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Russischer Präsident Putin: Keine Notwendigkeit Kriegsschiff "Mistral" gegen Georgien zu gebrauchen - 09.06.2010, Civil Georgia
Russia has no need to use French warships, Mistral, which it plans to buy, against Georgia, Russian PM Vladimir Putin said ahead of his visit to France.
“I hope events will never again lead to military conflict between Russia and Georgia, never. We have been doing everything previously and are intending to do everything for preventing reoccurrence of this tragedy. Modern offensive systems make it possible to carry out any military operation deep into the entire territory of Georgia from the Russian territory and no Mistral is needed for that,” Putin said in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP) and France 2 television.
“[Mistral] is an offensive weapon. Has France such helicopter carriers [Mistrals] in its armament? Yes, it has. Whom is France going to attack? No one. Why do people automatically assume that Russia will of course have to use this to attack someone? If you mean – and let’s put it bluntly – for example, our Georgian neighbors… Georgia has a huge land border with Russia. As a result of a criminal action, which was launched by President Saakashvili two years ago, people have died. And Russia had to defend the lives of its peacekeepers and citizens of South Ossetia. And, as it is known, Russia had, I want to stress it, to use its armed forces for defensive purposes,” the Russian PM said.
“We have stopped [Russian army’s advance] 20-15 kilometers from Tbilisi, and not because we could not enter Tbilisi, but because we did not want it. We did not want any hostilities at all. Just that is why our peacekeepers were staying there,” he said.
Eine Männerfreundschaft? Frankreichs Präsident Nicolas Sarkozy und Russlands Staatsoberhaupt Dmitri Medwedew - 03.03.2010, dradio
Mit dem Satz "Ich weiß, wie man Russland zivilisiert" wird der französische Präsident auch in deutschen Zeitungen zitiert. ... Er spielt den Modernisierer, zeigt im Rollenspiel mit Putin das weiche Gesicht Moskaus, der andere mimt den Verbrüderer - oder zumindest den Freund: "Je le recois comme un ami..."
Keine Einigung über Kriegsschiff-Deal mit Moskau - 02.03.2010, Focus
Über den Verkauf von französischen Kriegsschiffen an Russland wird weiter nur verhandelt. ... am Montagabend nach einem Treffen Sarkozy/Medwedew keine Einigung über das geplante Geschäft verkündbar ... USA fürchten Technologietransfer zum Schaden der NATO-Interessen ... Beteiligung von GDF Suez an der Gaspipeline Nord Stream durch die Ostsee ... bald Russen  ohne Visa nach Frankreich ... Ausstellung mit russischer Sakralkunst im Louvre-Museum eröffnt ... in Moskau gerade Pablo-Picasso-Schau im Puschkin-Museum eröffnet.
Sarkozy forciert seine neue Wunsch-Entente mit Russland - 02.03.2010, Welt
Für die darbende französische Werftindustrie wäre der russische Auftrag ein Segen. Es wäre allerdings das erste Mal, dass ein Nato-Mitgliedsland Russland ein Kriegsschiff liefert. ... aber auch Skepsis: Die Zahl der russischen Spione in Frankreich sei seit 1985 nicht mehr so hoch gewesen wie zurzeit, warnt der französische Geheimdienst DCRI.
Sarkozy verkauft Russen Hubschrauber-Träger - 02.03.2010, derStandard
Frankreich will Russland heikle Militärtechnologie verkaufen und brüskiert Partner ... und weitere Waffengeschäfte sind im Gespräch ... leichte Panzer ... Geheimverhandlungen über Raketenlieferungen ...
Frankreich blickt wieder einmal nach Osten
- 02.03.2010, NZZ
... Mit einer offenen Haltung gegenüber Russland strebt Sarkozy nun darüber hinaus eine Schlüsselrolle in der Gestaltung eines neuen Verhältnisses zu Moskau an. ...
Critics say proposed sale of French Mistral ship to Russia will harm region - 03.02.2010, washingtonpost.com
When the French navy's 23,700-ton Mistral-class amphibious assault ship dropped anchor in St. Petersburg's frigid harbor Nov. 23, it was doing more than paying a friendly visit to the Russians.

