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traditionelle georgische Küche – khinkali, mtswadi, tonis puri, …
traditional Georgian kitchen – khinkali, mtswadi, tonis puri, …
Tbilisi - Sanapiro Str. 3a - Tel. 144200; Mobil 8(91)174000 - Map
Betania bei Tbilisi - Str. - Tel. 144300; Mobil 8(91)174000 - Map
ზახარ ზახარიჩი - მომსახურეობა თბილისის უბნებში - ტელ: 144 300 მობილური: 891 174 000 ელ-ფოსტა:

Zakhar Zakharich - Tbilisi

Zakhar Zakharich - Betania

Bagrationi Hall in Facebook - - Bagrationi Hall

Exclusive and unique in Tbilisi; complex with huge opportunities, where one can:

1- Invite more than 1000 guests;
2- Various opportunities to organize the event outdoor;
3- The best technique equipment;
4- Unique interior and hall design
5- Car park for 250 vehicles (one can leave his/her car in the car park for an night after the event if she/he wishes so).

For holiday events the Hall offers exclusively:

• Presentations;
• Corporative parties;
• Wedding;
• Concerts;
• Conferences;
• Exhibitions;
• Anniversaries etc.


• Georgian traditional
• European

Considering the conception of the event interior and exterior space enhances a wide spectrum of design. Environment especially designed will certainly pleasantly surprise the guests.

In case of outdoor events optimal mobile parks will be installed in case of your desire to avoid bad weather consequences and to make an occasion comfortable.

On the basis of estimation of number of invited persons as well as other specifics of the event we can offer you detail description of optimal plan and budget.

Planning and performance of your holidays will be provided by the best specialist.

Individual approach to each guest – this will bet he secret of our success.

Bagrationi - Sektkellerei
Die JSC  BAGRATIONI  1882  ist  das fuehrende Unternehmen in der Herstellung von Schaumweinen in Georgien. In seiner heutigen Form wurde es 1937 gegruendet. Auf dem georgischen Schaumweinmarkt gilt BAGRATIONI mit großem Abstand, mit einem Anteil von ca. 75%, als Marktfuehrer.

