplomacy’ 
25 Oct. '09Saakashvili: Turning Point for Georgia’s Economy 
23 Oct. '09Saakashvili on Georgia’s International Reputation 
21 Oct. '09Controversy over Videos Mocking Patriarch 
21 Oct. '09Electoral Reform Working Group Meeting 
19 Oct. '09August War Film and Andy Garcia as Saakashvili 
19 Oct. '09U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Visits Tbilisi 
16 Oct. '09Saakashvili on Media Freedom in Georgia 
16 Oct. '09New U.S. Ambassador Takes Office 
15 Oct. '09MP Says Georgia Needs ‘Patriot Act’ 
15 Oct. '09Opposition Meets to Discuss Tactics 
13 Oct. '09New System of Reserve Forces Offered 
13 Oct. '09Saakashvili Visits Kuwait 
12 Oct. '09Saakashvili Meets with Some Opposition Leaders 
12 Oct. '09Alasania Snubs Meeting with Saakashvili at NSC 
12 Oct. '09Saakashvili to Discuss Strategy on Occupied Territories with Opposition – NSC Chief 
11 Oct. '09Reports: Saakashvili to Meet Some Opposition Leaders 
10 Oct. '09Burjanadze Says Focusing on Local Elections Useless 
6 Oct. '09Saakashvili Lays Out ‘Act on Economic Freedom’ 
5 Oct. '09Lack of Clarity over Direct Elections of ‘All Mayors’ 
5 Oct. '09Saakashvili to Deliver ‘New Vision’ on Economy to MPs 
5 Oct. '09Burjanadze Calls on Opposition for Unity 
5 Oct. '09Alasania Says Supports Primaries for Single Mayoral Candidate 
3 Oct. '09Zourabichvili on Road Ahead after War Report 
3 Oct. '09Lavrov: War Report Objective 
2 Oct. '09Saakashvili Again Comments on War Report 
2 Oct. '09Opposition’s Reaction on EU-Backed Report on War 
1 Oct. '09Saakashvili on EU-Backed Report on War 
1 Oct. '09Mukhrovani Trial: Ten Defendants Retract Plea of Guilt 
1 Oct. '09Lithuanian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia 
29 Sep. '09CDM Calls for Talks to Fill Vacant Seats in Public TV Board 
26 Sep. '09Opposition Politician Speaks on Election Reform Group Meeting 
26 Sep. '09Saakashvili’s Address to UN General Assembly 
25 Sep. '09Mukhrovani Trial: Court Questions Key Figure 
25 Sep. '09Toppling ‘New Berlin Wall’ with Democracy: Saakashvili’s UN Speech 
25 Sep. '09Saakashvili Says 'All Mayors' to be Elected Directly 
24 Sep. '09Medvedev Criticizes Georgia in UN Speech 
24 Sep. '09Saakashvili: ‘Georgia will Regain What Russia Captured’ 
23 Sep. '09Saakashvili Meets NATO Chief 
23 Sep. '09Alasania to Run for Tbilisi Mayoral Office 
23 Sep. '09Number of Seats in Public TV Board Increased 
22 Sep. '09New Circumstance Emerges in Mukhrovani Trial 
22 Sep. '09Ex-Public Defender Subari Joins Alliance for Georgia 
22 Sep. '09Saakashvili Meets Clinton 
21 Sep. '09Financial Police to be Re-Established 
21 Sep. '09Saakashvili in New York for UN General Assembly 
18 Sep. '09Saakashvili Tells Ministers to Move to ‘New Stage of Economic Program’ 
17 Sep. '09‘Inmate Pardoning Policy should be Reviewed’ – Saakashvili 
15 Sep. '09Georgia Starts Building Power Line to Turkey 
14 Sep. '09Saakashvili: Georgia should Confront ‘Cruel Enemy’ with Knowledge 
12 Sep. '09Mukhrovani Trial: Court Starts Questioning Defendants 
11 Sep. '09Bill Allowing Ten Politicians to Regain MP Seats Endorsed 
10 Sep. '09Saakashvili: UN Vote Russia’s Shame and Diplomatic Failure 
9 Sep. '09Conservative Party Says its Office in Telavi ‘Raided’ 
9 Sep. '09Saakashvili: Key Promise of Rose Revolution Fulfilled 
8 Sep. '09Saakashvili: Georgia Confronts 'Imperialist Monster' 
8 Sep. '09Georgia Releases Jailed Turkish Captain 
7 Sep. '09Turkish FM Visits Georgia, Discusses Turkish Captain’s Release 
4 Sep. '09Turkish FM to Visit Georgia 
3 Sep. '09Alasania’s Party Joins Election Code Working Group 
3 Sep. '09Saakashvili: ‘Chance to Make Economic Breakthrough’ 
31 Aug. '09Georgia Sets Target of 3mln Tourists for 2012 
31 Aug. '09Saakashvili Pledges Best Black Sea Resort at Abkhaz Border 
28 Aug. '09Opposition Slams Akhalaia’s Appointment as Defense Minister 
28 Aug. '09Court Authorizes Auctioning of Burjanadze’s Mansion 
27 Aug. '09Defense Minister Replaced 
27 Aug. '09Ex-PM’s Party to Appeal Court over Rescheduled MP By-Elections 
26 Aug. '09Ex-TV Anchor and Founder Released from Jail 
24 Aug. '09TV Reports: Envoy to Spain Considered as New Economy Minister 
21 Aug. '09Saakashvili Comments on Economy Minister’s Dismissal 
21 Aug. '09PM Sacks Economy Minister 
18 Aug. '09Court Upholds GEL 1.25mln Tax Claim against Burjanadze 
18 Aug. '09Georgia Finalizes Quitting CIS 
12 Aug. '09Interior Minister Meets Opposition, Ombudsman 
11 Aug. '09Georgian Official Condemns Russia’s Ukraine Stance 
11 Aug. '09Bryza Rejects Claims on ‘Personalized’ Georgia Ties 
11 Aug. '09Alasania Meets FM Vashadze 
8 Aug. '09Medvedev Tells Sarkozy Moscow Fully in Compliance with its Commitments 
7 Aug. '09Saakashvili Calls for Unity on War Anniversary 
7 Aug. '09MP: ‘We don’t Need Saakashvili’s Milosevicization’ 
7 Aug. '09Georgia Marks August War Anniversary 
7 Aug. '09Saakashvili Meets with Some Opposition Leaders 
6 Aug. '09Georgian Government Releases Report on August War 
6 Aug. '09Moscow Wants Tbilisi to Sign Non-Use of Force Treaties with Tskhinvali, Sokhumi 
5 Aug. '09Tbilisi Says West Keeps More Watchful Eye on Georgia 
5 Aug. '09Obama, Medvedev Discuss Georgia 
3 Aug. '0916 Compete for Public TV Top Job 
31 Jul. '09Three New Members of Public TV Board Elected 
30 Jul. '09Georgia Wraps Up Large-Scale Drill 
30 Jul. '09U.S. Declines Georgia Arms Supply Request for Now 
29 Jul. '09Saakashvili: ‘Threat of War Passed’ 
28 Jul. '09Increase of Number of Public TV Board Members Offered 
27 Jul. '09Two Constitutional Amendments Offered 
27 Jul. '09Medvedev: Ties to Resume with Tbilisi Based on ‘New Realities’ 
27 Jul. '09End of Street Protests for Now 
25 Jul. '09Bill to Allow Ten Politicians to Regain MP Seats 
24 Jul. '09Saakashvili Praises Belarus Abkhaz, S.Ossetia Stance 
24 Jul. '09Saakashvili: ‘Putin’s Plans to Destroy Georgia Foiled’ 
23 Jul. '09Vice President Biden’s Speech in the Georgian Parlament 
23 Jul. '09Biden Addresses Parliament 
23 Jul. '09Russia Warns Against ‘Rearming Georgia’ 
23 Jul. '09Saakashvili, Biden Hold Offical Talks 
23 Jul. '09Vice President Biden’s Remarks at Official Dinner Hosted by President Saakashvili 
22 Jul. '09Biden Says his Visit Clear Signal of Support 
22 Jul. '09Burjanadze: 'Biden Should Tell Saakashvili to End Authoritarian Rule' 
22 Jul. '09‘Convince Saakashvili to Resign’ – Natelashvili Urges U.S. 
22 Jul. '09Biden Arrives in Tbilisi 
22 Jul. '09Georgia Wants U.S. to Provide Defensive Weapons 
21 Jul. '09Kitsmarishvili Says to Run for Public TV Head 
21 Jul. '09Alliance for Georgia Wants U.S. Role in Resolving Political Standoff 
21 Jul. '09Address of a Group of Opposition Parties to the U.S. Vice President 
21 Jul. '09Some Opposition Parties to ‘Welcome’ Biden with Rally 
21 Jul. '09Opposition Comments on Saakashvili’s Address 
21 Jul. '09Saakashvili Pledges More Democratic Reforms 
21 Jul. '09Saakashvili Addresses Parliament, Followed by Debates 
20 Jul. '09Georgia Says Saakashvili’s NATO Remarks in WSJ Distorted 
20 Jul. '09Press Briefing by Tony Blinken, National Security Advisor to the Vice President on Joe Biden’s Upcoming Trip to Ukraine and Georgia 
20 Jul. '09Head of Public Broadcaster Resigns 
20 Jul. '09Saakashvili Pledges to Ensure Smooth Power Transition in 2013 
19 Jul. '09Biden Heads to Georgia, Ukraine to Reaffirm Support 
18 Jul. '09EU Troika Meets Two Opposition Leaders 
17 Jul. '09Rally-Related Bill Passed with Final Reading 
16 Jul. '09Alasania Sets Up Political Party 
16 Jul. '09EU Troika Visits Georgia 
16 Jul. '09Saakashvili to Address Parliament, Debate with MPs 
15 Jul. '09Reports: Public TV Head May Resign 
14 Jul. '09Medvedev Speaks of his Trip to Tskhinvali 
14 Jul. '09Saakashvili’s Longtime Ally Becomes Head of Imedi TV, Radio 
13 Jul. '09Opposition to Scrap ‘Town of Cells’ 
13 Jul. '09Saakashvili: Medvedev’s S.Ossetia Trip ‘Shameful, Immoral’ 
13 Jul. '09Medvedev Visits Tskhinvali 
13 Jul. '09Saakashvili in Ankara for Nabucco Summit 
12 Jul. '09Saakashvili: Stability Maintained 
11 Jul. '09Saakashvili: New Presidential Palace ‘Costs a Trifle’ 
10 Jul. '09August War in British MPs’ Report on Russia 
10 Jul. '09Saakashvili’s Statement at NSC Session 
10 Jul. '09Saakashvili: There Will Be No War Any More 
8 Jul. '09Alliance for Georgia ‘May Enlarge’ 
7 Jul. '09Opposition Condemns Rally-Related Bill 
6 Jul. '09Saakashvili on Obama’s Georgia Remarks 
6 Jul. '09Obama Moscow Visit Tops Headlines in Georgia 
6 Jul. '09Saakashvili in Vilnius for Lithuania’s Millennium Celebration 
3 Jul. '09Saakashvili Says Some Politicians ‘Begging for Money from Our Enemies’ 
3 Jul. '09Saakashvili Says EU’s War Inquiry Commission to Say ‘Georgia was Right’ 
3 Jul. '09Burjanadze Confirms Meeting with Ukrainian Tycoon 
3 Jul. '09More Funding Allegations after Burjanadze’s Meeting with Ukrainian Tycoon 
1 Jul. '09Freedom House: Georgia’s Democracy Score Lowest in Years 
29 Jun. '09Tbilisi Says Russian Drills ‘Dangerous Provocation’ 
26 Jun. '09Party Funding to Resume after Budgetary Amendments – Bakradze 
25 Jun. '09‘Strict’ Regulations on Party Funding Mulled 
25 Jun. '09Saakashvili: Tbilisi Ready for Reopening Border Crossing with Russia 
24 Jun. '09Georgia Discussed in Lithuanian-U.S. Presidents Phone Talks 
24 Jun. '09Saakashvili Comments on Meeting of Ex-Minister and Opposition Politicians 
24 Jun. '09Saakashvili Visits Armenia 
24 Jun. '09Opposition Politicians Meet with Ex-Interior Minister 
23 Jun. '09Lithuanian President Visits Georgia 
20 Jun. '09Saakashvili: These are Times of Gov't Firmness, Maturity 
19 Jun. '09Public Defender Criticizes Some Diplomats for ‘Double Standards’ 
18 Jun. '09Georgian Coast Guard Serviceman Requests Asylum in Russia 
17 Jun. '09Opposition Alliance Reports on Arrest of its Activists 
16 Jun. '09Saakashvili on Russia’s UN Mission Veto 
16 Jun. '09Zourabichvili’s Bid for Deputy Interior Minister’s Post Seems to Fail 
16 Jun. '09Moscow Says to Veto Western Draft on Abkhaz UN Resolution 
15 Jun. '09Zourabichvili Says Ready to Take Deputy Interior Minister’s Post 
15 Jun. '09Protesters Attacked at Police Headquarters 
15 Jun. '09Gamkrelidze Calls on Diplomats to React on Attack on Protesters 
12 Jun. '09Opposition Calls for Halting ‘Political Persecutions’ 
12 Jun. '09Saakashvili on Upcoming UN Abkhaz Resolution 
12 Jun. '09Saakashvili: NSC Door Open for Opposition 
