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Präsident Saakashvili besucht georg. Truppen in Afghanistan - 31.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Video auf dem Youtube-Kanal des Präsidenten
Video on the President’s official YouTube channel

Das georgische Dorf - Programme - - PDF
Noël Géorgien - La Géorgie, entre tradition et modernité - auf französisch
Place Gutenberg - Quartier du Centre Ville - STRASBOURG - CENTRE VILLE
Vom 24-11-2012 bis 31-12-2012: Vom 26. bis 30. Dezember von 10 Uhr bis 19 Uhr. Am 31. Dezember von 10 Uhr bis 18 Uhr. - Entrée : gratuite
Gehen Sie auf eine Entdeckungsreise in ein traditionsreiches Land. Ursprüngliches Kunsthandwerk, eine überraschende und schmackhafte Küche, eine Auswahl an ganz neuen Weinen: Lernen Sie Georgien kennen, ein Land, in dem sich altüberliefertes Wissen mit Modernität vereint. Ein wahrer Augenschmaus sind insbesondere die Stickereien, Töpferwaren, Modeaccessoires, Holzdekorationen sowie der Emaille-Schmuck und Feinschmecker kommen bei den georgischen Spezialitäten auf ihre Kosten, die im Veranstaltungsbereich zubereitet werden: Fleischspieße, Süßigkeiten und traditionelle Brote.
Aussteller: Georgian Arts & Culture Center -, 
Tbilisi, Niko Nikoladze-Str.7, Email:
Ausstellung über Georgien -  Exposition sur la Géorgie   
Centre Administratif de Strasbourg - 1, Parc de l'Étoile - STRASBOURG
BOURSE - ESPLANADE - KRUTENAU - Vom 01-12-2012 bis 31-12-2012
In der Empfangshalle des Verwaltungszentrums (Centre administratif), für alle Besuchergruppen. Entrée : gratuite
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30.EU-Russland-Gipfel - 30th EU-Russia summit -
President Van Rompuy's press statement - Factsheet on 30th EU-Russia Summit
Die Europäische Union mit Russland in der Sackgasse? -, Gütersloh, 19.12.2012 - english version
Am 21. Dezember findet in Brüssel  der nächste EU-Russland-Gipfel statt. Brüssel und Moskau stehen unter dem Druck, einen neuen Grundlagenvertrag auszuhandeln. ... Für die EU bedeutet Russland nicht nur Öl und Gas, sondern auch die gemeinsamen europäischen Werte von Demokratie und Rechtsstaat. Das europäische Institutionen-gefüge entspricht jedoch nicht den operativen Vorstellungen der russischen Diplomatie. ... Die Ausgangsbedingungen für die Verhandlungen über einen neuen Grundlagenvertrag haben sich in den vergangenen Jahren verschlechtert. Institutionell hat Russland zusätzlich einen Scheidungsantrag vorgelegt:  Das System Putin interpretiert den Brüsseler Gipfel nicht mehr als russisch-europäisches sondern als euro-asiatisches Format. Seit 2011 haben sich Russland, Kasachstan und Belarus zur Euro-Asiatischen Union zusammengeschlossen. Erklärtes Vorbild ist die europäische Integration. In der Praxis handelt es sich  um ein Projekt Russlands, den postsowjetischen Raum wirtschaftlich und politisch zu dominieren. Damit wird auch die Annäherung des „nahen Auslands“ - der postsowjetischen Staaten an die EU blockiert. ... 

Georgia: National Security Concept versus National Security -
Programme Paper - S. Neil MacFarlane, August 2012 
paper as PDF  - ჩამოტვირთეთ სტატია ქართულად 
Georgia's revised National Security Concept provides a good opportunity to examine the country's official thinking on security and to assess its approach to its internal and external security environments.
The paper first discusses the background conditions of Georgian national security planning. It then identifies a number of positive aspects of the concept. The main part of the analysis focuses on five problematic issues. One is the possibility of internal instability, which is largely absent in the concept. Another is security aspects of globalization and interdependence. The third concerns threats in the Caucasian region, notably the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and instability in the Northern Caucasus. The fourth issue is the threat from Russia. The final focus is Georgia's westward orientation.
About the Author: S. Neil MacFarlane is the director of the Foreign Policy and Security Programme at the Center for Social Sciences in Tbilisi. He is also Lester B. Pearson Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford, and an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House. He has worked on Georgian security issues for 20 years. He is grateful to colleagues in Georgia, Armenia and Oxford, to the staff at Chatham House, and to anonymous peer reviewers for their helpful comments on earlier drafts of this paper. However, he takes full responsibility for this analysis.

US-Beamter Thomas Melia fasst Besuch in Georgien zusammen - 13.12.2012, Civil Georgia
There is a room for more common ground to be developed between the two major political forces in Georgia during possibly “complicated” period of cohabitation, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Thomas Melia, told journalists in Tbilisi on December 13.
“I think that there is a room for political leaders on all sides to calm the waters and maybe to look for a way to choose more sober rhetoric from time to time that might be a basis for consensus building,” Melia said.
The U.S. delegation, which also included Catherine Newcombe, a regional director for Eurasia at the Department of Justice’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training, as well as USAID assistant administrator Paige Alexander, visited Georgia on December 12-13 as part of a regional trip. The U.S. officials met with Georgian senior officials, as well as media and civil society representatives.
“It may be complicated period of cohabitation that this country has gone into. I do see that there are patriotic Georgians, people of good will on both sides of the political spectrum here and I think there is a basis for them to work together to stabilize this transition so that the change that the voters of Georgia asked for in the recent parliamentary elections can be managed in a way that is consistent with stability and sustaining Georgia’s international commitments and domestic tranquility,” Melia said on December 13.
After meeting with the U.S. officials on December 12, PM Bidzina Ivanishvili said that he had received “lots of advices, including on difficult issues that we are now facing in Georgia and what we call cohabitation.”
“Complicated process that was initially, I think, now has already eased; there is more understanding from the international community, from the American administration and from the Europe as well,” PM Ivanishvili said. 
Melia said that he had “a very honest and open conversation about issues where we have some concerns and also we expressed our appreciation for some things that are moving in a positive direction.”
“We are building a strong relationship with the new Prime Minister and his cabinet and encouraging further work on this interesting new arrangement called cohabitation,” said Melia, who also met President Saakashvili on December 12.
“I think there is room for more common ground to be developed here between the two major political forces in Georgia on addressing some of the very real challenges,” he said. “Both the Prime Minister and the President are receptive to this idea and I think that both are looking for ways to consolidate democracy in Georgia and we continue to cooperate in that way.”
Asked during a press conference on December 13 to identify key negative and positive developments in Georgia, the U.S. State Department official said that there were signs of readiness from some leaders from both major political forces to find compromises and added that the challenge for Georgia would be to reconcile majority rule with minority rights.
“One of the most interesting conversations I had here was a joint conversation with Mr. Usupashvili and Mr. Bakradze,” Melia said referring to Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili and leader of the parliamentary minority Davit Bakradze.
“We met together and as leaders of the two parliamentary factions they demonstrated the ability and willingness to collaborate on finding responsible and honorable compromises on those policy questions where compromise can be found and also to find a civil way to disagree, when the political forces can’t agree. I think that’s a very positive sign for the way forward for Georgia’s democracy,” the U.S. State Department official said.
“The way the majority deals with the minority, whether in Parliament or in society is an important test of democratic character of any country. A majority wins an election, but it’s important that they respect the right of the minority to have another point of view… I think that [will] be the challenge… to reconcile majority rule with minority rights and that’s true in many different aspects of contemporary Georgian society,” he added.
Asked about planned meeting of Georgian PM’s special representative for relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin in Switzerland scheduled for December 14, the U.S. State Department official responded: “We support Georgia talking to Russia about how to normalize and improve relationship.”
“We look forward to Georgia making its own decisions about how to best move forward with that dialogue and we encourage it,” Melia added.

Parliamentsspecher unterzeichnet Amnestie-Gesetz - 12.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili signed on January 12 amnesty bill into law authorizing release about 3,000 prisoners, as well as reduction of prison terms for thousands of others.
The bill was signed by Usupashvili in a live televised broadcast after the Parliament overturned the presidential veto for the first time in Georgia’s history in late December.
January 11 was a deadline for the President to sign the bill after his veto was overridden, but he refused and the Parliamentary Chairman, the second highest ranking official in the country, became eligible to sign the bill into law.
190 inmates, recognized by the Parliament’s December 5 resolution as political prisoners, will be the first of those inmates who will be released from jails under this amnesty.
The ministry in charge of the penitentiary system said that those recognized as political prisoners would be released from 10am to 11am on January 13.
The document envisages several forms of amnesty such as full exemption from punishment, which will apply to about 3,000 inmates; as well as halving of prison sentence or reducing it either by one-third or by one-forth. Reduction of prison sentence by one-fourth will apply to almost all the prisoners, who do not fall under other forms of amnesty.
“I understand that this bill caused much controversy; it could not have been otherwise, because this bill concerns very delicate and very important issue,” Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili said during the signing of the bill.
“The process of drafting the bill was not flawless, but these shortcomings cannot be even compared to what was happening in the justice system and penitentiary system for years. For that reason the new government, the Parliament delivered on its promise to put an end to this and it led to this broad amnesty,” Usupashvili said.
“I want to also address those to whom this bill will apply to make proper conclusions about this decision of Georgia’s new government – the proper conclusion will be to return back to normal life, to families and friends as full-fledged members of the society and we will spare no efforts in order to ease their resocialization. I address families and friends of these people – they need our support now; they need our attention now in order for them not to get on a wrong way again,” Usupashvili said.
“I address the law enforcement agencies, which are doing a great job to fight against crime, to also pay special attention to this issue,” he said.
“With signing of this bill I and the new authorities confirm once again that we take responsibility for this act and we believe that those to whom it will apply will also show responsible approach and this act will be the act of unity and freedom and not something that will bring problems,” Usupashvili said.
Usupashvili stressed separately on the issue of 190 political prisoners to whom the amnesty will also apply and said that “for years people were persecuted in Georgia for political reasons”.
“Georgia should never again require such an act in the future because no one should be persecuted for political reasons; the new government should spare no efforts for this purpose and the society, media, international organizations should be much more vigilant and uncompromising than they were during the previous government,” he said.
Immediately after Usupashvili signed the amnesty bill, President Saakashvili’s United National Movement (UNM) again condemned the bill, especially the part of the amnesty which concerns political prisoners.
Among those 190 inmates who were recognized by the Parliament as political prisoners are those who under the previous authorities were convicted during the closed-door trials for charges related to espionage in favor of Russia.
Speaking at a news conference immediately after the bill was signed into law, a senior UNM lawmaker Giorgi Gabashvili condemned the amnesty as an “act of full-scale capitulation” because, he said, it would result into “release of Russian spies”.
“The day will come when [the new government] has to face responsibility for this criminal and capitulant act,” he said.
President Saakashvili said on January 12 that by signing this bill into law PM Ivanishvili’s government was taking “responsibility for very grave consequences which will follow mass release of criminals and release of Russian spies [from jails].”

US National Intelligence Council forecasts Megatrends - 12.12.2012,
The American Century is drawing to a close, and the US Defense Department will have to be more flexible in dealing with a faster-paced multipolar world, according to the Global Trends 2030 report released yesterday.
The National Intelligence Council has looked to the future to jumpstart the conversation about what US policy should be, given world-wide trends.
In the annual report, the NIC makes its best guesses about several "megatrends" that will shape the world in 2030.
The first is individual empowerment. The council believes there will be a significant decrease in poverty in the world and a concomitant increase in the middle class. The council says this represents a "tectonic shift," as for the first time in history "a majority of the world’s population will not be impoverished." ...
Download the Global Trends 2030 report (PDF)

NATO drängt Georgien, auf dem Weg der Reformen zu bleiben - 05.12.2012, Civil Georgia

Le nouveau pouvoir géorgien multiplie les dérapages - 24.11.2012, - Par Isabelle Lasserre 
Les opposants dénoncent une chasse aux sorcières depuis la victoire du milliardaire pro-russe Bidzina Ivanishvili aux législatives. Vingt et un responsables politiques auraient déjà été emprisonnés. D'autres devraient suivre. ...
Georgia - Trembling in Tbilisi - 01.12.2012,
The victors in Georgia’s election should shun the lawlessness they once opposed
Dec 1st 2012 | from the print edition 
 AMONG ex-Soviet states, where democracy is mostly a fragile flower, Georgia seemed to be a welcome exception. Its October election and the transfer of power that followed could have served as a model for others. The ruling United National Movement (UNM), lost a broadly fair parliamentary election, rather to the surprise of its leader, the president, Mikheil Saakashvili. He believed his party’s record of economic modernisation would bring victory. The opposition Georgian Dream coalition came to power, rather to the surprise of its leader, Bidzina Ivanishvili (pictured): the billionaire businessman had always claimed the election would be rigged against him.
Now things are going wrong. ... Georgian Dream is now using its authority aggressively. A score of UNM bigwigs have been arrested, including a former defence and interior minister, the chief of the general staff and the vice-mayor of Tbilisi. Charges against them include abuse of office, illegal detention and torture. Mr Ivanishvili’s government is also seeking to free people convicted in past years for spying for Russia and for terrorism (such as bombing the American embassy in Tbilisi).
America, NATO and the European Union have issued sharply worded warnings. ...
Yet, although some post-election score-settling is perhaps inevitable, Mr Ivanishvili’s camp is behaving as badly as he claims Mr Saakashvili did. Hounding UNM local officials and trying to evict the president from his gaudy new palace, saying that it is too costly, is vindictive. Georgian Dream’s rhetoric—comparing the UNM to the Nazi party in post-war Germany, for example—is sometimes wildly overheated. ... Ukraine shows where Georgia could end up if the government continues down this road. ...
The Post’s View - Georgia’s government takes a wrong turn - 28.11.20122,
By Editorial Board, Published: November 28 
... Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the new regime, headed by billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, to provide a preliminary answer. Within weeks of taking office, the new government has brought criminal charges against more than 20 senior officials of the previous administration, including the former ministers of defense and interior and the armed forces chief of staff. ... The magnate-turned-prime minister said last week that his first official visit to the United States had been postponed, which is a good thing. As long as he is imprisoning opposition leaders and seeking to monopolize power, Georgia’s new leader should not be welcome in Washington.
Georgia prime minister takes on the Washington Post - 28.11.20122,
Posted By Josh Rogin  Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 2:20 PM   Share 
New Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili accused the Washington Post editorial board of working with his nemesis, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili on an editorial that harshly criticized the new Georgian government's arrests of former senior officials. ... During a visit to Georgia last week, Assistant Secretary of State Phil Gordon urged Ivanishvili and his party to avoid pursuing prosecutions of former officials as political payback. "Nobody wants to see, or get the perception, that all this is about retribution against political enemies rather than the rule of law," Gordon said. ... In a press conference today in Tbilisi , Ivanishvili lashed out against the Post. "It is amazing and I will find out how [Saakashvili] managed that such an editorial appeared [in the Washington Post]. ..." he said. Ivanishvili said his foreign minister will complain directly to the Post during her Washington tour this week. ...
Georgian Dream Shows Its Dark Side - 29.11.20122,
Georgia's president-elect is putting the country in strong danger of losing its hard won democracy. BY JAMES KIRCHICK 
When Georgian President Mikheil Saakasvhili conceded defeat in parliamentary elections last month, he set an admirable and important precedent. Never before in the Caucasus, and only rarely in the post-Soviet space as a whole, had a leader transferred power peacefully following a democratic election. Long derided as an authoritarian by his domestic opponents, the Kremlin, and cynical naysayers in the West, Saakashvili put his country before his political career when he made way for the Georgian Dream coalition of billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili to assume control of parliament. But, as they say, no good deed ever goes unpunished, and it appears that Saakashvili's political adversaries are not holding up their end of the democratic bargain. ... Earlier this month, police detained a former Defense Minister from the Saakasvhili administration and the military's current chief of staff, only a day after the investigations into their alleged wrongdoing had been opened. Both men have been charged on spurious grounds of having "insulted verbally and physically" military personnel in 2011. In the weeks since, over 15 other individuals -- all of them either members of Saakashvili's United National Movement (UNM), including Tbilisi's Deputy Mayor, or civil servants who worked for the Interior Ministry -- have been detained. Over the weekend, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that it has uncovered a case of abuse of power by former Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili, whom the Chief Prosecutor promised would be questioned without specifying a date.  ... Ivanishvili has tacitly threatened the opposition that their continued criticism of the new government will result in further arrests and that only by shutting up will the political witch hunt cease. "Once I told [President] Saakashvili that it would be easier for him to come out, say he feels sorry and resign. This is the key to everything that is happening now," Ivanishvili said last week. "But they are still presenting themselves as angels. They are lying to us. This will not reduce the probability of the arrests." According to sources around Saakashvili, Ivanishvili has long been privately threatening what he is only now saying publicly. Raphael Glucksmann, a Saakashvili advisor, says that, during their first meeting after the election, Ivanishvili told Saakashvili that, "he should resign or his aides would face juridical consequences." ... Turnover and transformation is to be expected in any political transition, but jailing one's political opponents on spurious charges would risk everything Georgia has overcome in the two decades since it won independence from the Soviet Union. That such a scenario has followed so swiftly after the October 1 elections, however, comes as little surprise. Many of Ivanishvili's supporters are members of the old guard -- former police officers sacked during Saakashvili's restructuring of the corrupt force, ossified bureaucrats from the Eduard Shevardnadze era -- who supported Ivanishvili not because of any specific policy changes he offered, but as a form of revenge against the man responsible for their downsizing. Add to this Ivanishvili's authoritarian personality, his ties to Russia, the crudely nationalistic and xenophobic makeup of his coalition, and you have a recipe for retribution, and worse. 
Georgia has enough problems on its hands -- high poverty and unemployment being the two biggest -- that the last thing it needs is a political witch hunt. Fortunately, the pro-Western desires of most Georgians should be enough to prevent a full reversion back to Soviet or post-Soviet levels of repression, the sort of setback that would shutter Georgia's Western integration. 71 percent of Georgians, according to a 2011 survey by the Caucuses Research Resource Center, said that the country should be closest diplomatically to the United States. In a speech last week, Saakashvili told his people that, "You wanted, we all wanted to bring back Georgia to the European family of free and prosperous nations it should never have been separated from." The coming months will test whether Georgia's young democracy is strong enough that no amount of political shenanigans can undo it.  

