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08.11.2010:  5 Days of August: Promo Trailer
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Georgia-Russia War Project - ein Filmprojekt, begonnen September 2009
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Wie ein Film Georgier zu Kriegsverbrechern macht -WELT ONLINE 03.04.2009

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Ukraine bans distribution of movie on August war - 11.03.12, Rustavi2
The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture  has banned the distribution of the film  by Dhzanik Faiziyev "August 8"  and recalled its distribution license, the Ukrainian media report.
"The ministry made  the decision  at the appeal  of Liberty  public organization and  the  Georgian  community," the  National  Accent  news portal reports quoting regional publications.
Liberty activists  say  that  the film  fans  ethnic  enmity.  "The objective of  the film  that  has already  been  banned in  Moldova  and Azerbaijan is  to  manipulate  the  public  mind  with  the  purpose  of whitewashing Russian  imperialism,  in  general,  and  the  invasion  in Georgia and the  occupation of  part of its  territory, in  particular," Liberty activist Andriy Mokhyk has said.
"August 7" is  a story of  a young woman  who is trying  to get  to South  Ossetia  at  the  height  of  the  armed  conflict  to  find  her seven-year-old son whom she had sent there on the eve of the conflict.
Liberty activists find the public  demonstration of such a film  in Ukraine impermissible.  "The  film  provokes hatred  for  the  brotherly Georgian people," they told korrespondent.net portal.
Previously the premiere of the film  in Azerbaijan was foiled as  a result of the energetic  efforts of Azerbaijani  and Georgian media  and activist groups.

Hollywoodstars besuchen Filmpremiere in Tbilisi - 06.06.11, Rustavi2
Hollywood stars Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone attended the premiere of a film about the Georgia-Russia war - The Five Days of August that describes the conflict as Russian aggression. `Five Days of August`, directed by veteran Renny Harlin and co-produced by a Georgian minister, focuses on a fictional American reporter trying to establish the truth about atrocities committed during the five-day conflict in 2008. ...

Andy Garcia und Sharon Stone in Tbilisi zur Premiere - 06.06.11, Civil Georgia
Regisseur Renny Harlin erklärte, das Budget habe 12 Mio. USD betragen, nicht 20 Mio. wie beim Start der Dreharbeiten berichtet. ... Oppositionsaktivist Lasha Chkhartishvili und drei weitere Personen wurden bei Protesten vor dem Filmtheater verhaftet und nach Verurteilung zu Geldstrafen wieder freigelassen. Eine weitere kleine Gruppe demonstrierte mit Transparenten vor dem Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel. ...

Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone attend Georgia premiere of Five Days of August - 06.06.11, telegraph.co.uk
Hollywood stars Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone jetted into Georgia to attend the local premiere on Sunday of a controversial new film about Russia's five-day war against Georgia in 2008. ...

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Fünftagekrieg made in Hollywood: Wildwest ist out, Wildost ist in - 06.11.2009, Stuttgarter
... Er, so ließ sich Renny Harlin von russischen Medien zitieren, plane keinen Kriegs-, sondern einen Antikriegsfilm, der noch dazu für keine der beiden Seiten Partei ergreift. ...

Val Kilmer arrives in Georgia for Renny Harlin`s film - 26.10.09, Rustavi 2
Yet another star has arrived from Hollywood. Val Kilmer will arguably play a role of a foreign journalist in the Renny Harlin`s movie Georgia, which describes the days of August war 2008.
It has not been reported in which hotel the Hollywood star is staying.
Scenes of the war and the large-scale demonstration on Georgia`s central avenue have been already shot by the producers. Andy Garcia plays Mikheil Saakashvili in it.

Hollywood star leaves Georgia - 21.10.09, Rustavi 2
Andy Garcia left Georgia after playing in the scenes, which described the days of war and the statements by president Saakashvili. The Hollywood star took memorable photos with the admirers in the airport before the departure.
As for the shooting, it lasted until late last night outside the parliament, where the scene of August 12 2008 was revived. Andy Garcia played Saakashvili addressing the world and the crowed together with five other European leaders, who were all Georgian actors.
The curious people who wanted to see the famous actor and be caught by the cameras of the Reny Harlin`s team revived the scene of large-scale rally against Russian aggression outside the parliament.
The film shootings will continue in Georgia without Andy Garcia now.