10 Jun. '09Saakashvili Offers Opposition Deputy Interior’s Post 
10 Jun. '09Gordon on U.S. ‘Interests to See Democratic Georgia’ 
10 Jun. '09Senior U.S. Diplomat Reaffirms Georgia Support 
10 Jun. '09Alasania: ‘Gachechiladze had my Mandate in Talks with Saakashvili’ 
10 Jun. '09Senior U.S. Diplomat Visits Georgia 
10 Jun. '09Gachechiladze on Talks with Saakashvili 
9 Jun. '09Gachechiladze Meets Saakashvili 
9 Jun. '09Saakashvili Weighs in on Jehovah’s Witness Baby Treatment Case 
9 Jun. '09Estonian FM Visits Georgia 
8 Jun. '09Gachechiladze Hails Diplomats’ ‘Changed Stance’ 
8 Jun. '09President Orders Commission on Constitutional Reform 
8 Jun. '09Ex-PM Nogaideli Warns of 'Deep Crisis' by Autumn 
8 Jun. '09Georgian, Armenian FMs Meet in Tbilisi 
7 Jun. '09Burjanadze’s Party Activist Arrested for Arms Charges 
6 Jun. '09Opposition Says not to Give Up Street Protests 
5 Jun. '09Saakashvili Slams Former Allies-Turned-Foes 
5 Jun. '09Saakashvili: ‘Our Enemy Wants Non-Existence of Georgia’ 
5 Jun. '09Saakashvili on UN Chief's Report on Abkhazia 
4 Jun. '09Saakashvili: Early Elections 'Totally Unacceptable' 
3 Jun. '09Rule of Composition of Constitutional Reform Commission Agreed 
2 Jun. '09Burjanadze: Some in West have Fallen into Saakashvili’s Trap 
2 Jun. '09Saakashvili Comments on S.Ossetia 
31 May. '09Russia-Based Expat Tycoon in Georgian TVs’ Spotlight 
30 May. '09Alasania Reaffirms Need for Talks 
30 May. '09Opposition’s Joint Statement on May 28 Clash 
29 May. '09Opposition Figure Criticizes Foreign Diplomats for ‘Indifference’ 
28 May. '09Saakashvili Meets Italian FM 
28 May. '09Protesters Rally at Municipality 
28 May. '09Saakashvili in Italy with Private Visit 
27 May. '09Opposition Split on Tactics 
27 May. '09National Forum Considering Action Plan 
27 May. '09Opposition Resorts to Railway Blocking 
26 May. '09No Step Back – Opposition Leaders Say 
26 May. '09Protesters March to Parliament 
26 May. '09Saakashvili Comments on Protests 
26 May. '09Tens of Thousands Rally 
26 May. '09National Forum to Make Focus on Provinces 
25 May. '09Burjanadze Vows to Take ‘Active Actions’ 
25 May. '09Saakashvili Says Plans Public Council 
25 May. '09Opposition Figure: ‘Surprises Planned for May 26’ 
23 May. '09Saakashvili Slams Gachechiladze’s Remarks 
23 May. '09Senior MP Claims Russian Link to Mukhrovani Mutiny 
21 May. '09Saakashvili Visits Azerbaijan 
20 May. '09Railway Chief Says Cargo Turnover Down by 35% 
20 May. '09Opposition Figure Calls for Decision on Future Tactics 
19 May. '09Burjanadze Says to Sue Saakashvili 
19 May. '09Saakashvili: Stability is Our Key Responsibility 
19 May. '09Zourabichvili Briefs Protesters on Meeting with Solana 
19 May. '09Government Plans to Fund NGOs 
18 May. '09Opposition Lays Out ‘Response Proposals’ 
18 May. '09Joint Statement of Parties Organizing Ongoing Protest Rallies 
18 May. '09Saakashvili on ‘End of Street Politics’ 
18 May. '09EU Envoy Says Talks Need to Continue on ‘Concrete Issues’ 
18 May. '09Opposition Leader to Meet Solana 
18 May. '09Opposition to Present 'Response Proposals' 
17 May. '09EU Envoy Meets Opposition Leaders 
16 May. '09Saakashvili: Protests with ‘Irresponsible’ Remarks Hit Economy 
15 May. '09Parliamentary Minority Meets to Discuss Constitutional Reform 
15 May. '09Saakashvili: ‘Shame on Eurovision’ 
15 May. '09U.S. Hails Government's ‘Measured Response’ to Protests 
14 May. '09Alasania Tells Protesters to Respect Leaders’ Decisions 
14 May. '09Opposition Figure Against ‘All or Nothing’ Tactic 
13 May. '09Burjanadze: ‘I am Adequate, Not Radical’ 
13 May. '09CDM Offers its Model of Constitutional Reforms 
13 May. '09Burjanadze Says Against Talks with Saakashvili 
13 May. '09Senior Officials: We will not Yield to Opposition’s Provocations 
13 May. '09Alasania: We Have to Take Chance of Talks Seriously 
13 May. '09Newspaper: Opposition ‘Split’ on Tactic 
12 May. '09Opposition Plans ’Public Parade’ on Independence Day 
12 May. '09Senior Official on Constitutional Reform 
12 May. '09HRW: ‘There can't be a Trade-Off on Justice’ 
12 May. '09Saakashvili Says he will Serve Full Term 
11 May. '09Senior MP: Opposition’s Tactic Unproductive 
11 May. '09Saakashvili Meets Parliamentary Minority 
11 May. '09Saakashvili’s Televised Statement After Talks with Opposition 
11 May. '09After Talks Opposition Calls for Boosting Protests 
11 May. '09Saakashvili Lays Out Proposals to Opposition 
11 May. '09Saakashvili-Opposition Talks End 
11 May. '09Saakashvili, Opposition Leaders Meet 
11 May. '09Opposition Figures Comment on Upcoming Talks 
10 May. '09Opposition Claims ‘Success’ ahead of Talks with Saakashvili 
10 May. '09Saakashvili, Opposition to Meet on Monday 
9 May. '09Rally Marks Month-Long Protests 
9 May. '09EU Envoy Says Opposition, Authorities Meeting Positive Step 
9 May. '09Burjanadze, Alasania Comment on Talks 
8 May. '09Sides Fail to Agree, but Hope for Results at Second Round 
8 May. '09Burjanadze Doubts Saakashvili will Agree on Talks 
8 May. '09Opposition Negotiators Meet Bakradze 
8 May. '09DECLARATION - Southern Corridor 
8 May. '09Saakashvili Hails EU Deal on Southern Corridor 
8 May. '09Opposition Ready to Meet Bakradze to Arrange Talks with Saakashvili 
8 May. '09Bakradze: Efforts Underway to Arrange Talks 
7 May. '09Saakashvili in Prague for Eastern Partnership Summit 
7 May. '09Opposition Calls on Saakashvili for Talks 
7 May. '09Some Opposition Leaders Call for Talks 
7 May. '09Protesters Gather at Midnight Rally After Clash 
6 May. '09MIA Releases Extracts from Officers’ Testimonies 
6 May. '09Saakashvili: Mukhrovani Incident Must not be Used for Political Purposes 
6 May. '09Saakashvili: Georgian State Effective 
6 May. '09Ex-Diplomat Held over Alleged Espionage 
5 May. '09Officials Say Russian-Backed Mutiny Thwarted 
5 May. '09Opposition Suspends Plans for Highway Blocking 
5 May. '09Former Commander of National Guard Arrested 
5 May. '09Saakashvili: Mutineers Given Deadline to Surrender 
5 May. '09Saakashvili’s Televised Address to the Nation on Mukhrovani Mutiny 
5 May. '09MoD Says Military Unit Mutinies 
4 May. '09CDM Leader Says Blocking of Highways ‘Counterproductive’ 
4 May. '09Bakradze Says Early Elections Ruled Out 
4 May. '09Saakashvili on his Controversial Trip to Turkey 
4 May. '09Opposition Says to Block Key Highway 
4 May. '09Opposition Resumes Public TV Picketing 
3 May. '09Kitsmarishvili on Ongoing Protests 
2 May. '09Protesters Reconvene for Twenty Fourth Day 
2 May. '09Opposition Politician: No Change in Strategy 
1 May. '09Alasania Says to Lay Out Proposals for Talks 
1 May. '09EU Envoy Meets Opposition Leaders 
1 May. '09Authorities Say Plan ‘Serious Institutional Reforms’ 
1 May. '09PACE Monitors Call for Talks Without Preconditions 
1 May. '09Opposition Picket of Public TV 
1 May. '09Burjanadze: ‘Failure of Protests will Lead to Dictatorship’ 
30 Apr. '09Opposition Politician: Process in Stalemate 
30 Apr. '09Saakashvili Condemns Moscow’s Border Pact with Sokhumi, Tskhinvali 
30 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders Meet Foreign Diplomats 
30 Apr. '09Burjanadze: More Effective Steps Needed 
30 Apr. '09‘Protest TV’ Hero Says May Lead ‘March on Tbilisi’ 
29 Apr. '09Saakashvili’s Remarks on Opposition, Protests 
29 Apr. '09Saakashvili: ‘Cleaning of Georgian Politics’ Underway 
29 Apr. '09Opposition Says to Launch Protests in Provinces 
29 Apr. '09Saakashvili to Participate at European People’s Party Congress 
28 Apr. '09Saakashvili’s Remarks at Holy Trinity Cathedral 
28 Apr. '09Saakashvili Says Ready for Dialogue 
28 Apr. '09Alasania, Saakashvili Attend Prayer in Same Cathedral 
28 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders Criticize CoE Chief Remarks 
28 Apr. '09MP Sees More Room for Moderate Opposition in Georgian Politics 
27 Apr. '09Gamkrelidze: Opposition Needs Single Leader 
27 Apr. '09Positions Unchanged, Process Deadlocked 
26 Apr. '09Saakashvili Arrives Back to Tbilisi 
26 Apr. '09Turkish Reports: Saakashvili in Turkish Resort 
25 Apr. '09Saakashvili Hails Ties with Bulgaria 
25 Apr. '09Opposition Mounts Pressure with ‘Town of Cells’ 
24 Apr. '09Protesters Rally outside Parliament, Public TV 
24 Apr. '09Saakashvili Hails Georgia’s Energy Security 
24 Apr. '09Police, Protesters Scuffle 
24 Apr. '09Saakashvili in Sofia for Energy Summit 
23 Apr. '09Opposition Launches Public TV ‘Picketing’ 
23 Apr. '09Saakashvili: We will Maintain Stability 
22 Apr. '09Saakashvili Focuses on Economy in a Meeting with Ministers 
22 Apr. '09Ruling Party MP on Current Political Standoff 
21 Apr. '09Opposition Launches ‘Town of Cells’ 
21 Apr. '09Bakradze: ‘Opposition’s Ultimatum will not Lead to Results’ 
21 Apr. '09Opposition Gears Up for ‘Decisive Stage’ of Protests 
20 Apr. '09Saakashvili: ‘Peaceful Struggle Continues for De-Occupation’ 
20 Apr. '09Saakashvili on Army’s ‘Combative Spirit’ 
20 Apr. '09Alasania Reiterates Readiness to Meet Saakashvili 
19 Apr. '09Women’s Prison Emptied after Riot 
19 Apr. '09Orthodox Christians Mark Easter 
18 Apr. '09Opposition Reaffirms its Sole Demand 
18 Apr. '09EU Envoy Speaks of Need of Concessions from Both Sides 
17 Apr. '09Opposition Says May Resort to ‘Self-Defense’ 
16 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders Deny Differences over Agenda of Possible Talks 
16 Apr. '09Opposition Plans ‘Last Phase of Dismantling of Saakashvili Regime’ 
16 Apr. '09Georgia Says Held Russian Citizen ‘Plotting Provocation’ 
16 Apr. '09EU Diplomats Meet Opposition Leaders 
16 Apr. '09Political Standoff Continues with No Sign of Breakthrough 
16 Apr. '09CDM Leader: Demanding Saakashvili’s Resignation Irrational 
15 Apr. '09Saakashvili Calls for Dialogue to Tackle Difficulties 
15 Apr. '09Opposition Vows to Stand Firm 
15 Apr. '09Opposition Widens ‘Campaign of Tents and Cells’ 
14 Apr. '09Some Opposition Leaders React on CDM’s Proposal 
14 Apr. '09Christian-Democrats Offer Measures to Pave Way for Dialogue 
14 Apr. '09Saakashvili on Georgia’s International Support 
14 Apr. '09Saakashvili Sees No Threat of Russia’s ‘New Military Adventure’ 
14 Apr. '09Protesters Camp at President’s Residence 
13 Apr. '09MoD: Russian Military Build-up Underway in Gali, Akhalgori 
13 Apr. '09Protesters Reconvene Outside Parliament 
13 Apr. '09Opposition Focuses on Rallies with Eye on Possible Talks 