Ereignisse um die erhobene Anklage gegen Ex-Innenminister Merabishvili und Parteichef der UNM wegen "gefälschtem Pass" bei Rückreise aus Erivan am 30.11.12:
Georgia under Bidzina Ivanishvili: Justice or revenge? - 05.12.2012,, by Damien McGuinnes
A wave of arrests of high-profile opposition politicians is tearing Georgia's new parliament apart. Those on the receiving end say this is a witch hunt. ... Last week, during a visit to Tbilisi, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said there must be "no retribution against political rivals". And Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said he is "extremely concerned" about the arrests of "political opponents". ... The challenge for Georgia now is how to satisfy calls for justice while at the same time avoiding political revenge. ...
Police Say Merabishvili Tries to Hinder Probe into 'Fake Passport' - 07.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Lawyer: Merabishvili Answered Thoroughly to Police Questions - 07.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Police Question Merabishvili over 'Fake Passport' - 07.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Probe into Merabishvili's Alleged Fake Passport Continues
- 02.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Merabishvili Arrives for Police Questioning
- 01.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Merabishvili Questioned Over 'Fake Passport' - 01.12.2012, Civil Georgia

Ivanishvili ruft Saakashvili auf, die Gesetzesänderung in der Frage um seine Staatsangehörigkeit nicht zu unterzeichnen - 22.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Leader of Georgian Dream opposition coalition, Bidzina Ivanishvili, said he would not make use of “an absurd” constitutional amendment, allowing him to vote and be elected in elections without having a Georgian citizenship, and called on President Saakashvili not to sign the amendment into law. Parliament passed Ivanishvili-related constitutional amendment with its third and final reading on May 22. 
... President Saakashvili said on May 20, that with this constitutional amendment the Georgian authorities have "undermined plot to de-legitimize" the October parliamentary elections. "I think, what the enemies of the Georgian democracy want is Georgia to... look like the country that deprives its opposition election rights or some other things," Saakashvili said in Chicago on May 20.
Ivanishvili Not to Request President Dual-Citizenship - 10.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Verfassungänderung für Ivanishvili - 05.04.2012, Civil Georgia
"Georgischer Traum" verurteilt Entscheidung zu Ivanishvili’s Staatsbürgerschaft - 04.04.2012, Civil Georgia

Premierminister Merabishvili's Anmerkungen zur Person Ivanishvili - 11.07.2012, Civil Georgia
.... “I can say one thing about batoni [a Georgian polite form of addressing a man] Bidzina: I do not know him as a politician. I know him very well as a person, who has been carrying out charitable activities for years; moreover, I was meeting him very often and I was assisting him in his [charitable] activities; I was helping him in implementing his charitable work more effectively,” PM Merabishvili said in an interview with the Tbilisi-based Maestro TV. ...
Ivanishvili-angegliederte Firmen mit 11 Mio. GEL bestraft - 07.07.2012, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili kommentiert Merabishvili's Ernennung - 01.07.2012, Civil Georgia
Naming Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili as new PM “will not save these authorities”, leader of opposition Georgian Dream coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili said on July 1 and also added that positive impression he initially had about Merabishvili was now fading away.
... Ivanishvili told journalists on July 1, that his advice to Merabishvili and others in the government would be “to return to common sense and to obey law and the will of the people.” “They should not further burn bridges because no much time is left for them; they should behave in a way that would allow them to live in their own country,” he added.
Ivanishvili-geführte Koalition droht Strafe von 2.85 Mio. GEL wegen illegaler Parteienfinanzierung - 25.06.2012, Civil Georgia
... weitere Nachrichten zum Streit um illegale Parteifinanzierung durch Ivanishvili

US-Botschafter kommentiert kürzliche Verhaftungen - 20.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Ex-Energieminister und Rustavi 2-TV-Chef verhaftet 
- 19.12.2012, Civil Georgia
Head of Zestaponi Municipality Kakha Getsadze UNM Arrested charged with hooliganism - 29.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Kakha Getsadze, head of a local municipality in Zestaponi in western region of Imereti, was arrested and charged with hooliganism and causing bodily harm year and a half ago when Getsadze was a lawmaker.
Getsadze was UNM majoritarian MP from Zestaponi before the parliamentary elections last month and was elected as head (gamgebeli) of Zestaponi municipality by a local council (Sakrebulo) at its chaotic session on November 2 during which supporters and several MPs from UNM and Georgian Dream, who were present at the session, where engaged in a heated confrontation about the election of municipality head.   ... 
UNM condemned Getsadze’s arrest as part of “ongoing political retribution” by the new government. “This is a clear sign that a massive attack is underway against local self-governance bodies, which are not controlled by the Georgian Dream,” Giorgi Gabashvili, a senior UNM lawmaker, said. He said that heads of various municipalities in the provinces were “pressured” by the authorities to resign otherwise threatened with legal proceedings including through launch of financial probe.
Auf Ex-Innenminister Merabishvili wird vielleicht mit dem Vorwurf des Amtsmissbrauchs abgezielt 
- 25.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Staatsanwalt fügt Anklagepunkte hinzu gegen Ex-Armeechef - 20.11.2012, Civil Georgia
NATO-Chef 'Extrem besorgt über die Verhaftung von politischen Gegnern in Georgien' - 12.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Armeeoberfehlshaber vom Amt suspendiert - 09.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Verhaftung von Akhalaia und zwei Armeekommandeuren
 - 07.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Chef des nat. Sicherheitsrates Bokeria ruft zur sofortigen Freilassung von Akhalaia und Armeeoberbefehlshaber auf
- 07.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Armeeoberbefehlshaber verhaftet - 07.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Bacho Akhalaia verhaftet - 07.11.2012, Civil Georgia
Ex-Innnenminister Akhalaia kehrt nach Georgien zurück und erklärt, er sei bereit, Fragen zu beantworten - 05.11.2012, Civil Georgia

NATO-Militärkommitee schiebt Besuch nach Georgien auf - 09.11.2012, Civil Georgia

US-Präsident Obama's Brief der Gratulation an Premierminister Ivanishvili - 29.10.2012, Civil Georgia
... “The election was a historic milestone for your country and demonstrated to the world that Georgia has become a vibrant democracy,” the letter reads. “Your government now inherits the task of moving forward to solidify and advance Georgia's democratic and economic reforms. This will require the government, parliament, and presidency to move past the contentious election and transition period and work together constructively to pursue policies that are in the best interest of all Georgian citizens. I understand from Ambassador Norland that this is your preferred approach, and in this you have our continued support.” ...

Ivanishvili bestätigt als Premierminister - 25.10.2012, Civil Georgia
Das Parlament bestätigte am 25.10. Bidzina Ivanishvili als Georgien’s Premierminister mit 88 zu 54 Stimmen. Mit dem gleichen Votum bestätigte das Parliament Ivanishvili’s Kabinett und sein Programm. ... 
Programm (PDF-Georgisch, PDF-Georgian)
Ivanishvili trifft UNM-Abgeordnete bei Parlamentssitzung - 25.10.2012, Civil Georgia

Ivanishvili spricht zum Parlament nach der Abstimmung - 25.10.2012, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili: 'Ich werde die Politik in eineinhalb Jahren verlassen' - 24.10.2012, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili's kommendes Regierungsprogramm - 24.10.2012, Civil Georgia

Internationale Presseschau 02.10.12 12:50 - Georgien nach der Wahl - MP3 | Flash
Kommersant - Moskau,
Vor dem Hintergrund der Parlamentswahl in Georgien blickt Kommersant auf Präsident Saakashvilis: 
Während seine Partei in der Hauptstadt Tbilisi kaum Stimmen erhalten hat, ist sie in den Provinzen der Gewinner, denn die Menschen dort erinnern sich noch gut daran, wie ihr Land vor zehn Jahren aussah. Georgien war kein funktionierender Staat, als der junge Saakashvili an die Macht kam. Er befreite das Land von kriminellen Strukturen. Er agierte zwar halb autoritär und Entscheidungen wurden häufig nur von wenigen Menschen getroffen. Hierfür hatte Saakashvili aber seiner Zeit ein Mandat erhalten. Der Präsident sorgte für geordnete Staatsfinanzen und für Stromversorgung im ganzen Land. Erst durch ihn wurde Georgien zu einem funktionierenden Staat. 
SME - Slowakien,
Für Sme ist Georgien ein Beispiel dafür, wie schwierig es ist, unter dem Einfluss Russlands demokratische Strukturen zu schaffen: 
Es ist fast egal, ob die Folterbeweise aus einem georgischen Gefängnis echt sind oder von russischen Agenten gefälscht. Saakashvili regiert schon lange Zeit so, dass man durchaus geneigt ist, daran zu glauben. Allerdings ist die Hoffnung, dass sich mit dem Fall Saakashvilis, das Land demokratischer entwickelt, minimal. Und von seinem Herausforderer Ivanishvili weiß man nur, dass er sehr reich ist und dass die Regierung in Moskau hinter ihm steht. Aber dass sie einen Politiker unterstützt, der mehr Demokratie will, ist jenseits jeder Realität. 

Georgia: Ivanishvili’s call for President Saakashvili’s resignation, a direct attack against democracy and the rule of law - 02.10.2012,, By EU Reporter correspondent
The President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Wilfried Martens, made the following statement on the results of yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Georgia: "The parliamentary elections which took place in Georgia have reinforced
significantly the country’s democratic credentials. Despite the foul campaign practices from the challengers, I take note of the result and I commend President Mikheil  Saakashvili for respecting it and for facilitating a peaceful transition of power. In the next five years, the democratic debate - with the United National Movement (UNM) as the opposition party - will take place in the parliament, not in the streets. For the past nine years, President Saakashvili and the governments of the UNM  - a member-party of the EPP - consolidated and cherished democracy and the rule of law in Georgia. It is not suprising that the OSCE has stated that ‘the Georgian people have freely expressed their will’ and that ‘there were no grave violations during the voting’. Thanks to President Saakshvili and the UNM, Georgia has become a truly democratic and European country." "Needless to say, the EPP will be monitoring very closely the new government, which will be formed by Bidzina Ivanishvili’s ‘Georgian Dream’ coalition, because it remains to be seen if they will preserve the country’s democratic achievements and if they will keep Georgia on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. But to my astonishment, even as the votes are still being counted, Mr. Ivanishvili has called for President Saakashvili’s resignation. This call is totally unacceptable and is a direct attack against democracy and the rule of law. Therefore, I expect all those European politicians who were quick to congratulate Ivanishvili today, to publicly denounce his call for the President’s resignation and to demand for an immediate retraction. Moreover, I will be working closely with our EPP parliamentary groups in the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the OSCE, in order to safeguard the country’s democratic achievements; I also call on all other relevant EU institutions to do the same and the European Commission in particular, which is negotiating an Association Agreement with Georgia."
Statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – Oct.2:
“The United States congratulates the citizens of Georgia on their peaceful and active participation in yesterday’s parliamentary elections. This was an historic day for all Georgians and for Georgia’s democratic future. We support the OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission and its assessment that the Georgian people have freely expressed their will at the ballot box. And we urge the authorities to conduct the final count and appeals transparently and in accordance with the rule of law. Now that the people of Georgia have spoken, the United States encourages all parties to work together constructively in the new parliament to advance Georgia’s democratic and economic development. We look forward to working with the new parliament, as well as the cabinet and president of Georgia to build upon our strong relationship and create a brighter future for the Georgian people. 
Joint statement of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy Štefan Füle – Oct.2:
“The EU congratulates the Georgian Dream coalition on its election victory. The Georgian people have now spoken. Both responsible government and constructive opposition are essential parts of a functioning democratic society. We call on all representatives elected to the new parliament to work together in the interests of Georgia. The generally positive conduct of parliamentary elections on 1 October and the high level of voter participation, underscore Georgia’s commitment to its democratic path… We look forward to continued close cooperation with Georgia on our ambitious mutual agenda of political association and economic integration.” 

Nachwahl zu drei Direktmandaten gewinnt Georgian Dream - Civil Georgia, 15.10.2012
Zusammensetzung des neuen Parlaments:
Bidzina Ivanishvili-angeführte Koalition Georgian Dream: 85 Sitze; 
United National Movement (UNM) mit Präsident Saakashvili: 65 Sitze
 Results of repeat elections in eleven precincts of three single-mandate constituencies on Sunday show that the Georgian Dream coalition has won three more majoritarian MP seats in the new Parliament. It means that the Georgian Dream won total of 41 majoritarian seats out of 73; rest of the 32 single-mandate constituencies have been won by the UNM candidates. The Georgian Dream won 44 seats through party-list, proportional system and in overall Bidzina Ivanishvili-led coalition will have total of 85 seats in the Parliament – 15 short of two-third majority required for passing constitutional changes. UNM will have 65 seats in the new Parliament. Repeat majoritarian elections were held in nine precincts of the Khashuri single-mandate constituencies, where the Georgian Dream candidate’s victory was largely anticipated. Repeat poll was also held in one precinct of Signagi single-mandate constituency where UNM’s candidate Levan Bezhashvili, ex-head of the state audit agency, lost the race to Georgian Dream’s Gela Gelashvili. Repeat election was also held on Sunday in Gori’s one precinct where the Georgian Dream candidate, Malkhaz Vakhtangashvili, won the race against UNM’s Giorgi Tatishvili, ex-governor of Shida Kartli region.

Regierung tritt zurück - 11.10.12, Civil Georgia
Präsident Saakashvili hat den Rücktritt der georg. Regierung angenommen. ... Neue Regierung muss nun nach der georg. Verfassung bis 17.10. antreten. ... Die Nominierung der neuen Regierung erfolgt durch den Präsidenten nach Beratungen mit den parlamentarischen Fraktionen.  ...
Nach Treffen geben Wahlgewinner Ivanishvili und Präsident Saakashvili Erklärungen ab - 09.10.12, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili: “Our today’s meeting represented a continuation of that healthy policy, which my team and I have brought into Georgian political space.   The fact that my team and I managed and created a precedent in Georgia to change the authorities democratically will always be mentioned in a dignified manner in Georgia’s history. ..."
Saakashvili: “I want to tell you that today is the historic process. Peaceful handover of most of the executive government’s powers in the framework of democracy is ongoing for the first time in this region, in this part of post-Soviet space.   The Georgian people have made their choice. We have always been saying and we will say it in the future too that we respect the choice of the Georgian people. The Georgian people are supreme actors in the country, which define political processes. ..."

