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Zaza Okuashvili, 22.11.18 - neue Affäre im Verhältnis zu Milliardär Bidzina Ivanishvili publiziert - rustavi2
Businessman Zaza Okuashvili, one of the founders of the Omega Group, a Georgian business conglomerate, and owner of the Tbilisi-based Iberia TV, says the Georgian Dream leadership asked him to renounce his earlier accusations against the authorities in exchange for lifting a freeze on the company.
Okuashvili made the statement on November 21 in his interview with Rustavi 2 TV, a television channel leaning strongly towards the opposition. This came nearly two months after his initial allegations of October 3, where he accused the ruling party leadership, including Bidzina Ivanishvili, of extortion and money laundering.
Okuashvili’s initial accusations came after a number of secretly-recorded audio tapes were aired by Rustavi 2, featuring what appears to be conversations of Zaza Okuashvili with several people, including former sports minister, involving allegations of corruption, side payments to officials, and sham funding scheme for the ruling arty.
Okuashvili, who is currently in London, said he was contacted by the authorities several days before the first round of presidential elections. According to the businessman, the sides reached a deal on cutting the company’s GEL 55 million debt to GEL 11 million.
The businessman also noted that on October 26 Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Cartu Bank issued a GEL 8 million loan to the Omega Group, which made him believe that the state “finally rejected feudalism, racketeering and criminality and was put on a right track.”
He noted, however, that it appeared that the authorities wanted him to go public in exchange for these preferences, and deny his earlier allegations against the ruling party leadership.
The businessman claims the authorities wanted to air the statement in an interview  with pro-governmental Imedi TV on October 27, a day before the presidential polls. Okuashvili says he was given a script that he was supposed to follow during the interview.
According to the script, read out by the Rustavi 2 anchor, Okuashvili should have said that allegations against Bidzina Ivanishvili were made-up, and that he no longer wished to participate “in a coup scenario,” and “other fabrications” masterminded by ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili and director of Rustavi 2 TV, Nika Gvaramia.
Okuashvili said the debt write-off decision would have come to force only after the interview. The businessman added he rejected the proposal because “not a single criminal, feudal or leader of the country or a political party should have an ambition to engage in horse trading with budgetary funds.”
After the scandalous statements of Zaza Okuashvili, "Courier" has received documents that confirm information, that Cartu Bank transferred over 7 million to Omega Group"s account two days before elections in order to buy the silence of the businessman. ... As it turns out, the aim of all this was to finally launch criminal prosecution against Director General of "Rustavi 2" Nika Gvaramia and Georgia´s third president Mikheil Saakashvili.
---- Zaza Okuashvili's initial allegations of October 3, where he accused the ruling party leadership:
President Giorgi Margvelashvili has formally asked the Government to hold a meeting with his participation to deliberate on “effective functioning of state institutions and protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms.” The President made the announcement during his press briefing today.
Margvelashvili’s request comes after a set of covert recordings were published by Georgian media outlets, implicating senior officials in criminal offenses and causing wide-spread political and public condemnation.
The President said developments surrounding Iberia TV and Omega Group are “alarming.” He said the authorities’ response to “allegations of criminal dealings, racketeering and abuse of power” was “inadequate for a political force that has a responsibility to govern the country.”
“These issues are neither laughable, nor ludicrous,” he stressed, referring to GDDG leadership attempts to downplay the allegations.
“The Georgian public has a feeling that state institutions have been weakened to the point that endangers effective protection of human rights, freedoms, rule of law and private property,” President Margvelashvili added, calling for “adequate assessment and measures.”
“I see the solution in finding right diagnosis and taking corresponding measures through discussions with the Government of Georgia; therefore, I am using my constitutional right and am addressing the Prime Minister to convene a cabinet session in coming days,” he said.