12 Apr. '09Saakashvili: Russian Oligarchs Fund Georgia Opposition 
12 Apr. '09Major Incident so far Makes Standoff Tense 
12 Apr. '09Opposition Says Protest Venue ‘Raided’ 
11 Apr. '09Opposition Vows More Picketing from Monday 
11 Apr. '09Opposition Says Prepares for ‘New Wave’ of Protests 
11 Apr. '09Rally to Take Break for Religious Holiday on Sunday 
10 Apr. '09Bakradze Downplays Opposition’s Call for ‘Televised Talks’ 
10 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders Say Want ‘Public Talks’ with Saakashvili 
10 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders Vow to Fight to the End 
10 Apr. '09Opposition Widens Rallies in Tbilisi 
10 Apr. '09President Saakashvili’s Written Statement 
10 Apr. '09Saakashvili Offers Direct Election of Tbilisi Mayor 
10 Apr. '09President Saakashvili’s Statement on April 9 Rally 
10 Apr. '09Video: Protesters Brace for Second Day Rally 
10 Apr. '09Saakashvili Calls for Dialogue on Three Topics Again 
10 Apr. '09Gamkrelidze: Only Our Mistake can Save Saakashvili 
10 Apr. '09Protesters Keep Vigil 
9 Apr. '09Opposition Vows to Keep Pressure Through Rallies 
9 Apr. '09Opposition Sets One Day Ultimatum 
9 Apr. '09Opposition Launches Protests 
9 Apr. '09Protesters March towards Parliament 
9 Apr. '09Opposition Leaders, Saakashvili Commemorate Jointly April 9 Tragedy 
9 Apr. '09Saakashvili Says No Signs of Coup Plot 
9 Apr. '09Merabishvili Says No Chance of Revolution 
8 Apr. '09TV Advert Briefs on Rallies Schedule 
8 Apr. '09Saakashvili: NATO’s Doors Reopened for Georgia 
7 Apr. '09Opposition Presents its Case to Diplomats 
7 Apr. '09An Appeal of Opposition Parties Organizing Protest Rallies to the International Community 
7 Apr. '09Saakashvili: No Alternative to Dialogue 
7 Apr. '09Opposition Figure Says Picketing to be Part of Planned Rallies 
7 Apr. '09NATO Parliamentary Assembly Delegation Visits Georgia 
6 Apr. '09Saakashvili Hails Obama’s Georgia Remarks 
6 Apr. '09Senior MP Tells Opposition to Drop Fast Track Options 
6 Apr. '09Saakashvili Meets MPs from Ruling Party 
6 Apr. '09Lavrov Comments on Georgia 
6 Apr. '09Alliance for Georgia Treading Cautiously as Planned Rallies Loom 
4 Apr. '09Senior Official Speaks of Need to Directly Elect Mayors 
3 Apr. '09Obama on Disagreement with Moscow over Georgia 
3 Apr. '09Opposition Politician Focuses on Imedi TV in NY Times Op-Ed 
3 Apr. '09Public Defender to Keep Close Eye on Rallies 
3 Apr. '09Medvedev: ‘I don’t Want to Have Relations with Saakashvili’ 
2 Apr. '09Ruling Party Starts Talks, Ignored by Most of the Opposition 
2 Apr. '09Saakashvili Rules Out Russia’s ‘Military Adventure’ after Obama-Medvedev Meeting 
2 Apr. '09Senior MP Sees Less Threat from April Rallies 
1 Apr. '09Opposition Snubs Ruling Party’s ‘Imitation of Dialogue’ 
1 Apr. '09Ombudsman Submits Human Rights Report 
1 Apr. '09Pro-Opposition Youth Groups Step-up Campaign in Lead up to April Rallies 
1 Apr. '09Azerbaijani FM to Visit Georgia 
31 Mar. '09Ruling Party Offers Opposition Talks on Three Issues 
31 Mar. '09Saakashvili: Struggle Continues 
31 Mar. '09Parliamentary Minority Groups Offer Proposal to ‘Defuse Tension’ 
31 Mar. '09U.S. to Train Georgian Army – Top U.S. General 
30 Mar. '09Saakashvili: Destabilization Plot Thwarted 
30 Mar. '09Senior U.S. Military Official Visits Georgia 
30 Mar. '09Senior MP: Radical Stance of Opposition Poses Threat of Chaos 
28 Mar. '09Saakashvili: No Time for Radicalism 
28 Mar. '09Okruashvili: Saakashvili Greater Threat than Russia 
27 Mar. '09Manifesto of Unity 
27 Mar. '0913 Parties Agree to Jointly Organize Protest Rallies 
27 Mar. '09Early Polls not Considered – Senior Ruling Party MP 
26 Mar. '09Bakradze on ‘Radical Opposition’s Mistake’ 
25 Mar. '09Burjanadze Says One of Detainee not her Party Member 
25 Mar. '09Tapes, Arrests, Arms Charges in Lead up to April Rallies 
24 Mar. '09Georgia Denies Existence of ‘Secret August War Order’ 
24 Mar. '09Two Others Held on Arms Charges 
23 Mar. '09Opposition Activists Held on Arms Charges 
23 Mar. '09Burjanadze’s Party Activists Arrested 
23 Mar. '09FM Vashadze: Russia ‘Works Actively’ to Remove Georgian Leadership 
22 Mar. '09Saakashvili on Turkish-proposed Caucasus Stability Platform 
21 Mar. '09Georgian NSC Chief, Russian FM Exchange Remarks 
21 Mar. '09Georgia Hires Lobbying, PR Firms in Washington 
21 Mar. '09‘Show Evidence or Stop Discrediting Opposition’ – Alasania to Saakashvili 
20 Mar. '09Two Parties Call for Discussing Switching on Parliamentary System 
20 Mar. '09Intelligence Chief: Russia Wants to Undermine Georgia from Within 
20 Mar. '09Saakashvili, Opposition Leaders Participate in Brussels Forum 
19 Mar. '09Opposition Party Leaders Meet Ex-Defense Minister in Germany 
19 Mar. '09Four Opposition Parties Set up Alliance 
19 Mar. '09White House Names Point Man for Europe 
18 Mar. '09Alasania-led Alliance Yet to Decide on Planned April Rallies 
18 Mar. '09Give Powers to Pardon Commission – Ombudsman Tells President 
17 Mar. '09Owner Suspends Newspaper Publishing 
17 Mar. '09Bakradze Slams Opposition ‘Kamikaze Mentality’ 
17 Mar. '09Minister: Halving Jail Term for High Profile Murder Convicts ‘Big Mistake’ 
16 Mar. '09Saakashvili Speaks of Need of Strong Army 
14 Mar. '09U.S. Diplomat on Planned Opposition Rallies 
14 Mar. '09Saakashvili Speaks of 2013 Plans, as Opponents Rally 
13 Mar. '09Some Parties Snub Election Code Working Group 
13 Mar. '09Saakashvili: Enguri HPP Deal with Inter RAO will be Perfect 
13 Mar. '09U.S. Official Visits Georgia 
12 Mar. '09MP from Parliamentary Minority Alleges ‘Russian Money’ Behind Planned Rallies 
11 Mar. '09Saakashvili: War Resumption Chances Low 
11 Mar. '09Saakashvili: Doctrine of Army Training Changed 
11 Mar. '09Yerevan Upset over Saakashvili’s Armenia Remarks 
10 Mar. '09Alasania: We should not Become Hostage of Radicalism 
10 Mar. '09Saakashvili: Putin’s Goal was Capturing Tbilisi 
10 Mar. '09Man Admits Assaulting Kitsmarishvili for ‘Personal’ Reasons 
9 Mar. '09U.S. Gen. in Charge of NATO Forces Transformation Visits Georgia 
9 Mar. '09Five New Ambassadors Nominated 
9 Mar. '09Opposition Group Moves Campaign to Provinces 
8 Mar. '09Saakashvili Says Economy the Only Priority for Now 
7 Mar. '09Merabishvili: Russian Attack Ruled Out in Near Future 
6 Mar. '09Parliamentary Minority Leader Calls for Restraint to Prevent New Revolution 
6 Mar. '09Labor Party Says not Likely to Join April Rallies 
6 Mar. '09Alasania Calls Opposition for Joint ‘Action Plan’ 
5 Mar. '09Army Chief of Staff Replaced 
5 Mar. '09Solana Meets Alasania in Brussels 
5 Mar. '09Saakashvili: ‘I Rule Out Russia’s New Military Adventure’ 
5 Mar. '09Saakashvili Hails Ties with Turkey 
4 Mar. '09Saakashvili Visits Disputed Amusement Park 
4 Mar. '09Labor Party Says its Leader to Run for Presidency 
3 Mar. '09Saakashvili Calls for Stability, Calm and Unity 
2 Mar. '09Saakashvili Calls for Unity on Forgiveness Day 
1 Mar. '09Saakashvili Visits UAE 
28 Feb. '09Nogaideli: ‘Traitor, Coward Saakashvili Must Go’ 
27 Feb. '09Central Bank President Appointed 
26 Feb. '09Eight Parties Agree on Terms to Reform Election Code 
26 Feb. '09Eight Parties Call for April Rallies 
26 Feb. '09Saakashvili on Ties with Russia 
26 Feb. '09Patarkatsishvili Family Disputes Imedi Sale 
25 Feb. '09Georgia Marks 1921 Red Army Invasion 
24 Feb. '09Opposition Tactics Vary on Same Goal 
24 Feb. '09Promises not Forgotten – Saakashvili Tells Locals in Provincial Region 
23 Feb. '09Alasania Leads New Alliance with New Rights, Republicans 
23 Feb. '09Natelashvili Slams British Embassy for Denying Visa 
23 Feb. '09New Rights Want Alasania as New President 
21 Feb. '09Georgian TV Warns of ‘Russia’s Plot’ 
20 Feb. '09Scheffer on NATO-Georgia Commission Meeting 
20 Feb. '09Burjanadze Calls on Senior Officials to Defect from Saakashvili 
19 Feb. '09Abkhaz War-Time Commander Joins Alasania Team 
18 Feb. '09Saakashvili in Barcelona Calls for Investing in Georgia 
18 Feb. '09Insurance Firms, Government Sign Deal on New Plan 
17 Feb. '09Focus on Saakashvili’s Resignation - Burjanadze to Opposition 
16 Feb. '09Saakashvili Meets Insurance Companies on New Plan 
13 Feb. '09Natelashvili Slams Saakashvili, his Former Allies 
13 Feb. '09New U.S. Intelligence Chief on Georgia 
13 Feb. '09Economy Tops Saakashvili’s Political Agenda 
12 Feb. '09Saakashvili Delivers State of Nation Address 
12 Feb. '09British Peers on August War 
12 Feb. '09Saakashvili to Deliver Annual Address in Parliament 
10 Feb. '09Ex-PM Nogaideli in Favor of Parliamentary System 
10 Feb. '09Maestro TV Slams MP for ‘Insult’ 
8 Feb. '09Biden, Saakashvili Meet in Munich 
7 Feb. '09Biden: U.S. will not Recognize Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
7 Feb. '09MP Links Ukraine, Georgia Early Elections Demand with Kremlin 
6 Feb. '09Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote 
6 Feb. '09Saakashvili in Munich for Security Conference 
4 Feb. '09Talk with Government – Saakashvili Tells Moscow 
4 Feb. '09Medvedev: ‘We Want Independent, Democratic Georgia’ 
2 Feb. '09Saakashvili Offers Expatriate Economists to Set Up Advisory Board 
2 Feb. '09Cabinet Newcomer to Oversee ‘Second Wave’ of Reforms 
1 Feb. '09Authorities Ask Expatriate Economists for Advice 
31 Jan. '09Saakashvili: Ultimatums Unacceptable 
30 Jan. '09Saakashvili Tasks Ex-PM Gurgenidze to ‘Lobby’ Nabucco 
30 Jan. '09Gilauri Named as New PM 
30 Jan. '09Nika Gilauri – Biography 
30 Jan. '09PM Mgaloblishvili Resigns 
29 Jan. '0912 Parties Call for Saakashvili’s Resignation 
28 Jan. '09Saakashvili Calls for Unity, Patience to Tackle Challenges 
28 Jan. '09Opposition Plans Joint Declaration on Early Polls 
27 Jan. '09Saakashvili: No Step Back in Preserving ‘Political Stability’ 
26 Jan. '09Saakashvili Plans State of Nation Address in February 
26 Jan. '09Burjanadze Hints on Presidential Ambitions 
25 Jan. '09Alasania: Saakashvili Must Resign 
24 Jan. '09Saakashvili: UN Mission not Effective 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili on Obama 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili’s First Televised Phone-in 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili on Freedom of Media 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili: Public Defender’s Office Politicized 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili: Putin is Georgia’s Enemy 