Minister Temur Iakobashvili angesichts des franz.-russischen Mistral-Waffengeschäfts: Georgien sollte in der Lage sein, Defensivwaffen zu kaufen - 02.03.2010, Civil Georgia
Possibility to buy defensive armament and NATO-membership are among those key factors that can provide Georgia’s security, Temur Iakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration, said on March 2.
Remarks were made when he was commenting on possible sale of French Mistral-class helicopter carrier amphibious assault warships to Russia. The Georgian officials have expressed concerns about the possible deal for number of times and Georgian deputy foreign minister, Nino Kalandadze, said Paris was aware of Georgia’s concerns on the matter.
“I see protection of Georgia’s interests in two issues: first, Georgia should timely be granted NATO membership, because Georgia can not engage in race with Russia in buying Mistrals and other type of weaponry; second, we should have an opportunity to procure defensive armament and I think this issue should be out of question after the Mistral deal; we have the right to protect ourselves and we should be able to buy what we need for that purpose, including from France,” Iakobashvili said.
French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, said at a joint news conference with Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, in Paris on March 1: "How can we say to the Russians, 'We need you to resolve a certain number of problems, notably the Iranian crisis, which is a very important crisis but we don't trust you, we can't work with you on the Mistral ships'?"
“This is a symbol of trust between our countries,” the Russian President said at the same press conference. “I hope that these negotiations [on Mistral deal] will be crowned by success.”

Präsident Saakashvili: Russisch-französiches Waffengeschäft "sehr riskoreich" - 19.02.2010, Civil Georgia
President Saakashvili said possible purchase of French Mistral-class warship by Russia was posing threat to its neighbors and Moscow’s bid to buy French armored vehicles was even more worrying.
Saakashvili told reporters in London on February 18, that the prospective warship sale was “very unusual and very, very risky” and the “tank issue is 10 times bigger.”
He said if Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin “gets tanks, ships, missiles — technology which he's also shopping for — then we are getting into a very, very risky zone,” The Wall Street Journal reported.
Saakashvili also said Georgia had an “informal exchange of opinions” with Paris about the warship deal but hadn't made an official protest. And according to The Times report, Saakashvili said he would seek urgent talks with French President Sarkozy, who has approved but not yet formally announced the sale of the warship to Russia.
He said the warship deal could be seen as a “reward” to France from Moscow for not forcing Russia to fully comply with the terms of the August 12, 2008 ceasefire accord, mediated by President Sarkozy in a capacity of EU presidency.
French ambassador in Tbilisi, Eric Fournier, told Georgian TV station Rustavi 2 in a Georgian-language statement, that Russia’s proposal to buy the warship was “in principle accepted positively” by Paris, but discussions and considerations were still underway.
French company Panhard said this week that it was discussing selling “less than a dozen” of four-person Light armoured vehicles (VBL) to Russia.

Georgische Abgeordnete verurteilen den französisch-russischen Mistral-Handel - 09.02.2010, Civil Georgia
France has agreed to sell one warship to Russia and if completed, the deal would be the first major military sale by a NATO member to Russia.
A lawmaker from the ruling party, MP Davit Darchiashvili, said while speaking at the parliamentary session on February 9 it was “an imprudent decision” by France.
“It is totally unacceptable when an ally takes a decision, which is not in line with contributing to security in the region,” MP Darchiashvili, who chairs parliamentary committee for European integration, said at the parliamentary session o February 9.
“This is alarming fact when a NATO-member state sells warship to an aggressor country… I think that the Parliament should also react and pass a statement on this issue,” MP Paata Davitaia, leader of On Our Own party and member of parliamentary minority, said.
Temur Iakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration, said on February 9 that authorizing sale of Mistral to Russia “further highlights the need of Georgia’s accession into NATO.”
“We won’t be able to engage in arms race with Russia and NATO membership remains the only security guarantee for us. I think that such decision by France [to sell warship to Russia] will contribute to France’s decision-making when time comes and [France] will not hinder Georgia’s NATO membership,” Iakobashvili said.
Eka Tkeshelashvili, secretary of Georgian National Security Council, said in an interview with The Washington Post last week, that the proposed sale of the warship would signal Western acceptance of a Russian presence in Georgian territory and raise the specter of Russian military pressure on other surrounding nations.
“They’re saying, ‘If we have the ship, we will consider ourselves free to use it wherever we need to.' They don't see themselves restricted in any way,” she said.
Grigol Vashadze, the Georgian foreign minister, said last November in Paris that Tbilisi was “tremendously worried” about possible purchase the warships by Russia.
Russia’s navy chief, Vladimir Vysotsky, has said in September that a ship like Mistral would have allowed the Russian navy to carry out more efficient operation in the Black Sea during last year’s August war with Georgia. He also said such warship would take just 40 minutes to do the task that the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships did in 26 hours.