TIGER UND LÖWE - von Data Tavadze & Davit Gabunia aus Tbilissi (Tiflis), Georgien
Termine 2018 / 2019: Mittwoch, 28.11., 20:00 - 21:30 - Donnerstag, 06.12., 20:00 - 21:30 - Samstag, 15.12., 19:30 - 21:00 - Mittwoch, 19.12., 20:00 - 21:30 - Donnerstag, 27.12., 20:00 - 21:30 - Sonntag, 20.01., 19:00 - 20:30 - Donnerstag, 24.01., 20:00 - 21:30
Zitat aus "Der Kaukasus ist seit 100 Jahren im Umbruch: Unabhängige kleine Staaten, eine übergreifende Sowjetrepublik, dann Einzelrepubliken, die Wehrmacht kurz vor dem Gebirge, Zerfall der Sowjetunion, Kriege, Grenzkonflikte, ein neues Nationalbewusstsein und doch der Wunsch, ein Teil von Europa zu sein. 1937 wurden über 100 georgische Künstler und Intellektuelle beseitigt – auf Befehl des Georgiers Stalin, organisiert von seinem georgischen Geheimdienstchef Beria. Es verschwanden Regisseure, Theaterleiter, weltberühmte Musiker, in der gesamten Sowjetunion gelesene Autoren, unter ihnen Paolo Iashvili, der im Haus der Schriftsteller zum Selbstmord gezwungen wurde. Dort sind noch heute der ausgestopfte Tiger und der Löwe zu sehen, die stumme Zeugen dieses Verbrechens waren. Einer jahrtausendealten Kultur wurde die geistige Orientierung und so die Freiheit genommen. --- Die jungen georgischen Theatermacher Data Tavadze und Davit Gabunia leiten seit 2008 das Royal District Theatre in Tiflis. 2014 gewann Tavadzes Stück Kriegsmutter den Dramenwettbewerb TALKING ABOUT BORDERS. 2015 zeigten die beiden ihre Bearbeitung der Troerinnen bei PREMIÈRES in Karlsruhe und daraufhin in Brüssel, Danzig sowie beim europäischen Festival für junge Regie FAST FORWARD in Braunschweig, wo sie den Preis der internationalen Jury gewannen. Jetzt inszenieren sie erstmals in Deutschland." - siehe auch: Museum of Soviet Occupation (Tbilisi) - The museum of soviet occupation: S. Janashia Museum of Georgia - Soviet Occupation Hall - S. Janashia Museum of Georgia
REGIE Data Tavadze AUTOR Davit Gabunia BÜHNE & KOSTÜME Sebastian Hannak MUSIK Nika Pasuri LICHT Christoph Pöschko DRAMATURGIE Jan Linders, Marlies Kink
Koproduktion mit dem Royal District Theatre, Tbilissi (Tiflis)
gefördert im Internationalen Koproduktionsfonds des Goethe-Instituts
DEUTSCH-GEORGISCHES JAHR 2017 -  >>dt.-georg. Beziehungen

Die Reihe beihaltet auch die georgische Legende AMBAWI SURAMIS TSICHISA (UdSSR/Georgische SSR 1984, Originalton mit deutschen Untertiteln) und ARABESKEBI PRIMANIS TEMAZE (UdSSR/Georgische SSR 1985, ohne Dialog), Paradschanows Porträt des georgischen Künstlers Niko Pirosmaniaschwili. 
Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V. - Potsdamer Str. 2 -  D-10785 Berlin


Salome Zurabishvili - Kandidatin der Regierungspartei (Milliardär Ivanishvili) - - rustavi2

Grigol Vashadze - Kandidat der Oppositionsparteien (unterstützt von mehreren Parteien) - - rustavi2

Presidential Runoff: Key Dates and Procedures - 17.11.18,

On November 28, Georgian citizens will head to polls to elect their fifth president for a six-year term, replacing incumbent President Giorgi Margvelashvili, who has been in office since October, 2013.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) published the schedule of electoral activities on November 14, after approving the final vote tally of the first round. Below are the key election dates and procedures set out by the CEC for the runoff.

November 14 – The election date was officially set;

November 23 – Deadline for parties to appoint, change or withdraw Precinct Election Commission members;

November 23 – Deadline for local and international observer organizations and media outlets to apply to CEC to register additional representatives;

November 23 – CEC releases final data on total number of voters in Georgia, as well as its breakdown by districts;

November 26 – Runoff held for Georgian troops stationed in Afghanistan;

November 28 – Election Day. Polling stations open at 8 am and close at 8 pm (stations outside the country will run until midnight). The voting process is immediately followed by vote tabulation;

December 18 – Deadline for CEC to summarize final vote tally of the elections.

The first round of presidential election was held on October 28. No candidate garnered more than 50% of votes. The two top contenders – Salome Zurabishvili and Grigol Vashadze – finished with 38.64% and 37.74%, respectively.

Zurabishvili"s Scandalous Statements - Former Judge of the Strasbourg Court Nona Tsotsoria talks about possible developments - 15.11.2018,

Former judge of Georgia Nona Tsotsoria in Strasbourg Court breaks the silence . She has commented on the statements about the August 2008 war of the Georgian Dream candidate Salome Zourabichvili

According to Nona Tsotsoria, Russia will use similar statements in the Hague Court against Georgia. The judge considers that every politician should pay political price for such a position. According to her, these statements are just like political suicide for Salome Zurabishvili and other high-ranking officials.

Tsotsoria warns the government that blaming Georgia for launching war and conviction of Georgian soldiers will result in a chain reaction in the Hague court that will be followed by the fragmentation of the Georgian state.