23 Jan. '09Saakashvili to Appear on Televised Q&A Session with Public 
22 Jan. '09Saakashvili Offers Advisory Board 
21 Jan. '09Labor Party Wants U.S. Sanctions on Georgian Government 
16 Jan. '09Opposition Set to Focus on Saakashvili’s Resignation Demand 
16 Jan. '09Opposition Figure Briefs on Inter-Party Consultations 
14 Jan. '09Three Opposition Parties Call for Saakashvili’s Resignation 
13 Jan. '09Saakashvili on PM’s Media Speculation 
13 Jan. '09Opposition Cries Foul Over Enguri HPP Deal 
13 Jan. '09Report Disqualifies Georgia from Electoral Democracy List 
12 Jan. '09PM Back on Work, Responds on Press Reports 
12 Jan. '09Senior Official Rules Out Early Polls 
11 Jan. '09Saakashvili Hails Charter with U.S. 
10 Jan. '09PM to Get Back on Work Next Week – Saakashvili 
9 Jan. '09Saakashvili on Russia-Ukraine Gas Dispute 
9 Jan. '09Saakashvili Briefed on Economic Stimulus Package 
8 Jan. '09Bakradze on U.S.-Georgia Charter 
8 Jan. '09Georgia Accuses Dutch TV of ‘False’ War Report 
8 Jan. '09Anti-Corruption Council Set Up 
7 Jan. '09No Peace at Expense of Territories – Saakashvili 
6 Jan. '09United Telecom Drops Tariff Hike Plan 
2 Jan. '09Signing of U.S.-Georgia Strategic Charter Postponed 
1 Jan. '09Saakashvili Speaks of War, Economy, Democracy 
31 Dec. '08PM in Germany for ‘Medical Examination’ 
31 Dec. '08Saakashvili on his New Role Model 
31 Dec. '08Subari Says Senior Official is his Source on Alleged MIA Meeting 
28 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Economic Slowdown, but No Crisis 
27 Dec. '08Lithuanian FM to Visit Georgia 
26 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Cutting of Presidential Powers Planned 
26 Dec. '08Parliament Approves New Ambassadors 
26 Dec. '08Newspaper: Public Defender May Resign 
26 Dec. '08EUMM Concerned over Deployment of Georgian Light Armored Vehicles 
26 Dec. '08Officials: Constitutional Amendment to Cut Presidential Powers 
26 Dec. '08War Commission Asks NSC to Declassify Some Testimonials 
25 Dec. '08Saakashvili on Medvedev’s War ‘Acknowledgment' 
25 Dec. '08Medvedev Congratulates Georgian Patriarch on Enthronement Anniversary 
25 Dec. '08Georgia Says Russia Makes ‘Guilty Plea’ on War 
25 Dec. '08Medvedev on War with Georgia 
24 Dec. '08Alasania Calls for Early Polls 
24 Dec. '08Ministers Brief on IDP Housing Project 
23 Dec. '08Saakashvili on Russia’s OSCE Veto 
23 Dec. '08Saakashvili: NSC Becomes Stronger with its New Chair 
23 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Tbilisi Ready for Talks with Moscow Based on Set of Principles 
23 Dec. '08Opposition Party Wants Public Discussion of Potential U.S.-Georgia Treaty 
23 Dec. '08Russian Paper: Tbilisi in Talks to Restore Ties with Moscow 
22 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Talks on Strategic Partnership Deal with U.S. Underway 
22 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Multi-Million Anti-Georgian Campaign Ongoing 
22 Dec. '08Saakashvili on Integration of Ethnic Minority Groups 
21 Dec. '08War Commission Chair Clarifies ‘War’s Start’ Remarks 
19 Dec. '08Ex-OSCE Official Speaks of his Unauthorized Trip to Tskhinvali 
18 Dec. '08NY Times Reports on Pentagon Assessment of Georgian Army 
17 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Georgia Mulling Various Security Options 
17 Dec. '08Saakashvili Rules Out Early Polls 
16 Dec. '08Perevi Developments Ahead of Geneva Talks 
15 Dec. '08Group to Tackle Election Code 
15 Dec. '08Saakashvili on Economic Difficulties 
15 Dec. '08FM: Georgia Interested in EU Inquiry into War 
13 Dec. '08Senator Kerry: Government Interested in Reforms 
13 Dec. '08U.S. Senator Kerry Visits Georgia 
12 Dec. '08Saakashvili Hails Church’s ‘Diplomatic Mission’ 
12 Dec. '08New Election Code Planned by Spring – Bakradze 
11 Dec. '08Saakashvili: Georgia’s Reunification Plan in Force 
11 Dec. '08Saakashvili Blames World Financial Crisis for Georgia’s Economic Problems 
11 Dec. '08Saakashvili Against Early Polls 
11 Dec. '08OSCE Secretary General to Visit Georgia 
10 Dec. '08Saakashvili Sets Priorities for Reshuffled Cabinet 
8 Dec. '08Energy Ready to Withstand ‘Sabotage’ – Ministers to Saakashvili 
8 Dec. '08New Opposition Alliance Set Up 
8 Dec. '08New FM on Ties with Russia 
7 Dec. '08Opposition Figure Calls for Saakashvili’s Resignation 
6 Dec. '08Saakashvili on Cabinet Reshuffle 
6 Dec. '08Alasania Resigns with Politics in Mind 
5 Dec. '08Cabinet Reshuffled 
4 Dec. '08Labor Party: Georgia should Say No to NATO 
4 Dec. '08Putin: Russia will not Leave S.Ossetia, Abkhazia 
3 Dec. '08Ex-PM Nogaideli Sets Up Party 
3 Dec. '08NATO-Georgia Commission Statement 
2 Dec. '08Saakashvili Claims Acting in Self-Defense in WSJ Article 
29 Nov. '08Ex-Border Police Chief Accuses Georgian Leadership of Starting War 
28 Nov. '08Saakashvili Testifies Before War Commission 
28 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Kitsmarishvili’s Allegations ‘Utter nonsense’ 
28 Nov. '08Saakashvili to Testify Before War Commission 
27 Nov. '08Poor Planning, Failure of Host Blamed for Presidential Convoy Shooting Incident 
27 Nov. '08Report Notes Need for Reforms for Post-War Georgia’s Recovery 
27 Nov. '08Defense Minister Testifies Before War Commission 
27 Nov. '08Former Deputy FM Testifies Before War Commission 
26 Nov. '08Kitsmarishvili Says Wants to Reclaim Rustavi 2 TV 
26 Nov. '08President’s Administration Denies Kitsmarishvili’s Allegations 
26 Nov. '08Deputy FM Testifies Before War Commission 
25 Nov. '08Ex-Envoy’s Hearing at War Commission Ends in Brawl 
24 Nov. '08Saakashvili Speaks of Weak Institutions 
24 Nov. '08Lavrov: Presidential Convoy Shots Tbilisi’s Provocation 
23 Nov. '08Shots Heard Close to Polish, Georgian Leaders’ Convoy 
23 Nov. '08Head of Tbilisi-Backed S.Ossetian Administration Testifies Before War Commission 
23 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Not All Promises of Rose Revolution Delivered 
21 Nov. '08Lithuanian President Slams Russia’s ‘Brutal Force’ 
21 Nov. '08Georgia Wants Olympic Games to be Moved from Sochi 
21 Nov. '08Saakashvili Says Tbilisi Wants Action Plan from NATO 
21 Nov. '08Saakashvili to Testify Before War Commission Next Week 
19 Nov. '08Patarkatsishvili Family Calls on President to Act on Imedi 
18 Nov. '08Tbilisi Responds to Western Media Reports on War’s Start 
18 Nov. '08Saakashvili Speaks with Obama, Biden on Phone 
18 Nov. '08Saakashvili to Address NATO PA 
16 Nov. '08Medvedev: Russia Ready for International Probe into War 
14 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Georgia, Azerbaijan Strike Five-Year Gas Deal 
14 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Georgia’s European Integration Irreversible 
14 Nov. '08Russian Official Denies Putin’s Reported Remarks with Sarkozy 
14 Nov. '08Saakashvili in Baku for Energy Summit 
13 Nov. '08Sarkozy Slams Bush over Georgia 
13 Nov. '08Saakashvili Meets Sarkozy 
13 Nov. '08Saakashvili to Meet Sarkozy – Georgian MFA 
12 Nov. '08Changes Among Rustavi 2 TV Shareholders 
12 Nov. '08Tbilisi Mayor Testifies Before War Commission 
12 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Georgia Remains High on EU’s Agenda 
12 Nov. '08Saakashvili Hails Tax Cut as Bold Step 
11 Nov. '08Chief Prosecutor Appointed 
11 Nov. '08Samegrelo, Shida Kartli Governors Testify Before War Commission 
11 Nov. '08Labor Party Leader Lashes Out at British, French, German Diplomats 
10 Nov. '08Saakashvili: Russia Continues Violating Ceasefire 
9 Nov. '08Saakashvili Says Ready to Testify Before War Commission 
9 Nov. '08Ruling Party Says Willing to Reform Election Code 
7 Nov. '08November 7 Marked with ‘New Drive’ for Early Polls 
7 Nov. '08Saakashvili Reiterates November 7 ‘Big Lesson’ 
7 Nov. '08Bakradze: November 7 was a ‘Bitter Lesson’ 
7 Nov. '08NY Times: Georgia Claims on War Called Into Question 
7 Nov. '08Opposition Lays Out Five-Month Action Plan 
6 Nov. '08Former Envoy in Russia Sets Up Foundation 
6 Nov. '08Saakashvili: No More Illusions About Russia after Medvedev Speech 
5 Nov. '08Saakashvili Hails Obama, Biden Georgia Stance 
4 Nov. '08New Army Chief of Staff Appointed 
4 Nov. '08Saakashvili on Adjara Elections 
3 Nov. '08Saakashvili Tells Cabinet to Eradicate Poverty, Unemployment 
3 Nov. '08Ex-Envoy in Moscow Wants to Testify Before War Commission 
1 Nov. '08Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote 
31 Oct. '08Law Obliges Public TV to Air Political Talk-Shows 
31 Oct. '08Bill on Occupied Territories Signed into Law 
30 Oct. '08Saakashvili Offers Cabinet Posts to Parliamentary Minority 
30 Oct. '08Amnesty Planned in November 
30 Oct. '08Burjanadze Slams Cabinet Reshuffle as ‘Mockery’ 
29 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Georgia Needs Clear Signal from NATO 
29 Oct. '08Chief of Staff Testifies Before War Commission 
29 Oct. '08No Radical Changes Planned in Cabinet – Saakashvili 
29 Oct. '08Medvedev: Re-Arming of ‘Saakashvili Regime’ Underway 
29 Oct. '08Tbilisi Refutes ‘War Crime’ Claims 
28 Oct. '08PM-Designate Speaks of Priorities 
28 Oct. '08President to Visit Oslo, Stockholm, Vilnius, Riga 
28 Oct. '08Senior MoD Official Testifies Before War Commission 
28 Oct. '08National Security Council Chief Testifies Before War Commission 
27 Oct. '08State Minister Testifies Before War Commission 
27 Oct. '08Saakashvili: November 7 Lessons Learnt 
27 Oct. '08New PM Nominated 
26 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Georgia Under Permanent Threat of Conflict 
24 Oct. '08Nino Burjanadze’s Open Letter to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili 
24 Oct. '08Burjanadze Ups the Ante on Former Ally 
21 Oct. '08Sarkozy on Russo-Georgia War 
20 Oct. '08U.S. Official: Georgia has Work to do in Strengthening Democracy 
20 Oct. '08Opposition Calls for One-Day Rally 
20 Oct. '08U.S. Official Meets Opposition Leaders 
17 Oct. '08Saakashvili: 1,600 Houses ‘Destroyed’ in Buffer Zone 
17 Oct. '08Ruling Party MP Criticizes 2009 Draft Budget 
17 Oct. '08Saakashvili on Opposition Boycott of Adjara Polls 
17 Oct. '08Spanish Foreign Minister to Visit Georgia 
16 Oct. '08Saakashvili Says Cabinet Reshuffle Planned 
16 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Russia’s Invasion was Inevitable 
15 Oct. '08Geneva Talks Suspended 
15 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Russia Walks Out of Talks 
14 Oct. '08Saakashvili Visits Brussels 
11 Oct. '08Kouchner: Russian Pull Out ‘Relatively Satisfactory’ 
10 Oct. '08‘Buffer Zones’ Removed, but Occupation Continues – Saakashvili 
10 Oct. '08Saakashvili Asks EU to Probe Ethnic Cleansing 
10 Oct. '08Kouchner Meets Opposition Leaders 
10 Oct. '08Georgian Foreign Minister to Visit Estonia 
9 Oct. '08Lavrov: Georgia’s CIS Membership Suspended 
8 Oct. '08French Foreign Minister to Visit Georgia 
7 Oct. '08Anti-Crisis Council Chair Unveils New Initiatives 
7 Oct. '08Parliament Composes Temporary Commission to Study War 
6 Oct. '08Saakashvili Says Pre-War Status Quo Ante Key 
4 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Judiciary is Sacrosanct 
3 Oct. '08Possible Visas for Georgians - Kovalenko 
3 Oct. '08Opposition Consults to Find Common Ground 
2 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Threat of Russian Aggression Persists 
2 Oct. '08Politicians Comment on Burjanadze’s Questions 
1 Oct. '08Burjanadze Demands Answers 
1 Oct. '08Saakashvili: Georgia has Healthy Political System 
1 Oct. '08Opposition Leader Visits U.S. 
30 Sep. '08Saakashvili Wants Status Quo Ante in Conflict Regions 
30 Sep. '08Saakashvili Calls for Easing of Visa Rules with Armenia 
30 Sep. '08NATO PA Delegation Visits Georgia 
30 Sep. '08Armenian President to Visit Georgia 
29 Sep. '08Former Insider Lashes Out at Authorities 
29 Sep. '08EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Georgia 
27 Sep. '08Senior MP Slams Ombudsman as ‘Opposition Politician’ 
26 Sep. '08Russian MFA: Saakashvili Poses Threat to Peace 
26 Sep. '08Ombudsman Speaks Out 
25 Sep. '08Public TV to Hold Pre-Election Debates 
25 Sep. '08Saakashvili Discusses Georgia with European, U.S. Officials 
24 Sep. '08Saakashvili Speaks of Georgia’s Increased Profile 
24 Sep. '08Saakashvili Speaks of ‘Second Rose Revolution’ 
23 Sep. '08Saakashvili on ‘Answering Russian Aggression’ 
22 Sep. '08Ruling Party Wants to ‘Study’ rather than ‘Investigate’ August Events 
19 Sep. '08‘Peace Concert’ Funded by Russian-Owned Company 
19 Sep. '08Saakashvili Optimistic about Georgia’s Future 
19 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Extra Defense Spending Not for Arming 