Ivanishvili gibt Kandidaten für Minister- und Parlamentspositionen bekannt - 08.10.12, Civil Georgia
Genau eine Woche nach den Parlamentswahlen in Georgien hat der Anführer der Oppositionskoalition und Gewinner der Wahlen Bidsina Iwanischwili sein neues Kabinett vorgestellt. Dem Kabinett werden mehrere Personen angehören, die bereits zuvor diplomatische oder Regierungsämter innehatten.
• Außenministerin: Maja Pandschikidse (Frühere Botschafterin in den Niederlanden)
• Verteidigungsminister: Irakli Alasanja (Früherer UN-Botschafter)
• Innenminister : Irakli Garibaschwili 
• Minister für Infrastruktur und regionale Entwicklung sowie stellvertretender Ministerpräsident: Kacha Kaladze (Ehemaliger Fußballprofi von AC Mailand) 
• Sprecher des Parlaments: David Usupaschwili
• Justizministerin: Tea Tsulukiani
• Minister für Arbeits, -Gesundheits- und Soziale Angelegenheiten: Amiran Gamkrelidse (bereits 2001-2004)
• Minister für Landwirtschaft: David Kirvalidze (bereits 2001-2003)
• Minister für Gefängnisangelegenheiten: Sozar Subari 
• Minister für Kultur und Denkmalschutz: Guram Odisharia
• Minister für Sport und Jugend: Levan Kipiani 
• Staatsminister für Europäische und Euro-Atlantische Integration: Alexi Petriaschwili 
• Kote Surguladse: Staatsministerin für Diaspora- Angelegenheiten
Der zukünftige Regierungschef sagte vor der Presse: „Dies wird wahrlich eine Regierung des Volkes sein“. 
Das vorgestellte Kabinett muss nun von Präsident Micheil Saakaschwili dem Parlament zur Bestätigung vorgelegt werden. Saakaschwili hatte zuvor angekündigt mit der Georgian Dream Koalition zu kooperieren. 
Rückblick1991 Unabhängigkeit von Sowjetunion; 1991-92 Swiad Gamsachurdia; 1992-2003 Eduard Schewardnadse (1964-72 Innenminister); 22.11.2003 Rosenrevolution; 2003-2012 Regierung Saakaschwili
Ivanishvili gibt Kandidaten für Minister- und Parlamentspositionen bekannt - 08.10.12, Rustavi2


Quelle: 08.10.2012,

Georgian Dream - Bidzina Ivanishvili: Rede auf Kundgebung - 27.05.12, Civil Georgia
‘Elections - a matter of life and death for our country’;
‘Our goal is not to defeat anyone; our goal is Georgia’s victory’;
‘We’ll make no promises, which are impossible to deliver on’;
‘We are starting struggle for Georgia’s reunification in order to make unified, democratic Georgia a full-fledged member of EU, NATO’; ...
Ivanishvili erklärt, die Rückkehr georg. Produkte auf den russ. Markt sei kein Problem 
- 13.06.12, Civil Georgia

Thierse: Demokratischer Machtwechsel in Georgien ist ein "erstaunlicher Vorgang" - 08.10.2013,
SPD-Politiker Thierse (Bundestagsvizepräsident und Oppositionsangehöriger): Machtteilung wird Demokratie festigen, im Gespräch mit Jürgen Liminski
Das Bündnis "Georgischer Traum" hat die Parlamentswahlen gewonnen und Präsident Micheil Saakaschwili eine Niederlage zugefügt. Das sei ein "überraschendes Ergebnis", findet SPD-Politiker Wolfgang Thierse. Die Politiker vor Ort müssten nun lernen, wie man mit der Machtteilung umgeht.
Liminski: Nun hat ein Oligarch mit vielen Versprechen Hoffnungen geweckt. Sind die Perspektiven nicht zu sehr auf diesen einen Mann konzentriert und gefährdet das nicht die Institutionen der Demokratie? ...
Thierse: Das ist absolut eine richtige Beobachtung. Ich habe viele gefragt, warum habt ihr Iwanischwili gewählt, ihr wisst doch gar nicht so genau, was er eigentlich vorhat, und da wurde mir gesagt, er ist ein guter Mensch, er ist ein großer Wohltäter in den vergangenen Jahren, er hat seinen immensen Reichtum tatsächlich auch fürs Gemeinwohl eingesetzt, er hat viel gestiftet, er hat in die Landwirtschaft Geld gegeben, er hat Gebäude gebaut, er hat Bildungsvorgänge unterstützt, das zählt, aber natürlich wissen wir, in einer Demokratie geht es um die Institutionen, geht es um Parteien, geht es darum, dass möglichst viele sich an ihr beteiligen, und es wird ein offener Prozess sein, ob diese, im Grunde im letzten halben Jahr gegründete Partei im europäischen Sinne oder Bewegung, wie sie sich weiterentwickeln wird und ob daraus eine wirklich demokratisch strukturierte Partei werden kann. ...
Liminski: Herr Thierse, Sie haben Erfahrungen mit diktatorischen Systemen und dem Hineinwachsen in Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit. Was braucht Georgien, um die Demokratie und die Freiheit langfristig zu sichern?
Thierse: Es wäre gut, wenn diese Kohabitation gelänge, damit die Georgier sich daran gewöhnen, es muss nicht einer alle Macht haben, wovor sie ja auch im Grunde immer Angst hatten - aber wenn man weiß, Georgien hat in den letzten 20 Jahren mehrere bürgerkriegsähnliche Konflikte -, sozusagen die Stabilität der Institutionen dadurch, dass tatsächlich so etwas wie Macht- und Arbeitsteilung in der Demokratie stattfindet. Ich wünsche mir natürlich auch, dass in Georgien die eigene kommunistisch-stalinistische Vergangenheit anders bearbeitet wird. Ich war in Gori, in der Geburtsstadt Stalins, in dem dortigen Museum; das ist entsetzlich, es ist pervers. Und ich hoffe, dass es der Zivilgesellschaft gelingt, diese eigene Vergangenheit auch zu thematisieren, weil man nur so wirklich miteinander kollektiv begreift, wie kostbar die Freiheit ist, weil man sich daran erinnert, wie entsetzlich Diktatur gewesen ist. ...

Georgia: Ivanishvili’s call for President Saakashvili’s resignation, a direct attack against democracy and the rule of law - 02.10.2012,, By EU Reporter correspondent
The President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Wilfried Martens, made the following statement on the results of yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Georgia: "The parliamentary elections which took place in Georgia have reinforced
significantly the country’s democratic credentials. Despite the foul campaign practices from the challengers, I take note of the result and I commend President Mikheil  Saakashvili for respecting it and for facilitating a peaceful transition of power. In the next five years, the democratic debate - with the United National Movement (UNM) as the opposition party - will take place in the parliament, not in the streets. For the past nine years, President Saakashvili and the governments of the UNM  - a member-party of the EPP - consolidated and cherished democracy and the rule of law in Georgia. It is not suprising that the OSCE has stated that ‘the Georgian people have freely expressed their will’ and that ‘there were no grave violations during the voting’. Thanks to President Saakshvili and the UNM, Georgia has become a truly democratic and European country." "Needless to say, the EPP will be monitoring very closely the new government, which will be formed by Bidzina Ivanishvili’s ‘Georgian Dream’ coalition, because it remains to be seen if they will preserve the country’s democratic achievements and if they will keep Georgia on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. But to my astonishment, even as the votes are still being counted, Mr. Ivanishvili has called for President Saakashvili’s resignation. This call is totally unacceptable and is a direct attack against democracy and the rule of law. Therefore, I expect all those European politicians who were quick to congratulate Ivanishvili today, to publicly denounce his call for the President’s resignation and to demand for an immediate retraction. Moreover, I will be working closely with our EPP parliamentary groups in the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the OSCE, in order to safeguard the country’s democratic achievements; I also call on all other relevant EU institutions to do the same and the European Commission in particular, which is negotiating an Association Agreement with Georgia."

Int. Reaktionen auf die Wahlen in Georgien - Civil Georgia, 04.10.12
Below is a round-up of some of the international reactions to Georgia’s October 1 parliamentary elections in which President Saakashvili’s United National Movement lost majority in the legislative body after being defeated by Bidzina Ivanishvili-led Georgian Dream coalition. 

Extracts from OSCE/ODIHR-led Int’l Election Observation Mission’s 13-page report on preliminary findings and conclusions released on Oct.2: 
Elections marked an important step in consolidating the conduct of democratic elections in line with OSCE and Council of Europe commitments, although certain key issues remain to be addressed.
The campaign was competitive with active citizen participation… Environment, however, was polarized and tense, characterized by the use of harsh rhetoric and some instances of violence.
The distinction between state activities and the campaign of the ruling party was at times blurred.
Overall, election day was calm and peaceful throughout the country. International observers assessed all stages of the election day process generally positively with adherence to procedures, although counting received a less positive assessment.
International observers evaluated the counting process less positively than voting, with a negative assessment given in almost one sixth of polling stations observed. 
Statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – Oct.2:
“The United States congratulates the citizens of Georgia on their peaceful and active participation in yesterday’s parliamentary elections. This was an historic day for all Georgians and for Georgia’s democratic future. We support the OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission and its assessment that the Georgian people have freely expressed their will at the ballot box. And we urge the authorities to conduct the final count and appeals transparently and in accordance with the rule of law. Now that the people of Georgia have spoken, the United States encourages all parties to work together constructively in the new parliament to advance Georgia’s democratic and economic development. We look forward to working with the new parliament, as well as the cabinet and president of Georgia to build upon our strong relationship and create a brighter future for the Georgian people. 
Statement by the White House Press Secretary – Oct.2:
“The United States congratulates the people of Georgia for the successful completion of yesterday’s parliamentary elections, and the achievement of another milestone in Georgia’s democratic development. Georgian citizens have set a regional and global example by conducting a competitive campaign, freely exercising their democratic rights, and affirming their commitment to undertake a peaceful transfer of power. Local and international election monitors, including OSCE/ODIHR, contributed to ensuring a transparent electoral process. While the final tabulation and appeals are still ongoing, these elections mark a significant step in the consolidation of Georgian democracy. Much work remains in the coming days and months. President Mikheil Saakashvili, Bidzina Ivanishvili and the leadership of the Georgian Dream coalition, and Georgia’s new parliament will need to work together in a spirit of national unity to ensure continued progress on the advancement of democracy and economic development to the benefit of the Georgian people and the entire region. The United States stands with all Georgians in welcoming these historic elections. President Obama and his Administration look forward to furthering our close cooperation and strong bilateral partnership with Georgia." 
Statement by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Oct.3:
“I congratulate the Georgian people on completing free, competitive and peaceful parliamentary elections. This is an historic moment in Georgia's democratic development. Now it is important for all sides to come together for the good of the country and to further consolidate reforms and democratic institutions. NATO is committed to our close relationship with Georgia. We look forward to making this relationship even stronger.” 
Joint statement of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy Štefan Füle – Oct.2:
“The EU congratulates the Georgian Dream coalition on its election victory. The Georgian people have now spoken. Both responsible government and constructive opposition are essential parts of a functioning democratic society. We call on all representatives elected to the new parliament to work together in the interests of Georgia. The generally positive conduct of parliamentary elections on 1 October and the high level of voter participation, underscore Georgia’s commitment to its democratic path… We look forward to continued close cooperation with Georgia on our ambitious mutual agenda of political association and economic integration.” 
Statement by British Foreign Secretary William Hague - Oct.3:
"The parliamentary elections in Georgia on 1 October marked a significant step forward in Georgia’s democratic development. Although the campaign environment was polarised and tense, voter turnout was high and the contest highly competitive. I expect that the final result will reflect the choice of the Georgian people. I welcome yesterday’s statement from the OSCE/ODIHR Observer Mission and associated Parliamentary Assembly Missions. The UK was pleased both to contribute to these missions and field a large monitoring mission throughout Georgia, in collaboration with the US and Netherlands Embassies in Georgia. It is now time for all parties to set their differences aside as they work together in the new Parliament and form a new Government. Cooperation and political dialogue are the hallmarks of a true democracy. The UK continues to support Georgia’s democratic future and Euro-Atlantic aspirations." 
Statement by Russian Foreign Ministry – Oct.3:
“It is obvious that the Georgian society has voted for changes. We hope that in the end these [changes] will allow Georgia to start normalizing, building constructive and respectful relations with neighbors. Such a development would obviously be welcomed in Russia.” 
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said on Oct.2:
“If these [early] results become real, the political landscape of Georgia will become more diverse. It can only be welcomed, because probably it means that more constructive and responsible forces will come to the Parliament.” 
Statement Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland - Oct.3:
“The successful completion of open and competitive elections, recognised as democratic by the international observers including members of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, should be seen as a clear and unequivocal sign of the success of the democratic transformation of Georgian society over the last few years. I congratulate the Georgian Dream Coalition on the election victory. It is now important to complete all stages of the election process and handover of government in a calm and constructive atmosphere. The Council of Europe stands ready to further accompany the young but dynamic Georgian democracy in upholding fundamental values and in tackling the challenges which lie ahead." 
Statement by the President of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Jean-Claude Mignon - Oct.3:
"Georgia has taken an important step in consolidating the conduct of democratic elections. I particularly wish to welcome the constructive approach taken by President Mikheil Saakashvili, who has announced that he wishes to facilitate the process for forming a new government. I call for dialogue between the political forces in Georgia to ensure the success of their co-existence in the interests of the Georgian people and stability in the region." 
EU gratuliert Georgian Dream zum Wahlsieg - Civil Georgia, 03.10.12
EU Congratulates Georgian Dream on Election Victory - Civil Georgia, 03.10.12
The generally positive conduct of parliamentary elections on 1 October, and the high level of voter participation underscore Georgia’s commitment to its democratic path, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Štefan Füle, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood said in a joint statement on October 2. 

"The EU congratulates the Georgian Dream coalition on its election victory. The Georgian people have now spoken. Both responsible government and constructive opposition are essential parts of a functioning democratic society,” the statement reads. In the statement the EU called on all representatives elected to the new parliament “to work together in the interests of Georgia.” “We take full note of ODIHR’s preliminary assessment of the conduct of the elections which considers that the process has shown a healthy respect for fundamental freedoms at the heart of democratic elections,” the statement reads. “We look forward to continued close cooperation with Georgia on our ambitious mutual agenda of political association and economic integration.” 

Statement by National Bank of Georgia - 05.10.12, Rustavi2
President of the National Bank of Georgia said today that the change of government will have no negative affect on the bank system of the country. Giorgi Kadagidze explained the country`s financial situation is stable and Georgia has enough reserves to control the situation. "The National Bank of Georgia always was, is and will be the guarantee for the country`s financial stability. Today, the inflation is controllable and the currency exchange rate is stable. Our bank system is very healthy. Furthermore, we have reserves of USD 3 million, which are enough for eradicating any kind of possible shock in the country. I think, no questions exist or can even exist regarding the issue", he said. 

Tbilisi Lesson - 24.09.2012,
By Matvey Ganapolsky
The wave of very serious compromises in Georgia on the eve of parliamentary elections can play against its authors.
Everything went according to Dostoevsky who said "The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons".
Obviously, there is no point to repeat in details with all the names the sensational story of prison that rocked Georgia. To remind briefly what the reader probably knows anyway: Georgian opposition has published video of bullying in a prison. Video is a nightmare, inmate is raped with a broom ... well, in general, do not want to describe all those horrors. After that, the spontaneous mass demonstrations have been held; the opposition said that they have many videos of that type, which will be published on September 25th - just ahead of the parliamentary elections on October 1. And the reader probably heard that [President Mikheil] Saakashvili had to make excuses and fired a couple of people. The newspapers are now writing that he will have hard times, as compromising videos would move voter sympathy to the main opposition figure [Bidzina] Ivanishvili. And because of this, Georgia may change totally. ...
Important is how capable government was of self-cleaning, even under such big pressure. And here it appears what elections are for – so that among Special Forces, raids and self-rehabilitation, the government would choose the last. ...
But exactly that terrible humiliation, against the background of all these arrests and appointments, raises a very different question: Why was the opposition waiting for the election to publish this video? After all, if it would be published earlier, the prison torturers could have been arrested earlier, right? Many months earlier, because the video was shot in 2011! 
So what is more important for the opposition - to win the elections or save people? 
That is the question.