Nona Tsotsoria in the interview to the "Courier" also speaks for the first time about the possible development scenario of the events and describes the situation. The judge argues that after the Hague, Georgia may receive a convicting decision in Strasbourg, even in cases involving Russia and private disputes.

Nona Tsotsoria asks politicians to take into account the legacy obligation . The judge does not have a harmonious relationship with the current government. Two years ago, when she was considering Vano Merabishvili"s case in Strasbourg, his family member was searched. There was a doubt that this was an attempt to influence the judge"s decision.

"We believe that they are mocking us" - Emigrants Protest against appointments of the second round of elections on week day - 15.11.2018,

Emigrants protest against the appointment of the second round of the presidential election on the working day. According to their assessment, the CEC actually mocked the citizens living abroad by appointing the second round of election on November 28..

According to emigrants, in addition to the fact that most of the voters will not be able to vote, the issue  of working of the polling stations is also questioned. They say that the members of the commission refuse to take part in the second round, because they can not miss their work.

Emigrants are demanding the announcement of November 26 as the date for conducting the second tour abroad like in Afghanistan.

Emmigrant Nino Talakhadze says that after the second round of the elections, the members of the commission will not be able to go home and will have to stay overnight in the street because public transportation does not work abroad at 2-3 o"clock n the morning.

By the CEC decision, the second round of presidential elections will be held on Wednesday, November 28. As for military servicemen performing their duties in Afghanistan, they will take part in the elections on November 26. November 28 is announced as a holiday in Georgia.

"Georgian Dream" has moved to unbridled lies, "- Giorgi Vashadze responds to Kakha Kaladze - 15.11.2018,

"We really have a state of emergency," Georgian Dream "has already moved to the unbridled lies that they spread daily," - Giorgi Vashadze, the Chairman of "New Georgia" and a Head of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarters responds to the allegations of Kakha Kaladze.

According to the Tbilisi Mayor, the opposition spreads false information that Georgian soldiers may be tried by the ICC.

Giorgi Vashadze called on the Mayor of Tbilisi to listen to the statement of the Justice Minister once again.

"Their current statements regarding the International Criminal Court don"t are out of ordinary. Mr Kaladze said today that we are saying that the Hague Criminal Court may investigate the cases of specific military personnel, specific persons. Mr. Kakhi, listen to the statement of your Justice Minister which was made a day before yesterday, where she directly said that the Hague Criminal Court can initiate a case against specific individuals and military personnel. Moreover, she committed crime saying that these soldiers and the state have nothing to do with each other,"- said Vashadze.

He recalled Tea Tsulukiani"s letter, sent to the Hague Court Which stated that the Georgian side ceased the investigation into the 2008 war.

"What are you doing at all? Or what do you know about the state or the state interest? , "Said Giorgi Vashadze.

According to Vashadze, making statements against the state is damaging the interests of the country.

Giorgi Vashadze speaks about the dismissal of the Minister of Justice and says that Tea Tsulukiani commits a crime against the state.

PROMETHEUS – 25 JAHRE UNABHÄNGIGKEIT - 03.10.2018 - von 19:00 - ca. 20:45
von Data Tavadze & Davit Gabunia, Royal District Theatreanschließend Publikumsgespräch
DER FALL JESUS - 14.10.2018 - von 19:00 - ca. 20:45
von Lasha Imedashvili, Staatliches Dramatisches Theater Suchumi, anschließend Publikumsgespräch
DER ZUG - 20.10.2018 - von 19:00 - 20:30
von David Turashvili, Tskhinvali Professional State Drama Theatre, anschließend Publikumsgespräch
alle drei Aufführungen in georgischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln
Aus Tiflis / Georgien und mit gleich zwei Stücken kommt das Royal District Theatre nach Berlin. Die junge Truppe um den Regisseur Data Tavadze und den Autor und Dramaturgen Davit Gabunia hat mit ihren Women of Troy / Trojanische Frauen, einer Überschreibung der Tragödie des Euripides, bereits international Furore gemacht. Erstmals außerhalb Georgiens präsentiert sie ihre jüngste Produktion, Prometheus. 25 Years of Independence / Prometheus. 25 Jahre Unabhängigkeit. In beiden Stücken sind sie aktueller, politisch brisanter Zeitgeschichte auf der Spur. - Die Vorstellungen finden in georgischer Sprache statt und sind Teil des internationalen Auftakts Radar Ost der Autorentheatertage 2018. Vom 1. bis 3. Juni sind Inszenierungen aus Georgien, Litauen und Polen zu sehen.

Bera Ivanishvili ist der Sohn von Bidzina Ivanishvili
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