18 Sep. '08Anti-Crisis Council Chair Selected 
18 Sep. '08‘Who Started War not an Appropriate Question’ – Parliamentary Minority Leader 
18 Sep. '08Saakashvili Brushes off ‘Miscalculation’ Allegations 
18 Sep. '08Saakashvili Denies Spending ‘Millions’ on Lobbying in U.S. 
18 Sep. '08Saakashvili Claims 76% Approval Rating 
18 Sep. '08Russia Against Extra OSCE Observers in S.Ossetia 
18 Sep. '08Iranian Foreign Minister Visits Tbilisi 
17 Sep. '08Opposition Divided on Tactics 
17 Sep. '08Moscow Slams NATO Visit to Georgia 
17 Sep. '08Saakashvili Again Offers Opposition Seat in GNCC 
16 Sep. '08Saakashvili Speaks of ‘New Wave’ of Democratic Reforms 
16 Sep. '08Saakashvili’s Annual Address 
16 Sep. '08Opposition Leaders Meet NATO Officials 
15 Sep. '08Burjanadze Meets Some Opposition Leaders 
15 Sep. '08Saakashvili Says Plans New Set of Democratic Reforms 
15 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Russians Moved into Georgia Early on August 7 
15 Sep. '08NATO NAC Arrives in Tbilisi 
14 Sep. '08Okruashvili: ‘Saakashvili’s Days Numbered’ 
14 Sep. '08Burjanadze Says was ‘Shocked’ over Abkhaz ‘Carve-Up Plan' 
13 Sep. '08Interior Minister Briefs on IDP Housing Plans 
13 Sep. '08EU Ready for Georgia Monitoring Mission – Solana 
13 Sep. '08Medvedev Scornfully Assaults on Saakashvili 
12 Sep. '08Medvedev Warns NATO over Georgia Membership 
12 Sep. '08New Deputy Chief of Army Staff Appointed 
12 Sep. '08Burjanadze Calls for Probe, Saakashvili Says he’s Ready 
12 Sep. '08Burjanadze Weighs into Reemerged Debate on ‘Patriot Act’ 
12 Sep. '08Putin: We did not Aim at Capturing Tbilisi 
12 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Georgia not Expecting Large-Scale U.S. Military Assistance 
12 Sep. '08‘Do not Show Sign of Weakness’ – Saakashvili to NATO 
11 Sep. '08Opposition Politician Doubts Russia Wants Georgia ‘Regime Change’ 
11 Sep. '08Bakradze: Radio Intercepts Prove Russians Moved into S.Ossetia on August 7 
11 Sep. '08Opposition Coalition Considering Tactics 
10 Sep. '08Saakashvili Says Ready to Increase Anti-Crisis Council Powers 
10 Sep. '08Saakashvili on EU’s Stance on Georgia 
10 Sep. '08Saakashvili: ‘I Assume Full Responsibility’ for what has Happened 
10 Sep. '08Controversy over EU Monitors Deployment Area 
9 Sep. '08New Rights Party: Saakashvili Must Resign 
9 Sep. '08Saakashvili: We Can Prove Georgia did not Start War 
9 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Agreement a ‘Step Forward’ 
9 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Some World Leaders to Attend Conference in Tbilisi 
8 Sep. '08Sarkozy Arrives in Tbilisi 
8 Sep. '08New Agreement in Force 
8 Sep. '08Sarkozy: Saakashvili Guarantees Non-Use of Force 
7 Sep. '08Saakashvili: Georgia at the Center of World Politics 
6 Sep. '08Burjanadze Says She Warned Saakashvili over S.Ossetia 
6 Sep. '08‘War was Imposed on Russia’ – Medvedev 
5 Sep. '08Adjara Polls, MP By-Elections Set for November 3 
5 Sep. '08Charter Fails to Fully Unite Georgia’s Political Forces 
5 Sep. '08Germany Calls for International Probe into Russo-Georgian Armed Conflict 
5 Sep. '08Moscow Criticizes Cheney’s Remarks in Tbilisi 
4 Sep. '08‘Time for Tough Question has Come’ 
4 Sep. '08Saakashvili Calls on World not to Accept Ethnic Cleansing 
4 Sep. '08Cheney Reaffirms Strong U.S. Support for Georgia 
3 Sep. '08Medvedev: Saakashvili is a ‘Political Corpse’ 
1 Sep. '08‘Georgia will Bury Russian Imperialism’ – Saakashvili 
1 Sep. '08Georgians in Mass ‘Live Chain’ Say ‘Stop Russia’ 
1 Sep. '08Russia Wants Arms Embargo on ‘Saakashvili Regime’ 
1 Sep. '08Georgian Leadership’s Expectations from EU Summit 
31 Aug. '08Opposition Figures Ready to Cooperate with Authorities on Key Issues 
30 Aug. '08Saakashvili Proposes Anti-Crisis Group to Opposition 
30 Aug. '08Tbilisi Wants Sanctions on Companies Investing in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
30 Aug. '08Venezuelan Leader Hails Russia’s Move 
30 Aug. '08Saakashvili Thanks China 
29 Aug. '08Saakashvili Proposes ‘Patriot Act’ 
29 Aug. '08Government Formally Scraps Russian Peacekeeping 
29 Aug. '08New Rights Party Leader Visits U.S. 
28 Aug. '08Opposition Party Leader, Ex-Speaker and Senior Officials Hold Joint Meetings in U.S. 
28 Aug. '08Abkhazia, S.Ossetia Formally Declared Occupied Territory 
28 Aug. '08Russian Official: Presence of NATO Ships the Wrong Signal to Saakashvili 
27 Aug. '08Russian MFA Hopes Georgia Will Have ‘Worthy Leaders’ 
26 Aug. '08Russia Warns Against Re-Arming Georgia 
26 Aug. '08Saakashvili Address on Russia’s Abkhazia, S.Ossetia Recognition 
26 Aug. '08Saakashvili Speaks of Russia’s ‘Strategic Mistake’ 
26 Aug. '08Russia Formally Recognizes Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
26 Aug. '08U.S. Senators Lobby Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Armor Systems for Georgia 
25 Aug. '08Georgian Officials on Russian Lawmakers’ Decision on Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
25 Aug. '08‘Russia, West Pushed Us into War’ – State Minister 
25 Aug. '08Saakashvili’s Account of Events that Led to Conflict 
23 Aug. '08Germany, U.S. Say Russia’s Pull Out Incomplete 
22 Aug. '08‘Russian Pullout Positive, but Struggle far from Over’ – Saakashvili 
22 Aug. '08Controversy over Ceasefire Deal Interpretation and ‘Buffer Zones’ 
22 Aug. '08Russia Troops Reinforce ‘Buffer Zones’ 
21 Aug. '08Saakashvili: ‘We Need to Strengthen Defense System’ 
21 Aug. '08Russian Military Reiterate ‘Pullback’ Deadline 
21 Aug. '08Romanian President to Visit Georgia 
20 Aug. '08‘We Wanted International Help on Ground’ – Saakashvili 
20 Aug. '08Saakashvili: NATO Sends Strong Signal 
19 Aug. '08Russia Sets Deadline for Pull Back 
19 Aug. '08NATO to Provide Post-Conflict Assistance to Georgia 
19 Aug. '08NATO FMs Statement on Georgia, Russia 
19 Aug. '08Russia Claims Georgia Violates Ceasefire Accord 
18 Aug. '08Saakashvili to Face ‘Tough Questions’ 
18 Aug. '08Saakashvili’s Televised Address 
18 Aug. '08Reports: British Foreign Secretary to Visit Georgia 
18 Aug. '08Saakashvili Says Ready for Talks after Troops Pull Out 
17 Aug. '08‘We had to Pay High Price’ – Bokeria 
17 Aug. '08Russia Imposed Conflict on Georgia – Saakashvili 
17 Aug. '08Merkel Meets Saakashvili in Tbilisi 
16 Aug. '08Medvedev Signs Ceasefire 
16 Aug. '08Sarkozy, Medvedev Discuss Ceasefire Deal 
16 Aug. '08Saakashvili Lashes Out at West’s ‘Muted Reaction’ 
15 Aug. '08Georgia Signs Ceasefire Deal 
15 Aug. '08Merkel-Medvedev Georgia Talks 
15 Aug. '08Georgia Hesitant on Six-Point Plan 
15 Aug. '08Saakashvili: Russia Wants to Impose ‘Munich-Type of Deal’ 
15 Aug. '08Saakashvili: ‘I Accuse Russia of Ethnic Cleansing’ 
14 Aug. '08Parliament Supports Quitting CIS 
14 Aug. '08People Fleeing Conflict Areas Angry over being ‘Left Unprotected’ 
14 Aug. '08Turkish PM Visits Tbilisi after Talks in Moscow 
14 Aug. '08This is not 1968 – Rice Tells Russia 
13 Aug. '08Saakashvili: U.S. Underestimated Russia’s Threat 
13 Aug. '08Saakashvili on Military Aspects of Conflict 
13 Aug. '08U.S. Navy, Aircraft to Deliver Aid to Georgia 
13 Aug. '08Georgia Alleges ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Conflict Zone 
13 Aug. '08Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia in ICJ 
13 Aug. '08Tbilisi, Moscow Accept Ceasefire Plan 
12 Aug. '08Kodori Under Abkhaz Control 
12 Aug. '08Saakashvili Thanks Okruashvili for Support amid Russia’s Aggression 
12 Aug. '08Sarkozy Arrives in Tbilisi 
12 Aug. '08Russia Endorses Six-Point Plan 
12 Aug. '08Saakashvili Says Russia Hit Pipeline; BP Unaware 
12 Aug. '08Saakashvili Blames Personally Putin for ‘Brutal Attack’ 
12 Aug. '08Georgia to Quit CIS 
12 Aug. '08Six Die in Gori Bombing – Official 
12 Aug. '08Thousands Rally in Tbilisi to Show Unity 
12 Aug. '08Lavrov: Saakashvili must Stand Down 
12 Aug. '08Four Leaders, Two PMs to Visit Georgia 
11 Aug. '08Saakashvili Tries to Allay Sense of Panic in Tbilisi 
11 Aug. '08‘Russia Occupies Significant Part of Georgia’ – Saakashvili 
11 Aug. '08Saakashvili Addresses Nation 
11 Aug. '08Russian Troops in Senaki 
11 Aug. '08Georgia Claims Shooting Down Russian Jet 
11 Aug. '08Russian Forces in Zugdidi 
11 Aug. '08Georgia Agrees to European-Brokered Ceasefire 
11 Aug. '08Russia Wants ‘Regime Change’ in Georgia – U.S. Suggests 
11 Aug. '08French, Finnish FMs Call for Ceasefire, Troops Pullout 
10 Aug. '08Georgian Troops Back from Iraq - Saakashvili 
10 Aug. '08Georgia’s Statehood Under Danger, Resist Enemy Everywhere – Government Tells the Nation 
10 Aug. '08Russia’s Ceasefire Terms 
10 Aug. '08Abkhaz Attack on Kodori Expected – UN Diplomat 
9 Aug. '08Bush-Medvedev Discuss Russo-Georgia Conflict 
9 Aug. '08Saakashvili Calls on Russia for Ceasefire and Talks 
9 Aug. '08Georgia Recalls All Troops from Iraq – Saakashvili 
9 Aug. '08Georgia Says Destroyed 40 Russian Tanks 
9 Aug. '08Upper Kodori Attacked 
9 Aug. '08Martial Law Declared in Georgia 
9 Aug. '08Georgia in State of War with Russia – Saakashvili 
9 Aug. '08Russia Confirms its Two Jets Downed 
9 Aug. '08Martial Law Planned – Official 
8 Aug. '08Georgia Halves Troops in Iraq, amid S.Ossetia Clashes 
8 Aug. '08Georgia Controls Tskhinvali - Saakashvili Claims 
8 Aug. '08Russian Troops Intervened in S.Ossetia - Russia Official 
8 Aug. '08Saakashvili Rules Out S.Ossetia Pull Out 
8 Aug. '08Saakashvili: Georgia Downed Two Russian Jets 
8 Aug. '08‘Most of S.Ossetia Under Tbilisi’s Control’ – Saakashvili 
8 Aug. '08Peace Enforcement Measures Underway in S.Ossetia – PM 
7 Aug. '08Solana Calls for Talks, End to Violence 
7 Aug. '08Saakashvili’s Televised Address on S.Ossetia 
7 Aug. '08Saakashvili Appeals for Peace in Televised Address 
7 Aug. '08Saakashvili on S.Ossetia Tensions 
7 Aug. '08Saakashvili Says Georgia Shows Restraint in S.Ossetia 
5 Aug. '08Reports: Israel Halts Arms Sale to Georgia 
5 Aug. '08Adjara Elections Set for October 4 
4 Aug. '08Tbilisi to Table ‘Comprehensive’ Abkhaz Plan in September 
26 Jul. '08U.S. Diplomat Calls for Abkhaz Talks Without Preconditions 
25 Jul. '08Sokhumi’s Mixed Reactions to Proposed Meeting in Berlin 
21 Jul. '08GEL 1 mln for Olympic Gold 
19 Jul. '08Moscow Firm on its Abkhaz Peace Process Terms 
18 Jul. '08Tbilisi Downplays Abkhaz Rejection of German Plan 
18 Jul. '08Abkhaz Leader Says German Plan Unacceptable 
17 Jul. '08German FM: Direct Georgian-Abkhaz Talks Needed 
17 Jul. '08Saakashvili: Democracy is Georgia’s Wealth 
17 Jul. '08Saakashvili Downplays Treaty on Non-Use of Force 
17 Jul. '08Saakashvili: Unconditional Return of IDPs Essential for Conflict Resolution 
16 Jul. '08Germany Takes Lead in Abkhaz Diplomatic Efforts 
16 Jul. '08German Foreign Minister to Visit Tbilisi, Sokhumi 
15 Jul. '08New Member of Public TV Board Elected 
14 Jul. '08Georgia Plans to Increase Number of Troops 
14 Jul. '08Freedom Party Slams Opposition Coalition 
12 Jul. '08Parliament Calls for International Support in Standoff with Russia 
11 Jul. '08EU Official Calls for Mediation to Avert Armed Conflict 
11 Jul. '08Reports: Russia will not Revoke April 16 Decision 
10 Jul. '08Georgia Recalls Ambassador from Moscow 
10 Jul. '08Reports: Abkhaz Talks Possible This Month 