Renny Harlin shoots scenes at Georgian parliament - 20.10.09, Rustavi 2
The scenes of the Renny Harlin`s film on Georgia-Russia War in August 2008 will be shot outside the Georgian parliament today. Anyone who passes by the building of the legislative government will be able to see how Andy Garcia plays the role of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, how he works before the camera and how they shoot films in Hollywood.
The preparatory works were underway until late last night outside the parliament. The large-scale scene by Andy Garcia describes the episode of August 12 2008, when the presidents of Georgia and five other European states addressed the world to stop the Russian aggression against the post-Soviet country.
Anyone who attends the shootings may be caught by the camera of the filmmakers. Several scenes have been already shot inside the parliament. The American actor played Saakashvili as addressing European leaders.

August War Film and Andy Garcia as Saakashvili - 19.10.2009,Civil Georgia
Sets are being built outside the Parliament preparing ground for a scene that will revive August 12, 2008 rally when tens of thousands of Georgian gathered to show unity amid war with Russia.
The filming of the scene will be part of yet untitled movie about the last year’s August war, directed by Renny Harlin, best known for his Hollywood big-budget action movies such as Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger.
Andy Garcia, who took on the role of President Saakashvili, started shooting in the Georgian president’s palace on October 19; before arriving in Tbilisi, he met with Saakashvili in Batumi. The scene in the presidential palace in Tbilisi involves the Georgian President discussing tactics with his aides amid Russian invasion, according to the Georgian co-producers.
One of the co-producer is a ruling party lawmaker, Papuna (Mirza) Davitaia.
Another scene, in which Garcia will be shot, according to Georgian co-producers of the film, will be outside the Parliament on October 20 to depict the rally, which was also attended last August by leaders from the Baltic States and also by the President of Poland.
The main plot of the film follows an American journalist – played by British actor Rupert Friend, and his cameraman who get caught in the midst of the August war.
Some battle scenes were shot in Tsalka, south of Georgia and also in Gori, the town, which along with Tskhinvali suffered most from the August war.
Shooting of the movie, which Harlin described on his blog as “my big war movie”, started earlier this month and is expected to be over in November. Harlin, who is also know for shooting the Hollywood’s one of the biggest box office flops - Cutthroat Island, also says the movie about Georgia would be “antiwar statement.”
The film with reported budget of up to USD 20 million is expected to be premiered in May, 2010 – about year after the Russian state television premiered earlier this year a Russian film about the August war, depicting the Russian official version of events.
Meanwhile, it emerged on Monday that Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica, who visited South Ossetia this month, turned down a Russian offer to direct another film about the war.
“I didn't accept it because I have a binding contract for the next four years,” he told Reuters.

Andy Garcia is in Tbilisi - 19.10.2009, Rustavi 2
An American actor, Andy Garcia is in Tbilisi, whe
re he arrived late last night. Garcia will play a key role in the Renny Harlin`s film on Georgia-Russia August war. Andy Garcia will play Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.
Today and tomorrow, the first scenes will be shot in Tbilisi, in the presidential residence. The scene will cover the period, when the leaders of five European states visited Georgia to stop the Russian aggression.
Andy Garcia must have arrived from Denmark, where he left one of the most prestigious music awards of soundtracks.

Actor films "The Godfather-3" and "The Untouchables" Andy Garcia will play Saakashvili in a film about the Georgian-South Ossetian war - 08.10.2009, gruzianews.ru/lenta.ru
Hollywood actor Andy Garcia was invited to one of the roles in the film about the war in South Ossetia, which was directed by "Cliffhanger" and "Strong nuts - 2" by Renny Harlin. According to unofficial information, Garcia could play the role of President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. This is with reference to the television station Rustavi-2 "Interfax reported.
Andy Garcia is 11 years older than Saakashvili. Actor, born in Cuba, became famous for his roles in the films "The Godfather - 3", "The Untouchables", a trilogy about Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven and other paintings.
According to the Georgian television station, a film has already begun in Tsalka region of Georgia. They shoot battle scenes, taking part in the filming tanks and other heavy equipment. More project details are confidential.
It was reported earlier that the film will tell the story of American journalist and his operator, who find themselves on the territory of Georgia during the Georgian-South Ossetian war. Heroes have to choose between the profession and sympathies to the local population. Harlin argued that the film will not antirossiyskim, anti-Georgian and anti-American: he is anti-war.