France likely to sell warship to Moscow - Deal raises concerns in NATO pact - 20.01.2010, Washington Times, by Nicholas Kralev
France is soon expected to become the first Western European NATO member to sell advanced military equipment to Russia, amid an aggressive search by Moscow for Western arms suppliers that has divided the country's elite, diplomats and defense analysts say. ... Intelligence Online, a Paris-based Web site with good sources in the French government, reported Friday that President Nicolas Sarkozy "has agreed to allow Mistral-class amphibious ships to be sold to the Russian navy." It quoted "sources at the Elysees Palace" as saying that the decision "will be announced in March, when [Russian President] Dmitry Medvedev visits Paris."  ... "Everything that we did in the space of 26 hours at the time, this ship will do within 40 minutes," Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky, chief of the Russian navy, was quoted as saying by the RIA Novosti news agency in September. ... Ariel Cohen, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said NATO members should not expand military cooperation with Russia until it "restores its credibility and friendship with the West." ... "At a time when Moscow still views NATO as an adversary, abandons the Conventional [Armed] Forces in Europe Treaty, and occupies 20 percent of Georgian territory, a major warship sale to the Russian navy by a NATO ally is premature," he said. "This is especially true when the sale is a part of a major naval modernization, which may jeopardize NATO's flanks and important energy routes."  ...

France’s reported decision to sell at least one Mistral warship to Russia is stirring sharp controversy among French policymakers and analysts about what strategic gains, if any, France and the West can obtain from the deal. ... The debate over Russia’s readiness to partner with the West has polarized decision-makers within the French presidential administration, according to one Paris-based foreign policy observer. As the debate in Paris proceeds, the biggest losers could end up being Georgia and Ukraine, two former Soviet states that have expressed a desire to de-emphasize ties to Russia and integrate with Western economic and security institutions. ... Georgian National Security Council Secretary Eka Tkeshelashvili : ... selling a Mistral to Moscow at the present point in time would send the wrong message to the Kremlin. ... "We’d like to believe that Russia can become a constructive partner. We’d love to see the success of the reset policy [launched by the US administration]," Tkeshelashvili said. "But, unfortunately, the past, the very recent one, here shows the opposite."
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     ASSOCIATION   GEORGIENNE   EN     FRANCE     (Fondée en 1922)

safrangeTSi myof qarTvel
ltolvilTa saTvistomo
Dear Friends, Cher amis, Zvirfaso megobrebo
Bitte stimmt gegen den Verkauf von französchen Kriegsschiffen an Russland !
Please vote against the sale of French Warships to Russia !
Merci de participer à la pétition contre la vente par la France d'un bateau militaire d'assaut à la Russie !   qTxovT monawileoba miiRoT !
Bis zum 05.01.2010 bereits 1777 Unterschriften aus der ganzen Welt !

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French ship Mistral - Quelle: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Four ships of the French Navy have born the name Mistral, as well as a few other auxiliary ships:
  • A high sea armoured torpedo boat of the Cyclone type (1901)
  • A 1500-tonne torpedo boat of the Bourrasque type (1923), requisitioned by the British on the 3rd July 1940 at Portsmouth. She was commissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS Mistral and decommissioned in 1944. She was restituted to France at the end of the war, and scrapped in 1953.
  • The DF38 Mistral, a coast-guard cutter of the Tourmaline type (1977), commissioned as Vent d'Aval, later renamed Mistral. (Measurements: 37 t ; 26,8 x 4,97 x 1,53 m ; I.12,7 mm)
  • The DF50 Liane also bore the name Mistral.
  • A fishing ship, the Henri Cameleyre (1908) was requisitioned as a minesweeper during the Second World War. She was restituted in 1941 and renamed Mistral.
  • An auxiliary patrol boat of the Second World War also bore the name of Mistral II.
  • The present Mistral is an assault helicopter and command ship, lead ship of her class.

Mistral Class – Amphibious Assault, Command and Force Projection Ship, France
Quelle: naval-technology.com
Up to a maximum of 900
Full load Displacement

The Mistral and Tonnerre BPC (bâtiment de projection et de commandement) ships, are the French Navy's new 21,300t amphibious assault, command and power projection ships. The ships have been built by DCN in partnership with Thales and Chantiers de l'Atlantique. Each ship has the payload capacity and versatility to carry up to 16 heavy helicopters and one-third of a mechanised regiment, plus two LCAC hovercraft or up to four landing craft.
... The Mistral Class is fitted with a high-performance communications suite which makes the ship suitable for deployment as a command vessel. The ships also have the capacity to accommodate a combined (multi-national) joint (i.e. multi-service) task force (CJTF).
"Mistral was delivered to the French Navy in February 2006."
... The Mistral is the French Navy's first all-electric warship and is fitted with two Alstom 7MW electric azimuth pods.
Quelle: naval-technology.com