10 Jul. '08Russia Confirms its Aircraft Intruded into Georgia 
10 Jul. '08Senior Georgian Official on Talks with Rice 
10 Jul. '08Rice: Efforts Underway to Reinvigorate Abkhaz Peace Process 
10 Jul. '08Saakashvili Proposes Joint Russo-Georgian C'ttee for ‘Safe Environment’ for Sochi Olympics 
10 Jul. '08Rice Meets Opposition, Civil Society Leaders 
9 Jul. '08Rice Arrives in Tbilisi 
9 Jul. '08Russia Wants UN to Call on Tbilisi to Sign Treaty on Non-Use of Force 
8 Jul. '08Saakashvili on Russia’s “Attempts to Annex’ Abkhazia, S.Ossetia 
8 Jul. '08Saakashvili’s Remarks on Rice’s Visit, Russia 
8 Jul. '08Saakashvili on Rice’s Planned Visit 
8 Jul. '08MoD: Four Georgian Servicemen Released 
7 Jul. '08Spiegel Reports on Three-Stage Abkhaz Plan 
7 Jul. '08UN Team Visits Georgia 
7 Jul. '08Burjanadze to Present Foundation 
7 Jul. '08Medvedev, Bush Discuss Georgia 
6 Jul. '08Saakashvili, Medvedev Meet in Astana 
2 Jul. '08GUAM Summit in Batumi 
2 Jul. '08Saakashvili, Bakradze to Visit Croatia 
1 Jul. '08 Opposition Coalition, Labor Party Attack Each Other
30 Jun. '08 Four Blasts in Two Days Slightly Injure 12 in Abkhazia
30 Jun. '08 Abkhazia is a Russian ‘Protectorate’ – Abkhaz FM
28 Jun. '08 Saakashvili on Media Freedom
28 Jun. '08 Saakashvili’s Cautious Reaction to Bagapsh-Medvedev Meeting
28 Jun. '08 Saakashvili on Talks with Merkel
28 Jun. '08 Saakashvili: No Serious Cabinet Reshuffle Planned
27 Jun. '08 Tbilisi, Moscow Deny Abkhaz Partition Deal
27 Jun. '08 ‘Group of Friends’ to Meet in Berlin over Abkhazia
27 Jun. '08 Russian Paper: Tbilisi Proposes Abkhaz Partition Deal
26 Jun. '08 Tbilisi Condemns Medvedev-Bagapsh Meeting
26 Jun. '08 Minister: Rice to Visit Georgia
26 Jun. '08 Georgia to be Raised at EU-Russia Summit
25 Jun. '08 Merkel on Georgia’s NATO Aspiration, Abkhaz Tensions
25 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Meets Rice
23 Jun. '08 Efforts Underway to Arrange Medvedev-Saakashvili Talks
23 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Visits Germany
22 Jun. '08 Medvedev Speaks on Georgia
20 Jun. '08 Secret Abkhaz-Georgian Talks in Sweden
20 Jun. '08 Abkhaz, Georgian Officials Meet in Sweden
19 Jun. '08 Georgia Returns Seized Truck, Holds Ammo
19 Jun. '08 Two Ambassadorial Candidates Nominated
18 Jun. '08 U.S. Official Notes Lack of ‘Credible’ Opposition in Georgia
18 Jun. '08 Medvedev Tells Saakashvili ‘Provocations Inadmissible’ against Peacekeepers
18 Jun. '08 Saakashvili, Solana to Meet in Brussels
17 Jun. '08 Opposition Coalition Takes Timeout
17 Jun. '08 Russia Warns Tbilisi Against Peacekeepers' Withdrawal
17 Jun. '08 Abkhaz Officials Say Fear of War Increased
11 Jun. '08 Ruling Party, Christian-Democrats Launch Talks
10 Jun. '08 Official Says Tbilisi May Demand Peacekeepers’ Withdrawal ‘Soon’
10 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Speaks on Opposition
10 Jun. '08 President Saakashvili’s Interview with Rustavi 2 TV
10 Jun. '08 Saakashvili: Tbilisi Ready to Demand Russian Peacekeepers Withdrawal
10 Jun. '08 Saakashvili on his Talks with Medvedev
9 Jun. '08 No Medvedev-Saakashvili Talks in Near Future – Lavrov
7 Jun. '08 Georgian Envoy on Saakashvili-Medvedev Talks
7 Jun. '08 New Parliament and ‘Alternative Center’
7 Jun. '08 Opposition Rally Disperses
7 Jun. '08 Saakashvili’s Address at Opening Session of New Parliament
7 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Opens New Parliament Session
7 Jun. '08 Ruling Party MPs Gathered in Parliament
7 Jun. '08 Protesters Gathered Outside Parliament
7 Jun. '08 No Breakthrough on Key Issues with Russia – FM
6 Jun. '08 Parliament First Session Set for June 7
6 Jun. '08 Deputy Foreign Minister Criticizes ICG Report on Abkhazia
6 Jun. '08 Lavrov on Saakashvili-Medvedev Talks
6 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Meets Medvedev
6 Jun. '08 Russian Railway Experts Arrive in Abkhazia
6 Jun. '08 Abkhaz Leader Presents Hard-Line Stance
5 Jun. '08 Saakashvili Outlines Terms Ahead of Talks with Medvedev
5 Jun. '08 Solana Meets Opposition Leaders
5 Jun. '08 ‘Risk of War is Growing’ – ICG Report
5 Jun. '08 EU Parliament Says Russian Peacekeeping Should be Replaced
5 Jun. '08 Bush to Raise Georgia at U.S.-EU Summit
4 Jun. '08 Ukrainian Defense Minister Visits Georgia
4 Jun. '08 Solana to Visit Tbilisi, Sokhumi
3 Jun. '08 Saakashvili, Medvedev Hold Phone Talks
3 Jun. '08 Republicans Warn Opposition Against Picketing Parliament
3 Jun. '08 Labor Party Leader Lashes Out at Polish, Lithuanian Presidents
2 Jun. '08 Russian, Georgian Presidents to Hold Phone Talks - Minister Says
2 Jun. '08 Ruling Party Rejects Opposition ‘Compromise Deal’
2 Jun. '08 NSC Chief Warns Against Blocking Parliament
1 Jun. '08 U.S. ‘Dismayed’ over More Russian Troops in Abkhazia
31 May. '08 Putin Speaks on Georgia in Newspaper Interview
31 May. '08 Tbilisi Condemns Russian ‘Railway Troops’ in Abkhazia
31 May. '08 ‘We do not Plan to Burst into Parliament’ – Opposition Leader
30 May. '08 Saakashvili's Remarks at Meeting with Newly Elected Ruling Party MPs
30 May. '08 Saakashvili Warns Opposition against ‘Crossing the Line’
30 May. '08 No Concrete Proposals from Russia – Georgian Security Chief
29 May. '08 Saakashvili Meets Russia’s Deputy Chief of NSC
29 May. '08 Saakashvili Says Elections were ‘Exemplary’
28 May. '08 Tbilisi Awaits Georgia-Russian Top Level Talks Before Taking Decision on Peacekeepers
27 May. '08 President Saakashvili’s Remarks at National Security Council Session
27 May. '08 Saakashvili Lays Out Priorities Ahead of Talks with Medvedev
27 May. '08 Public TV Board Chair Resigns
26 May. '08 Opposition Rally Disperses for Now
26 May. '08 UN Probe Says Russian Jet Downed Georgian Drone
26 May. '08 Saakashvili Hopes Unanimous Opposition Boycott will Fail
26 May. '08 Medvedev Hopes to Have Constructive Cooperation with Georgia
26 May. '08 Opposition Rallies outside Parliament
26 May. '08 Opposition Marches to Protest Election Results
26 May. '08 Polish President Visits Georgia
25 May. '08 Saakashvili Calls for Dialogue Ahead of Opposition’s Rally
24 May. '08 Christian-Democratic Party Undecided on Boycott
23 May. '08 Opposition Bloc Boycotts Parliament, Calls for Rallies
23 May. '08 Chances for Unanimous Opposition Boycott Shrink
23 May. '08 Saakashvili in Ukraine for Energy Summit
23 May. '08 Opposition Consults on Possible Boycott of Parliament
23 May. '08 Ruling Party Names Two Reasons of Landslide Victory
22 May. '08 Opposition Calls for Rally on Independence Day
22 May. '08 Saakashvili’s Address After Elections
22 May. '08 Saakashvili: Ruling Party Close to Two-Third Majority in Parliament
22 May. '08 Vote Count Underway
21 May. '08 ‘These are Criminal Elections’ – Opposition
21 May. '08 Saakashvili: Calm Elections Crucial
21 May. '08 Georgia Elects Parliament
20 May. '08 President Saakashvili’s Pre-Election Address
20 May. '08 Saakashvili Lays Out New Initiatives in Pre-Election Address
20 May. '08 Ruling Party Offers Free Ferrying of Supporters to Polling Stations
20 May. '08 Timeline-2007
20 May. '08 Ruling Party Confident To Win Majority Seats in Parliament
19 May. '08 Natelashvili Lambastes Foreign Observers
19 May. '08 Russian Paper Reports on Sokhumi-Tbilisi ’Deal’
18 May. '08 Opposition Bloc Rallies Ahead of Polls
18 May. '08 List of Majoritarian MP Candidates
17 May. '08 Saakashvili’s Speaks of Better Future in Televised Meeting
17 May. '08 Saakashvili Lambastes Russia over Abkhazia
16 May. '08 Saakashvili: UN Abkhaz Resolution 'Historic'
16 May. '08 SOCAR Launches Oil Terminal in Georgia
14 May. '08 Saakashvili Says Russia’s Moves Triggered ‘Serious Crisis’
14 May. '08 Parties and Election Blocs
14 May. '08 Saakashvili Visits Israel
14 May. '08 ‘No War Thanks to Kouchner’ – Georgian Minister Says
13 May. '08 Saakashvili: Russia Tries 'to Revise World Order’
13 May. '08 More Rights to Opposition – Saakashvili Says
13 May. '08 Opposition Politicians Trade Barbs
13 May. '08 Georgia’s UN Envoy Meets Abkhaz Leader in Sokhumi
12 May. '08 Saakashvili's Remarks with Five EU Foreign Ministers
12 May. '08 Saakashvili Urges for EU’s Help
12 May. '08 Five EU Foreign Ministers Visit Tbilisi
9 May. '08 U.S. Official Notes Progress in Preparing Fair Elections
9 May. '08 U.S. Official: Russia’s ‘Provocative' Steps Deter Peace Process
9 May. '08 U.S. Official Meets Opposition Leaders
8 May. '08 Tbilisi Denies its Drone was Shot Down
8 May. '08 Russian Agencies: Saakashvili Says Threat of War Remains
8 May. '08 Ruling Party MP does not See Burjanadze in ‘Sharp Opposition’
7 May. '08 Saakashvili Vows to Turn Kutaisi into ‘Second Capital’
6 May. '08 ‘Free Elections Matter of National Security’ – Saakashvili
5 May. '08 Ruling Party-Commissioned Poll Released
4 May. '08 Saakashvili Gives his Version of Reasons of November Events
4 May. '08 ‘Biggest Aggressor Occupied Part of Georgia’ – Saakashvili
3 May. '08 Saakashvili Hails Ruling Party’s 'Renewal'
2 May. '08 Saakashvili Pledges Polls ‘as Clean as We Can’
2 May. '08 Saakashvili Calls Europe to Deter Russia’s Moves
1 May. '08 Opposition, Police Scuffle Outside CEC
1 May. '08 Opposition MP Links Tensions with Russia to Upcoming Polls
1 May. '08 OSCE Concerned over Increased Tensions
30 Apr. '08 Burjanadze Slams Russia for ‘Confrontation’
30 Apr. '08 Abkhaz, S.Ossetian Leaders Reject Saakashvili’s Proposals
29 Apr. '08 President Saakashvili’s Televised Address to Abkhazians and South Ossetians
29 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Calls on Abkhazians, Ossetians to Jointly Resist External Force
29 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Plans Televised Address
29 Apr. '08 Tbilisi Suspends Talks on Russia WTO Entry Terms
29 Apr. '08 Sokhumi Wants Military Treaty with Russia
26 Apr. '08 MP Says Burjanadze’s Withdrawal New Opportunity for Opposition
25 Apr. '08 Russian Military Action in Abkhazia Possible - Russian Diplomat
25 Apr. '08 Sokhumi Slams Western Stance
25 Apr. '08 Moscow Downplays UN Security Council Meeting on Georgia
24 Apr. '08 Saakashvili’s Statement on Russian Peacekeeping Forces
24 Apr. '08 Tbilisi Renews Anti-Russian Peacekeeping Push
24 Apr. '08 Opposition Response to Saakashvili’s Call for Cooperation
24 Apr. '08 U.S. Presidential Hopefuls Condemn Russia’s Moves
23 Apr. '08 President Saakashvili’s Televised Address to Nation
23 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Tells Opposition to Cooperate, Amid ‘External Threats'
23 Apr. '08 Rice, Bakradze Meet in Washington
23 Apr. '08 ‘Russia Wants to Annex Abkhazia’ – Saakashvili
23 Apr. '08 Lithuanian PM Stops Over in Tbilisi to Show Support
23 Apr. '08 PACE Delegation to Visit Georgia
22 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Meets Ruling Party
22 Apr. '08 Georgia has about 40 Drones – Saakashvili
22 Apr. '08 Press on Burjanadze’s Decision
21 Apr. '08 Putin ‘Bewildered’ over Georgia’s Spy Planes over Abkhazia
21 Apr. '08 Ruling Party Hit by Burjanadze’s Withdrawal
21 Apr. '08 Saakashvili’s Statement on Burjanadze’s Decision not to Run for Reelection
21 Apr. '08 Saakashvili’s Response to Burjanadze’s decision
21 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Phoned Putin over Russia’s ‘Aggressive Moves’