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Acid Bar Kala Group 16 Chavchavadze Ave; 1 R. 37 Abashidze St; 3/a Al. Kazbegi
Act Cafe Art Cafe 2 Lagidze St. Tbilisi
Adjarula Sakhachapure- Restaurant 19 A. Khazbegi ave
African Bar African Style 12 Bambis Rigi, Tbilisi
Alaverdi Georgian Restaurant Aghmashenebeli lane 11th km
Antre Batono Georgian Restaurant 1 Khevdzmari Str. Tbilisi
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Belle De Jour French Restaurant 29 I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Belle Ville French Restaurant 26 Kiacheli St. Tbilisi
Bermukha Restaurant, Banquet Hall Agmashenebeli lane 13th km. Tbilisi
Bread House Georgian restaurant 7 Gorgasali St. Tbilisi
Buffalo Bill Saloon 16 Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Buffet Italian Cuisine 31 I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Café Flowers Cafe Panorama 1 D. Megreli St. (Avlabari Ascent), Tbilisi
Café Time Café-Bar in Vake I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Cafe de Paris French Cuisine 77 Kostava St. Tbilisi
Caravan Literary Art-Café 10 Purtseladze St. Tbilisi
Casablanca Chillum Bar-Restaurant 5 Rkinis Rigi, Tbilisi
Caucasus Tavern 57/2 Agmashenebeli Ave; Tbilisi
Cccp Grand Cafe 28 Kiacheli St. Tbilisi
Chaikhana Persian Café 14, Grishashvili Str. Tbilisi
Chakrulo Georgian Restaurant 38/40 Rustaveli ave. Tbilisi
Chardin 12 Restaurant on Chardin Street 12 Chardin St. Tbilisi
Chashnagiri Sakhinkle/Pizzeria/Restaurant 17 Baratashvili St. Tbilisi
Chemi Ezo Restaurant in Rose Garden 73 Aghmashenebeli St. Tbilisi
Chero Tavern-Restaurant on Tsereteli 2 Tsereteli ave. Tbilisi
China Town Chinese Restaurant 44 K. Abkhazi str. (entrance from Shardeni str.)
Coffee Room Cafe-bar on Saburtalo 19 Vaja Fshavela ave. Tbilisi
Cosmos Georgian Restaurant 67 Khizanishvili St. Tbilisi
Coyote Bar on Vashlovani Street 5 Vashlovani St. Tbilisi
Cruise Restaurant - Hotel 75 Beliashvili St. Tbilisi
Csaba's Bar Jazz-Rock Café 3 Vashlovani St. Tbilisi
Donut Stop Americal Doughnuts 10/12 Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Dublin Irish Pub 8 Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Dzveli Sakhli Georgian Restaurant 3 Sanapiro St. Tbilisi
Elite Sabanketo Restaurant for banquets Tbilisi, Kakheti highway
Eurasia Restaurant in Ortachala 3 Baghdadi St. Tbilisi
Fahrenheit European Bar 5 Vashlovani St. Tbilisi
Fiorino Italian Cuisine 77 Kostava St. Tbilisi
Goldfish Fish restaurant in Vake 42 Abashidze Str. Tbilisi
Grand Cafe International Cuisine 8/10 Erekle II St. Tbilisi
Hadson & Hooker American Bar 67 Beliashvili St. Tbilisi (Next to Cruise)
Hangar Irish-American Bar & Grill 20 Shavteli Str. Tbilisi
Hookah House Hookah club 6a Saburtalo St. Tbilisi
Hunter Tavern 6 Sanapiro St. Tbilisi
Imereti Georgian Restaurant with a Yard The left bank of the R. Mtkvari, Tbilisi
In the shadow of Metekhi Georgian Restaurant 29 K. Tsamebuli Ave. Tbilisi
In vino veritas Georgian-European Restaurant 8 Kikodze St. Tbilisi
Intermezzo European Club Restaurant Chavchavadze 76 (Vake Park)
Irelander Irish Pub in Vake 85, I Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Kala Café in 'Kalaubani' 8/10 Erekle II St. Tbilisi
Kalakuri Club, Restaurant, Terrace 13 Shavteli St. Tbilisi
Kartuli Sakhli Georgian Restaurant 23 G. Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Keria Club-Restaurant Beliashvili St. Left Bank of Mtkavri River.
KGB Cafe with Soviet Interior 8/10 King Erekle St. Tbilisi
Khinklis Sakhli All Kinds of Khinkali Served 37 Rustaveli Ave. Tbilisi
Kolkheti Georgian Restaurant The left bank of the R. Mtkvari, Tbilisi
Kolkheti Okrokana Beer Restaurant Kojori Highway, 7th km. Tbilisi
Krombacher Beer Restaurant 9th km Aghmashenebeli Alley. Tbilisi
Krtsanisi Restaurant in Ortachala 2 Gorgasali st. Tbilisi
Kvevrshi Georgian Restaurant 131 Nutsubidze St. Tbilisi