CEC Releases Early Results from 85.1% of Precincts  - Civil Georgia, 02.10.12 21:47
According to the early results of party-list contest, released by the Central Election Commission (CEC) as of 9:30pm, the Georgian Dream is in lead with 54.89% and the UNM has 42.42%. These are the results from 3,151 precincts that is 85.1% of a total number of precincts.
No other political group managed to clear the 5% threshold required for endorsing candidates in the Parliament. According to early results, Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) received 2% of votes. CEC said that final early results would be released later at night. Meanwhile, the activists of Georgian Dream are holding a rally outside CEC demanding quick release of results.
According to early results, the UNM majoritarian MP candidates are leading in 37 single-mandate constituencies, while Georgian Dream candidates - in 35. The CEC has not received the results from the Aspindza single-mandate constituency yet.
The UNM is leading in the following single-mandate constituencies: Sagarejo, Gurjaani, Signagi, Dedoplistskaro, Lagodekhi, Kvareli, Gardabani, Marneuli, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Tsalka, Tetritskaro, Gori, Khashuri, Akhaltsikhe, Adigeni, Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Ambrolauri, Tsageri, Lentekhi, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Khoni, Tskaltubo, Abasha, Senaki, Martvili, Khobi, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsku, Batumi, Keda, Shuakhevi, Khulo.
Georgian Dream majoritarian MP candidates are leading in the following single-mandate constituencies: Telavi, Akhmeta, Tianeti, Rustavi, Mtskheta, Dusheti, Kazbegi, Kaspi, Kareli, Borjomi, Oni, Mestia, Kharagauli, Sachkhere, Zestaponi, Samtredia, Chiatura, Tkibuli, Tskaltubo, Kutaisi, Ozurgeri, Lanchkhuti, Poti, Kobuleti, Khelvachauri.

Georgiens Präsident gesteht Wahlniederlage ein - 02.10.12,
Nach der Parlamentswahl in Georgien hat Präsident Saakaschwili seine Niederlage eingestanden. Seine Partei werde in die Opposition gehen, sagte er in einer Fernsehansprache. Nach neuesten Hochrechnungen liegt das oppositionelle Bündnis 'Georgischer Traum' des Milliardärs Iwanischwili mit gut 53 Prozent der Stimmen deutlich vor der Regierungspartei. Sie kann mit lediglich 42 Prozent rechnen. - Die Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa wertete den Verlauf der Wahl in Georgien als einen wichtigen Schritt auf dem Weg zur Demokratie. - In Tiflis hatten bereits gestern Abend Anhänger der Opposition mit Autokorsos und Hupkonzerten den erwarteten Erfolg gefeiert.

Deutschlandfunk -Internationale Presseschau 02.10.12 12:50 - Georgien nach der Wahl - MP3 | Flash
President Saakashvili Concedes Defeat in Parliamentary Election - 02.10.12, Civil Georgia
In a
televised address President Saakashvili conceded that his ruling UNM party had lost Monday's parliamentary election, adding that UNM was now going into opposition.
Wahlkommission beginnt die Ergebnisse zu veröffentlichen ab 3:50 Uhr Ortszeit - summary protocols on the web
CEC Starts Releasing Results, Claims its Website Under DoS Attack - Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 2 Oct.'12 / 04:12
Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Zurab Kharatishvili, has said that CEC website suffered denial-of-service attack, which delayed upload of summary protocols on the web. Results from 198 precincts out of total 3,766 were released as of 3:50am. “Our website was under DoS attack, which has caused minor delays… but we were ready for such a scenario too,” Kharatishvili said.
So far released data represent results from only 5.26% of precincts and according to these results the Georgian Dream has in proportional, party-list race 51.62% and the ruling UNM party – 43.85%.

U.S. Ambassador Comments on Elections - 01.10.2012, Civil Georgia
Political leaders “on all sides have told us they will respect the results of a credible process, and will actively encourage their supporters to do the same,” U.S. ambassador to Georgia, Richard Norland, said on October 1.
“The campaigning is over and the results of the election are now in the hands of Georgia’s voters. This is a genuinely competitive occasion. Despite numerous claims and predictions, no one knows in advance what the outcome of today’s voting will be. Each and every Georgian voting today will help decide the outcome,” he said.
“As observers, we have been asked to monitor compliance with international standards and report any violations. We hope there will not be violations, but if there are we will report them, regardless of who commits them. Everyone wants a credible election result. Leaders on all sides have told us they will respect the results of a credible process, and will actively encourage their supporters to do the same. ...
Georgien wählt das Parlament - 01.10.2012, Civil Georgia
Over 3,600 polling stations across the country opened at 8am on October 1 across the country for the parliamentary elections. All the polling stations are opened and voting is ongoing peacefully, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC). It said first data on voter turnout was expected by 10:30am local time. Simultaneously with parliamentary elections, voters in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara are also electing 21-member local legislative body, Supreme Council.
Georgien wählt das Parlament für 8.Versammlung - 01.10.12, Rustavi2
Georgia is electing a new parliament today - polling stations throughout the country were opened at 8 a.m. exactly. The country is electing the parliament of 8-th convocation.
60,000 lokale Beobachter überwachen Wahlen
- 01.10.12, Rustavi2
Georgian NGOs are intensively involved in the process of monitoring of elections - over 60 thousand monitors have been distributed on all polling stations throughout Georgia. Fair Elections NGO has sent about 1270 monitors to all precincts.

61 internationale Organisationen beobachten Wahlen in Georgien - 01.10.12, Rustavi2

Over two thousand monitors from 61 various international organizations are observing parliamentary elections in Georgia. Delegations from the OSCE, CoE and European Parliament are already at various polling stations throughout Georgia.
Präsident gab seine Stimme ab -  01.10.12, Rustavi2
President of Georgia has already made his choice - Mikheil Saakashvili went to the 19th polling station of the Mtatsminda constituency at 9 AM together with first lady Sandra Roelofs and younger son Nikoloz.
Präsident Saakashvili gibt Stimmzettel ab; er sagt, Georgien werde gewinnen - 01.10.2012, Civil Georgia

Russian troops remain along Georgian borders after Caucasus 2012 is over - 29.09.12, Rustavi2
Russian troops, which participated in the largest military exercises Caucasus 2012, remain along Georgian borders even though the trainings have been already over. Some political analysts have already commented on this fact seeing parallels...
EUMM concerned about situation at South Ossetian Administrative Boundary Line - 21.09.2012, EUMM-news
In recent days, there have been claims about a possible change in posture of Georgian security personnel at the South Ossetian Administrative Boundary Line. The EU Monitoring Mission has been intensively engaged in monitoring and assessing these reports with the deployment of extra patrols and has been checking the situation with the relevant authorities. The Mission has not observed any evidence to support these claims. However, EUMM has further increased its patrolling to actively monitor the situation on the ground.
The EUMM has at the same time observed a build-up of Russian Federation armed personnel along the South Ossetian Administrative Boundary Line. The Mission has raised its concerns about this activity with the relevant Russian command structures. The EUMM urges all sides to refrain from any activities that could destabilize the security and safety of the local population on either side of the Administrative Boundary Line.
EUMM Factsheet - EUMM Leaflet - EUMM Brochure - EUMM Poster       

Wahlen, Russland und Gefängnisskandal in Präsident Saakashvili's UN-Rede
- 26.09.2012, Civil Georgia
... he spoke of prison scandal in Georgia ... “The facts were sickening and our responsibility was clear; our reaction was swift and we did what democracies must do – we identified all the responsible, all these responsible were arrested, two government ministers have resigned and we put in charge of the prison system the fiercest critic of the prison system – the human rights defender, the Georgian ombudsman,” ... He said that the democracy would prevail in Georgia only if it remained “Georgian process” guarded from “externally generated security threats.”
“The European Union Monitoring Mission [EUMM] has just announced, that Russian forces are presently undertaking mass illegal military build-up inside occupied territory, in former territory of South Ossetia, which is within Georgia’s internationally recognized borders. As we speak they are bringing offensive weapons and troops inside our borders,” Saakashvili said. ... “I came here to tell you that Georgia will remain an open society – this is the choice of our citizens and there is no alternative to this,” he said. “Georgia has conducted several elections in recent years all of which were observed by international observers and all of which were free and fair.” ... “Regrettably not all actors in the Georgian political landscape shared these principles and are purposely working to undermine the legitimacy of Georgia’s democratic institutions, how they are perceived at home and in the international community,” he said. ... “The main thing that will be confirmed [is] that Georgia will never go back, it will not be dragged back under any pressure, under any dirty money from the North, under any threat of military exercises and [threat of] direct military invasion in case there are mass disturbances, in case there are some kind of militias emerging and menacing us,” Saakashvili said. “It's not gonna work,” he continued. “According to the European Union we are the safest country in Europe; we are the least corrupt country of Europe with strong government institutions; they cannot be bribed and they cannot be undermined.”

Georgian delegation joins UN General Assembly session - 24.09.12, Rustavi2
UN General Assembly opens today in New York. Georgian governmental delegation led by Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze is already in New York. Deputy Minister Nino Kalandadze reported the details of the delegation`s visit to the United States at the briefing today. She said, Grigol Vashadze would hold about 40 meetings with foreign colleagues in the frames of the assembly, in addition, for the first time, the session of the GUAM-US commission will be held.
The GUAM foreign ministers will also held 18th plenary session in New York.
As for the speech of the president of Georgia, it is scheduled for tomorrow.

EUMM-Mandat verlängert - 14.09.2012, Civil Georgia
Mandat wurde bis 14.09.2013 verlängert.
EU-Beobachtermission (EUMM), die nach dem Georgienkrieg im August 2008 eingesetzt wurde, um den Waffenstillstand zu beobachten, hat ungefähr 200 unbewaffnete Beobachter in Georgien. 20.9 Mio. Euro wurden für die Mission in den nächsten zwölf Monaten bereitgestellt.

Georgia elections: Furious PR battle for Western minds - 20.09.12, BBC
By Damien McGuinness BBC News, Tbilisi
Less than two weeks before elections in Georgia, a bitter political battle is being fought not just in the country itself, but in Western corridors of power. The West is being bombarded by two very different stories about Georgia, with top international PR and lobby firms hired to push the message. The war of words is costing both sides huge amounts of money - in a country with high levels of poverty. The version pushed by the Georgian government rests on a common perception of the country: a small, plucky state, keen to shake off its Soviet past and join Nato, bullied by Russia, and invaded in 2008. ... But now politicians and journalists in the West are suddenly being told another story entirely: President Saakashvili is accused of being authoritarian, of crushing political dissent and of being responsible for Georgia's war with Russia. By this account, the elections on 1 October will be rigged. It is a well-funded message being spread by top international lobbyists and PR firms hired by Georgia's opposition leader, the tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili, whose $6.4bn (£3.9bn; 4.9bn-euro) fortune is worth around half of Georgia's GDP. ...

Liste der Kandidaten für Direktmandate - List of Majoritarian MP Candidates - 07.09.2012, Civil Georgia
... Ruling party United National Movement and Georgian Dream opposition coalition are the only political groups, which have nominated their candidates in all of the 73 constituencies across the country. Free Georgia, led by Kakha Kukava, has its candidates in 64 constituencies; Christian-Democratic Movement – 61; Labor Party – 58; New Rights – 54. There are only four independent candidates. 77 seats in 150-member Parliament will be allocated under the proportional, party-list system among those parties and election blocs, which will clear 5% threshold, and remaining 73 seats will go to majoritarian MPs elected in single-mandate constituencies. ...
UNM's Party List of MP Candidates (Regierungspartei; Präsident Saakaschwili) - 01.09.12, Civil Georgia
Georgian Dream's Party List of MP Candidates
(Oppositionsbündnis; Miiliardär Iwanischwili) - 31.08.12, Civil Georgia
Termine zur Wahl und Fristen - Election-Related Dates and Deadlines - 03.08.2012, Civil Georgia

More audio records of conversations emerge on internet - 28.09.12
, Rustavi2
More audio records of the conversations between the leaders of the Georgian Dream Coalition has emerged on internet today - the first part of these dialogues were uploaded on by the former body-guard of Bidzina Ivanishvili. ... In the new files released today, the leaders of the coalition speak slam their allies from the same coalition and discuss the information policy of the TV9, run by Ivanishvili. Gia Khukhashvili and Irakli Gharibashvili are dissatisfied with the coverage of political events by the TV9 channel.

Ivanishvili`s body guard makes scandalous statement - 27.09.12, Rustavi2
Body guard of the Georgian Dream coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has published his video address and scandalous footage on internet. Beso Surmava says in his video address that the society should know the truth about the coalition. He says Ivanishvili had instructed him personally to chase and make audio records of the telephone conversations of the leaders of the coalition.
`I know that these videos will surprise many people, but I consider myself obliged to behave the way I believe is right. I am personal body guard of Bidzina Ivanishvili, I don`t know why, but our security service was instructed by Bidzina to listen secretely and record conversations of the members of the Georgian Dream at any possibility,` Surmava says.
The audio records, which Surmava released on video, includes conversations of Eka Beselia, who slams another member of the coalition Zakaria Kutsnashvili; Irakli Gharibashvili swears Tina Khidasheli. Conversations of Irakli Alasania, Gubaz Sanikidze and Gia Khukhashvili. ...

Tbilisi Mayor`s statement on secret video recordings - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava released today a statement regarding the secret video recordings released through social networks.
Scandaous video released on internet - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

The war of malpractices began on internet since the morning today - a video depicting the dialogue of the Gardabani majoritarian MP candidate from Georgian Dream Coalition Mamuka Areshidze with unknown person emerged on social networks today.
Videos depicting meeting of late millionaire with politicians emerges on internet - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

Users of social networks have released videos taken in the residence of the late millionaire, politician and media magnate, Badri Patarkatsishvili. In one of the fragments...

Khaindrava compains about pressure - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

Politician and film director Goga Khaindrava complains about political pressure from government. Khaindrava told journalists that the criminal cases against him, which accuses him of connection with criminal network, have been fabricated.
Opposition coalition members call interior ministry`s materials `fabrication` - 26.09.12, Rustavi2

Representatives of the Georgian Dream opposition coalition commented on the audio records of teh conversations released by the interior ministry calling them a "fabrication".
Kaladze`s meetings with criminal authorities was reported in June - 26.09.12, Rustavi2

Reports about the meeting between Kakha Kaladze, leader of the Georgian Dream party list and fugitive crime bosses in Europe were released earlier in June. Rustavi2 learned about this meeting then and even aired a reportage about this...
MIA releases audio conversations - 26.09.12, Rustavi2

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released audio records of the conversations between two leaders of the Georgian Dream Coalition, Kakha Kaladze and Gubaz Sanikidze and the criminal bosses, who currently live abroad.


Khaindrava interrogated by law enforcers - 26.09.12, Rustavi2

Opposition figure and former film director Goga Khaindrava was interrogated by the police late last night with the status of witness. He was giving testimony to the investigation regarding the video footage and photos handed over to Georgian ...
Prosecutor`s office releases special statement
25.09.12 17:46
Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia has released video footage depicting meetings of former Georgian politician and film director Goga Khaindrava with Georgian crime bosses in Paris.
Ivanishvili comments on his nephew`s involvement in police bribing - 25.09.12, Rustavi2

Leader of the Georgian Dream Coalition has commented on the video footage released by the Interior Ministry yesterday. Video taken secretly shows how Ivanishvili`s nephew Emzar Ivanishvili tries to bribe police officer.
President comments on GD candidate`s activities - 24.09.12, Rustavi2

President Saakashvili has commented on the video footage of police officers` bribing released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs today, in which one of the MP candidate from Georgian Dream Coalition, Aleko Tabatadze is also mentioned.
MIA arrests four persons for bribing police officers
- 24.09.12, Rustavi2
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has arrested four persons with the charges of bribing police officers. Special statement and the video footage depicting the fact of bribery were released by the ministry this morning.
Reportedly, police have arrested Giorgi Gherkerashvili, Giorgi Dzotsenidze, Koba Samkharadze and police officer Roman Maisuradze. In addition, police have seized $50 thousand bribe offered to the police officers.
`Investigation of the case continues to reveal and arrest other persons involved in the crime. Ministry of Interior will hand over these materials to the prosecutor`s office of Georgia for further reaction as the name of MP candidate Aleko Tabatadze has been also tied with the fact of bribery,` the statement says.
Ivanishvili says the video footage released by MIA is false - 24.09.12, Rustavi2
Leader of the Georgian Dream coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili has said the video footage depicting the bribing of police officers by the coalition`s activists and his nephew is false. Ivanishvili says their ideology does not envisage bribing of anybody.
`It was planned earlier and they had been asserting they had something. It is absolutely untrue and fabrication. Our ideology does not envisage bribing anybody and this is false. Nephew or any other relative, who ever it is, it must have been coming from the center, but such thing is not the part of our ideology, it has never been so and nobody believes in this. This is a lie and it will return to them and cause more irritation and concern in people,` Ivanishvili said.