21 Apr. '08 Burjanadze: I will not Seek Re-election
20 Apr. '08 Foreign Minister to Visit U.S., Germany
19 Apr. '08 EU Calls Moscow to Drop Abkhaz, S.Ossetia Plans
18 Apr. '08 U.S. DoD Official Visits Georgia
18 Apr. '08 Rice Tells Lavrov: U.S. Concerned over Russia’s Move
18 Apr. '08 State Minister in Brussels for Urgent Talks
17 Apr. '08 ‘Revise Decision’ – Saakashvili Tells Moscow
17 Apr. '08 Saakashvili on Russia’s Abkhaz, S.Ossetian Move
17 Apr. '08 UK Concerned over Russia’s Ties with Abkhazia, S. Ossetia
17 Apr. '08 EU Concerned over Russia’s Georgia Move
16 Apr. '08 Official Denies Security Council Session Called
16 Apr. '08 Ex-GPB Head Becomes President's Aide on Ethnic Minorities
16 Apr. '08 Russia Moves to Legalize Ties with Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
16 Apr. '08 Security Council Session Convened

16 Apr. '08 U.S. ‘Strongly Supports’ Tbilisi’s Abkhaz Initiatives
15 Apr. '08 Saakashvili’s Statement on Free Economic Zone
15 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Hails Free Economic Zone in Poti
14 Apr. '08 Labor Party Leader Attacks Opposition, Saakashvili
14 Apr. '08 Gulf Emirate to Develop Free Economic Zone in Poti
14 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Warns Against Unrest
13 Apr. '08 Bagapsh Again Rejects Tbilisi’s Proposals
12 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Tells Ministers to Work on Abkhaz Peace Plan
12 Apr. '08 Tbilisi Offers Joint Police with Abkhazia
11 Apr. '08 ‘Don’t Scare Investors’ – Saakashvili Tells Opposition
11 Apr. '08 Gachechiladze Runs for Majoritarian MP
8 Apr. '08 Ruling Party Cautiously Optimistic over Tbilisi Poll Results
8 Apr. '08 Opposition Coalition Steps Up Anti-Saakashvili Rhetoric
8 Apr. '08 U.S. Senior Official Speaks of NATO Summit Results for Georgia
7 Apr. '08 Adjara’s Head of Government Complains over Finance Ministry
7 Apr. '08 Paper: Proposals Put for Boosting Moscow’s Ties with Sokhumi
7 Apr. '08 Election Configuration Shaped
6 Apr. '08 Saakashvili on NATO Summit Results
4 Apr. '08 U.S. Lays Out Position on Georgia after NATO Summit
3 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Hails ‘Historic’ NATO Summit Results
3 Apr. '08 Eventual Membership Agreed, Action Plan Delayed
3 Apr. '08 Georgian Foreign Minister on NATO’s Decision
2 Apr. '08 Russia Refutes Saakashvili ‘Inaccurate’ Remarks
2 Apr. '08 Saakashvili: NATO Summit Outcome Unclear
1 Apr. '08 Saakashvili Visits Bucharest
31 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Pledges Free and Fair Elections
31 Mar. '08 Georgia to Send at least 350 Troops to Afghanistan
31 Mar. '08 Ex-PM Chairs Soccer Star’s Business Group
31 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Praises Cabinet, Reports on 50-Day Action Plan
31 Mar. '08 Saakashvili: Russia WTO Entry Terms ‘Actually Agreed’
31 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Downplays Moscow’s Abkhaz, S.Ossetia Rhetoric
29 Mar. '08 Burjanadze: Russia Behind Sokhumi’s No to New Proposals
29 Mar. '08 Sokhumi Rejects Tbilisi’s Proposal as ‘PR Stunt’
28 Mar. '08 Saakashvili's Statement on Tbilisi's Proposals to Abkhazia
28 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Outlines Tbilisi’s Abkhaz Initiatives
28 Mar. '08 Okruashvili Jailed for 11 Years in Absentia, Barred from Polls
27 Mar. '08 Russia should Apologize for Groundless Accusations – Minister
26 Mar. '08 No to Georgia’s MAP would Fuel Conflicts – Minister Bakradze
26 Mar. '08 Russia Accuses Tbilisi of ‘Terrorist Acts’ in S.Ossetia
26 Mar. '08 Opposition Rallies ‘to Protect Imedi’
26 Mar. '08 Georgian Officials Visit NATO HQ
25 Mar. '08 Opposition Ends Hunger Strike
25 Mar. '08 Some in Opposition Favor Ending Hunger Strike
25 Mar. '08 PACE Monitors to Visit Georgia
25 Mar. '08 Saakashvili’s Statement on Opposition, Elections
25 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Refuses to Yield to Opposition Demand
25 Mar. '08 Russia’s President-Elect Warns of Georgia’s NATO Membership
24 Mar. '08 Opposition Pickets President’s Office
23 Mar. '08 Berezovsky on his Plans, Georgian Opposition, Authorities
21 Mar. '08 Parliamentary Elections Set for May 21
21 Mar. '08 Imedi TV ‘New Owner’ Denies Talks with Government
21 Mar. '08 Tit-for-Tat Accusations Prevail after Patriarch’s Failed Mediation
21 Mar. '08 Georgia Extends Troop Deployment in Iraq
21 Mar. '08 Okruashvili Calls for Focus on Imedi TV
20 Mar. '08 Ten NATO Allies Call for Georgia MAP
20 Mar. '08 Foreign Minister Comments on Saakashvili-Rice Meeting
20 Mar. '08 Three Options for New Parliament Structure
20 Mar. '08 Saakashvili to Meet Rice, Gates
19 Mar. '08 Bush Gives ‘Unwavering Support’ to Georgia NATO Drive
19 Mar. '08 Opposition Protests Outside U.S. Embassy
19 Mar. '08 HRW Tells Bush to Press November Events at Meeting with Saakashvili
18 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Offers to Increase Number of MPs, Hints on Poll Date
18 Mar. '08 Saakashvili: Tbilisi to Lay Out New Abkhaz Proposals
18 Mar. '08 Senior MP does not Rule Out Use of Force to Restore Territorial Integrity
18 Mar. '08 Natelashvili Slams Opposition
18 Mar. '08 Opposition Calls for European Mediation to Resolve Crisis
18 Mar. '08 U.S. Official Comments on Georgia’s NATO Aspiration
17 Mar. '08 Kokoity: Tbilisi not Capable of Constructive Talks
17 Mar. '08 Burjanadze Responds to Demands for her Resignation
17 Mar. '08 Opposition to Protest Outside U.S. Embassy
16 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Again Calls for Unity at ‘Decisive Moment’
16 Mar. '08 Saudi Prince Visits Georgia
15 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Says No to Treaty on Non-Use of Force
14 Mar. '08 New Rights Demand Burjanadze’s Resignation
13 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Calls for Dialogue as Elections Loom
13 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Visits Brussels
13 Mar. '08 Ombudsman Proposes Property Arbitration Commission
12 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Meets Two Opposition Politicians
11 Mar. '08 Saakashvili: Proposed System on Majoritarian MPs ‘Fair’
11 Mar. '08 Ruling Party MP Proposes Fewer Tbilisi Majoritarian MPs
10 Mar. '08 Burjanadze Downplays Opposition Hunger Strike as ‘Stage Show’
10 Mar. '08 Saakashvili: Half-Step Closer to MAP, Step Closer to Territorial Integrity
9 Mar. '08 Opposition Hunger Strike Begins
9 Mar. '08 Opposition Pledges ‘Permanent Protests Rallies’
8 Mar. '08 Opposition Rejects Saakashvili Call for Cooperation
8 Mar. '08 ‘Tbilisi was Notified about Russian Decision on Abkhazia in Advance’
8 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Calls for Unity Ahead of Opposition Protests
8 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Calls for Unity
8 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Awards Ex-Detainees Held in Abkhazia
8 Mar. '08 Republicans Slam Authorities for ‘Empty Brag’ on Abkhazia
8 Mar. '08 Saakashvili’s U-Turns for Teachers
7 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Links Journalist’s Release to his Warning
7 Mar. '08 Tbilisi Warns of ‘Zero Tolerance’ to Abkhaz Militarization
7 Mar. '08 ‘Zero Tolerance to Abkhazia Militarization’ – Saakashvili
7 Mar. '08 Okruashvili Criticizes Opposition for Lack of Radicalism
6 Mar. '08 Tbilisi Says Lifting Abkhaz Sanctions ‘Dangerous’
6 Mar. '08 ‘Abkhazians are Afraid of You’ – Released Journalist Tells Saakashvili
5 Mar. '08 Saakashvili, Medvedev Hold Phone Conversation
5 Mar. '08 Opposition Plans to Resume Protest Rallies
5 Mar. '08 Georgian Speaker, Foreign Minister Meet NATO Chief
5 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Tells Ministers to Take Care of People
5 Mar. '08 Opposition Coalition Calls for Repeat Presidential Polls
4 Mar. '08 Opposition Outcry over Majoritarian MP Election Rule
3 Mar. '08 Saakashvili: ‘Broad Coalition’ for Georgia NATO Integration Needed
3 Mar. '08 Tbilisi’s Reaction to Armenian Crisis
3 Mar. '08 Detained Journalist Treated Well in Abkhazia – Georgian Minister
2 Mar. '08 Saakashvili Visits Poland
2 Mar. '08 Danish PM: NATO to Send ‘Strong Signal of Support’ to Georgia
1 Mar. '08 Court Turns Down Ombudsman’s Case Against CEC
29 Feb. '08 Bagapsh: Troops Partially Mobilized in Abkhazia
29 Feb. '08 New Opposition Configuration Emerges Ahead of Polls
29 Feb. '08 Eight-Party Opposition Coalition to Run on Joint Ticket
29 Feb. '08 Tbilisi’s Warning Thwarted Release of Journalist – Abkhaz Official
29 Feb. '08 Tbilisi’s Warning Thwarted Release of Journalist – Abkhaz Official
28 Feb. '08 Armenian Defense Minister Visits Georgia
28 Feb. '08 ‘Diplomatic Efforts’ Underway to Release Journalist
28 Feb. '08 Sokhumi Defies Tbilisi’s Warning over Detained Journalist
27 Feb. '08 Russia Denies Deal with Tbilisi on Joint Border Control in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
27 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Warns Sokhumi to Release Journalist
26 Feb. '08 Some Constitutional Amendments Passed, Others Postponed
26 Feb. '08 Parliamentary Election Set for May
26 Feb. '08 Saakashvili’s Statement on Border Control, NATO, Separatists
26 Feb. '08 New Board of Public TV Approved
26 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Comments on NATO
26 Feb. '08 Saakashvili: Joint Border Control in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia Agreed with Russia
26 Feb. '08 ‘Separatists Left Empty-Handed’ - Saakashvili Says
25 Feb. '08 OSCE Chairman-in-Office to Visit Georgia
24 Feb. '08 Demand for Ethnic Minority Seat on Public TV Board
22 Feb. '08 Russia not to Recognize Abkhazia, South Ossetia - Saakashvili
21 Feb. '08 Georgian, Russian Ministers on Putin-Saakashvili Talks
21 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Meets Putin
21 Feb. '08 Heavy Snowfall Kills One
21 Feb. '08 GEL 721,000 Spent on Gachechiladze Election Campaign
21 Feb. '08 Saakashvili to Meet Putin in Moscow
20 Feb. '08 CEC Refuses to Release Key Information to Public Defender
18 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Warns Against Kosovo Precedent
18 Feb. '08 Russia, Georgia in Talks over Air Traffic Resumption
17 Feb. '08 Tbilisi Warns of ‘Dangerous Impasse’ in Ties with Russia
16 Feb. '08 ‘Do not Play with Fire’ – Saakashvili Tells Russia
16 Feb. '08 Russian Diplomat Summoned over Russian MFA Statement
16 Feb. '08 Rustavi 2 TV Wants Gachechiladze to Apologize for ‘Riffraff’ Remark
16 Feb. '08 ‘Georgia should not Recognize Kosovo’ – Opposition Leader
15 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Asks NATO to Extend MAP to Georgia
15 Feb. '08 Opposition Sets Ultimatum, Warns of ‘Town of Tents’
15 Feb. '08 MP Becomes Governor of Kakheti
14 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Warns Against Kosovo Precedent
14 Feb. '08 Saakashvili: Tentative Agreement on Russia’s WTO Entry Terms
14 Feb. '08 Reaction to Initial Test Saying Patarkatsishvili’s Death Natural
13 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Comments on Patarkatsishvili’s Death
13 Feb. '08 Reaction to Patarkatsishvili’s Death
13 Feb. '08 Badri Patarkatsishvili
12 Feb. '08 Opposition MP: Ruling Party ‘Hardliners’ Scuttle Talks
11 Feb. '08 Liberty Institute Defends Public TV