L'express French Cafe 14 Chardin St. Tbilisi
La Trappe Restaurant in Old Tbilisi 9 Erekle II ch. Tbilisi
Le Marais French Restaurant 32 I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Localino Italian Pizzeria 14 Faliashvili St. Tbilisi
Machakhela Restaurant with bakery 77. Kostava St. Tbilisi
Maharajah Indian Restaurant 24 Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Maidan Restaurant In Old Tbilisi Tbilisi, Iron line 6
Marco Polo Tavern-Bar 44 Rustaveli Ave. Tbilisi
Marjanoff Express Italian Restaurant 8 Marjanishvili St. Tbilisi
Marrakech Chillum Bar-Restaurant 15 Shardeni str. Tbilisi
Maspindzelo Sakhinkle-Restaurants Network 7 Bambis Rigi St. Tbilisi
Matryoshka Slavic Cuisine Hero's Square, Tbilisi
Mirzaani Brewery 14 Tsinamdzghvrishvili st. Tbilisi
Missoni Cocktail Bar 11 Erekle II St. Tbilisi
Monopol Grand Restaurant Agmashenebeli Alley 9th Km. Tbilisi
My Club Club-Restaurant 8 Bambis Rigi St. Tbilisi
Near Opera Cafe Near The Opera 2 Revaz Lagidze St. Tbilisi
Nero Classic Bar-Restaurant 24, I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Nineteen Cafe for Gurmanes 6 Erekle II St. Tbilisi
Old London Pub 6 Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Old Metekhi Restaurant in Avlabari 3 Metekhi slope, Tbilisi
Ortachala Georgian Restaurant Kheivani St. Tbilisi
Panarama Café-bar 24 hours 5 N. Nikoladze St. Tbilisi
Pasanauri Georgian restaurant 37/46 Griboedovi St. Tbilisi
Phaeton Georgian Restaurant Beliashvili St. Tbilisi
Piano Italian Restaurant on Tabidze 14 Tabidze str. Tbilisi
Picasso Chinese Restaurant 4 Miminoshvili St. Tbilisi
Prime Restaurant on Temqa Temqa, III micro.distr. 5th
Pub Kolkheti Pub The left bank of the R. Mtkvari, Tbilisi
Pur Pur Restaurant in Sololaki 1 A. Tbileli st. Tbilisi
Ritoni Restaurant in Didi Digomi Didi Digomi, Opposite side of Hypermarket
Ritza Restaurant with a Yard 9th km, D. Aghmashenebeli Alley, Tbilisi
Sake Sushi Bar Japanese Cuisine 16 Rustaveli ave, Tbilisi
Sakura Japanese Restaurant 29 I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Sami Saukune Restaurant In Ortachala 12 Pirveli Kheivani St. Tbilisi
Saretskela Restaurant with Bakery 72 Tsereteli Ave. Tbilisi
Sazandari Banquet Hall 25 Meskhishvili-Gonashvili St. Tbilisi (Behind the Avlabari subway station)
Scarlet Sails Tavern 25 Leselidze St. Tbilisi
Shemoikhede Genatsvale Georgian Restaurant 5 Marjanishvili St; 25 Leselidze St. Tbilisi
Sherekilebi Georgian Restaurant 2 Br. Kakabadze St. Tbilisi
Sianggan Chinese Restaurant 41 Gamsaxurdia Ave. (Gagarini sq.), Tbilisi
SkyyBar With Marvellous Views 22 Metekhi St. Tbilisi
Sololakis Kari Georgian Restaurant (Restaurant): 2 Leonidze St. Tbilisi; (Sakhinkle): 1 Tabidze St. Tbilisi
Success European Cuisine 3 Vashlovani St. Tbilisi (Vere)
Taglaura Brewery & Restaurant 1 Gulias St. Tbilisi
Tan Tsaige Art Cafe Shop 12 Kiacheli St. Tbilisi
Tapas Karaoke Bar 8/10 Erekle II st. Tbilisi
Tavaduri Georgian Restaurant The Left Embankment, Tbilisi
Tbilisi Georgian Restaurant 9 Beliashvili St. Digomi Massive, Tbilisi
Tbilisuri Bar-Restaurant on Pushkini St. 19 Pushkini St. Tbilisi
Tetri Sakhli Georgian-European Restaurant Mtkvari left coast
Tevri Suburbs Restaurant Tbilisi Senaki highway 23th km
The Oval American Restaurant 6, Rkinis Rigi St. Tbilisi
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant 17 Akhvlediani St. Tbilisi
Toucan Tavern 8 Kiacheli St.Tbilisi
Tsiskvili Restaurant-Museum The Right Bank of the R. Mtkvari. Tbilisi
Two Side Club-Restaurant 7 Bambis Rigi St. Tbilisi
Ushba Svanuri Restaurant D. Agmashenebeli Kheivani 9th km
Vazis Fesvebi Georgian Restaurant 22 Shartava St. Tbilisi
Vera Steak House Georgian-American Restaurant 37a Kostava St. Tbilisi
Vong Asian Restaurant 29 I. Abashidze St. Tbilisi
Zgvis Samotkhe Restaurant at Tbilisi Sea 230 Khekhilsanerge Meurneoba St.

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