Four persons arrested for prison abuse - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

Prosecutor`s office of Georgia has arrested four persons with the charges of prisoners` sexual assault and abuse - prosecutor Shota Tkeshelashvili announced at the briefing today.
Bedukadze wanted by Interpol - 27.09.12, Rustavi2

Vladimer Bedukadze is wanted by Interpol - fugitive former officer of the Gldani N8 prison, whose photos have been already posted on the official website of the international police structure. Bedukadze, who recorded prisoner`s sexual abuse and torture on cameras, is wanted for life and health offence charges.
Public council to monitor Georgia`s penitentiary system - 26.09.12, Rustavi2

A Public Monitoring Council has been established at the Ministry of Correction and Legal Assistance of Georgia. The monitoring council will comprise prominent public figures, representatives of NGOs and religious minorities, also human rights activists.
Special commission to investigate prisoners` abuse and torture - 25.09.12
, Rustavi2
A special commission will be formed within ten days to investigate the facts of prisoners` abuse and torture in Georgian prisons - minister of corrections and legal assistance of Georgia, Giorgi Tughushi announced at the special briefing today.
Statement by Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia - 21.09.12, Rustavi2
Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia has published a special statement calling on everybody to hand over any video or audio evidence p
roving the torture or mistreatment to the prisoners in Georgia to law enforcers in order to make adequate reaction and uproot similar facts. Prosecutor`s Office also defines that not handing such materials to law enforcers is also a crime and is punished with two year sentence.
`In order to protect our prisoners from violence and punish the culprit, it is very important that the investigation has full information about their torture. That`s why, considering the interest of the relatives of the inmates and whole Georgian society, we are calling on any person or organization, who have obtained video footage or audio record depicting prisoners` abuse, to provide these materials to prosecutor`s office immediately,` says the statement.

New Rights call for large-scale amnesty - 21.09.12, Rustavi2

Opposition party New Rights has demanded nation-wide amnesty following the prisoner torture scandal in recent days. Mamuka Katsitadze of the party voiced their demand at the briefing today
Penitentiary Minister entered Gldani prison together with journalists - 21.09.12 12:06, Rustavi2

The new minister of corrections and legal assistance, Giorgi Tughushi entered Gldani prison for the first time after assuming the office of the minister today. Tughushi was accompanied by journalists, who had a possibility to take brief interviews from inmates.
U.S. Helsinki Commission discussed situation in Georgia amid protest outside - 21.09.12, Rustavi2

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (U.S. Helsinki Commission) assembled in Washington yesterday to discuss the recent scandal of prisoner abuse and torture in Georgian prisons.
Students hold rallies against violence in Tbilisi, Georgia - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

A students rally with slogans - Don`t torture! No Violence! - was held outside the prison hospital in Tbilisi today. Prior to it, a part of teh students, along with representatives of the Georgian Dream coalition were assembled outside teh Ministry of Justice and the president`s residence.
PACE President shocked by ill-treatment of prisoners in Georgia - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

Jean Claude Mignon, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), today issued a statement regarding the ill-treatment of prisoners revealed in Georgia few days ago.
Ombudsman assumes office of corrections minister - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

President of Georgia has introduced the new minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance today. Former public defender Giorgi Tughushi has assumed the vacant position of the minister.
Prosecutor`s Office arrested another person involved in prisoner abuse - 20.09.12
, Rustavi2
Chief Prosecutor`s Office has arrested one more person involved in the scandal of prisoner torture and abuse in the Gldani prison, the video footage of which was released by televisions yesterday. As prosecutor Murtaz Zodelava announced at the briefing today, the detained person is Koba Chikvatia, the inspector of the juvenile colony.
New Rights demand internatinoal investigation of prison scandal - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

New Rights opposition party demands international involvement in the investigation of the prisoner abuse and torture scandal in Gldani prison. Pikria Chikhradze of the party briefed today and addressed the European Commissioner for human rights..
Ten defendants sent to custody - 20.09.12 12:13, Rustavi2

Ten defendants accused of prisoner abuse in the Gldani prison, have been sent to custody under pre-trial detention today. Tbilisi city court ruled on the case this morning.
EU issues statement on prisoner abuse scandal - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

The European Union Delegation has issued a special statement regarding the prisoner abuse in the Gldani N8 prison in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Georgia.
Ombudsman`s representatives stay in prisons - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

Representatives of Georgia`s Public Defender were in all problematic prisons of Georgia until late last night after the president ordered to let the ombudsman`s office control how prisoners are treated in prisons in the state of emergency.
Brief dates still underway at Gldani prison - 20.09.12, Rustavi2

Brief dates are still underway at the Gldani notorious prison since yesterday - about 800 people have undergone registration for dates with their relatives and family members after the president issued..
Patrol police officers take over supervision in prisons - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Patrol police officers have been sent to prisons to take over supervision of inmates there. The reshuffles were carried out after President Saakashvili instructed law enforcement agencies today to replace prison guards with patrol police officers.
Rallies held in regions to protest prisoner abuse - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Protest rallies were held in regions of Georgia to object to the torture and sexual assault on convicts revealed in prison No8 in Gldani district of Tbilisi.
Statement by Prosecutor`s office of Georgia - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

The Prosecutor`s office of Georgia has released a statement regarding investigation of the case of one of detainees, who was involved in the torture and inhuman and degrading treatment allegedly committed by the employees of the Penitentiary Department.
"Within the ongoing investigation regarding the cases of torture (Article 1441) and inhuman and degrading treatment (Article 1443), allegedly committed by the employees of the Penitentiary Department, Davit Akobia, the officer of the prison #8 in Gldani is being interrogated at the prosecutor general`s office now. Davit Akobia is cooperating with the investigation. He has already given a testimony given significant information to the investigation. Davit Akobia wants to be involved in the witness protection program", the statement says.
Saakashvili commissions revising correctional system - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili summoned today the prime minister, the justice minister and the prosecutor-in-chief to his office to discuss the facts of human rights violation revealed in the Gldani prison of Tbilisi.
Opposition leaders condemn violence on inmates - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Leaders of several opposition parties have condemned the facts of prisoners` pressure in Gldani prison, demanded criminal investigation and accountability of the persons involved in this grave crime.
Patriarch makes special statement - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II has made a special statement regarding the facts of prisoners` torture in Gldani Prison today. On behalf of the Holy Synod, His Holiness called on the government to form a special commission, which will be in charge of investigating the human torture in prisons and guarantee protection of the rights of the inmates.
HRW publishes open letter about prisoners` abuse in Georgia - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

International human rights organizaton the Human Rights Watch has published a statement regarding the facts of torture revealed in Gldani N8 prison. The organization calls for detailed investigation and punishment of the persons involved in the crime.
Ombudsman`s staff visited Gldani prison - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Representatives of Public Defender`s Office entered Gldani N8 penitentiary department following the scandal of the prisoners` torture last night. They met with the convict Tamaz Tamazashvili. They say Tamazashvili denies any connection with the facts of prisoners` torture and abuse.
Ten persons arrested with the charges of prisoners` torture - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Ten persons have been arrested with the charges of torture and inhumane treatment - Main Prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava briefed in this regards today and announced the positions...
Police arrest ten persons suspected of prisoners` torture - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Police have arrested ten persons suspected of organizing prisoners` torture in the Gldani N8 penitentiary facility. All of them have been charged with article N144 - human torture.
Georgian Dream activists rallied at Gldani prison - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Members of the youth wing of the Georgian Dream opposition coalition held a protest rally outside the Gldani N8 prison last night. The protest was sparked after the Ministry of Internal Affairs released the video depicting prisoners` torture and abuse, which took place in this penitentiary facility.
Statement by Public Defender - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Public Defender of Georgia has released a special statement regarding the facts of prisoners` torture in the Gldani N8 prison. In it, Public Defender names all persons, who were shown in the videos depicting the crime and demands beginning of investigation and punishment of the persons involved.
Penitentiary Minister resigns - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

Minister of Probation and Legal Assistance has resigned after the Gldani prison scandal. Khatuna Kalmakhelidze appealed to Prime Minister about resignation this morning.
President`s Statement - 19.09.12, Rustavi2

President of Georgia has made a special statement regarding the facts of human rights violation revealed in the Gldani prison. The videos depicting prisoners` torture and abuse were released by MIA yesterday.
`Fellow Georgians,
What happened in the Gldani number 8 penitentiary facility is a horrific affront to human rights and human dignity.
Those who organized, committed and allowed these crimes to happen will be severely punished.
The police have already arrested most of those identified as involved in these gross abuses. Others are on the run but being actively pursued by police.
This case had already been under investigation because some of the perpetrators had recently been identified as connected with organized crime figures.
Tonight, I tell all the victims of these inhuman actions and the whole nation that the Georgia we have built and we are all building together shall not and will not tolerate such behavior -- in its prisons or anywhere else.
We have not overcome years of impunity and lawlessness to allow some people, whether they are from the criminal world or, worse, from the penitentiary system itself, to commit such crimes.
Those who were responsible for the penitentiary system and could not prevent such atrocities have been fired.
Those who committed these crimes will spend long years in jail.
The whole idea of our new Georgia stands against this violence, which is a reminiscence of our past that shall be and will be eradicated.
I ordered the relevant ministries to work restlessly on this case, identify, arrest and bring to justice all these criminals.
I will personally make sure that justice is delivered.
And I will personally supervise that the dignity of our prisoners is safeguarded in our system, against the abuses of the members of the criminal world and of those corrupt rotten members of the penitentiary who behave like mafia members.
I will supervise this because every Georgian has the same right to dignity and fair treatment in the nation we are all building together.
Our nation is based on the respect of human rights and human dignity and it will get rid of this ugly violence.
Statement by Ministry of Internal Affairs - 18.09.12, Rustavi2

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has published a special statement today:
`On the basis of operative information received from Gldani N8 prison an investigation was launched upon the fact of degrading or inhumane treatment against prisoners from the side of certain penitentiary department employees.
As a result of investigative activities jointly conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Penitentiary Department, it was ascertained that Levan Purtskhvanidze, the head of security section, Vladimer Bedukadze, an operative duty inspector (dismissed from the occupied position in May 2012) and several individuals under their influence have exercised inhumane treatment against prisoners and made video records according to previously elaborated plot.
From the received evidences it was established that organization of inhumane treatment towards prisoners, video recording of such behavior and proposal for material delivery to the clients in return for substantial reimbursement were made by Tamaz Tamazashvili (currently serving his term in the same prison) to penitentiary department employees.
At this stage of investigation and from the retrieved evidences, it became clear that initial contact with a client was provided by Tamaz Tamazashvili and then by means of Tamaz Elizbarashvili.
During searching activities held in the cabinet of Levan Purtskhvanidze police detected video materials depicting inhumane treatment exercised against prisoners and 17 000 USD. It is supposed that besides the above mentioned material there are other video records of the same character.
In the course of investigation Levan Purtskhvanidze, the head of security section, Levan Pkhaladze, section inspector Boris Parulava, were pronounced as an accused for committing the motioned crime and detained. As for Vladimer Bedukadze, he was currently announced as wanted. Investigation is in progress,` the statement says.
Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze held a special briefing regarding the violations of convics` rights in prisons today. Minister said, the operative department of the ministry worked in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and revealed the aforementioned crime. Minister said that any person, who tried to provoce violation of prisoners` rights from outside, will be adequately punished in accordance with Georgian legislation.

Berichte: Georg. Truppen 'verfolgen bewaffnete Gruppe' nahe der russ. Grenze zu Dagestan in Kakheti - 29.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Georgian Interior Ministry said troops were sent to a border area with Russia in eastern region of Kakheti “to pursue” an unspecified “armed group.”
Video footage disseminated by the media showed police pickups and trucks transporting overnight on Wednesday troops through the village of Lapankuri in Telavi municipality close to the Dagestan section of the Georgian-Russian border; helicopter was also hovering over the area.
“Near the Georgian-Russian state border, at the Dagestan section the armed group was detected,” the Interior Ministry said in its brief statement, adding that the Georgian troops were “pursuing” the armed group.
“The gorge is blocked by the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In order to ensure safety of the Georgian citizens the Ministry has taken all necessary measures. Further details will be made public later,” it said.
The Interior Ministry has also released video footage showing PM Vano Merabishvili meeting with Interior Minister Bacho Akhalaia, Defense Minister Dimitri Shashkin and Justice Minister Zurab Adeishvili in Telavi.
Early on August 28 the Georgian television stations reported that five young men, residents of Lapankuri village, were missing for several days. Later on the same day it was reported that all five men were found; the five men were reportedly taken to the police for questioning.
At 12:15pm on Wednesday Rustavi 2 television station reported that “the operation is related to the efforts to release hostages” and the operation was carried out against “squad of saboteurs” which had infiltrated into Georgia supposedly from Dagestan.
Rustavi 2 TV said that apart of those five men, who were missing for several days, this “squad of saboteurs” had also abducted several other people.
“Intensive shooting was ongoing throughout the night. The Interior Ministry troops have managed to release one more group of hostages and, according to our information, ongoing operation now is related to the efforts to release the third group of hostages,” Rustavi 2 said.
It also said: “One of the saboteurs was liquidated.”

Innenministerium: ein Bewaffneter des Lopota-Tal-Zwischenfalls verhaftet - 08.09.2012, Civil Georgia
Es soll sich um Akhmet Chataev, russ. Bürger vom Nordkaukasus, handeln.
Georgien erklärt, 'Hauptphase' der Operation gegen Bewaffnete vorbei
- 30.08.2012, Civil Georgia

Truppen bleiben im Grenzgebiet zu Russland nach dem tödlichen Zusammenstoss - 30.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Bokeria erklärt, der Zusammenstoss mit Bewaffneten nahe der russ. Grenze stelle keine Bedrohung für Georgien’s Sicherheit dar - 30.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Russ. Berichte: FSB bestreitet unerlaubtes Übertreten der georg. Grenze  - 29.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Tbilisi erklärt, drei Soldaten und elf 'Saboteure' getötet bei Zusammenstoss - 29.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Berichte: Georg. Truppen 'verfolgen bewaffnete Gruppe' nahe der russ. Grenze zu Dagestan in Kakheti - 29.08.2012, Civil Georgia
... Video footage disseminated by the media showed police pickups and trucks transporting overnight on Wednesday troops through the village of Lapankuri in Telavi municipality close to the Dagestan section of the Georgian-Russian border; helicopter was also hovering over the area. ...

Europäische Kommission kündigt neue Unterstützung für Landwirtschaft und Nahrungsmittelsicherheit in Georgien an - 28.08.2012, EU-Brüssel
Im Rahmen der Östlichen Partnerschaft stellt die Europäische Kommission neue Finanzmittel für die Modernisierung der georgischen Landwirtschaft und den Aufbau der Einrichtungen bereit, die für die politische Assoziierung und wirtschaftliche Integration des Landes mit der EU zuständig sind.
Der erste Teil des Programms umfasst Unterstützung für die georgische Landwirtschaft mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf den Kleinbauernverbänden. Damit soll den Regierungsstellen ermöglicht werden, wirksamer auf die Bedürfnisse der ländlichen Wirtschaft einzugehen. Außerdem sollen private Bauernverbände unterstützt, die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Bauern intensiviert und die Nahrungsmittelsicherheit durch Schulungen und fachliche Beratung erhöht werden.
Der zweite Teil des Programms fördert die institutionelle Reform in Georgien und stärkt die staatlichen Einrichtungen, die das Assoziierungsabkommen EU-Georgien und die weitreichende und umfassende Freihandelszone (eine neue Partnerschaft zur Liberalisierung des Handels) vorbereiten und umsetzen sollen. Dazu zählen die Beratung und Unterstützung für die Einrichtungen, die die Verhandlungen koordinieren sowie die Ausstattung von Einrichtungen wie der nationalen Behörde für Nahrungsmittelsicherheit mit speziellen Labors, die die Einhaltung der künftigen Verpflichtungen aus den Abkommen, insbesondere der europäischen Normen und Standards, ermöglichen.