10 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Meets Russia’s Ivanov
10 Feb. '08 Saakashvili, Russian MPs Spar over Kosovo Question
9 Feb. '08 U.S. Congressional Panel Hearing on Georgia
9 Feb. '08 Saakashvili to Visit U.S. in March
8 Feb. '08 Opposition Suspends Talks
8 Feb. '08 Saakashvili at Munich Conference on Security
6 Feb. '08 U.S. Intelligence Chief on Georgia
6 Feb. '08 Purge of Georgian Ambassadors Expected
5 Feb. '08 Burjanadze Tells Opposition to be Constructive
4 Feb. '08 Opposition Launches ‘Georgia without Saakashvili’ Campaign
4 Feb. '08 Estonian PM Visits Georgia
2 Feb. '08 Lithuania, Poland Support Georgia’s NATO Integration
1 Feb. '08 Ex-Foreign Minister Appointed Intelligence Chief
1 Feb. '08 Saakashvili Promises Pension Increase in Spring
1 Feb. '08 Kosovo a Major Challenge for Georgian Diplomacy – Saakashvili
1 Feb. '08 Opposition Meets Burjanadze on Memorandum
31 Jan. '08 Georgian, Russian Foreign Ministers Discuss Relations
31 Jan. '08 Special Commission to Arbitrate Property Disputes
31 Jan. '08 Almost GEL 150,000 on Gamkrelidze Election Campaign
31 Jan. '08 New Chief Prosecutor Appointed
31 Jan. '08 Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote
31 Jan. '08 Okruashvili Released, but under House Arrest
30 Jan. '08 Authorities Say Some Opposition Demands Negotiable
30 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Hails the New Cabinet
30 Jan. '08 ‘We Need a Strong Parliament’ – Saakashvili
30 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Lists Cabinet Posts Offered to Opposition
29 Jan. '08 Russian MFA: Kosovo will set a Precedent
29 Jan. '08 Opposition Parties Lay Out Demands
29 Jan. '08 Opposition Memorandum - January 28
29 Jan. '08 12 Opposition Parties Lay Out Demands
28 Jan. '08 Healthcare Minister-Designate Outlines Priorities
25 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Speaks of Relations with Russia
25 Jan. '08 Opposition Warns Against Privatizing Railway
25 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Speaks of ‘Humanizing’ Prosecutor’s Office
25 Jan. '08 PACE Passes Resolution on Georgia
24 Jan. '08 General Prosecutor to Become Chief of President’s Administration
24 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Comments on New Cabinet, Opposition
24 Jan. '08 New Cabinet Named
24 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Addresses PACE
24 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Welcomes Lavrov’s Statement on Breakaway Regions
24 Jan. '08 New Cabinet Expected Today
24 Jan. '08 Saakashvili in Strasbourg for PACE Session
23 Jan. '08 S.Ossetian Leader Calls for Talks with Saakashvili
22 Jan. '08 ‘Address Election Shortcomings’ – Barroso Tells Saakashvili
22 Jan. '08 Tbilisi Develops ‘Road Map’ to Improve Ties with Moscow
22 Jan. '08 GEL 35,000 on Natelashvili Election Campaign
21 Jan. '08 Opposition Wants Local Elections in Adjara in Summer
21 Jan. '08 Consultation Underway on New Cabinet – Saakashvili
21 Jan. '08 Inaugural speech of President Mikheil Saakashvili
21 Jan. '08 PACE Monitor: Georgia Election Disappointment, but Legitimate
21 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Takes Spiritual Oath
21 Jan. '08 ‘West Owes Georgian People’ – Opposition Leader
21 Jan. '08 Georgian, Iranian Foreign Ministers Meet
20 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Meets Russian Foreign Minister
20 Jan. '08 ‘We will not Stop’ – Opposition Tells Thousands at Rally
20 Jan. '08 Head of Orthodox Church Meets Russian Foreign Minister
20 Jan. '08 'I'm President of Entire Nation’ – Saakashvili
20 Jan. '08 Government Responds to OSCE Post-Election Report
19 Jan. '08 Time to Focus on Parliamentary Elections – U.S. Diplomat
19 Jan. '08 Bryza Meets Opposition Leaders
19 Jan. '08 Politicians Comment on OSCE Post-Election Report
19 Jan. '08 OSCE Report Critical of Post-Election Process
19 Jan. '08 OSCE Report Critical of Post-Election Process
18 Jan. '08 U.S. Diplomat Visits Tbilisi
18 Jan. '08 Parliamentary Polls Amount to Run-Off - Opposition MP
18 Jan. '08 Most Ministers, Governors to be Replaced - Saakashvili
18 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Opens New Base, Speaks of New Weapons in Army
18 Jan. '08 ‘More than Half of Cabinet will Change’ - PM
17 Jan. '08 Burjanadze Lists Some Issues Negotiated with Opposition
17 Jan. '08 ‘Stop Language of Ultimatum’ – Ruling Party MPs Tell Opposition
17 Jan. '08 GEL 23 mln Spent on Saakashvili's Re-Election Campaign
17 Jan. '08 Opposition Leader: Saakashvili as Illegitimate as Secessionist Leaders
17 Jan. '08 Nine-Party Opposition Coalition’s Statement
17 Jan. '08 Opposition Coalition Lays Out Demands
17 Jan. '08 Conciliatory Moment Passes, as Opposition Makes Demands
17 Jan. '08 Bendukidze Against Break-up of Healthcare, Social Ministry
17 Jan. '08 TV Speculates on Cabinet Reshuffle
17 Jan. '08 EU Foreign Policy Chief Calls for Dialogue
17 Jan. '08 Putin Congratulates Saakashvili on Re-Election
16 Jan. '08 No Clarity about Talks
16 Jan. '08 Burjanadze Confirms Planned Government Structural Reform
16 Jan. '08 Russian Foreign Minister to Attend Saakashvili’s Inauguration
16 Jan. '08 Court Refuses to Annul Vote Tally
16 Jan. '08 Gachechiladze on ‘Speaking’ with Authorities
15 Jan. '08 Putin Invited to Saakashvili’s Inauguration
15 Jan. '08 Talks Underway, but Details Unclear
15 Jan. '08 U.S. State Department on Georgian Election
15 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Comments on Planned Public TV Reform
15 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Meets Public Defender
15 Jan. '08 Nine-Party Opposition Jubilant over Public TV Reform
15 Jan. '08 Watchdog Denies Political Links
15 Jan. '08 Opposition, Authorities Agree on Public TV Reform
14 Jan. '08 Bush Congratulates Saakashvili on Re-Election
14 Jan. '08 Court Rejects Complaints on Procedural Grounds
14 Jan. '08 Opposition Leader: West is Either with Saakashvili or with Georgia
14 Jan. '08 Public Defender Tells Saakashvili to Make Positive U-Turn
14 Jan. '08 Opposition Leader: We won't Allow Saakashvili to Govern
14 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Says Election ‘Most Democratic’
14 Jan. '08 Bagapsh Rules out Talks with Saakashvili
13 Jan. '08 CEC Head Denies ‘Falsified Vote Summary Protocol’ Allegations
13 Jan. '08 Opposition Vows to Keep Protesting against Election Results
13 Jan. '08 Opposition Vows to Keep Protesting
13 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Re-Elected as CEC Approves Final Vote Tally
13 Jan. '08 CEC Rejects Complaints
12 Jan. '08 Opposition MP Lashes Out at OSCE Observers, Businessmen
12 Jan. '08 President of Turkmenistan Expected at Inauguration
12 Jan. '08 ‘Ballot Fraud Museum’
12 Jan. '08 ‘Less Foreign Trips, More Local Focus’ – Saakashvili
12 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Speaks of Relations with Russia
12 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Moves to Deliver on Promises, as Opposition Challenges Poll Results
12 Jan. '08 Inauguration Planned for January 20, or January 21
11 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Meets Ruling Party MPs
11 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Comments on Meeting with Gachechiladze
11 Jan. '08 Lawmaker Responds to Rumored Rift with Patriarch
11 Jan. '08 Watchdog Notes Discrepancies in Vote Summary Protocols
11 Jan. '08 Saakashvili in Lead with 53% of Votes – CEC
11 Jan. '08 ‘West Discrediting itself in Georgia by Endorsing Polls’ – Gamkrelidze
11 Jan. '08 'I Met with Saakashvili' – Gachechiladze
10 Jan. '08 New Rights to Join Rally
10 Jan. '08 ‘I Met with Saakashvili’ – Gachechiladze
10 Jan. '08 Opposition Demands Vote Re-Count, Warns of Protests
10 Jan. '08 GPB Caves in to Gachechiladze's Demand
9 Jan. '08 Germany Hands Okruashvili Over to France
9 Jan. '08 CEC Invalidates Four Precinct Results
9 Jan. '08 Opposition Wants Live TV Airtime
9 Jan. '08 ‘Concrete Steps Needed to Improve Ties’ - Russian Diplomat
9 Jan. '08 Cabinet Structural Reform Planned - PM
9 Jan. '08 'First Win Polls, Then Offer Coalition' - Opposition Tells Saakashvili
9 Jan. '08 CEC: Saakashvili Re-Elected
9 Jan. '08 ‘I Took a Responsible Approach’ to Russia – Saakashvili
9 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Promises 'All-Inclusive Cabinet'
9 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Signals Readiness to Include Opponents in Cabinet
8 Jan. '08 Gamkrelidze Calls for Run-Off, ‘Surprised’ by International Response
8 Jan. '08 Opposition Outrage over ‘TV Silence’
8 Jan. '08 ‘You're a Cheat and Should Resign’ - Gachechiladze Tells CEC Chief
8 Jan. '08 Opposition Calls Off Protest Rally
8 Jan. '08 Opposition Alleges ‘Fraud’ in Vote Summary Process
8 Jan. '08 Opposition Alleges ‘Fraud’ in Vote Summary Process
7 Jan. '08 CEC: Saakashvili Narrowly Avoiding Run-Off
7 Jan. '08 Election was ‘Brilliant’ – Saakashvili
7 Jan. '08 Watchdog Wants Annulment of Results from 30 Precincts
7 Jan. '08 Saakashvili in Lead Nationwide, But Falls Behind in Capital
7 Jan. '08 Two-Thirds of Votes Counted
6 Jan. '08 CEC Head: Saakashvili in Lead, Little Chance of Run-Off
6 Jan. '08 CEC Head: Saakashvili in Lead, Little Chance of Run-Off
6 Jan. '08 Moscow Condemns Georgia’s Polls
6 Jan. '08 Opposition Coalition Warns of Permanent Protest Rallies
6 Jan. '08 Natelashvili Calls for Repeat Polls
6 Jan. '08 Gamkrelidze Concedes Defeat, Calls for Run-Off
6 Jan. '08 Gachechiladze Claims Victory
6 Jan. '08 PVT Results Give Saakashvili a Lead
6 Jan. '08 Results from Only 105 Precincts Available So Far
6 Jan. '08 Vote Counting Underway, as Opposition Hopes for Run-Off
6 Jan. '08 CEC Starts Posting Vote Tallies
6 Jan. '08 Saakashvili: January 5 a huge Victory of Georgia
6 Jan. '08 Opposition Calls for Rally
6 Jan. '08 Maisashvili ‘Concedes Victory’ to Gachechiladze
5 Jan. '08 Opposition Rejects Exit Polls Showing Saakashvili in Lead
5 Jan. '08 Opposition Rejects Exit Poll Results, Waits for Official Poll Results
5 Jan. '08 Early Exit Poll Results Show Saakashvili in Lead
5 Jan. '08 Man Suspected of Assaulting Opposition Activist Arrested
5 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Campaign HQ Denies ‘Merry-go-Round’ Practice
5 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Campaign HQ: No Major Violations Observed
5 Jan. '08 Georgia Votes in Snap Polls
5 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Casts Ballot, Calls for High Voter Turnout
4 Jan. '08 ‘About GEL 150,000 on Campaign’ – Candidate Gamkrelidze
4 Jan. '08 ‘I will Definitely Win’ – Candidate Natelashvili
4 Jan. '08 Gachechiladze Tells Supporters to be Vigilant at Polling Stations
4 Jan. '08 ‘Crucial’ Presidential Polls Overshadow Plebiscites
4 Jan. '08 ‘Polls Major Test for Georgia’ – Saakashvili
4 Jan. '08 Candidates Meet with International Observers
4 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Hopes to Win 60%
4 Jan. '08 Candidates’ Spouses Go Head-to-Head
3 Jan. '08 ‘Second Round Inevitable’ - Candidate Gamkrelidze
3 Jan. '08 Saakashvili Invokes Heroes from History in Campaign Speech
3 Jan. '08 Patarkatsishvili Remains in Presidential Race
3 Jan. '08 Candidate Gachechiladze Unveils Program for 200 Days