მიხეილ სააკაშვილის როლს ენდი გარსია შეასრულებს - 08.10.2009, babajana

ფილმების "კერკეტი კაკალი-2"-ის, "ხანგრძლივი კოცნა საღამოსა" და "მთამსვლელის" ავტორმა რენნი ჰარლინმა საქართველოში თავისი ახალი ფილმის გადაღება დაიწყო. სურათი, რომელსაც ჯერ სახელი არ აქვს, აგვისტოს შარშანდელ ომს ეძღვნება. ამჟამად გადაღები ჯგუფი წალკის რაიონში იმყოფება, სადაც ბატალიონურ სცენებს იღებენ ტანკებისა და მძიმე ტექნიკის მონაწილეობით.
ფილმი სიუჟეტი და დეტალები რეჟისორს გასაიდუმლოებული აქვს. თუმცა უკვე ცნობილია, რომ ფილმის მთავარი გმირები ამერიკელი ჟურნალისტი და მისი ოპერატორი იქნებიან. მათ უწევთ ვალდენულებისა და მორალის საკითხების გადაწყვეტა თავისი ჟურნალისტური მიუკერძოებლობის შესანარჩუნებლად.
არაოფიციალური მონაცემებით, ფილმში ერთ-ერთ მთავარ როლზე მსახიობი ენდი გარსია არის მიწვეული. სავარაუდოდ სწორედ ეს მსახიობი ითამაშებს მიხეილ სააკაშვილის როლს. რენნი ჰარლინმა აღიარა, რომ მას უკვე დიდი ხანია უნდოდა სერიოზულ პროექტზე მუშაობა, სერიზულ დრამაზე, რომელიც ადამიანის სულიერ მდგომარეობას გამოხატავდა. მისი თქმით, ეს ფილმი არ იქნება პოლიტიკის შესახებ, იგი არ იქნება ანტირუსული, ანტიქართული ან ანტიამერიკული. ეს იქნება ფილმი ომის წინააღმდეგ. რეჟისორი ასვეე იტოვებს იმედს, რომ ეს მის კარიერაში საუკეთესო ფილმი იქნება.

Harlin on Russia-Georgia war - 14.08.2009, celebrifi.com
Renny Harlin directing a true life drama based around actual events during the five-day war (let's not cosy it up as anything else) between Russia and Georgia is not something you expect to read. Harlin's name is more associated with action than anything else, Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea, and some other titles we shouldn't really mention. However real life drama in a time of war that isn't far back in either country's history?
Renny Harlin to direct film on Russia-Georgia conflict
Last year's five-day war between Russia and Georgia is to be the subject of a new drama by Finnish-American action movie director Renny Harlin, it was reported Tuesday.
Harlin making Russia-Georgia war film
LONDON, Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Finnish-born action movie director Renny Harlin says he plans to make a big-screen drama about the South Ossetian conflict with a strong anti-war message.
Harlin making Russia-Georgia war film: PHOTO
LONDON, Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Finnish-born action movie director Renny Harlin says he plans to make a big-screen drama about the South Ossetian conflict with a strong anti-war message.

Renny Harlin Tackles Russian-Georgia Conflict - 04.08.2009
By Katey Rich
As American filmmakers have struggled, and largely failed, to tell stories about the ongoing wars in the Middle East, they've ignored rich cinematic material in other wars, in other countries. Not Renny Harlin! The filmmaker known for schlocky 90s action movies like Cliffhanger and Deep Blue Sea is turning his attention to the conflict between Russia and neighboring nation Georgia, a conflict that turned into outright war in 2008 and continues to seethe to this day.
Harlin didn't give Variety too many details about the film he's planning, other than saying he's shooting on a small budget and will be filming near the area where the armed conflict occurred. "When I got this script two weeks ago, it was exactly what I had been looking for, a great human story, with tragic, serious overtones. I saw it as my opportunity to use my experience in action films to tell the story of a complex conflict that is impartial but makes a strong antiwar statement."
There's more information about Harlin and his career, as well as the Russia-Georgia conflict, in the Variety piece. The idea of a war movie about an underreported conflict, coming from a guy with experience making action movies, sounds fantastic.