Hintergrund: Im Rahmen des Aktionsprogramms 2012 wird eine bilaterale Mittelzuweisung von 60 Mio. EUR für Georgien bereitgestellt. Die Hilfe wird über das Europäische Nachbarschafts- und Partnerschaftsinstrument (ENPI) gewährt. Das Jahresaktionsprogramm besteht aus zwei Komponenten:
- Europäisches Nachbarschaftsprogramm für Landwirtschaft und ländliche Entwicklung (ENPARD Georgien): Dieses Programm dient der Steigerung der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion und die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums. Es unterstützt die Umsetzung der nationalen Landwirtschaftsstrategie und stärkt die Kleinbauernverbände. Darüber hinaus leistet es einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Verbesserung der Systeme für Nahrungsmittelsicherheit in Georgien, vor allem mit Blick auf die weitreichende und umfassende Freihandelszone.
- Unterstützung für die Abkommen zwischen der EU und Georgien: Damit sollen die technischen und Koordinierungskapazitäten einer Reihe von Institutionen ausgebaut werden, die das Assoziationsabkommen EU-Georgien und die weitreichende und umfassende Freihandelszone vorbereiten und später umsetzen sollen. Dies ist Teil des umfassenden Institutionenaufbaus im Rahmen der Östlichen Partnerschaft.
  Mit dem Programm werden laufende Maßnahmen intensiviert, z.B. im Rahmen von Twinning (Verwaltungspartnerschaften), TAIEX (Instrument für technische Hilfe und Informationsaustausch) und SIGMA (Unterstützung der Verbesserung des Regierungs- und Verwaltungssystems) sowie sonstige technische Hilfe.

Abchasien: Vorm Krieg geflohen und dann vergessen - 24.08.2012,
14 eindrückliche Bilder über Mariami und andere Flüchtlinge aus Abchasien:
Die frühen neunziger Jahre waren eine Zeit vieler kleiner Kriege, die im Zuge der sich auflösenden Sowjetunion ausbrachen. Zwischen 1992 und 1994 bekämpften sich im Südkaukasus Georgien, das seit dem Ende der UdSSR 1991 unabhängig war, und die vormalige Sowjetrepublik Abchasien. Knapp die Hälfte der Bevölkerung Abchasiens stellten zu Beginn dieses Sezessionskrieges Georgier, doch am Ende mussten fast alle fliehen. Viele landeten in Tiflis, der Hauptstadt Georgiens. Unter schwierigsten Bedingungen fristen sie im Exil ihr Dasein.

Die Georgien-Connection der FPÖ - 24.08.2012,
Die Freiheitlichen unterhalten beste Kontakte zu dubiosen Exil-Geschäftsmännern
Der Tod des Wirtschaftsanwaltes Erich Rebasso bringt auch Licht in die Strukturen reicher Exil-Georgier in Wien. Wie "Format" berichtet, unterhält auch Heinz-Christian Straches FPÖ seit Jahren enge Polit- und Business-Kontakte in die Kreise dieser dubiosen Geschäftsmänner aus dem Osten. ... Ermittlerkreise vermuten hinter den Kaukasus-Aktivitäten der Strache-FPÖ allerdings finanzielle Interessen: „Den Georgiern geht es nicht um Politik, sondern vorrangig um Geld, Posten und Einfluss. Auch Teile der heimischen Politik versuchen, über Ost-Kontakte Einnahmequellen zu lukrieren. Was früher Gaddafis Libyen war, sind jetzt eben die Republiken im Kaukasus.“ Laut Ermittlern werden diese Zusammenhänge im Rebasso-Fall untersucht: „Zwar müssen einander die involvierten Personen aus Rebassos Umfeld nicht zwingend gekannt haben – ausschließen darf man aber nichts. Personen wie Alexander Ebralidze sind immerhin kein unbeschriebenes Blatt.“

Mit Millionen gegen die Macht - 24.08.2012,
Der Georgier Bidsina Iwanischwili mischt den Wahlkampf auf

Berichte: Südosset. Führung ordnet an, Ruinen von georg. Dörfer niederzureißen für die Entwicklung der Landwirtschaft und Industrie - 16.08.2012, Civil Georgia

Überblick zu allen Parteispenden - 11.08.2012, Civil Georgia

Präsident Saakashvili greift Ivanishvili an wegen groben Fehlern in der Darstellung in seinem TV-Sender anläßlich des Jahrestages des Georgienkrieges - 09.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Saakashvili Attacks Ivanishvili over His TV’s War Anniversary News Report Blunder
- ‘Only an idiot can ask a question: who started this war’;
- ‘Putin’s remarks are admission of guilt’;
- Saakashvili to Ivanishvili: ‘Your patron Putin himself said today that he started the war’
President Saakashvili seized upon Bidzina Ivanishvili-funded television station’s August war-related gaffe and said that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was “patron” of the Georgian Dream opposition coalition leader and “his slaves”.
When reporting about the August war anniversary on August 8 and giving a background information about those events, a newscaster of the Channel 9 TV station’s noon news bulletin read out a text from one of the Georgian news agencies, saying: “Military hostilities were launched on August 7, 2008 between Ossetian separatists, backed by the Russian troops, and the Georgian army. Russia, which legally brought into the region its army units and military hardware, formally engaged in the war on August 8.”
In its 3pm news bulletin the television station apologized for reporting that Russia deployed troops legally, blaming mistake on a news agency, whose text a newscaster was reading. The news agency, GHN, said it made a mistake by not putting the word legally in scare quotes.
“Channel 9’s newsroom apologizes for reading out a text prepared by a news agency without verifying and checking it. At the same time the Channel 9 wants to specify that it does not share such formulation of the text,” a newscaster of TV station’s news bulletin announced.
Channel 9 was not the only TV station which read out this text; Imedi TV’s journalist used the same text, saying that Russian troops were deployed “legally”, while delivering live report in Imedi TV’s 11am news bulletin on August 7. Imedi TV is co-owned by Saakashvili’s ally and former economy minister Giorgi Arveladze.
Speaking in the Black Sea port of Poti, which was one of the targets of Russia’s air strikes during the August war four years ago, President Saakashvili said later on August 8: “This morning one of the political party’s television channel announced that Russian forces… were completely legally operating on the Georgian territory.”
“We are a democratic state and they can think whatever they want; they can say whatever they want, no matter how horrible and disgusting it might be,” Saakashvili said. “But shouldn’t you have at least slight of decency not to say something like this on the day when we all should be paying respect to our fallen compatriots? These people have not even a slight sense of solidarity.”
“Not a single law bans to speak and think this way, but not a single law bans us to express what we think about these people,” he continued.
“One thing is to hate you government and it’s another issue to justify aggression against your own country and to justify an attempt of conquering and destroying your country.”
He then continued by speaking about the August 8 remarks of Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling them “admission of guilt.” Putin said that the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces had drawn up a plan of repelling Tbilisi’s possible attack on South Ossetia more than a year before the August, 2008 war and in addition was also training South Ossetian militias as part of this plan.
“But here is the biggest paradox – today, the major initiator and culprit of [the August, 2008] war, Vladimir Putin, absolutely explicitly stated that for several years he had been planning and training armed groups within our sovereign, independent territory; that is a classical legal definition of an international aggression,” Saakashvili said.
“He [Putin] himself made this admission and when this man states: ‘Yes, I did it, I did it and I’m proud of that’, there are Georgian politicians and their [media] outlets, funded with Russian money, which are sowing uncertainty and confusion about this issue and asking one and the same idiotic question – no one but an idiot will ask this question – ‘who started this war?’.”
“I want to address these people, this man [Ivanishvili] and his slaves: your patron Putin himself said today that he started the war and he’s proud of that; maybe you will now revise your versions about this issue and fit [your versions] to what Putin himself has said,” Saakashvili said.
“This situation now looks like when an offender admits committing a crime… but [the offender]-financed lawyer still says: ‘No, no, that’s not what you think’,” Saakashvili said. “I want to address these people: should not be there a difference between Putin and you? He is Putin and you are Georgians. How can there be uncertainty and confusion about who bombed our homes and our towns?”
Also on August 8 the Georgian Foreign Ministry released a statement saying that Putin’s “open admission of the long-term, pre-meditated nature of the 2008 invasion offers critical insight into the conflict.”
“His statements confirm Georgia's long-standing position that Russia's armed incursion into Georgia in August 2008 constituted a premeditated act of aggression against a sovereign nation,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said. "Based on today's statement, the Georgian government calls upon the international community to continue to pressure Russia to withdraw its occupying forces from Georgia and to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors."

Präsident Saakashvili greift Ivanishvili an wegen groben Fehlern in der Darstellung in seinem TV-Sender anläßlich des Jahrestages des Georgienkrieges - 09.08.2012, Civil Georgia
Saakashvili Attacks Ivanishvili over His TV’s War Anniversary News Report Blunder
- ‘Only an idiot can ask a question: who started this war’;
‘Putin’s remarks are admission of guilt’;
- Saakashvili to Ivanishvili: ‘Your patron Putin himself said today that he started the war’
Tbilisi responds to Russian president`s acknowledgment - 09.08.12, Rustavi 2
Georgian Foreign Ministry has responded to the acknowledgement by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that as early as in 2006, Russia had developed a plan to invade Georgia.

Putin admits Moscow planned military actions in Georgia in advance - 08.08.12, Rustavi 2
At the fourth anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war, President Vladimir Putin has made a scandalous statement admitting that the General Staff of Russia had prepared the plan of military activities in 2006-2007 and he personally endorsed the plan.
Georgia`s national flags lowered for fallen soldiers - 07.08.12, Rustavi 2
National Flags have been lowered in Georgia in memory of the soldiers and civilians fallen in the Russia-Georgia war, which took place in August 2008. The flag has been lowered on the parliament building in Tbilisi as well

Regierungspartei in Führung in bekanntgewordenen Umfragen von US-Institut IRI - 25.07.2012, Civil Georgia
A recent public opinion poll, commissioned by the U.S. International Republican Institute (IRI) and leaked to the media, shows ruling United National Movement (UNM) party in lead with 43%, followed by Bidzina Ivanishvili-led Georgian Dream opposition coalition with 24% and Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) with 7%, the Georgian media sources reported. ...

Yet another archaeolgical discovery made in Georgia - 19.07.12, Rustavi2
Archaeologists have made an interesting and large-scale discovery in the Igoeti village of the Shida Kartli Region - it is the remains of uninterrupted epoch of three thousand years on the Graklia Gora.

Schwerer Regen und Hagel treffen einige Regionen - 19.07.2012, Civil Georgia
Heavy rains, strong wind and hail hit several provincial districts in Georgia overnight on Thursday, damaging buildings and farmlands.
Telavi in eastern region of Kakheti was heavily hit with strong wind ripping roofs off buildings and strong hail destroying farmlands. Heavy rain flooded basements of the houses and washed away domestic animals. 
Governor of Kakheti region, Giorgi Gviniashvili, said that heavy rain, strong wind and hail caused serious damage to almost all the districts of Kakheti region, but Telavi was most severely hit.
“All types of communication systems are out of order; roads and water pumping stations are damaged; hail damaged farmlands,” Gviniashvili said.
Strong hail also damaged farmlands in several districts of Samtskhe-Javakheti region, including in Aspindza, Adigeni and Akhaltsikhe. Bad weather caused power outages in Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli regions. Heavy rain poured in Tbilisi too before dawn on Thursday.
President visited Tianeti district - 19.07.12, Rustavi2
After the visit to Kakheti Region, where Saakashvili chaired a special session of the government, Mikheil Saakashvili arrived in the mountainous district Tianeti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, which was also seriously damaged by the last night`s disaster.
President, Ministers are in disaster Region - 19.07.12, Rustavi2
President Saakashvili, Prime Minister Merabishvili and all members of the Cabinet were in Kakheti Region to discuss the measures aimed at eliminating the damages stuck to the region by the last night`s disaster. President chaired the special session of the government in Telavi today.
Rescue brigades work to eliminate disaster results in Kakheti - 20.07.12, Rustavi2
Rescue brigades are working non-stop to eliminate the damage inflicted by the disaster onto the Kakheti Region two days ago. Most of the rescuers and the reserve battalion officers
Over 500 families damaged by disaster in Kakheti - 20.07.12, Rustavi2
Over five hundred families have been damaged by the hail and the windstorm that stuck Kakheti Region two days ago. Several dozens were left without homes as the heavy precipitation and strong wind caused their houses to collapse.
Special commissions count damage in Akhaltsikhe and Dusheti - 20.07.12, Rustavi2
Special commissions formed by local governments are counting damage inflicted onto the Akhaltsikhe and Dusheti regions of Georgia by the disaster two days ago. Windstorm and hail has completely destructed harvest in 18 villages of Akhaltskhe region ...
25 injured during a collapse of houses in Kakheti - 19.07.12, Rustavi2
Last night`s hail and windstorm was so strong that not only buildings, but locals were also injured in Kakheti.
Hail inflicts serious damage onto Kakheti Region - 19.07.12, Rustavi2
Last night`s rain, hail and windstorm have inflicted serous damage on the Telavi, Gurjaani and Lagodekhi districts of the Kakheti Region. The situation is particularly grave in Telavi...

EU-Kommissar Stefan Füle über die Östliche Partnerschaft, Georgien und die EU - 10.07.2012, Civil Georgia
He is visiting Georgia on July 10-11 to participate in the international conference Georgia’s European Way – The EU and Its European Neighbours, organized by the office of the Georgian State Minister of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. ... With a solid democratic foundation, Georgia has every chance to accelerate its progress towards an association which offers long-term stability and prosperity.

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UEFA vergibt Supercup nach Cardiff und Tiflis - 30.06.2012,
Der europäische Supercup im Fußball wird in zwei Jahren in Cardiff und 2015 in Tiflis ausgespielt. Nachdem Champions-League- und Europa-Leauge-Sieger in den vergangenen Jahren stets in Monaco aufeinandergetroffen waren, entschied sich die UEFA nun für einen Wechsel. Die Partie 2014 wird in der walisischen Hauptstadt Cardiff ausgetragen.
2015 folgt die georgische Metropole Tiflis als Finalort.

Stellv. NATO-Generalsekretär Alexander Vershbow äußert sich in Batumi zu den Beziehungen zu Georgien - 30.06.2012, Civil Georgia
Georgia advances “steadily” towards NATO membership and made “remarkable progress”, but there is “still plenty of work to be done,” said Vershbow in Batumi. ... “Any country that hopes to become a member of NATO must be fully committed to those same values and principles. NATO Allies have been pleased to see a very positive dynamic in Georgia’s democratic development. Building strong democratic institutions is a vital part of this development,” he said. “But here too more needs to be done. ... In particular, it is essential that there be an open and transparent political process, and level playing field for all players, with equal access to the media, and clear rules of the road applied consistently to all.” ...

Interview mit Außenminister Vashadze - 27.06.2012, Civil Georgia
-    'Military action against Iran will increase threat of Russian military action against Georgia';
-    'Differences of opinion with Iran are not a ground for worsening our relations';
-    'Threat of Kavkaz-2012 drills being used by Russia against S.Caucasus states very real';
-    'Western partners take our concerns about Kavkaz-2012 drills seriously';
-    'It might be that MAP will have formal, rather than substantive significance';
-    'We are consulting with EU on participation in CSDP missions';
-    'Capacities of our foreign policy is growing';
-    'Our successes led us to diversify our foreign policy interests';
-    ’We are sure UNGA resolution on IDPs will almost become consensual';

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey Sign Cooperation Declaration - 09.06.2012, Civil Georgia
Foreign Ministers from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey met on June 8 in Trabzon on Turkey's Black Sea coast and pledged to further boost “already existing successful cooperation” between the two countries. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and his counterparts from Azerbaijan and Georgia, Elmar Mammadyarov and Grigol Vashadze, respectively, agreed to hold trilateral foreign ministerial meetings on the regular basis. The meeting resulted into a Trabzon Declaration, which outlines priority areas of cooperation between the three countries ranging from mutual support in international organizations to joint energy and transpiration projects.
Full Text: Trabzon Declaration
“All the issues that are important for us are reflected in this declaration, including, of course, respect towards territorial integrity and sovereignty. This format is not directed against anyone; this is directed towards protection of our countries national interests and towards further deepening of our strategic relations,” Vashadze said. ...

Dirk Niebel in Geor­gien: "Wasser­ver­sor­gung in Ba­tumi er­neuert" - 02.06.2012,
Berlin / Batumi – Der dritte und letzte Tag seines Geor­gien-Aufent­halts führt Bundes­ent­wick­lungs­mi­nister Dirk Niebel nach Batumi. In der Haupt­stadt der auto­nomen Republik Adscharien stehen Gespräche mit der ad­scharischen Regional­regierung, die Zu­sam­men­ar­beit mit dem georgi­schen Verfassungs­gericht und die Besich­tigung des umfang­reichen bilateralen Vorhabens zur Wieder­herstellung der kommu­nalen Wasser­versor­gung im Mittel­punkt. ...
German Minister of Economic Cooperation Visits Georgia - 01.06.2012, Civil Georgia
Dirk Niebel: "Georgien wichtiger Partner im Südkaukasus" - 31.05.2012,
Berlin / Tiflis – Bundes­ent­wick­lungs­mi­nister Dirk Niebel setzt heute seine Reise in Be­glei­tung des Staats­sekre­tärs im BMZ, Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz, in Georgien fort. In der Haupt­stadt Tiflis sind Treffen mit Präsi­dent Micheil Saakaschwili, Premier­mi­nister Nika Gilauri und Finanz­minister Dimitri Gwindadze geplant, um über die Refor­men in Georgien und die deutsch-geor­gische Ent­wick­lungs­zu­sam­men­ar­beit zu sprechen. "Georgien ist in un­serem Regional­ansatz Süd­kau­ka­sus ein beson­ders fort­schritt­licher und kon­struk­tiver Partner, dem oft die Rolle als Vor­bild und als Mittler in der Region zu­kommt. Des­wegen ist es mir ein wichtiges Anliegen, mir vor Ort ein Bild der Lage zu ver­schaffen. Georgien befindet sich in einem sehr dy­na­mischen Trans­for­mations­prozess und Deutsch­land unter­stützt diesen gerne", betonte Bun­des­mi­nis­ter Niebel vorab.
Seit 2001 verfolgt die Bun­des­re­gie­rung im Rahmen der Kau­kasus­initia­tive einen Re­gional­ansatz, der zu regio­naler Zu­sam­men­ar­beit und Kon­flikt­bewäl­tigung zwischen den betei­lig­ten Ländern des Süd­kau­kasus – Armenien, Aser­baidschan, Georgien – beiträgt. Für das Jahr 2011 betrugen die zu­gesag­ten Mittel für die deutsch-geor­gi­sche Ent­wick­lungs­zu­sam­men­ar­beit 49 Millio­nen Euro und werden für 2012 um weitere 10 Millionen Euro auf­gestockt. Mit den neuen Mitteln soll Georgien bei der Er­schließung von erneuer­baren Ener­gien – ins­be­son­dere Wasser­kraft – unter­stützt werden. Zudem profitiert Georgien von Mitteln für Regional­pro­gramme im Süd­kaukasus. ...

Kakha Kaladze might have been involved in match-fixing scandal in Italy - Italy`s prosecutor`s office is investigating the case of several fixed matches, in which the names of several famous footballers and coaches are also mentioned along with Kaladze.
Italian law enforcers have already detained 19 sportsmen in suspicion of match-fixing and one of them is the former team-mate of Kaladze, Omar Milanetto. The detained sportsmen are currently being interrogated by investigation; in addition, the police are searching their houses. The detention of sportsmen in connection with match-fixing is top news in Italian media.

Ivanishvili startet Kampagne mit großer Kundgebung - 27.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili-geführte Koalition demontstriert in Tbilisi - 27.05.2012, Civil Georgia

Georgien betreffende Auszüge aus der Erklärung zum Gipfel - 21.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Bericht zur Abschlusserklärung des Gipfels mit Bezügen zu Georgien - 21.05.2012, Civil Georgia
NATO:  News - Individual Partnership Action Plans (IPAPs) - Summits
NATO Allies discuss in Washington preparations for upcoming Chicago Summit  - 28.02.2012,
NATO Allies discuss in Washington preparations for upcoming Chicago Summit Permanent representatives of the North Atlantic Council arrived in Washington for consultations ...
NATO:  News - Individual Partnership Action Plans (IPAPs) - Summits
NATO Allies discuss in Washington preparations for upcoming Chicago Summit  - 28.02.2012,
NATO Allies discuss in Washington preparations for upcoming Chicago Summit Permanent representatives of the North Atlantic Council arrived in Washington for consultations ...
Georgien im Gesetzesentwurf des republikan. Senators Lugar zur NATO-Erweiterung - 10.03.12, Civil Georgia
U.S. Republican Senator Richard Lugar has introduced the NATO Enlargement Bill, calling on President Obama to provide “a clear roadmap” for the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro to NATO at the Chicago Summit in late May. “I am hopeful that the Senate will pass this measure before the NATO Summit in Chicago this May,” said Lugar, who is the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations committee. The bill, which he says aims at encouraging further enlargement of NATO, declares “for the first time in U.S. legislation”, that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, which currently aspire to join the Alliance, are to be considered NATO “aspirants.” Georgia has been referred to as “aspirant” country in a final statement of NATO foreign ministerial meeting in Brussels on December 7, 2011, which triggered Russia’s protest with its Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying that he had “openly warned” his counterparts from the Alliance that such statements might serve as an encouragement for President Saakashvili to undertake “an adventure similar to the one of August, 2008.” Senator Lugar’s bill, if approved, will require reports to the Congress on U.S. efforts towards further NATO enlargement and on the readiness of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia and Montenegro to join the Alliance, as well as a report on “U.S. policies to uphold Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” If approved the bill will make Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro eligible to receive U.S. assistance for NATO accession under the 1994 NATO Participation Act and will reauthorize assistance under the same act for Georgia and Macedonia.
NATO-Gesandter Appathurai: Georgien rückt näher an NATO heran, gleich was andere Parteien sagen - 09.03.12, Civil Georgia
Russia's leadership "can say what it wants", but it's NATO allies which decide on membership and "step-by-step" Georgia is getting closer to the Alliance "regardless of what other parties might say," James Appathurai, NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia, said. The NATO "took a decision in Bucharest [in 2008] that Georgia will become a NATO member if it still wants to and when it meets the standards of course," he said in an interview with the Georgian news magazine Tabula. "[Georgia] still wants to and based on popular support in Georgia I expect that to stay the same and Georgia is working to meet the standards. We have not changed our view. We continue to work towards that step when Georgia will become a NATO member and Georgia is taking the steps as well and in fact, as the Secretary General said, we are getting closer together."
"We've just agreed the package of measures to, as we call it, enhance Georgia's connectivity to NATO. Over the past few years, including since 2008, Georgia has taken steps at bringing closer links, closer ties, closer connections to NATO. We will take a note of that as [Georgia's] National Security Advisor [Giga Bokeria] is here and when President Saakashvili comes in few weeks to meet with North Atlantic Council again," said Appathurai, who is also the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy.
Appathurai also said, that a better relationship between Russia and NATO in a broader sense "will create a better political climate, including for countries like Georgia."
He said it was still "very much an open topic" how the NATO allies might recognize aspirant countries during upcoming summit in Chicago in late May. He, however, said it would not be "an accession summit" and there would not be invitations to any country to begin accession.
On Georgia's contribution to the NATO-led Afghan operations, Appathurai said that by being part of ISAF Georgia was showing that it was capable of "providing solutions."
Georgia's presence in Afghanistan, he said, "is not a whim by President Saakashvili; he is fully part of a major international mission, which has a sound legal basis."
"Georgia's contribution is part of a bigger team, it's important and it's very valued. Georgia has shown and is showing with this contribution, which is substantial in number and comes without caveat, that it is a contributor to international security," he said.
"I think it is very important for Georgia to show, that it is not just a problem, it's solution, it helps provide solutions and that's exactly what Georgia is doing... So I think political message is very strong and I can assure Georgia that it is heard in NATO capital," Appathurai said.

National Security Advisor of Georgia briefs the NATO-Georgia Commission -
The NATO-Georgia Commission met on 7 March, with the participation of National Security Advisor of Georgia Mr. Giorgi Bokeria, and discussed how to enhance Georgia’s partnership and connectivity with the Alliance.

Georgien's Song - Anri Jokhadze: "I'm A Joker" -
I'm A Joker - ასე ქვია სიმღერას, რომლითაც მომღერალი ანრი ჯოხაძე საქართველოს "ევროვიზიაზე" წარადგენს. კონკურსი 22-დან 26 მაისამდე ბაქოში გაიმართება.  
Eurovision - Georgia - Anri Jokhadze - Anri Jokhadze in - Teilnehmer in Georgien für 2012
Deutschland's Song - Roman Lob: "Standing Still"

Bilder nach den Fluten in Tbilisi / Ortachala - 14.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Tödliche Flut in Tbilisi / Ortachala: Fotos und Berichte - 14.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Fünf Menschen sterben bei Flut in Tbilisi / Ortachala - 14.05.2012, Civil Georgia
Schwerer Regen - bis zu 93mm - verwandelte eine kleine Straße in Ortachala in einen Sturzbach. Auch andere Stadtteile in Tbilisi sowie Dusheti und die Regionen Lagodekhi and Akhmeta in Ostgeorgien waren betroffen. ...

Interview mit dem EUMM-Chef Andrzej Tyszkiewicz - 03.05.2012, Civil Georgia
... The Russian Federation is refusing to reciprocate Georgia’s unilateral non-use of force pledge, saying that it is not a party to the conflict. Your predecessor, Ambassador Hansjörg Haber, has once described Moscow’s position as “clearly absurd”; do you agree with that?
Tyszkiewicz: I can only reiterate the standpoint of the European Union on this: the non-use of force pledge has to be entered into by those states recognized by the international community that are obligated under the Six Point Agreement namely Georgia and the Russian Federation.
Despite having a relevant mandate, EUMM is not able to access the breakaway regions for regular monitoring; as far as we know, there has been at least one instance when EU monitors were allowed to cross into the breakaway regions for a fact-finding visit to inspect particular incident site. How many such visits have been conducted by EUMM? Do you see it feasible to make such visits on regular bases?
Tyszkiewicz: It is indeed unfortunate that we are unable to gain regular access to the territories of Abkhazia or South Ossetia. In the framework of fact finding visits, which have been agreed upon during the international discussions in Geneva, we have been invited a few times to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We would very much value the opportunity to have been able to carry out more fact finding visits, particularly regarding the recent violent incidents in Gali district - it would certainly have helped in defusing tensions and accusations and in the gathering of information about reported incidents. However, it must be stressed that when we do carry out such fact-finding visits we will continue to provide a completely impartial view of our findings. >> EUMM
15.04.2012 - Factsheet on the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia
[EN] [FR]

Pipeline-Projekte: Wie Europa mit Gas versorgt werden soll - 25.04.2012,
... Der Wettlauf um die Gasversorgung hat längst begonnen. Während Russland mit den Projekten Nord Stream und South Stream am steigenden Energieverbrauch in Europa verdienen will, will die Europäische Union mit der Nabucco-Pipeline ihre Abhängigkeit vom russischen Gas verringern. Beide konkurrieren damit um Abkommen mit Erzeuger- und Transitländern. ... GUEU (Georgien-Ukraine-EU-Pipeline): Die Pipeline White Stream wird vor allem von der Ukraine unterstützt, ... Durch die Leitung soll Gas aus Georgien durch das Schwarze Meer auf die Krim oder direkt nach Rumänien strömen. ... Unter dem Namen GUEU (Georgien-Ukraine-EU-Pipeline) gründete sich ein Konsortium unter anderem mit britischer und amerikanischer Beteiligung, um das Projekt zu prüfen. Schätzungen von GUEU zufolge könnte 2015 mit dem Bau begonnen werden.

US-Immobilien-Tycoon Donald Trump besucht Georgien - 21.04.12, Civil Georgia
Er beabsichtigt, den Entwurf zu dem geplanten Trump-Tower - ein Wohnturm mit luxuriösen Appartements im Schwarzmeerbadeort Batumi - zu enthüllen.

the project’s master plan by New York-based architecture firm John Fotiadis Architect

News York Times: „Russland verharrt weiterhin in der Vergangenheit“ - 16.04.2012, - New York Times / IHT
Artikel kritisiert, dass Moskau Zeichen der Annäherung aus Georgien nicht erwidert
„Während Georgien Schritte nach vorne macht, verharrt Russland weiterhin in der Vergangenheit. Es ist Zeit für die russische Regierung, die Zeichen des guten Willens aus Tbilisi zu erwidern“. So lautet die Kernaussage eines Artikels der New York Times vom 13. April, der das georgisch-russische Verhältnis dreieinhalb Jahre nach dem August-Krieg analysiert. Der Bericht verweist dabei auf die zahlreichen Initiativen der georgischen Regierung, auf deren Grundlage eine Wiederannäherung zwischen beiden Seiten herbeigeführt werden soll. So habe Georgien kürzlich nicht nur die visafreie Einreise für russische Staatsbürger ermöglicht, sondern Ende letzten Jahres auch einem Abkommen zugestimmt, mit dem der Weg für einen Beitritt Russlands zur Welthandelsorganisation (WTO) geebnet worden war. Zudem setze sich der Präsident von Georgien, Micheil Saakaschwili persönlich dafür ein, den Einfluss der politischen Spannungen auf die Verständigung zwischen beiden Völkern zu reduzieren. Der Erfolg dieser Maßnahmen schlägt sich dem Bericht zufolge auch in konkreten Zahlen nieder. Mit Bezug auf die nationale Tourismusbehörde von Georgien wird erwähnt, dass sich die Zahl der Besuche aus Russland zwischen Februar und März verdreifacht habe. Insgesamt hätten rund 50.000 russische Touristen im ersten Quartal 2012 Georgien besucht, heißt es in dem Artikel.
Auf der anderen Seite kritisiert die Autorin, dass die Führung in Moskau diese Signale der Wiederannäherung aus Georgien bisher nicht erwidert habe. Sie verweist in diesem Zusammenhang auf die weiterhin geltende Visumspflicht für georgische Staatsbürger bei Reisen nach Russland. Außerdem habe das Embargo der russischen Regierung auf georgischen Wein weiterhin Bestand, wodurch ein wichtiger Absatzmarkt für die Produzenten weggebrochen sei.Die Autorin schließt mit dem Appell an die Führung in Moskau auf Georgien zuzugehen, um friedliche Beziehungen zwischen beiden Ländern zu ermöglichen. „Es mag eine schwierige Aufgabe sein, Stabilität in dieser Region zu erreichen, aber vielleicht ist jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt dafür“, verleiht die Autorin ihrer Hoffnung abschließend Ausdruck.
Quelle: New York Times

Parteienfinanzierungsgesetz wird überarbeitet - 19.03.12, Civil Georgia
- Amendments to narrow circle of entities falling under the law’s regulations;
- Wording “directly or indirectly related” to be removed;
- Fines imposed by the state audit agency will be reduced;
- 0.2% of GDP cap on donations/spending to be amended;
- Courts to have more say over state audit agency’s decisions;

Rugby: Georgia-Russia 46:0 in Pictures - 17.03.12, Civil Georgia
Georgian rugby team beats Russia 46:0 - 17.03.12, Rustavi2
Georgia crushed enemy Russia 46-0 at a politically-charged rugby match on Saturday in the first major encounter between the ex-Soviet states on Georgian soil since their 2008 war. A joyous Georgian crowd with vivid memories of Russian troops inflicting a humiliating defeat on their country was ecstatic after the European Nations Cup game at the packed 30,000-capacity Mikheil Meski stadium. Georgia`s pro-Western President Mikheil Saakashvili also appeared jubilant while he watched from the stands as his country`s team outclassed the Russians. Having won the European Nations Cup three times, the Georgians were favoured to win the showdown between the sides in the second-tier European rugby union competition. Georgia`s coach insisted that both teams were part of "one big rugby family". Milton Haige said Georgia is going to play better in the nearest future and it will become a dangerous team for all contenders.
Georgians celebrate rugby win over Russia
რეკორდიც და ბონუსქულაც! - 17.03.12,

Westerwelle unterstützt Georgiens Annäherung an Europa und die NATO - 15.03.12,
... die Bundesrepublik war, die als erster Staat diplomatische Beziehungen mit Georgien nach seiner Unabhängigkeitserklärung aufgenommen hatte. Der damalige Außenminister Hans-Dietrich Genscher hatte im April 1992 die erste ausländische Botschaft in Georgien eröffnet. ...

Deutscher Außenminister Guido Westerwelle besucht Tbilisi und spricht über die Beziehungen mit Georgien - 16.03.12, Civil Georgia
Germany supports Georgia’s “ambitious” European choice and will “actively advocate” for bringing Georgia closer to Euro-Atlantic structures, which will require democratic and institutional reforms, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said during his visit to Tbilisi on March 15. ...
German Foreign Minister to visit Georgia - 15.03.12, Rustavi2
Foreign Minister of Germany Guido Westerwelle will arrive in Georgia within the Caucasian tour today. Visits to Armenia and Azerbaijan are also on the agenda. German Minister will hold meetings with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze. The sides will discuss bilateral relations and its enhancement. The visit coincides with the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Georgia and Germany.
Unterstützung für Georgien -
Nun ist Außenminister Westerwelle in die georgische Hauptstadt gereist und hat dort für eine verstärkte regionale Kooperation im Südkaukasus geworben. Am 15. März unterstrich er in einer Rede vor rund 600 Studierenden an der Nationalen Universität: "Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass wir aufhören müssen
, in Grenzen zu denken."
Pressemitteilung - Deutsche Botschaft Tiflis/Georgien
- 14.03.2012
Deutscher Außenminister Guido Westerwelle besucht Tbilisi und spricht über die Beziehungen mit Georgien - 16.03.12, Civil Georgia
Germany supports Georgia’s “ambitious” European choice and will “actively advocate” for bringing Georgia closer to Euro-Atlantic structures, which will require democratic and institutional reforms, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said during his visit to Tbilisi on March 15.
Westerwelle was in Tbilisi as part of his trip to three South Caucasus states during which he met with President Saakashvili, his Georgian counterpart Grigol Vashadze, representatives of civil society organizations and opposition parties, as well as Georgia’s ex-President Eduard Shevardnadze.
Speaking before students at the Tbilisi State University, the German Foreign Minister said that Georgia “has made significant progress in tackling an ambitious reform agenda” since 2004, adding that a successful transformation depends on democratic institutions, which includes “not only a democratic government, but also a vital and critical opposition.”
“All democratic contenders for power need a level playing field,” he said. “Respect for the rights of the opposition, free access to media, fair and transparent rules of financing and an independent judiciary are indispensable.”
On Georgia’s NATO integration, the German Foreign Minister said that 2008 NATO Bucharest summit decision that Georgia would become a member of the Alliance “continues to be our goal.”
“Democratic and institutional reforms are required in order to bring Georgia closer to NATO,” Westerwelle said. “We are now working on a new plan for Georgia's Enhanced Connectivity with NATO. This will create new opportunities for promoting reforms.”
In this context he also mentioned Georgia’s participation in NATO-led operations in Afghanistan to which Georgia will become the largest non-NATO contributor of troops after bringing number of its soldiers there to over 1,600 this year.
“At the NATO summit in Chicago this May, we will pay tribute to this truly remarkable engagement,” said the German Foreign Minister, whose country contributes 4,800 troops to ISAF.
He said that Germany had good relations with Russia, “but that was never a reason” for Berlin “not to express clearly” support towards Georgia’s territorial integrity.
“There should be no doubt about territorial integrity of Georgia,” he said. “We also think it’s time to have dialogue, to find ways for cooperation.”
“We do believe in the necessity to build bridges even with partners who are sometimes difficult – and that includes Russia,” the German Foreign Minister said.
He also said that Germany “strongly support[s] the idea to include Russia in specific projects of the Eastern Partnership” as a tool to reach out partners beyond those six former Soviet states which are part of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.
“We are convinced that all sides would benefit from a common cooperative agenda,” he said.
On Eastern Partnership, the German Foreign Minister also said that this initiative “is not so much about joining or not joining the EU”, but about bringing EU’s six neighbors closer to Europe by “supporting them on their way towards good governance, rule of law and economic reform.”
He said “good progress” had been made in EU-Georgia cooperation, involving a decision to launch talks on free trade agreement, adding that he was optimistic that dialogue on visa free regime will start “soon.” “Our vision sees the Southern Caucasus and the EU united by visa free travel,” he said.
Westerwelle said EU’s and Germany’s close cooperation with Georgia accomplished much and “we can be proud” of that.
“Yet we have to admit that we have not made sufficient progress in solving the conflicts that continue to divide the region and hamper its development,” he said. “Hundreds of thousands continue to be displaced, families still are separated.”
He welcomed Georgia non-use of pledge made in late 2010 and also hailed “the Georgian Government’s Strategy of Engagement with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
“In the end, bridges, not borders help solve conflicts peacefully,” the German Foreign Minister said.
In Tbilisi the German Foreign Minister, who was accompanied on his trip by Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Markus Löning, met with a group of civil society representatives and opposition politicians. Among the opposition representative at the meeting were Davit Usupashvili of Republican Party and Irakli Alasania of Our Georgia-Free Democrats, both from Bidzina Ivanishvili-led coalition, as well as MP Magda Anikashvili of Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM).

Zurab Tchiaberashvili neuer Gesundheitsminister
- 15.03.12, Civil Georgia
Zurab Tchiaberashvili besuchte 2008 die Georgier in Karlsruhe als er noch Botschafter am Europarat in Straßburg war:
Georgier in Karlsruhe-Georgians in Karlsruhe - Georgians in diaspora

US-Verteidigungsminister Panetta besucht georg. Truppen in Afghanistan - 15.03.12, Civil Georgia

Russ. Außenminister Lavrov an Georgien in Bezug zur Visafreiheit: Tbilisi soll Gesetz zu okkupierten Territorien zurückziehen
- 14.03.12, Civil Georgia

Ukraine bans distribution of movie on August war - 11.03.12, Rustavi2
The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture  has banned the distribution of the film  by Dhzanik Faiziyev "August 8"  and recalled its distribution license, the Ukrainian media report.
"The ministry made  the decision  at the appeal  of Liberty  public organization and  the  Georgian  community," the  National  Accent  news portal reports quoting regional publications.
Liberty activists  say  that  the film  fans  ethnic  enmity.  "The objective of  the film  that  has already  been  banned in  Moldova  and Azerbaijan is  to  manipulate  the  public  mind  with  the  purpose  of whitewashing Russian  imperialism,  in  general,  and  the  invasion  in Georgia and the  occupation of  part of its  territory, in  particular," Liberty activist Andriy Mokhyk has said.
"August 7" is  a story of  a young woman  who is trying  to get  to South  Ossetia  at  the  height  of  the  armed  conflict  to  find  her seven-year-old son whom she had sent there on the eve of the conflict.
Liberty activists find the public  demonstration of such a film  in Ukraine impermissible.  "The  film  provokes hatred  for  the  brotherly Georgian people," they told portal.
Previously the premiere of the film  in Azerbaijan was foiled as  a result of the energetic  efforts of Azerbaijani  and Georgian media  and activist groups.

Präsident Saakashvili hält Ansprache vor dem aserbaidschan. Parlament - 07.03.12, Civil Georgia
- Georgia-Azerbaijan ‘alliance is not directed against anyone’
- ‘I am far from being hostile to Russian national interests’
- ‘I am dreaming about proud and stable Russian Federation’
- ‘Russian patriots, who do not send citizens to unnecessary battlefields, are not our enemies’

WELTFRAUENTAG AM 08.03.2012 Der Internationaler Frauentag oder kurz Weltfrauentag genannte
Tag der Vereinten Nationen für die Rechte der Frau und den Weltfrieden wird weltweit von Frauenorganisationen am 8. März begangen. Er entstand in der Zeit um den Ersten Weltkrieg im Kampf um die Gleichberechtigung und das Wahlrecht für Frauen.
Meilensteine der Frauenemanzipation in Deutschland - 08.03.2012, FOCUS-Online
Noch in den 50er-Jahren durfte eine Frau nicht ohne die Erlaubnis ihres Mannes arbeiten und wenn sie es doch tat, behielt er ihren Lohn. Der Weg der deutschen Frau zur Emanzipation war steinig und mühsam. ...

Museum streets to be arranged in Tbilisi - 06.03.12, Rustavi2
Tbilisi will have museum streets within the new concept of the capital`s tourism development. In September 2012, National Museum of Georgia will host an international congress, where the concept of arranging museum streets and their significance will be discussed.
The representatives of museum unions, US, European, and Asian leading museums and famous architects will arrive in Tbilisi to attend the congress, which will be organized by the Tbilisi government in cooperation with the German organizations.
The organizers are inviting representatives of civil society and businessmen to introduce their initiative and form a unified concept of the museum streets in Tbilisi.

Hillary Clinton comments on Russian election - 08.03.12, Rustavi2
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned the dispersal of peaceful protestors in Moscow and called on the Russian government to investigate electoral violations. It was Cliton`s first comments on the elections of the president in Russia held on March 4.
`The OSCE made clear, there were a number of concerns about this latest electoral process that should be investigated and addressed. And we also remain concerned about the arrests of peaceful protesters, which occurred again on Monday. But the election had a clear winner and we are ready to work with President-elect Putin as he is sworn in and assumes the responsibilities of the presidency,` Clinton announced. ...

Putin erklärt, Russland werde seine Politik zu Abchasien und Südossetien nicht umkehren - 05.03.12, Civil Georgia
Nach Berichten soll Putin in den abtrünnigen Regionen Abchasien und Südossetien über 90% Stimmen erhalten haben. ...
Georgien's abtrünnige Regionen wählen bei der Präsidentenwahl Russlands - 04.03.12, Civil Georgia

EUMM besorgt über die Sicherheitslage an der abchasischen Verwaltungsgrenze - 04.03.12, Civil Georgia
Tbilisi erklärt, unser Polizeiposten an der abchasischen Verwaltungsgrenze sei angegriffen worden - 04.03.12, Civil Georgia
A Georgian police post close to the village of Ganmukhuri on the breakaway Abkhazia’s administrative border came under fire from grenade launchers and machine-guns on Sunday, the Georgian Interior Ministry said. No one was injured in the attack, which occurred at 03:20am local time, it said. ...

Georgien hebt Visa-Regelungen für Russland auf: Einreise und Aufenthalt für russ. Bürger nun VISA-frei möglich - 01.03.12, Civil Georgia

Ankvab erklärt, Anschlag auf sein Leben ziele auf Destabilisierung ab - 23.02.12, Civil Georgia
offiziell: 'Wir tendieren nicht dazu, den Anschlag auf Ankvab mit Tbilisi zu verbinden' - 22.02.12, Civil Georgia
Anschlag auf Konvoi von Ankvab, Fotos - 22.02.12, Civil Georgia

US-Außenministerin Clinton trifft Präsident Saakashvili - 02.02.12, Civil Georgia
... “Georgia is a valued partner,” she said. “They are actively participating in Afghanistan, where Georgian soldiers are showing great courage and professionalism.” ...
Präsident Saakashvili äußert sich zum 'Streben nach Freiheit' der Russen - 02.02.12, Civil Georgia
... Speaking to an audience at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, Saakashvili said, that if Russia “becomes more normal and modern” it would be positive for others too, including for Georgia.
“But I think for Russia to modernize… [it] really needs a real change and I think that change might not be as far away as people think,” Saakashvili said. ...
Remarks by President Obama and President Saakashvili of Georgia After Bilateral Meeting - 30.01.12,
PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Well, I want to welcome President Saakashvili and his delegation here, and it’s a wonderful occasion to have him here as we’ll be celebrating this year 20 years of independence for Georgia and the eighth anniversary of the Rose Revolution. ... - Video
USA stellen Georgien Freihandelsabkommen in Aussicht  - 31.01.12, Deutsche Welle
US-Präsident Barack Obama hat Georgien engere Wirtschaftsbeziehungen mit den Vereinigten Staaten in Aussicht gestellt. Auch ein Freihandelsabkommen zwischen den beiden Ländern sei möglich, sagte er nach einem Treffen mit seinem georgischen Kollegen ...
Georgiens Präsident Saakaschwili zu Gesprächen bei US-Präsident Obama - 31.01.12, Georgien Aktuell
US-Präsident Barack Obama hat bei einem Gespräch mit seinem georgischen Amtskollegen Michail Saakaschwili erklärt, die Handelsbeziehungen zwischen beiden Ländern weiter stärken zu wollen. Dazu gehöre auch die Möglichkeit zur Etablierung eines Freihandelsabkommens, so Obama. Anlass für das Treffen im Weißen Haus war der 20. Jahrestag der Unabhängigkeit von Georgien.
Barack Obama brachte bei einer gemeinsamen Pressekonferenz mit Präsident Saakaschwili zudem seine hohe Wertschätzung für den Reformprozess in Georgien zum Ausdruck: „Ich denke, Georgien kann überaus stolz sein auf den erreichten Fortschritt beim Aufbau eines souveränen und demokratischen Landes“. Georgien sei im Hinblick auf Demokratie und Transparenz ein Vorbild für die gesamte Region, so Obama weiter. Der US-Präsidenten verlieh zudem seiner Anerkennung für den georgischen Beitrag zur ISAF-Mission in Afghanistan Ausdruck und sicherte zu, Georgien bei seinem angestrebten Beitritt zur NATO zu unterstützen.
Präsident Saakaschwili begrüßte die Unterstützung der USA und den sehr positiven Verlauf des Gesprächs mit dem US-Präsidenten. Zugleich sicherte er zu, den Reform- und Demokratisierungsprozess in Georgien konsequent fortführen zu wollen. „Nichts kann Georgien von diesem Weg des Fortschritts abbringen“, so Präsident Saakaschwili.

Saakashvili meets US President in Washington - 31.01.12, Rustavi 2
Free trade relations, support to Georgia`s integration into NATO and the support to the reinforcement of Georgia`s defensability by the United States was the topical issues discussed by the president of the United States Barack Obama and Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.
US-Präsident Obama trifft Präsident Saakashvili im Oval Office - 31.01.12, Civil Georgia
- ‘Georgia should be extraordinarily proud of the progress it made’;
- ‘Anticipating fair and free elections’;
- ‘Formal transfer of power will solidify reforms’;
- Exploring ‘the possibility of a free trade agreement’ with Georgia;
- ‘Georgia sets model of democracy for the region as a whole’;
- ‘Georgia responsible player on the world scene’;
Saakashvili to meet Obama in Washington - 30.01.2012, Rustavi 2
President Mikheil Saakashvili will hold meeting with President Obama today during an official visit to the Washington.
The two leaders will discuss a broad range of issues, from the deepening cooperation between Georgia and the United States to their common approach to international security challenges.
In the two decades since Georgia gained independence, U.S. support has been crucial for Georgia`s sovereignty, its democratic transformation, its economic development, and its progress towards NATO membership.
President Saakashvili will stress the importance of the strategic partnership between the two countries. He will propose ways to enhance cooperation in the context of the US-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership—signed in January 2009—focusing on defense and security, democratic reforms, economic relations, trade and energy, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Ivanishvili plant TV-Sender - 14.01.2012, Civil Georgia
Ivanishvili's Frau Ekaterine Khvedelidze erklärt, dass sie für das Parlament kandidieren wolle - 11.01.2012, Civil Georgia

Papst begrüßt Georgien's Gesetzesänderung zum rechtlichen Status von religiösen Gruppen - 11.01.2012, Civil Georgia

US-Diplomat Philip H. Gordon äußert sich zur militärischen Zusammenarbeit mit Georgien: Vorbereitung der georg. Truppen für Afghanistan-Entsendung im Mittelpunkt - 10.01.2012, Civil Georgia